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Thursday, June 30, 2011

NRI services for Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai

Sana Group of Companies can provide you a consolidated services for an NRI.

An NRI coming down to India and reaching to their home town will need lot of things done. An NRI plans out what all needs to be done when I come to India and to the home town. Listing out what all needs to be done and long-time pending outstanding tasks and things are taken care when they visit India.

Here are some examples - an NRI will want to go around some favourite tourist spots like Kodaikanal, Ooty etc., and in other hand an NRI would want to go to some spiritual places like Famous Temples, Churches and Mosques in India. For any travel and accommodation related helps, SanaTourism.com can help.

In some cases, an NRI might want to buy some antiques items which are more associated with India and god statues etc., In buying things like antiques, metals, bronze, brass etc., we can help you via SanaAntiques.com. As on date, the website is in construction. Mostly by first week of July 2011, the website will be ready and all offline services for Sana Antiques also will be available.

In some cases, NRIs might want to get married with a girl/boy in his/her home town respectively. For that SanaMatrimony.com can help in finding and match making your bride or bridegroom.

In some cases, NRIs might want to relocate and come back and work in their home town. In those case, SanaConsultants.com or in other hand OruVelai.com can help.

In some cases, NRIs coming down to Madurai, Trichy, Chennai or Coimbatore would want to buy a used car, in those cases SanaCars.com can help finding a car suitable to your requirements.

In some cases, NRIs might want to start a business in their home town like Madurai, Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore, in those cases Sana Angels can guide in starting a company and investing in that company via Sana Angels. And also help in marketing for promoting that business to millions of users via Maayaa Marketing Services.

Or in some cases, if the NRI wants to contribute to the society and do not have much time to do that, we can help as New Madurai Foundation.

Or in some cases, if the NRI is looking for a software partner or vendor for the business they are starting, Customer Satisfied Technologies can help in building software and internet applications in a very cost effective manner.

Also, if in case NRI wants to invest or buy a plot or house or apartment or commercial complex or agricultural land, then we can help there also via OruAcre.com.

NRI services for Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai

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New Assistant Commissioner of Police appointed in Madurai

Madurai Law and Order Assistant Commissioner Karthikeyan has been transferred to Nagapattinam division. Kanyakumari Crime division DSP Duraisamy has been appointed as new Assistant Commissioner in Madurai.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sana Group of Companies and Divisions 2011 - Tamil Nadu

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Graphite Industrial Park in Sivaganga Madurai

For the past decade there had been discussions of Graphite industries in Sivaganga, Madurai, but no actions had been taken.

Even in a past period of one party of Tamil nadu, Rs.20 crores was allocated, but further actions were not taken and also in further ruling period of other party also any kind of Graphite industries were not undertaken, though there were talks all around in the assemblies etc., and there were petitions also.

The Sivaganga graphite is of flaky variety with 14% average Fixed Carbon used in the manufacture of refractory bricks, expanded graphite, crucibles and carbon brushes.

TAMIN(Tamil nadu Minerals - wholly owned by Government of Tamil Nadu) has over 600 acres of graphite bearing land in Pudupatti, Kumaripatti and Senthiudayanathapuram of Sivaganga taluk, Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu.

Estimated reserve of graphite ore in leasehold area is three million tonnes (recoverable graphite from 14% F.C is approximately 3 lakh tonnes).

Given this resource, we should have tapped the raw materials and should have been successful in generating revenue and producing ultimate ancillary and real units of manufacturing and production of Graphite stuff.

Atleast, in this period it is expected that the (Eastern side of Madurai)Sivagangai district (Covering Thirupuvanam, Thirupachethi, Manamadurai, Sundaranadappu, Sivagangai, Kaalaiar kovil, Kallal, Devekottai, Karaikudi, Thirupathur, Singampunari etc.,) is taken care and Graphite industries would be facilitated by the Government.

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Madurai Meenakshi Car (Ther) to be lighted bright in night

As we all know, there are two cars for Madurai Meenakshi Amman God and for Sivan Saami.
There is lot of significance for these thers (cars). The thers were built during the period of Thirumalai Naicker Period.

These cars are used during the Chithra Festival and comes around the Maasi street. After this festival, immediately these cars were kept safe inside a closed course. Only when it is in needed once in a year, the cars are taken out. Not much maintenance is done during the year, since it is not used.

Recently there was news that ignorant people who do not know the significance of the ther (god's car) 'pee' (urinate) near or around the ther. This is totally frustrating.

Later temple officials prepared a transparent glass for anybody to see the ther anytime in the day. Now, it is decided that lights are going to be lit to showcase the ther even in the night time and tourists can see the significance and magnificence of the ther car anytime and even during night time. This is sponsored by some company, looks like.

Also, regular cleaning is ordered by the temple officials and to maintain these thers properly.

In other hand, 10 inch LCD TVs (each worth Rs.30,000) are planned to be placed near the queues so that devotees can spend their time easily while standing and waiting to see the god in garbagraham.

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Another Entrepreneur quit his job to continue business in Madurai

Mr Rousseau Britto and his sister Ms Josephine at their beekeeping farm in Sivaganga, near Madurai, Tamil Nadu quit his high earning job elsewhere and continued his business with his father.

It's not often that you find a young man earning Rs 1.1 lakh a month, in a safe and stable organisation like the Shipping Corporation of India, quitting his job for the uncertainties that plague the world of Indian agriculture. But Rousseau Britto, now 32, after graduating in 2003 in marine engineering from Madurai, joined the SCI, and quit it three years later.

I know my friends in Jaihindpuram, Madurai, who have their dad's business, but they did not continue with their dad, but they only went to foreign countries like USA to settle down and to Bangalore to work for some one else. Isn't that stupid?

There is lot of potential to win in our own country, and our own city and our own state and produce to the world! Serve worldwide from your country!!!

To read more about entrepreneur in Sivaganga, Madurai who quit his job for this business.

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SpiceJet Airways in Madurai and other Tier-2 and Tier-3

Private air-carrier SpiceJet will begin regional operations from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities like Vijayawada, Tirupati, Mysore, Mangalore, Madurai, Nagpur and Indore from mid-July using the Bombardier Q400 Next Gen turboprop aircraft.

These cities has high potential right from today and this is a good time to start your investments or business including the cities like Madurai, Trichy, Mysore, Vijayawada etc.,

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Akshaya Homes to enter healthcare and Real Estate in Madurai

Chennai City-based real estate developer, Akshaya Homes Pvt Ltd, is planning to foraying into healthcare by setting up three healthcare centres in Chennai. The total project cost is around Rs 300 crore. It would rope in healthcare service providers to run these centres.

Akshaya has so far developed around 3 million sft and another 4.6 million sft of commercial and residential projects are under way. It is also commencing luxury homes and commercial projects in cities like Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy other than Chennai.

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Apollo Hospitals to open Medical College in Madurai, Chennai and Hyderabad

The Apollo Hospitals group has also been planning to set up three medical colleges at Chennai, Hyderabad and Madurai as a part of its expansion plans in medical education venture and expects the first of the three colleges to start functioning within the next two years.

The healthcare chain is already running 11 nursing and hospital management colleges.

Apollo Hospitals has been in talks with Khazanah for healthcare education in the country. Khazanah holds nearly 12 per cent stake in Apollo Hospitals.

The healthcare chain also has 1,200 pharmacies and 54 hospitals with a capacity of over 8,500 beds besides over 100 diagnostic clinics across the country.

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Hotel Radha Chariot Beach Resorts opens hotel in Madurai Coimbatore Pondicherry and Thanjavur

Chariot Beach Resorts, owned by Hotel Radha Pvt. Ltd., is spreading its wings and planning to open four new hotels and would invest Rs. 65 crore by opening hotels in Puducherry, Madurai, Coimbatore and near Thanjavur.

All these hotels would house 35 to 40 rooms and would be ready in the next two years. The required resources would be raised by selling around 40 acres owned by the company near Mahabalipuram.

As part of the expansion schemes, Chariot on Tuesday officially launched an activity centre on 30 acres dedicated to both inbound and outbound team building exercises along with adventure sports to benefit the corporate world.

These hotels are mainly focusing on Tourists and IT Companies, BPO Companies and Manufacturing companies and Corporates for team building exercises.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

North South Difference in Madurai

As you know Madurai is a city grown around the important temple Madurai Meenakshi Temple, and the same time there has been a river cutting across the developing/developed city of Madurai. That river is Vaigai River.

Just as a fact, Meenakshi Temple is in the southern side of the river. The river cuts through the city. Given this cut through of the river, the city gets divided into two.

I don't know how this was handled in the king periods about crossing the river and going from south to north of the city or vice versa. But, as I know right from the British period, there had been bridges connecting the two divides of the city. Even recently there had been many additions to the bridges connecting the divide, due to more traffic and more vehicles etc.,. There had been no issues today with the traffic as such crossing these areas. That is because enough bridges are there connecting these two regions.

All said, if you ask any Madurai person, they can spot differences between these two areas/regions of Madurai. I am not dividing it as North and South of Madurai, but I just want to spot some differences between these two places.

Most of the developments had been done only in the north. Most of the major offices, corporations, hotels, institutions, bus stands are only in the northern side of the city. It is not the fault of any corporation or government, but it is just happening like that. Northern part is growing in terms of Bangalore, Chennai etc., Hence the connecting part is North of Madurai, hence the improvement I guess.

Even with the shops, malls, and all kinds of eateries etc., are more in northern side of Madurai. Is there a reason? Yes, little more educated or little more wealthy people stay in northern side like Anna Nagar etc., Hence there is difference in the lifestyle between north and south. Even most of the companies start only in the northern side of Madurai.

You can clearly see the difference as soon as you cross the river and reach Goripalayam and cross like Anna Nagar, KK Nagar etc., If any future projects, I would request Government to also add it to southern side, so that there is a gradual growth of Madurai.

This article is not to divide Madurai, but to geographically see what is the difference in different cross sections of Madurai and help Government/Officials to spot locations for future projects in Madurai.

Hope this was helpful and the intention is not to divide or anything like that!


Save Entrepreneurs, Small Scale to Medium Scale Business and Industries in Madurai

Mr.Sagayam IAS sir,

It is great to see all of your actions on various departments, streets and sections/regions in Madurai. It would be great if you could include in your list of items about - Saving Entrepreneurs, Saving Small scale to medium scale businesses and industries in Madurai.

As on date, there are various hurdles an entrepreneur has to face before or while running an organization. Can we have a one stop shop from Government today for starting a business in Madurai.

If Corporation could arrange a department or an office in Madurai with all the facilities for starting and running an organization. What I mean is - if a first time entrepreneur comes into this office, he/she should be able to register as a private limited or an SSI or proprietorship or partnership or corporation or an organization etc., And not only that, the possible entrepreneur should be able to open a bank account, a bank loan and also any other formalities he wants to do for running an organization. Also a consultant or counseller for explaining the procedures. Also business advisers can be available on demand for explaining their experiences. With this, all the associated businesses also can get favoured like - Job Consultancies for recruitment for that company, Visiting cards printing, Digital Flex preparation or web designing company in Madurai. There are many such companies doing the above mentioned businesses. They can be officially present or their contact can be available in this office, so that the entrepreneur has choices to choose for these ancillary services for running his business. Hope the above point is clear enough.

Ideally an office from the government to facilitate for starting and successfully running any business in Madurai. As on date, many web designing companies are opened in Madurai and at the same pace, they are closed, due to poor business planning. Many small scale businesses has to be promoted. It is like planting seeds or planting small saplings in various places in Madurai and they will grow into trees - atleast 3 out of 10 will grow into big trees. This is the vision and if we are able to achieve it, we will be successful and we can prove Madurai as a model city in Tamil Nadu and in fact in India.

In many cases, this office can help in preparation of business plans. If the business plan is good, then help in what they are lacking.

I think entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of Madurai or for any city development. If entrepreneurs start companies, businesses and industries - that will be the best thing that can happen to Madurai. More employment and more profits and more tax payments and more prosperity to all of the Madurai-ites. I cannot think of any other mechanism of flourishing Madurai.

Promote Entrepreneurship and you don't have to do anything else for making Madurai to make it as a New Madurai and Great Madurai!!

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Jaihindpuram, Sundarrajapuram, Subramaniapuram, Palanganatham Madurai

Jaihindpuram, Sundarrajapuram, Subramaniapuram, Palanganatham Madurai.

The above mentioned areas stays the same way as I have seen in my child hood days. There is no change and there is no improvement to these area.

This area looks like very much residential, but more of lower middle class people and middle class people and it is pedestrian traffic oriented area, so it is even very difficult to even ride a bike.

Jokingly, it is also said - if you are able to ride a bicycle or a bike in these areas, you can ride anywhere in the world.

Anyway, jokes apart, there are lot of concerns from this area - people's standard has not increased in this area. Bus facility is not there frequently in this area. If the roads are very narrow, government can provide share auto or more mini bus facilities.

There are more tiny and small scale industries in this area like Appalam, iron Beds, bureau small scale factories are there. Very less sophisticated hospitals are not there. Proper banking facilities are not there in these areas for these kind of small scale industries and individuals.

Please do some improvement to these areas. This area has connections to Palanganatham, Avaniyapuram and Periyar Bus stand easily.


Infrastructure Improvement for Madurai - Points and Tips for Madurai Collector

Infrastructure Improvement for Madurai - Points and Tips for Madurai Collector

  • If we further dig deeper into Madakkulam Pond, more water would be available for South side Madurai regions. Nearby, we can build parks and make it as a tourist spot, since Madurai has the flavour of Madurai Tourism. If we fill up this Madakkulam pond, extra water would go to Muthupatti, Villapuram and Avaniyapuram as well.
  • Muthupatti pond can be filled with water and can be used as tourist spot with Boat ride etc.,
  • Kirudhumaal river, Chinnavaikkaal, Maadakkulam canals should be further digged for more benefits.
  • Theni National Highways should be further broadened for avoiding some accidents in the region of Kochadai to Nagamalai Pudukkottai region.
  • Achampathu Betel leaves growth has to be improved.
  • TVS Nagar bridge has to be expedited and finished soon.
  • Many industries are closed in the outskirts and that has to be brought back to shape soon.

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Stove Business in Madurai : Export to Kerala - Small Scale Industries in Madurai

In Kerala villages, most of them use wood for their cooking purposes as a fuel. Whenever there are monsoon rains, they suffer because they don't get dried woods at all for burning for cooking purposes.

In order to work this out, Kerala villages uses Kerosene Stoves for all cooking purposes. Madurai is the only place in Tamil Nadu to produce stoves. The burners and valves are imported from Bengaluru and Mysore. However the welding works and shaping up of the stoves from the raw iron is done by Madurai small scale industries (companies).

Today 1 Kg of Iron costs only Rs.52 and it has been on high demand for the stoves from Kerala, hence Madurai Stove industries are working very hard to meet the demands.

Good stuff...for Small scale industries in Madurai!!

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In Azhagar Koil Madurai Concrete Roads laid around the high walls for Therottam

As we all know Azhagar Koil has high walls around the temple and it looks gigantic. Every year, there is a festival where Therottam (God's car) goes around the temple's outer walls. It has been very difficult to pull in the mud road and there has been petitions for the same. If it rains, these mud roads are even pretty bad to pull the god's car (ther).

The work of building concrete road around the temple is in progress and it will be completed before the festival next month. The budget of this project is Rupees 1.84 Crores.

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30 rowdies list prepared by Madurai Police Integrated Department

It is said that Madurai Integrated Police department has prepared a list of 30 possible rowdies list in Madurai. Their records are being prepared right now for a possible arrests soon and taking action against them very soon.

The list is prepared based on some criminal cases, Kandhu vatti (collecting more interest for a given (lending) money), preparing Gangs for fights, Grabbing lands from poor and middle class people and farmers, Kidnapping and collecting money from normal people etc.,

However, law has to do its course, if someone is found guilty.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kadambavanam, Madurai to Natham Road Near to Dindigul - Traditional Heritage Tourist Spot

Kadambavanam (temple of tamil traditions) welcomes you to Tamilnadu, the southern tip of peninsular India, the country that is home to the oldest surviving civilization in history. As the logo represents, Kadambavanam is a centre for Tamilnadu. Visit us to get a cross section of everything that is Tamilian.

Tamilnadu, relatively insulated from external invasions and influences, reveals a highly evolved and peaceful civilization deeply rooted in cultural values and traditions, that continues to exist today as it did centuries ago.

Kadambavanam captures the essence of this living tradition at Madurai, where Goddess Meenakshi, the fish eyed, warrior queen, reigns supreme with her consort Lord Sundareswarar, the manifestor of the 64 Divine plays known as Thiruvillaiyadal.

Set in a sea of green with a serene and soothing ambience just 25 kms from Madurai city, Kadambavanam offers an authentic cultural experience into the Tamil way of life as reflected in it’s Tradition and Culture, Arts and Crafts, Food Varieties,
Games & Sports, Spiritual Practices, Language and Literature.

FACT - Madurai was a KADAMBA VANAM before it gave way to the temple and the city around. Madurai has been the cultural capital of the Tamil people since ancient times. ‘Kadambavanam’ aims at ensuring its continuity.

‘Kadambavanam’ works on a ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ model involving local villagers to run the show. Kadambavanam is dedicated to the cause of promoting and preserving our precious art forms for posterity and in the process providing dignity and livelihood to many an impoverished rural artist.

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iMadurai - Madurai Improvement and Lifestyle Magazine - to be published starting August 2011

Madurai247.com, so far one and only blog of Madurai has plans to launch a lifestyle cum general improvement magazine in Madurai.

All the logistics is being worked out right now like Content creation, Formatting, Printing, Marketing/Sales and Distribution. Also budget is a constraint which is being worked out. Majorly Sana Consultants will be funding this magazine initially and gradually the magazine will take help or marketing advertisement costs from other Madurai companies, on charging advertisement tariff.

So, far various sections are identified and they are -

1. Cover page
2. About the chief editor
3. Index
4. Editor page
5. Calendar / events page
6. Business
7. Services
8. Entrepreneurship
9. Classifieds
10. Festival
11. Directory
12. Education
13. Health care
14. Parks and recreation
15. Entertainment
16. Arts
17. Map?
18. Spiritual
19. Religion
20. Feedback or mails from readers
21. Wisdom
22. Transportation
23. Dining
24. Advertising directory
25. History
26. Madurai improvement
27. Potential
28. It park
29. Aiims
30. Infrastructure
31. India
32. World
33. Politics
34. Airport, train, road - probably comes Under transportation.
35. Money/ investments
36. Sports
37. Personality
38. Sex
39. Cinema
40. Home decorations and gardening
41. Cooking/ food
42. Beauty/ fitness
43. Opportunities
44. Family
45. Life
46. Exclusive men's section
47. Womens
48. Girls
49. Boys
50. Parents
51. Teen
52. Cartoon
53. Hobby and passion
54. Jobs comes under classifieds probably.
55. What if section
56. Did you know section
57. Photo gallery
58. Foriegn education comes under education
59. Non-profit section

It depends on the editor, whether some sections might be appearing in a particular issue or not. We are also looking for an overall-coordinator of this project - iMadurai - Madurai Improvement and Lifestyle Magazine. If you are capable and you have passion towards magazine publishing please let us know and we can recruit you for this purpose.

1) Content Creators and Editors are available.
2) Overall coordinator to be recruited.
3) Web Design partner is chosen and we are working out the Layout person.
4) Printing partner is on look out. If you are a offset/magazine printer, please let us know.
5) Distribution logistics is being figured out. If you are a newspaper distributor please contact us.

You can email us at Madurai247@gmail.com Or Call +91-9629557866.

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Madurai Mall - Vishaal Mall - after Milan-em mall

In a clear signal of growing urbanisation in the state, Madurai is all set to get its first mall. It will be the second mall in Tamil Nadu outside Chennai, the other being Brookfields Plaza in Coimbatore.

Located near Pandian Hotel, an old landmark in the temple city, Vishaal Mall will have Reliance Trends (along with Footprint) as its anchor store. The other retailers who have signed on for space include the Landmark group's value retail format Max, denim brands Lee and Wrangler and footwear brand Woodlands. Inox is the multiplex partner of the mall, and is likely to open in September . At 2 lakh sqft, it's much smaller than the 15 lakh sqft Express Avenue mall in Chennai (the retail space in EA is 9 lakh sqft) or the 4.5 lakh sqft space of Brookfields.

The mall hopes to get footfalls not just from families in the city, but also the sizeable student population from nearby institutions like the American College and the Lady Doak College . "Madurai is a huge shopping destination for the southern districts . Through this mall, we wanted to open up the market to brands that would like to be part of this market, but have not been able to open yet," says R Ilankovan, chairman of Vishaal Promoters. "The youth of Madurai always complain about having to travel to Chennai or Bangalore to experience a mall and multiplex. Now they can enjoy it in their own city."

sourced from timesssssss offfffff indiaaa

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Export of statues, metals, sculptures from India, Tamil Nadu, Madurai, vessels

Sana Antiques has collaboration with couple of manufacturers in India, Tamil Nadu, Madurai who make sculptures, statues, vessels from metals like Bronze, Brass, Aimpon, Panchalogam, Gun Metal, Antiques, Gold covering, Silver covering etc.,

The manufacturers sell only locally, but Sana Antiques can help you see the product or receive the order from you with specific requirement. If you are based in Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Europe etc., and you are wishing to buy these products reliably, please contact sanabronze@gmail.com or call +91-9629557866.

We can export custom made statues, metals and sculptures etc., based on your order or just wait for SanaAntiques.com which will be LIVE on or before July 15th 2011.

Thank you
Tamil Selvan,
Sana Antiques.

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Metals, aimpon, panchalogam, silver, gold, bronze, brass, vengalam, pithalai, decorative items, ornaments, vessels, god statues, old coins, currencies

At last here is a site "Made in Madurai", for selling domestic and also exporting to foreign countries - and the products include -

metals, aimpon, panchalogam, silver covering, gold covering, bronze, brass, (vengalam, pithalai), decorative items, ornaments, vessels, god statues, sculptures, old coins, currencies.

If you are an NRI or a tourist, who want to buy the above products and or you want to order for a specific requirement of your product, you can contact us, order and get it delivered wherever you are in the world.

sanabronze@gmail.com and/or call +91-9629557866 (India number) or call +1-925-218-2287 (US number - only during 9AM - 6PM IST).

Also by the way - SanaAntiques.com is getting ready and it will be launched by beginning of July 2011. After that you can cherish with these metals by purchasing.

The "Sana Antiques" - company already does export to Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, US and UK etc., The company is located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. We have partnership with the manufacturers in Madurai, who are traditionally doing the manufacturing of metals related vessels and decorating items business for generations.

Thank you
Tamil Selvan,
Sana Antiques.

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OruAcre.com Chennai Office needs fresh MBA Graduates for Professional Marketing

As we want to expand our operations in our already running Chennai office, OruAcre.com Chennai Office needs fresh MBA Graduates for Professional Marketing.

If you are energetic and want to work for a start-up and be part of an exciting team and with a great idea. Please contact 9994262942 or email your resume with a subject as "OruAcre.com Chennai Marketing" to oruacre@gmail.com.

Thank you
Managing Director

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Madurai's tourist sites to be improved and shine again

As usual our Madurai Collector U Sagayam IAS has gone on a raid into all the heritage sites (most important) tourist locations in Madurai just around Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. Some of the locations like - Rayar Gopuram, Pathu Thoon (ten Pillars), Palace Road, Vilakuthoon, Pudhu Mandapam etc.,

He strictly has given warning on removal of encroachments, untidyness and cleaning of the area around Meenakshmi Amman Temple. Even a plan of laying a similar color path of road from Thirumalai Naicker Mahal to Meenakshi Amman Temple, so that tourists can easily look around important pieces of monuments in Madurai very easily, even without the help of any tourist guides.

Sagayam visited the sites located on a two-km stretch from Thirumalai Naicker Mahal to Meenakshi Amman Temple. The district administration has also planned to pave the two-km stretch with a particular colour so that foreign tourists could walk from Thirumalai Naicker Mahal to the Meenakshi Amman temple touching upon all the heritage sites along the way without the help of guides.

The encroachments have not only left the sites clogged, but also give room for vandalism. "Thirumalai Naicker who built the magnificent palace has not left his name engraved anywhere there. But few vandals who enter the Mahal tend to write their names everywhere," rued an official.

People - please be aware not to write your name or some scribblings on these monuments!


Madurai Slaughter/Butcher House polluting Vaigai River in Madurai

It is in full swing suit initiated by bunch of activists working legally against some slaughter houses in Nelpattai spoiling and polluting Vaigai River for quite some time in past and current.

Even though Madurai district administration has provided a modern facility for Butcher's and Slaughter houses in Madurai Anuppanadi - 5 kms from this location, the slaughter house owners are refusing to use these new modern butcher house facilities and mentioning some religious reasons for the same.

Everyday around 1000 goats are butchered and served to the public commercially, and because of this Vaigai river has been polluted heavily and currently also being polluted. Even the ground water in this area has changed because of this.

Will government look into moving the slaughter house owners work from the new modern facility for butchering in Madurai? Due to not-moving for past 8 months and the new facility is kept idle, and even the District Administration is loosing around Rs.5 Lakhs because of this.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Employee Retention and Attritition is a problem among Madurai employers/companies

It is not like those days, where Eastern countries in the world has a policy of staying with the company for life long or at least in a stretch around 5 to 10 years with the same company. In some cases, it is considered dangerous and complex if someone stays in the same company for around 5 years. People see it odd.

In western countries, we have the formula of hire and fire from employer or vice versa by the employees as well. But, the same thing is happening with the eastern countries also these days, considering the number of opportunities lying before them.

These days our country (India) and our cities has become like that. Employers are having tough time retaining their employees. When it comes to small companies with one person handling one whole department or too much responsibility has the companies suffer a lot when an important human resource gets relieved for some reason or mostly for better opportunities.

I have talked to various companies in Madurai and their employers small and medium and they have the same concern that employee retention has become a problem.

One of the mitigation actions by the employers would be

1) to have a tie up with a placement consultancy locally and have them replaced soon. (Sponsored by Sana Placement Services 9629559591 or sanaconsultantsin@gmail.com)

2) motivate the employees and keep them as partners or long-term employees, so that they stick to the company for long.

3) give perks and allowances to the employees periodically. Give small small stuff for their motivation.

4) give bonus periodically; propose salaries with variable bonuses separated from the salaries.

5) have constant fun meets with good food and if needed parties to entertain.

6) take care of them when they are not well.

7) Prompt payments on first of the month helps a lot to keep the employees with the company.

Good Luck Madurai Employers!!

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Passport Seva Kendras in Madurai and Tirunelveli to function by July 2011

Passport Seva Kendras in Madurai and Tirunelveli would be started next month, said Jose K. Mathew, Regional Passport Officer-Madurai.

These two Passport Seva Kendras were among 77 being established across the country.

Mr. Mathew said that the passport office functioning near the Lotus Tank on Bharati Ula Road in K. Pudur would continue to function as a back office. People could submit their applications at the Kendras in Madurai and Tirunelveli once they started functioning; the date of inauguration would be known after getting the audit compliance reports. Everything else like fees remains the same.

The Madurai Region comprises Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari districts.

The Tirunelveli Passport Seva Kendra will serve residents of districts in the other deep southern parts of Tamil Nadu.

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Mixture of people in Madurai - Telugu, Sourashtrians, Muslims, North-Indians and Tamils

Madurai has a great mixture of people considering its history. You can notice this when you go into the heart of the city.

This article will explain about the different sources of people settled in Madurai. In various centuries different variety of people have come and settled in Madurai. Even today, those kind of inward and outward migration is happenning in Madurai.

In very olden days, Krishnadevaraya's kingdom ruled hence there is considerable amount of Kannada speaking population in Madurai and in the belt of Aruppukkottai etc., are there.

In those same ancient times, under Krishnadevaraya's kingdom, Nayakkars were ruling and administering Madurai (cannot forget Thirumalai Nayakkar), hence there is a significant Telugu speaking population in Madurai.

In the same angle, there was a period when Muslims from Delhi ruled Madurai and hence there are considerable amount of Muslims. In the same angle, due to missions, out of interest there are christian population, in addition the Hindu population already existing as a part of India.

Of course, i am not going to talk about the existing Tamil population, because it is anyway Tamil nadu, India.

We all know the origin of Sourashtrians, who came from Gujarat in olden times for making, providing and selling silk materials in Madurai for Nayakkars.

If you notice, there will be significant north-indian (Rajasthan, Gujarath) population settled in Madurai - they all came for business in Madurai - mostly Textiles business.

Recently there is more population from Orissa, Bihar - which is labour population for working in factories and industries in Madurai. They come as cheap labour as on date, which the local population is not willing to work. Most of the local population is studying well and they don't have to go as labour these days.

Most of the muslims do business as well. Few work for some body else.

In other hand, significant number of Malayalees work and stay in Madurai - few do business, but few have come for work, since Madurai is kind of near to Kerala.

Oh, by the way - I forgot a set of people in Railway Colony and Arasaradi area - they are the Anglo-Indians. It is usually said they have the mix of foreigners and Indians, from the times of English period. You would have noticed the same in Aadukalam movie in Tamil film industry.

I did not talk about Tamil' and categories of Tamil people in Madurai in this article.

It is an interesting mixture of different variety of folks in Madurai. Live it and feel it!!

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In Madurai Removal of Hoarding and Posters without permission - Madurai changing slowly for good

We have written before about the Poster Advertisement Culture in Madurai.

Latest news is -

The hoarding, posters in Madurai without permission from Madurai Corporation, Municipality, Panchayaths or Collector is illegal as such, as a matter of fact.

Hence, Madurai Collector U Sagayam has requested owners to remove their hoardings or posters in public places without prior permission from authorities. If the owners do not remove these hoardings or posters, corporation will have to remove these posters and the cost of removal will be charged to the owners.

This is very good. At least here after the marriage banners, function hoardings will not be there in main areas in Madurai and spoil the beauty of Madurai!!

In other note, around 23 heavy duty vehicles have been stopped near Thirumangalam, Madurai for Drink and Drive! They were fined or jailed and then released. This is good! This will avoid lot of accidents in future!

Way to go our Madurai Collector Mr.Sagayam IAS!!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Software Companies List in Madurai

Top Software Companies in Madurai in alphabetical order...

Ace Labs,
Aravindh Systems,
CA Infotech,
Chella Software,
Customer Satisfied Technologies,
Dot Com Infotech,
Galaxy School,
Galaxy Web,
Native sparraw,
NBase IT Solusenz,
Pandiyan Systems,
Rajagiri Info,
Ramar Tech,
Saravana Infotech,
Vaigai Agency,
VBN Infotech,

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Bakery/Bakeries Sweets in Madurai - Fast food Restaurants in Madurai

Zam Zam Sweets, Arasan Sweets, Harish bakery serves a normal mass of the crowd. In other hand Jayaram Bakery serves another section of the crowd. Recently Bell Hotel Group has come up with a division of Puppys Bakery, which is high class bakery and the way of handling is totally out of Madurai! This is great to see!

Bakeries has caught up very well and also branding concept of bakeries has caught up. BRANDING of businesses have been recognized by business owners and it is working out great in Madurai.

Jayaram Bakery

Jayaram Bakery is a leading and reputed name in Madurai for Bakery products & Restaurants. It was established in the year 1966 and has been consistently growing with expanded activities along with increased networks of branches in Madurai.

Now it established as a reliable name for Bakery products, restaurants and outside catering.

5-B, Nethaji Road, Madurai.
Phone:0452-2343306, 2349393

Gowshika Mansion,85 A, North Gate, S.S. Colony,Madurai.
Phone:2301711 2, R.C. Church Complex,
Alagar Koil Main Road, K. Pudur
Madurai. Phone:2563306
D-79/7,Nehruji street,
Thirunagar,4th stop, Madurai.
Ph :2487558 Grusel Plaza, Naganakulam,
Iyer Bungalow,
New Natham Road, Madurai. Ph:2689474
Bishop Aruldoss Shopping Complex, Arasaradi,
Madurai. Ph:2301721 Jayaram Drive-in Bakery 63, Pitchaipillai Chavadi,
Theni Main Road, Madurai.

Puppys Bakery in Madurai
We are a baking unit based out of Madurai who are in a constant attempt to create savories of exemplary quality in affordable prices.

Sivakasi :
80, New Road Street,
Sivakasi - 626 123
Ph : 04562 278855
e-mail: sales@puppysbakery.com
Madurai :
224, Theni Main Road
(Near Bell Jumbo),
Madurai - 625 016
Ph : 0452 - 2381177 / 88

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Special products/things originating from Madurai

Obviously there are many things for sight seeing in Madurai, but there are somethings in Madurai which are very special (only) to Madurai.

I am not talking about the monuments and special sight seeing in Madurai, but others.

Jasmine is very special to Madurai. Jasmine is grown a lot in and around Madurai. The price per kilogram costs around Rs.50 to Rs.100 based on the season. Here is an article from The Hindu recently.
Jasmine is pure white in color and has very good smell.

If you go to Laxmi Vilas and Prema vilas sweet stall near Periyar bus stand, you will see halwa and near to that there will be many vendors selling Madurai Malli. As you know Madurai Halwa and Madurai Malli goes well with it. So I add another special item of Madurai as Madurai Halwa, ok?:)

Next is Madurai Idly/Idli. As you know there is a famous shop called Murugan Idly Kadai in Madurai, which has become very expensive. But, Madurai Idly is special in roads where some old woman cooks on the road like idly, paniyaram and serves on the roads itself near periyar bus stand. they are very tasty and they can be added to special items of Madurai.

Madurai Avicha kadalai on the roads is very good as well.

Madurai People are special for their good, great hearts!

Madurai is special for its ancient-ness, culture, history, tourism, very tasty non-veg food.

Madurai Jigarthanda dessert is very sweet. This is a sweet cum dessert which was probably introduced in Moghul period and that has caught up in Madurai very well and has become famous.

Madurai Tea is very special in Madurai and the way the teas are made is special with their high rise "mixing".

I got to go right now, so I will get back to this article more and write more about some Special items in Madurai.


Yellow Pages Madurai Directory - Phone numbers in Madurai

Web Designing services in madurai in madurai

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Asraa Net Solutions in madurai 4396313 viswa@purohits.com Purohits.com
IT Solutionz in madurai 9994590780 itsolusenz.com
Gemini infoway in madurai 2345727 info@geminiinfoway.com geminiinfoway.com
Gglow in madurai 4250276 info@gglow.com gglow.com
Dot com infoway in madurai 2522257 dotcominfoway.com
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in madurai
Abhinaya Tyre Tech in madurai 2539803
K S P Wheel Alignment in madurai 2603501
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Manickam Company (Firm) in madurai 2623291
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Ready made Garments in madurai in madurai
Kishkintha Garments in madurai 2347409
Odyssey in madurai 4377764
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Mega Mart in madurai 2382820/ 4352328
Naihaa Hall in madurai 4202151
Trends in madurai 2530624 / 2530625
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Rani Furniture in madurai 4374070
Amudha Associates in madurai 5535294
Suvashika Furniture in madurai 2534650
Kerala Furniture Mart in madurai 2603047
Kasturi Corpn in madurai 2342095
Indu Designers in madurai 2372801
Sangiri Traders in madurai 2346659
Feather Lite Collections in madurai 2371166
Jai Meenakshi Furniture in madurai 2350167
Arun Office Needs in madurai 2346286
Shri Vinayaka Furniture in madurai 2344744
Sri Kamatchi Chair Land in madurai 2538084
S.R.S. Brothers in madurai 2343923
Mejestic Furnitures in madurai 2345634
Priya Furniture in madurai 2345187

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Madurai AIIMS like Hospital Latest News Update - Agreement being signed in Chennai

Here is a great news back again about MADURAI AIIMS like Hospital!!!

As you know this is a Rs.150 crores project to be implemented in Madurai, in a locality called Thoppur, Madurai. We have been talking about the "AIIMS in Madurai" for quite sometime. The latest news is that tomorrow an agreement is being signed in Chennai for the works to be started.

Already by May 31st, Madurai Medical College Head, Builders and Architects met in Madurai and had a discussion.

Tomorrow, Health Department, Madurai Medical College group and architects are meeting and signing for the payment and work to began as soon as possible.

It is said that Rs.125 crores will be provided by Central Government and rest of the Rs.25 crores out of Rs.150 crores will be provided by State Government for the AIIMS project to began.

Good Luck Madurai!!!

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Salary Negotiation Tips - placement and career guidance consultancy

Salary Negotiation Tips

Negotiating a better salary package has put more than a few stomachs in knots over the years. Remember, we all go through it sooner or later. Try to keep these basic tips in mind when it's your turn to ask for a sweeter deal.

1. Be Persuasive:
It's hard to force your boss to increase your compensation, and trying to do so can potentially damage your working relationship. Think about the process as trying to convince him that it might benefit the organization to pay you more

2. Aim High and Be Realistic:
Many researchers have found a strong correlation between people's aspirations and the results they achieve in negotiation. At the same time, you want to suggest ideas to which your boss can realistically say yes.

3. Start Off with the Right Tone:
You want to let your boss know you will listen and try to understand his views. At the same time, you expect your boss to do the same for you so you can work together to address this issue. Avoid ultimatums, threats and other coercive behavior.

4. Clarify Your Interests:
Your compensation should satisfy a range of needs, not just salary. Make sure you have thought about other points of value to you as well -- like profit sharing, stock options that vest immediately, a bonus, greater work responsibilities, a quicker promotion schedule, increased vacation or flexible hours.

5. Anticipate Your Boss's Interests:
Just like you, your boss has needs and concerns. To persuade him to say yes, your ideas will have to address those things that are important to him.

6. Create Several Options:
Joint brainstorming is the most effective way to find ideas that satisfy everyone's interests. It works best when you separate it from commitment -- first create possible solutions, and then decide among them.

7. Focus on Objective Criteria :
It is far easier to persuade someone to agree with your proposal if he sees how that proposal is firmly grounded on objective criteria, such as what similar firms pay people of like experience or what others in the company make.

8. Think Through Your Alternatives:
In case you cannot persuade your boss to say yes, you need to have a backup plan. Part of preparation is creating a specific action plan so you know what you'll do if you have to walk away from the table

Sponsored by Sana Personality


Resume Writing Tips - placement and career guidance consultancy

Resume Writing Tips

Top 10 Questions about Writing a Resume Certain questions pop up again and again, representing time-honored uncertainties of resume and cover letter writing. We've consolidated the 10 most common ones and tell you how to handle each:

1. What Are the Different Resume Styles?
# The three most common are reverse chronological, functional (AKA "skills") and combination (AKA "hybrid" or "modified chronological"). Here's a definition of each style: Reverse Chronological: With a focus on work history, a reverse chronological resume leads with education or work history and provides comprehensive employment history information. Reverse chronological resumes best suit those with a steady work history who are not changing careers.
# Functional: Functional resumes often are used by job seekers with issues such as job-hopping, extended employment gaps and career changing.
# Combination : This style is a good choice for most job seekers, because a qualifications summary at the top allows for a quick sell and entices hiring managers to continue reading.

2.Should I Keep My Resume to One Page?
Not necessarily. The one-page resume "rule" no longer applies. New graduates with limited experience might only require one page, but experienced professionals often need two pages or more. For a two-page resume, make sure your strongest credentials are on page one.

3.Which Font Should I Use?
For resumes in electronic format that will be emailed, select a font that's standard on most computer systems. Good choices include Arial, Book Antiqua, Century Schoolbook, Garamond, Tahoma, Times New Roman and Verdana.

4.What Tense Should I Write My Resume In?
Write previous jobs in past tense. For your current job, write accomplishments in past tense and job responsibilities in present tense.

5.Should I Include Salary Information On My Resume?
No, unless you are writing a federal resume. Indicating your salary history or requirements could eliminate you from consideration. If the employer requests salary requirements, acknowledge the request in your cover letter with a line like: "I would be happy to discuss my salary requirements after mutual interest has been established." If you feel pressed to give a number, provide a wide range to give you some wiggle room for future negotiations.

You can also create a salary history sheet, a separate document that outlines your earnings history.

6. Do I Need to Send a Cover Letter with My Resume?
Yes. A well-written cover letter is a chance to market your credentials and demonstrate professionalism.

7.How Do I Include Accomplishments When I Don't Have Any?
You may think you just do your job, but consider what makes your work performance valuable to a potential employer. Ask your coworkers or supervisors about your performance, and review your written evaluations. You'll probably find you indeed have strong accomplishments you can mention.

8.Do I Need an Objective Section?
Your resume must focus on a career goal so hiring managers immediately understand your job objective. However, you don't necessarily need to include a formal Objective section. Instead, incorporate your goal into a narrative qualifications summary. On the Monster Resume Builder, use the Objective field for your summary.

9.How Can I Hide Gaps in My Work History?
While most employers prefer applicants with no employment gaps, very few job seekers offer a perfectly steady work history. You can't change the past, so focus your resume on what you offer. If you participated in activities such as volunteer work, self-study or formal training while out of work, include them on your resume. If long-term gaps are an issue, consider a functional resume style, which emphasizes relevant skills while downplaying work chronology.

10.How Do I Write a Resume to Change Careers?
Your career-change resume should highlight your qualifications that are most relevant to your new career goal. You may have transferable skills, training, hobbies or other important credentials that will interest hiring managers. A good starting point is to research jobs by searching jobs on Monster and look for qualifications frequently mentioned in ads. Write down your matching qualifications, and work them into your resume.

Sponsored by Sana Personality


Jobs Placement Consultancy in Madurai Trichy Coimbatore Chennai

Sana Placement Services is a Human Resource Development and Industrial recruitment consultancy. Our services includes placements of Top Management, Senior Management, Middle Management, Junior and Entry level professionals in the field of Engineering, Software, Insurance, Banking, Telecom, FMCG, Hospitality and much more. Whether you are a candidate trying to build your career in corporate sector or a client in search of best talent we provide our best service to you.

Here are the job categories, we deal with -
Accounts Jobs, Administration Jobs, Advertising Jobs, Airline Jobs, Banking Jobs, BPO Jobs, Call Center Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Export, Import Jobs, Fashion Design Jobs,
Fresher, Trainee Jobs, Healthcare Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, Human Resource Jobs, Industrial Jobs, Information Technology Jobs, Insurance Jobs, IT- Hardware Jobs, IT, Software Jobs
Legal Jobs, Logistics / Supply Chain Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Material Management Jobs, NGO Jobs, Overseas Jobs, Packaging Jobs, Pharma, Biotech Jobs, Quality Assurance Jobs, Quality Control Jobs, Retailing Jobs, Sales Jobs, Special Purpose Machines Jobs
Teaching / Education Jobs, Telecom Jobs, Top Management - IT Jobs, Top Management - Non IT Jobs
Top Management - Technical, Top Management- IT, Top Management- Non IT and Web, Graphic Design Jobs etc.,

We have offices in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy. Sana Placement Services is a division of Sana Consultants. You can contact us at 9629559591 or SanaConsultantsIn@gmail.com.

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Plastic usage banned by January 2011 in Madurai - Green Madurai

It is noted that plastic usage in Madurai is banned by January 1st 2011 by the previous Madurai Collector Mr.Kamaraj IAS. It is said the carry bags, storage items production and the usage is not to be done in any manner. Due to the bio-non-degradable nature of Plastics, it is said that

Instead only paper or leave products has to be used for carrying, food storage, serving etc., not plastic.

Though the rule or law is created and effective January 2011 it has to start. However with the elections and Government busy taking over etc., this is not taken care yet.

Even the awareness is not created among the people and also sufficient controlling measures by police or officials are not done yet in Madurai.

Respected Madurai Collector or Commissioner, can we know when this will be taken care? We, New Madurai Foundation, request you to do the needful. You will know better, but this is probably just a reminder or request!

Thanking you Sir's!

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Passionate ideas leads to businesses - Madurai Business wisdom

If you are passionate about something and you are not able to sleep with that thought, then that is something you are really passionate about. Also let it be controlled passion or else it might be eccentricity! So, keep it controlled...

Say for example, you like blogging or you like growing plants or having pets or anything - it all depends on person to person.

If you are passionate, all of your thought process is towards that and you will be eager to learn as much information as possible. You will gain as much information as possible and you slowly become master in that area. Once you start to know things, you will start to do things about that.

Whatever you do in that area or subject, you will do best, because you like to do and love to do that thing. That is what you have to go towards. Just because your dad told you to study computer science and you got a job in a Software company, just don't be lying there like a dead person walking around in that job.

Look into your passion. Do not go and fall into the house loan and get stuck for your life. Look into your passion and work towards that to do things related to your passion and you don't have to worry about the money. Automatically money will come to you. You can witness it first hand when you do the same thing.

If anybody has passion towards writing, publishing, magazine publishing, newspapers, photography etc., please contact us - we do have a business for you. You just have to work as a manager or CEO of that division and we will take care of the operational expenses.

If anybody has passion towards coordination, administration, meeting people etc., please contact us as well - we can give you a job to do.

Contact us 9629557866 or email to SanaVenture@gmail.com

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OruAcre.com Anniversary - 24th June 2011 - Madurai Business

It is time to celebrate, pray god and also thank god for all the things for OruAcre.com. All credit goes to the God!

OruAcre.com is celebrating its anniversary on 24th June 2011 and expanding its office space in Madurai in the same location for more human resources to work in the same location.

OruAcre.com is a Real Estate Marketing division of Sana Consultants. OruAcre.com helps any buyer purchase a property in tamil nadu and also helps Sellers or Real Estate providers to market and help them do sales of their property, irrespective of the type of the property - apartment, individual house, commercial property, agricultural land, plots/lands in tamil nadu. OruAcre.com has offices in Madurai, Trichy, Chennai and very soon opening in Coimbatore Gandhipuram.

Our future plans are to expand into Coimbatore also and also reach out to more and more real estate providers.

Sana Consultants deals with Real Estate, Jobs and much more.

-M R Surya,
Managing Director,
Contact: OruAcre@gmail.com

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Magma targets 50% growth in Tamil Nadu - Growth plan in state for 2012

Magma Fincorp Limited (“Magma”) is a non-deposit taking non-banking finance company (NBFC), registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as an Asset Finance Company.

Magma has presence in 7 cities Of Tamil Nadu including branch offices in Chennai (2), Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, Pondichery, Vellore & Trichy and employs about 150 people in the state.

“The primary sales of assets have witnessed robust growth in the past several quarters and we hope the same would continue. This augurs well for our business. With the development of infrastructure further, we hope our products will continue to do well as majority of them cater to the growth in rural and semi urban markets,”, said Bhattacharya.

He said that the company will also focus to grow the higher yield products such as Suvidha, Tractor and SME Loans significantly.

Car, Commercial Vehicle & Construction Equipment finance posted a healthy growth of 158%, 74% & 73% respectively.

The Tractor finance and Suvidha (Refinance) verticals introduced last year also witnessed a phenomenal growth of 1284% & 209% respectively.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Placement Assistance for Colleges and Technical Institutions - Career Placement Cell Outsourcing

If you are a college in and around Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore or Chennai or anywhere in Tamil Nadu and you have 100s of students passing out every year. Or if you are a training institute and you have n number of students passing out of the institute. Or if you are a technical institute like Diploma degrees etc., and you have lot of people passing out, then we can help.

Sana Placement Services (Jobs, Career and Placement consultancy) can help in placing these candidates or students in appropriate companies in Madurai, Trichy, Chennai and Coimbatore or for that case anywhere in Tamil nadu, preferred.

In today's time, there are only colleges and the placement cell's of the colleges are wondering how to place these students in appropriate companies. We, Sana Consultancy can help placing these candidates/students and that is what we do as living and our passion and as a service.

Contact 9629559591 or email to SanaConsultantsIn@gmail.com

This is an advertisement from Sana Placement Services, a division of Sana Consultants.

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Sana Personality Development Spoken English Communication Career and Placement Guidance (a division of Sana Consultants)

Sana Personality Development (a division of Sana Consultants)

Bringing the best in you…

  • Spoken English
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Career Guidance and Placement Help
Communication Skills
Training to develop your skills on Communication & Spoken English.

Personality Development

Training to bring out the best Qualities and Abilities.

Spoken English
Career Guidance and Placement Help

Exclusive Programs:

+2 and College Students
Suited for Job Seekers and also for Job holders.

• Conducted by Experienced Corporate People
• Supported by Guest Lecturers & Successful Social & Business
• Entrepreneurs Limited Students in 1 batch for personalized Attention & Care
• Advanced Training with visuals

For more details Contact:
Sana Personality
Vinodh. P
9629559591, 9789757964

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Sana Antiques - Aimpon, Bronze, Brass Metals Statues, Gun metal, Copper metal decoration items and vessels - Export

If you are looking for Panchalogam (Aimpon), Gold covering, Silver covering, Brass, Antics, Copper metal, Bronze metal, Collectibles from India, vengalam, pithalai, Kuthuvilakku, Gun Metal, Black Metal, All Sets, Mangalavathiyam, Hindu gods, Sana Antiques offers Ganesh Statues, Shiva, Lakshmi, Shakti, Vishnu , Ram, Saraswati, Krishna & Durga made out of Brass and Wood Vakanam etc., please contact us and we will export it to whichever country in the world.

We have stocks of Aimpon statues, brass, bronze, copper metals, decorative items and god statues for sale and it is all available under Sana Antiques Online Shop.

We have sale for Pooja items, prayer items, old coins, old currencies, ancient coins and currencies, old stamps, old envelopes and antiques, please contact us.

Our email is sanabronze@gmail.com.

Our marketing office address is
1, Fund Office Colony, Alagappan Nagar, Madurai 625003.
Phone number: 9629557866.

The website SanaAntiques.com beta version is ready and currently available.

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Madurai Mattuthavani Bus stand improvement and government taking action on a petition

I happenned to visit Mattuthavani bus stand in a month back and posted this article http://www.madurai247.com/2011/06/madurai-mattuthavani-bus-stand-is-dirty.html in Madurai247.com and also sent an email petition to Madurai Collector.

Yesterday I visited again and things have changed drastically in Madurai Mattuthavani bus stand. I feel really proud of our officials in this case.

Here are some photos quickly, since I had to rush to my bus and did not have much time.

New row chairs, many shops are taken out and the bus stand looks more spacious now, many warning signs and boards, many enchroachments and cleanliness is brought into action. But only challenge is it has to continue.

One interesting thing is - I was suprised to see some big shops taken out, which I never thought it was an enchroachment!! I was surprised to the core, since I used to have tea/coffee in those shops very often!!

One another thing is - even though I was proud of the signs like "FINE" for urination in public areas, just near to that board people were "pissing"! People should also change, when Government is acting on good things!

Without the fare listing of urination, toilet facility usage, they were collecting more money - now that will not happen again! Good move, after our petition.

We (New Madurai Foundation) is very happy about this move from the Collector and it is great to see that our email petition to the government works!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dhaya College of Engineering gets AICTE approval

Dhaya College of Engineering gets AICTE approval among 11 institutions to start operations from the academic year 2011 - 2012.

While five of the new institutions are located in Coimbatore region, three would come under the Madurai region and one each in Chennai, Tiruchy and Tiru­nelveli.

The colleges in Coimbatore region that have received the AICTE’s nod are K S R Institute for Engineering and Technology, Muthayammal Technical Campus, N S N College of Engineering and Technology, Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology and Rathinam Technical Campus. The two institutions that will start in Madurai are C R Engineering College and SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology. In addition, the AICTE has also given permission to four new polytechnic colleges and two MBA institutions.

According to sources in the AICTE, after scrutinizing the applications submitted by the new institutions, its expert committees cleared the approval for the Dhaya College of Engineering in Madurai, which would be run by a Trust owned by the honourable Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Mr.M K Alagiri and family.

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Andhra Bank opens second branch in KK Nagar Madurai

Public sector lender Andhra Bank is planning to set up another branch in Madurai.
The new branch would be set up at KK Nagar, Madurai.

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Spoken English & Soft Skills Training Institute at Madurai

Sana Personality (a division of Sana Consultants) is a fast growing Spoken English & Soft Skills Training Institute based at Madurai. We offer different courses to the learners of various levels. We have courses for all ages – starting from 6 years to 60 years. Training is the backbone of quality improvement. Our soft skill training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most of the organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday life.

Courses Offered:

Sana Personality conducts the following courses,

Ø Spoken English

Ø Personality Development

Ø Preparing for Interviews

Ø Preparing for Call Centre & BPO Jobs

Ø Leadership Skills

Ø Managerial Skills

Ø Motivation Programs

Ø Team building

Ø Corporate Trainings

Apart from the regular classes, we are also offering Seminars, Work Shops, Short Term Courses & Summer Camps as per the needs of the clients & organizations


Sana Consultants,

No.1 Fund Office Colony,

Alagappan Nagar,

Madurai-625 003.

Phone #: 9629559591

Email: sanaconsultantsin@gmail.com

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Erode District Collector Anand Kumar enrolls his daughter in Government school IAS

Can you believe this?

Erode District Collector Mr.Anand Kumar enrolls his daughter in Government school!

Previously his daughter was studying in a matriculation school for 1st standard. Now she is going to 2nd standard. Recently he took charge as Erode collector after the tamil nadu state elections.

Mr.Anand Kumar has visited a village called Kumalankuttai, which is just half a kilometer away from Erode and visited a government school in that area. He sat in the parents chair and did not sit in the head mistress chair, even though she has offered to sit in her chair.

He has asked for the free clothes for her daughter and for free food for her daughter. One additional information is Mr.Anand kumar's wife is a doctor. Given the situation he is a well-to-do and well-educated, he is going for our government system for education. It takes lot of courage and confidence on the system he is working with.

He probably wants his daughter to start from grass roots even though he and his family can get whatever he wants in the country. But he is taking an interesting route.

The reason this information has been captured in news is because this is unusual and this is a turn-around of our indian government based education system. Will this improve the education system? Will this change and improve the way the lessons are taught in that school and other schools in the area? Of course, there will be extra care, because the collector might take action if the things are not performing in these schools and up to the standard and to the level of other private schools.

The teachers in government school are not paid less. They get all the benefits and also they enjoy pension. The government schools are also supposed to be great in performance, efficiency in comparison with any other private schools.

We really appreciate the actions of the Erode Collector Anand Kumar. Hats off to you sir! This is a great move and this will be a great example and thanks for being an exemplification.

In foreign countries, public schools (government schools) seats are in very much demand. They get filled as soon as possible. That is because the standard of government schools are very good and it is free. Free does not matter when it comes to children's education. But the standard and efficiency of the school is important.

Thanks for your gesture Mr.Anand Kumar IAS.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Improve Communication Skills and Spoken English - Madurai Sana Personality

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Medical Tourism in Madurai - Meenakshi mission plans to open new hospital in Madurai and Thanjavur

In an attempt to redirect medical tourism opportunities from Chennai to smaller cities like Madurai and Thanjavur, which are popular tourist destinations for foreigners, Meenakshi Mission Hospital is planning to set up two hospitals, in Madurai and Thanjavur, with a combined investment of Rs 370 crore.

The 350-bed Madurai hospital will be built with an investment of around Rs 300 crore. It would have all major specialties like cardio, orthopedic, gastroenterology and nephrology, among others. The hospital has already signed a Rs 150-crore loan agreement with HDFC Bank for the project. The hospital in Thanjavur would be smaller with 200 beds and entail an investment of Rs 70 crore, of which Rs 50 crore would be loan component and the promoters would fund the rest through equity investment.

It is believed that Meenakshi mission has opened SunShine, a hotel an year back as a part of hospitality industry and that kind of shows a signal of the strategy and direction of the company.

All the Best Meenakshi Mission Hospital and wishing you a grand success in the ventures!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Madurai Sana Personality Skills - Soft Skills, Communication, Spoken English Training, Motivation and Personality development skills

Sana Personality Skills is a division of Sana Consultants. One of our sister concern is Sana Placement Services, under the umbrella of the parent company Sana Consultants.

Sana Personality Skills offers customized training programs on Soft Skills, Business Communication, Personality Development and Corporate Training to corporate bodies, colleges and non profit organizations. At Sana Personality Skills we also offer training programs on accent neutralization. Sana Personality Skills is a Madurai based soft skills training consultancy, particularly catering to the soft skills training needs of Madurai, Coimbatore, Sivakasi, Trichy, Thirunelveli, Dindigul and Chennai.


Sana Personality is a Madurai based soft skills training company. It has trained public speakers. The trainer has worked with people from various backgrounds, cultures and countries. He offers, highly practical and down to earth training programs. Sana Personality Skills is based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sana Personality Skills - Soft Skills Training Services - Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Chennai.

Sana Personality Services:

Sana Personality Skills is a Madurai based soft skills consultancy. As a Madurai based soft skills and personality development consultancy, we give preference to Madurai based corporates and colleges.

At Sana Personality Skills we have learnt through experience that each one's need is different and so we offer highly customized soft skills training programs.

Our Soft Skills training programs in Madurai covers three major areas:

1. Communication Skills

2. Personality Development

3. Corporate Training

Our programs help individuals' to attain excellence in their respective fields by improving their soft skills. We offer highly people oriented programs.

We cater to the soft skills and personality development training sessions to colleges, corporate bodies and on special request to individuals.

Our programs on Communication Skills and Personality Development are highly beneficial to college students and for those colleges that like to equip their students with good life skills' along with education. We train the students who are finishing their college studies, to face the corporate world in a successful way and to settle smoothly in their next phase of life for which they have been preparing for so many years. The topics covered also include Interview Skills for the job seekers.

Corporate bodies, marketing professionals, colleges, customer support personnel, schools and people in social service sector will benefit from our training programs on Communication Skills, Personality Development and Corporate Training. Please review the list of training programs to get an idea of how you can benefit.

You can also request for specific topics those are not found in the list of programs we offer. We do understand that the pain areas differ from one institution to the other. Do get in touch with us to discuss your institution's pain areas so that we can develop a customized training program to address issues specific to your organization.

Who else can benefit from our soft skills programs?

Anyone who aspires to move one step further up in the ladder of success.

Social service organizations who deal with people.

Religious institutions who train people for various religious offices, students for priesthood, priests, nuns.

Large retail shops with huge sales team.

If you are doubtful, whether this is what you are looking for, do get in touch with us to clarify your requirements with us. We will recommend our services only if we judge that it would benefit you. Do contact us for free consultation.

Contact us at 9629559591 and mention about your training requirement or write to sanaconsultantsin@gmail.com and we can do the needful.

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