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Monday, July 03, 2006

New Madurai - Future Projects

New Madurai Future Projects:
One of our main current projects is – Free Library Network project in and around Madurai. This is a huge project and we have launched our first library in January 2006.

All of our projects fall under two categories. One is Helping Under-privileged Madurai and another is helping average Madurai to excel. Please find our current and future projects listed below.

Literate Madurai Project:
I believe one person is considered as literate, if he/she is able to read/write Tamil. In addition to this if he/she is able to read/write English too, that is great. We will work towards only the first point. Madurai current literacy rate is 79%. While moving towards perfection, we will have to make it 100% literacy. More awareness we have, more we can achieve. As it is universally known, Knowledge is Power. Whenever we think of improving a city, I think first thing we should do is increase the literacy rate. As a next step, increase the number of successful entrepreneurs. That apart, in order to work out 100% literacy rate, we will have to identify, whom we will have to target. The target segments of people for beneficiary are children, youth, men women, senior citizens.

I personally know one of my relatives, who have sent two sons to work, terminating their school studies, while they were performing well in studies.

I would start thinking from why would a parent not send a child to school or why a child would not be interested in coming to school.1) Ignorance - Many parents are not aware of the importance of education for children and a reading habit of a child.2) Less Motivation - Due to the ignorance, they feel “what is the use of the education?!”. Parents and children are less motivated about education.3) Poverty - Since there is not much to feed all of the family members, it is a compulsion to create more earning hands to feed all the mouths. So children are sent to work.There might be much more, but let us restrict with these points for our focus.
In addition to the children and youth, we will have to educate the adults too, for more awareness, so that we can move forward together.

Educating Women is the most important part in this project. For every society, every woman’s education is very important. If we educate a woman, we educate a family.

Clean and Green Madurai Project:
Though there are lot of measures by the corporation for cleanliness, we can still see places in Madurai as not neat. In order for us to make, Madurai as a best tourist destination, first of all it has to be neat. It also gives a good feel for us to live in the neat place. Singapore was not a great country until an initiative was taken.
This project is getting student power and youth to clean up.

Healthy Madurai Project:
For every person, health is the prime thing anybody should take care of. There are lot of people in Madurai, who are inaccessible to even basic medical facilities. This project is to give at least the basic facility. Though, there is “Rajaji government hospital” and other primary health centers, there is a need for more hospitals like Aravind Hospital – Free hospital section. It is amazing that somebody gives free medical care and surgery. As a project under “Made in Madurai”, we would like to open couple of hospitals in and around Madurai, for free section of these private hospitals. In addition to the free private hospital sections, there will be health camps in all the schools, colleges and villages in and around Madurai.

Industrial Madurai Project:
You could see more details in http://www.madeinmadurai.com/. More and more entrepreneurs have to be created and appreciated for Madurai. As a project under – “Made in Madurai”, couple of Entrepreneurial development centers has to be opened to help the people of Madurai for jobs and business consultancy.

Calling Madurai Project:
This project is basically similar to “Pravasi Divas” of our India. Basically bringing many NRIs and other NRMs to Madurai for investment and improving Madurai. New Madurai will be a liason between the administrative officers who could do presentation about Madurai to the NRIs for any investment they could think of. Basically we need to arrange and organize a meeting and high tea between these two parties for interests in Madurai. We need to contact MADITSSIA(Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association), CII(Confederation of Indian Industry) and all registered clubs like Rotract etc., for this to frucitify. This is just a gist, but lot of things to do on this. We need to have newmadurai.org to be really popular among the online community, so that it reaches the appropriate persons. For now we can do some ground works like - bringing together an online community in newmadurai.org.

E-Governance Project:
All the governance, administrative and people services has to be made e-enabled. Everything should be accessible from web and anywhere from the world for ease of people. Take for example, Chandrababu Naidu from Hyderabad, he had outsourced his government’s web administrative and people services – “eSeva” in web, to couple of private software organizations. Say – Electricity bills, tax services, phone bill services etc.,

Zero-Corruption Project:
The details of the project will be documented in the requirements and project plan document.

100% Employed Madurai Project:
As a part of “Made in Madurai”, we will be opening job consultancies in and around Madurai for helping students, job-seekers for getting jobs. This effort is for connecting the employers and potential employees in Madurai.

Population Controlled Madurai Project:
Population reduction campaigns will be created as an effort for this project.

Organized Traffic Madurai Project:
Better road design and strict traffic/parking measures and rules have to be initiated and controlled accordingly.

NO to AIDS Madurai Project:
AIDS campaign and adult education is necessary in Madurai. This project will deal with the same.

NO to Hunger Project:
This is part of helping under-privileged Madurai of New Madurai. Every man and woman should get 3 times food and this is towards poverty alleviation.

Tourist Destination Madurai Project:
Various marketing and tourism coordination efforts have to be initiated. As a part of “Made in Madurai” project, there will be a tourism agent opened in Madurai for attracting more tourists.

Zero Crime Madurai Project:
This will be one of the efforts to help the police department of Madurai for reducing crime rate. More and more rowdies are cropping up in Madurai, which has to be reduced. Better explanation can be found in the requirements and project plan documents of this project.

Righteous Path Madurai Project:
There are various balances, every man has to be make – mental, physical, career-personal life and at last spiritual balance. Nobles ideas and thoughts has to be sowed in youth and children’s mind.

International Infrastructure Madurai Project:
For many businesses to smoothly function, international infrastructure has to be built.

Helping Under-privileged Madurai Project:
This project is for helping the destitute and very poor – below poverty people of Madurai for upliftment.

We believe these are the core problems Madurai has and we are dreaming and planning to correct the same. We have thought through this much only right now. If we get more thoughts, we will add up projects as and when needed.
If you have any more thoughts or if you want to advice or comment something, please feel free to send a mail to newmadurai@gmail.com.

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