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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

From "Madurai Times" Editor's Desk - 800th article of Madurai Blog

From "Madurai Times" Editor's Desk

Did you know the recent Top 10 Search Results released by Google and Yahoo in India?
Yes, search for "Katrina Kaif" stays at 10th in Google and "Namitha" in 9th position in Yahoo search engines from India.

That is where the society is going today. However, we also have achievements to show, excluding top searches tit-bit from google and yahoo! Yes, this is our 800th blog article in MaduraiTimes.com

Thank you for bringing "Madurai Times" this far by visiting MaduraiTimes.com. This is 800th article of "Madurai Times". Your visiting the blog, inspires us to work more on Madurai Times and motivates us to write more.

Reaching 800th article is definitely a milestone. We have crossed various milestones so far. Here are some of the links for hundredth's.

200th Madurai Times Article
400th Madurai Times Article
500th Madurai Times Article
600th Madurai Times Article

and now this is 800th. Sometime in 2009, planning to reach 1000th and going to make it big. That will be a major one and by that time, EITHER

1) will launch Madurai Times Publication for a printed edition of a monthly magazine for Madurai, I believe and I wish.


2) will launch a "Madurai Times" Website with the information organized little bit more.

Here is Madurai Times Publication's aim - it was posted in a previous article in the blog - Aim of Madurai Times.

Problems in Madurai are discussed in two parts. Problems in Madurai Part I and Problems in Madurai Part II in the blog sometime in past. Also the solutions are proposed in New Madurai Website - New Madurai Foundation, as a long-term address.

This is one of the initiatives of "Made in Madurai" consultancy. As we have said before, we want Madurai to become New Madurai and eventually a Great Madurai.

Overall, only help we will ask from you all - Keep visiting the madurai times blog and refer to your friends, who are from south india.

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