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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Remembering My Great Madurai - A special report from Madurai Machan! - Part I

Considering the fact that this article is a 400th article in Made in Madurai, I am writing this special article remembering madurai.

Dear Madurai,
I LOVE YOU my dear Madurai. I love you so much that no one can measure. I was born and did my schooling in Madurai. I just feel at home. No Hassles and No problem. Always had fun in Madurai. In fact some calm times are in Madurai only.

You are a perfect blend of rural emotions and urban facilities. People who live in Madurai enjoy both the advantages of rural and urban combinations. You can see whole lot of Rural floating population and also settled Urban population.

This article will manifest my love towards Madurai and also my dreams for Madurai.
I cannot make Madurai as New York, but I can make Madurai as another New Madurai, which is better than New York. This is my dream for my Madurai.

I want to call it "Pudhiya Madurai".
Kanavu Kandaen Naan Kanavu kandaen.
Yen Pudhiya Madurai Uruvaaga Kanavu Kandaen...Naan..
Kanavu Kandaen Naan Kanavu Kandaen..

This is a song written by me. But this dream has to be made to reality. That is what I will work towards.

I want to bring everything world class in Madurai. You might think why should I work on Madurai to get things straightened. Yes. I am thinking globally, acting locally, which I think is a success formula. Seeing the changes I make in Madurai, that exemplify for other cities over the country.

The areas which we will have to concentrate on:
1. Education to reach all and walking towards 100% Literacy in Madurai.
2. Every citizen in Madurai should get full meals three times a day.
3. Employment for every citizen. Walking towards 100% employment in Madurai.
4. Sow Entrepreneur seeds and make banyan trees out of this activity.
5. Clean and Green Madurai
6. Clean and Organized Traffic
7. People's Attitute towards Life
8. Improve Technology and Business in Madurai to lead towards a wealthier city.
9. Concentrate on Food, Clothing and Education.
10. Every Madurai citizen should get the basic thing and everything should be affordable to everybody.
11. Abolish child labour
12. Introduce a single number to track and help all of the population.
13. e-Governance
14. Population control
15.Sow Entrepreneurship in everyone's mind
16.Reduce tax rate
17.Abolish Corruption
18.Legalize abortion
19. Make it a best welfare city. Improve the income of the government by more and more industries, which in turn will create jobs.
20. Promote Small savings
21. Promote Tourism, which will be the highest revenue generating business for the city
22. Start a Mayor relief fund
23. Youth welfare and Sports development
24. Health improvement - Hospitals
25. Animal Husbandry
26. Horticulture
27. Agriculture
28. Poultry
29. Madurai District Mil Producers Union Ltd.,
30. Education - Schools, College/Universaties - UG, PG, PhD.
31. Fisheries
32. Handlooms and Textiles
33. Health and Family Welfare
34. Industries
35. Kallar reclamation
36. Revenue
37. Social Welfare
38. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
39. Tourism
40. Transport
41. TWAD

People might think I am crazy, but probably I am. Why am I worrying only about Madurai - shouldn't I be concerned about all about India or all about mankind? You are right! But, my approach is - if we are able to make some positive change in Madurai, which is a small city in India and it is a part of India - automatically this positive change will spread across India and across the world. This is my opinion and I believe in this chain reaction.

In my life time, I can only work on something small and I want to achieve that. I don't want to take up a task in my life, which I will not be able to achieve it. I want to take up something which is challenging and at the same time achievable!! That is why Madurai!!! Moreover, I love Madurai!!!

Well, I have not talked yet about "remembering madurai". I have to talk more about Madurai in terms of what I remember!:-) in the following part II!!

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