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Monday, March 31, 2008

What is Madurai Times's aim?

You have been noticing that Madurai Times Blog - Made In Madurai, has been posting articles very regularly and continously from 2005 to till date.

What is our aim in Madurai Times dot com?

1) Provide all kinds of information about Madurai - news, views, happennings, updates, improvements etc., Help people all over the world with information about Madurai.

2) Help Madurai businesses who want to have their business heard and reach the consumers, world users and advertise about their business.

3) Bring all the information about Madurai into a single place - If you notice we have even launched imadurai.com. This is a free service for people who are looking for information about madurai and also free service for businesses to have their business listed in particular categories.

4) Support "New Madurai Foundation"'s aim of improvement of Madurai, by using the BLOGGING TOOL and have the word and good news about Madurai reach Madurai people all over the world.

5) Motivate Madurai for a Great Madurai!!!

Thank you

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