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Made in Madurai                

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

600th article of Madurai Times - Made In Madurai Blog

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Thanks Kumudam dot com for the picture.

We are glad to inform you all that this is our 600th article of Madurai Times. We cannot believe we have this far. All the credit goes to visitors like you. THANK YOU for visiting the blog frequently and referring to friends.

We have learnt the lesson of persistency and hard work paying off. Only way you can support is by visiting our website/blog, as you have always been doing.

This blog was started in 2005, but what have we achieved in past one year and trying to in future -

1) We are providing useful information about Madurai - IT Park, Real Estate, Business, In and around Madurai, Madurai Growth, Madurai Improvement, Madurai to Great Madurai/Future Metro, Madurai Entrepreneurship, Airport, Business, Charity
Companies, Culture, Economy, Education, Entrepreneurship, Food, Fun and Jokes,
Funds, General, Government, Health, Industries, Infrastructure, Jobs, Lands, Madurai Advertisement, Madurai Directory, Madurai News and Updates, NGOs, Online, Personal
Personal Finance, Poetry, Politics, Potential, Real Estate, Recruitment, SEZ,
Small Business, Society, Software, Tax, Timepass, University, Websites, Wisdom, World
and much more
2) We are providing views and ideas about Madurai for Madurai improvement.
3) Kindling entrepreneurship and motivating the youngsters of Madurai for starting business/industries in Madurai. In some cases, helping by providing guidance.
4) Supporting Madurai businesses by providing advertisement and reviews of various products and services in Madurai. Contact maduraitimes@gmail.com
5) We have started a free general and business directory for Madurai - iMadurai
6) We are trying to bring all the information online for Madurai into a single place.

Overall, we want to see

Madurai to become New Madurai and
Madurai to become Great Madurai.

If you are wondering, what did I mean by New Madurai and Great Madurai. Here is the explanation -
New Madurai: Clean up of Bad and making it good and clean Madurai.
Great Madurai: Economy wise and Commercially grown up Madurai

Thank you once again.

Madurai Machan, Madurai Muniyandi and Madurai Mangamma.

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