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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Democracy is dying!!! - 500th article of Madurai Times Publication


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Please read on about the article below -

Yes, Democracy is dying in Madurai - Tamil Nadu - South India - in fact all over India. Democracy is like a human body. Human body is corrupted with all kinds of bacterias, viruses and diseases.

Democracy is not anymore in India. We are being brainwashed that there is democracy going on India. But it is not. There are three enemies to democracy. Here are they -

(i) Corruption
(ii) Corruption
(iii) Corruption

Democracy has become with lot of holes, due to corruption. Democracy, as a system is not functioning, because of the fact that executive, judiciary and legislative layers of our government is corrupted.

There had been many tamil movies based on correcting corruption - like Indian, Anniyan, Ramana etc., but the movies are being watched and enjoyed. There is no social change out of it. Director has to be appreciated for the whole effort of trying the social change, but he is going without any good results. However, he gets the commercial benefits. My question is: Why are we liking to watch a movie with such a story of corrupt free world, but not interested to make our country in that fashion.

Eyes of democracy is closed by the monopolistic press and not a brave newspaper or television company so far.

Either the press is completely associated to one political party OR the press is not brave enough to freely post their articles to reach the people of the democratic country.

People are given false and unclear pictures of what is happenning around in the country, by owning the press in their side. There is one media company in Tamil nadu, which owns as many television channels, as many morning newspapers, as many evening newspapers, as many magazines as possible. These guys own the powerful television channel, which hosts programs with highest TRP ratings. People are stuck to these TV channels. People are not thinking for prosperity. People are just before the Televisions and keep on watching. People are becoming stupids and idiots, by watching just movies and serials. There is no scope for exposure and there is no scope for productivity.

In olden days, Zamindars used to have the people in the village, illitrate. Same thing is happening right now. Political parties are even giving Free Televisions for people from their party's money or government's money(all of tax payer's money), so that people can be struck to the television sets and be idle for the rest of their lives. At the sametime, have the people watch their campaign all the time.

You might think I am angry on the government. I would not agree with that. Not really. I am not angry with the government. I am angry with the people. Angry about all of us. Cheating is not a very bad thing. Being cheated is SIN.

We, the people are being sentimental fools, by going behind actors. We consider actors and actresses more than human beings. We should learn to watch movies, as movies and not compare with real life. That will change some of our thinking and in fact our lives.

There are three levels of the government - Executive, Judicial and Legislative. All the three parts of it needs money for functioning as a bribe to everything. Not only the government, every part of our soceity works on bribe and money. Did you know India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world!? Too bad!!

In effect, we should change for the betterment of the soceity. We should change for good. Automatically, the government would change for better. If every man does some change to the soceity, automatically things will change.

Everyone should read to become refined. Everyone should make positive changes towards our life. I suggest everyone take small steps and even very big steps are not needed - For example - do not put trash on public areas, instead just put the trash in trash can!

Let us take positive action and be just not idiots hereafter. Let us give what we can even in small efforts and save Democracy.

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