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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Madurai Times Pledge

Madurai Times Pledge

We are the team of Madurai Times Blog(yet to become Publication).
We are responsible as a Madurai Online Reporter

1) for motivating Madurai to become a New Madurai - Clean, Green and Socially good Madurai
2) for making it a Great Madurai - More Entrepreneurs; Great Economy and Commercial well-built.
3) for providing positive image for Madurai
4) for providing critical and good - views and opinions about Madurai for its improvement
5) Roadblocks, Potential, Infrastructure - existing and future Madurai
6) Calling back all Non-Resident Madurai folks for Madurai's improvement

We are responsible!! We want to become a little candle for the change of Madurai!!!

If you want to be part of the team or contribute views or provide special reports about Madurai, email us at maduraitimes@gmail.com.
We will help it reach the audience...

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