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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Successful 900th article in Madurai Times Blog/Publication - From Editor's Desk

Successful 900th article in Madurai Times Blog/Publication - From Editor's Desk

Thank You Note:
Thank you for everyone's support for helping us reach this stage.
We are proud to announce that we are able to serve the visitors from all around the world addressing their questions about Madurai and get to know the views, culture and new news/updates about Madurai. New ideas for improvements of Madurai, discuss the problems in Madurai and solutions of Madurai!

About the Blog:
This blog was started to kill the Home sickness of an NRI, but today this blog
"Madurai Times(Made In Madurai)" serves lot of NRIs and NRMs from different parts of the world with latest views, culture, experiences, vision, mission and updates of Madurai.

Though most of our actions today are online, we wish we will reach a stage when we will act offline as well for the improvement of Madurai. Please see New Madurai Foundation.

We wish Madurai Times Blog would soon become Madurai Times Publication, to revolutionize much more folks of Madurai in the world.

Madurai Improvement Thoughts:

Theme of problems:
For detailed problems in Madurai, see Problems list 1 and Problems list 2. Read further here...

What is Madurai today? Madurai is still a historic place, like india it is a developing city - but never developed. Madurai is filled with gangsters and survival of the fittest proves physically only. Madurai's talents are moving out of Madurai for employment and career improvement to other cities, due to under-industrialization and under-IT ecosystem.

Madurai's potential relies on Tourism for ages together - but not tapped to the full extent - at least not to my satisfaction. Madurai is great for IT and ITeS operations, but not completely used. Madurai is great for an export oriented facilities. Madurai is under-infrastructured in terms of air and road.

There is a great talent pool which is still connected to Madurai, but lives outside Madurai. Whoever is living in Madurai are speechless and helpless under the clutches of the political and physical powers.

Solution snapshot:

If there is a strong force of NRIs and NRMs coming and settling in Madurai, that would change a lot of Madurai to Great Madurai. Do you understand what I am saying?

If there is a strong self-driven REVERSE-BRAIN-DRAIN happens in Madurai, then no one can stop Madurai's improvement!

Here is how I am thinking reverse brain drain to Madurai will help Madurai become GREAT MADURAI.

1) All the NRIs and NRMs(Non-Resident Maduraiites - say b'lore/hyd/chennai living) would start businesses.

2) Lot of legal money would pool into Madurai.

3) Great Teachers with new(international) perspectives would mould children to a great future.

4) There will be lot of Non-Profit Organizations(Non-Governmental Organizations - NGOs) started, noticing/realizing the unacceptable behaviour of Madurai.

5) New employment opportunities would happen, due to new businesses and industries.

6) World class Medical facilities and medical professionals would be available for help in health.

7) There would be a strong need to make Madurai like Singapore or any other country.


Would you agree with my thinking? Thank you for listening and visiting Madurai Times Blog!!!

- Madurai Times Editor!

Significance of the photo - MS Subbulakshmi is similar to Madurai. She is elderly but a great person. She is a legend from Madurai and the photo shows she is lighting us the light to kick-start for Madurai's Improvement and road towards Great Madurai!!

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  • Vanakkam Madurai,
    Nice articles....Very good service. Keep it up!...All The Best...

    By Anonymous Nithya, at 1:19 PM  

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