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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Excellent write-up about Madurai Travel: Madurai Toursim

This writeup is just concentrating on Madurai Chithrai Festival.

Here is the Australian writer - marriages made in heaven


Madurai Tourist Information

If you are a foreigner, travelling to India - remember to visit Madurai.
Don't miss it...

Here are some helpful Madurai tourism information - helpful trip information.

Staying There: Taj Garden Retreat has 63 suites and rooms, most with bay windows, comfortable sitting areas and sweeping views of Madurai. Taj Garden Retreat, Pasumalai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Phone 0452 2371601, see http://www.tajhotels.com

Further information: See http://www.incredibleindia.org. Tamil Nadu Tourist Office, http://www.tamilnadutourism.org, has introduced a special three-day program for international visitors in which they attend the wedding ceremony, chariot festival and experience the region's cultural and folk arts. West Veli Street, Madurai-625001, Tamil Nadu, phone +91 0452 233 4757


Monday, September 08, 2008

Olympics - India's role

It is encouraging to see that there is a ONE GOLD for India.
However, it is discouraging when compared to the population of India.

We are doing a biggest mistake of just following ONLY CRICKET, CRICKET and CRICKET.
We forget all other sports and there is no importance given to other sports.

There is not much sponsorship for other sports, no fame...

Things has to change! All other sports has to be considered and encouraged.
If there is no proper career path available for the (non-cricket)sportmen and women, how will somebody devote their life for it?

Hope Government or any non-profit takes a look at it, to make a change!


Youth's health!

I saw a neighbour today, who is about 35 years old.

He was limping a little bit, and I asked him - what happenned to your leg.
He said - yesterday he went for a walking.

Just for a walking his leg is in trouble. That is the situation of the health of the youth crowd! It is all because of lack of regular physical exercise of the human body.

People are becoming old sooner and I guess the death age is not 60s any more. It is probably lesser than that.

Take care guys!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Health project in Madurai - Expansion of Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital

As we know Madurai had been a center for lot of health or medical projects such as Aravind Eye Hospital, Aurobindo, Madurai Mission Hospital etc., Patients from various states of India come to Madurai to get the cure.

Here is a great central government move for the expansion of Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital by contributing funds. This great news is conveyed by Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, Union Health Minister. New facilities might include Cancer treatment and Trauma center.

!!!150 Crores for Madurai Hospital!!!

This is a latest news about Madurai. Read more here.

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Sun City Madurai - Coming up with 20 acres more

You all remember that we were selling 19 acres of land near IT Park.
see the old post here

This is to inform that Sun City is coming up with 20 acres more in Madurai.

The land should be ready for sale soon in few days. Please be ready to buy land, if you are interested.

- Nallu Samy
Nallu Samy Madurai Contact Details

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Market is terrible!

Market is terrible and not treating me very well.

While I was searching a job, during a well-market, there were less screening of candidates. The evaluation process was not in that depth and it was easy.

But now, I could realize the pressure and stringent evaluation processes.
There are lesser openings and those openings are tightened with couple of layers of evaluation.

There is more supply and lesser demand, which makes the market non-co-operative to job seekers. There are very easy rejections! There are more people out in the market and employers are having lesser business.

Management drives the recruitment and the recruitment managers cannot make any mistake in recruitment. Since there are more job seekers and lesser demand for job, employers are able to find people easy, with stringent procedures.

Everyone is sticking to their job as of now and keeping the boat going. Business is generally dull for the employer as well. So, there is no chance of asking for hike/bonus etc., Whoever is in job, has to just hang on to where they are.

Overall, it sucks!!

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Tamilnadu Government releases School textbooks online for FREE

My friend SanSubSal let me know this information, thanks to him.

Both Tamil and English medium books are available for free download in PDF format. An appreciable move from the govt.

Check this TEXT BOOKS ONLINE website


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

High Availability in Life?! - Madurai Life

Have you heard about Fail-over and High Availability in Servers and Systems?

Will that be cool to have the same concept in Life also? I believe I have.

If this country does not give me what I want, I will take what I have back home. There is whole world to win, not just these small mud houses in this place.

If a server A has issues, then the High Availability software switches control to server B. That is what I am feeling cool about the high availability in my life too.

There are various opportunities in the whole world waiting for me. I am willing to serve my city, country as it demands me to.

Thanks for listening to my blabbering and pulambals.


Feeling the Macroeconomy disturbance - World Economy - not just about Madurai

When there was dot com burst in 2000, and during/after September 11 attacks in USA, there was a huge market recession due to heavy losses and improper business models, I had to feel the macro-economy disturbance.

When there is a disturbance at a macro-economy level, there is a disturbance in micro-economy level too. In 2001, we suffered out of no money. No one worked in my family, except my mother! Mother was working, one brother was studying, another brother was searching for a job and I was downsized from the company! I guess you are getting the financial picture of my family. It sucked!!

Now, there a sub-prime mortgage crisis, US real markets fall, banks fail or slow down and my life sucks. I am always on the edge of my life. Does it happen to everyone? Or is it just me?!

Is it my mistake of being jack of many, rather than a master of one?!

Inflation of >12% in India...oil prices rise...shares sink...
Need some life and break guys!! I hope everything will come up back.

Everyone in family is supportive, but need change sooner.
I hope after elections, things will change.

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Life Sucks without a Job - Madurai Life!

When you have a job and you don't realize the importance of it. You keep cribbing about it and when you don't have that, you realize the benefit of it.

Life sucks without a job!

Market sinks, and few has to suffer for someone else's mistake!
As a old saying goes like this - In a hot country road without a shade, you realize the advantage of the shade.

I am in that situation right now. I am without a job for earning! I do have a job of taking care of family and representing non-revenue generating things, but I don't have a job for food!

Is that a lesson to me? Why did this happen to me? Why should I go through this? Am I unfortunate? Didn't contribute enough?!

Believe me man - life sucks, when there is no activity. You need money in life! Tough times always comes through. There are ups and downs. yes..Will there be a UP? Question is when will the UP come? Sooner or later?

Why didn't the Sales team not make sales? Why didn't management estimate the market's situation? Why do they(employers) hire, if they cannot handle it? It is not my mistake dude. We become the victim of someone else's mistake. This is too bad!

There has to be something to hope for, somebody to love for, something to do. Yes. I miss the last part of it. I don't have a job to do! This is a disease man!
I have to get out of it, as soon as possible.

Will return back with a job!


Subramaniyapuram - a Madurai movie

Subramaniapuram, a cool Madurai based tamil movie by the director M.Sasikumar.

Excellent portrayal of 1980's youth life in Madurai streets. Best part of the movie is going back of the 1980's time - a 1980 period film.

Characters with lot of hair, un-shaved, bell bottom pants, simple, no bikes, no gadgets, much reality, actuality. Felt like went back to the time of my childhood neighborhood Jaihindpuram - near Subramaniapuram!!

The director has to have lived in that area, or a deep observer - otherwise it is impossible to do this movie like this. Actor Jay looks like Vijay a little bit, and his mannerism reminded of Actor Vijay and Paruthiveeran.

Very minute details are also carefully observed and taken care. Aluminum paint bus, cycles, long collar shirts, checked shirts, big belt buttons, always-cigaratte-and-tea-youths, Theatre posters(meenatchiyil, jegathaavil..) etc., To be frank, I don't see much of a difference between this movie and what Madurai is now. Madurai has not changed at all!!!!

"Kangal Inandal" song is very melodious and sweet song to listen to.

Watch the Subramaniapuram video song


Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Website

Here is a website for Former Indian President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam's website

I guess it is hosted by Mr.V.Ponraj, ponsgroup.org


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DMK Pillar's websites

Here are the two DMK pillar's websites -




Will beauty of Madurai be lost, amidst Madurai development and improvements?

Everyone like Madurai's Culture, Simplicity, Non-changing, ever-backward, religious, no-improvement, veeram(brave and courageous nature).

However, there is a general feeling and concern that if Madurai improves with IT and infrastructure, it would lose Madurai's mann vasanai!? Will it loose its original flavour?

Bangalore was supposed to be a cool and peaceful place to live. Today it is overcrowded, polluted and no place to live!

Will the same situation happen to Madurai?

My take is - it is OK to loose its original flavour, and I would be happy, as long as there is improvement in Madurai!


Can you dare to go back to roots and stand on your own? - Madurai Courage!

We work for someone else or waiting to work for someone else! However, my dream is to work for myself. Reason for working for someone else is - Need money. We are never with a word "satisfaction" or "it is enough" for money.

Always, there is a need for money. Especially, if you are a married man. You always need money, how much so ever, you might have.

Will I dare to go back to my home and work for myself? Will you dare to do it? Societal pressure, family pressure, monetary pressure! Will you?

Is there a scope to do business? Answer is Yes. Do you have the courage to do it? Not sure. Do you have the courage to break the rules?

Do you have the courage to do societal revolution? Samudhaaya puratchi?? Do you have enough money to do it? Do you have enough power to do it?

All questions posted. Answer it yourself!!

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Is everyone is working on a dream job? - Madurai Finance Wisdom

I am not sure if everyone is working on a dream job?
Is everyone liking what they are currently doing?

There has to be some motivation to get up daily and go to work, right?
What is that? Is everyone after money?

I believe, the following applies to "most" of us.

Everyone is living more than what we earn. We get loans and we end up paying them monthly with interest. Truth is --- We all get up in the morning to go to work, to pay off our loans.

Do you agree? In today's lifestyle, every one dares to get a loan for themselves at some point of life.

Starting from Education loan, Car loan, Bike loan, House loan, Business Loan, Credit Card loan, Personal Loan etc.,

On those days, getting loan from bank was the last thing for someone to think about. But, today it has become easy for all of us.

We get loans and get stuck for life and keep working to payoff our loans.

Believe me - it is better feeling to be without loan and be in positive credit at any point of time. This is dream for every person in this world I believe!

Leave out anybody else, I wish that could happen to me!? May Goddess Lakshmi see this blog and fedex me bunch of gold coin bags:) joking...

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TAMIL NADU Politicians and their Heirs

I happened to encounter this website, while I was taking a walk in the internet street.

Get to know a little bio-data of the future and current young politicians of Tamil Nadu -

Azhagiri’s Son - M K DURAI DAYANIDHI (son, 21)
Azhagiri’s Daughter - M K KAYALVIZHI (daughter, 32)

KARUNANIDHI Daughter - Kanimozhi (daughter, 40)
P Chidambaram Son - Karti P Chidambaram (son, 36)

RAMADOSS SON - Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss (son 39)
M Krishnasamy Son - M K Vishnu Prasad (son 35)

Read more here


Monday, September 01, 2008

Madurai Airport gets 610 acres free from Tamil Nadu Government

The Tamil Nadu Government has passed an order for providing 610 acres of land free of cost to the Madurai Airport, according to airport sources.

The Airports Authority of India had earlier requested the State Government for the land to carry out expansion. In the Rs 500 crore expansion plan, fire station, runway expansion and quality improvement works have been completed at a cost of Rs 75 crore till now. The new terminal building was coming up at a cost of Rs 130 crore.

Read more here

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Globalization, America, India/China, American Dollar in simple words

The following is a 55 minutes video about Globalization, America, India/China, American Dollar in very simple words...

Google Video

Don't miss this video. I was thrilled after watching this video and thinking about it for a long time. It was thought provoking.

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Virtual Convocation for IGNOU in Madurai

Students of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) from 17 districts in the State attached to Madurai Regional Centre will, for the first time, have an opportunity to participate in the annual convocation in Madurai itself, thanks to teleconference facility.

read more here

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