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Monday, June 28, 2010

Madurai Satyam to return allotted SEZ land in Madurai

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Sad news but truth -

Mahindra Satyam is in the process of returning 50 acres allotted to the former Satyam Computer in the Madurai SEZ, promoted by the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Elcot). Elcot, Tamil Nadu’s nodal arm for attracting IT investments, had allotted the land to Satyam Computer for setting up an IT facility and housing at Vadapalanji.

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Five other companies – HCL, Sutherland, Caliber Point and Syntel –have been allotted land at the Vadapalanji SEZ. The companies were given their letters of allotment in December 2008. At that time, Satyam Computer had planned to recruit about 3,500 employees for the facility at Madurai.

Barely one month later, the then Satyam chairman Ramalinga Raju confessed to the biggest corporate scam in the India. The company, now Mahindra Satyam, has decided to return the 50 acres and take back the payment made by Satyam for the land allotted.

“Mahindra Satyam has taken action for surrendering the Madurai (SEZ) land to the developer i.e. Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Elcot). Hence, there is no plan of raising any sum to develop this facility,” a Mahindra Satyam spokesperson said. Elcot officials said that the company had initiated the process of returning the land and Elcot would pay back Rs. 7 crore to Mahindra Satyam.

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Maurai Eco Park wins ISO awards

Maurai Eco Park wins ISO awards

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Madurai Corporation has two more firsts to its credit. After obtaining ISO certification for quality maintenance of the integrated bus stand at Mattu Thavani, the civic body has bagged ISO awards for its ECO Park, Madurai's only economical leisure spot for all ages, and a modernised swimming pool. Designed as per international standards, several failities such as foot paths from concreate to tiles and landscaping are being improved and entertainment resources like boating and dancing music fountain are added to the park periodically, says city Engineer K. Sakthivel. Installation of sound systmes to invigorate morning walkers with carnatic and light music and slogan boards are the latest addition. To meet ISO parameters, the take, where boating is offered, will be cleaned daily.

Sprawling over 5.5 acres, the Eco Park created by the urban local body behind its office, stands as the corporation's pride today. With 700 varieties of trees including 210 herbal species, it will be the first park in the state to be ISO certified. Its yet another first is the tallest artificial fountain in the state that pumps water up to 110 feet.



Madurai to get Medical Park

Madurai to get Medical Park

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A super speciality Hospital in Thoppur near Madurai, will be built at an estimated cost of Rs. 1500 millions as part of Government Rajaji Hospital upgradation programme, according to Tamil Nadu Health Minister MRK Panneerselvam. Laying the foundation stone for the work on Friday the 27th Feb,2009 in the past, the minister said the Tamil Nadu Government had identified 340 acres and the hospital would be built on 25 acres. The Tamil Nadu State Government is also planning to develop a Medical Park at the same area.



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Sunday, June 27, 2010

OruAcre.com - Tamil Nadu's Online Real Estate Helper

There is a new website called OruAcre.com from Customer Satisfied Technologies.

OruAcre.com is a portal for helping real estate agents and property buyers to connect and do transactions. Real estate agents, builders, promoters to post their property listings in OruAcre.com and individuals can reach out to the agents to see the property, its details and start the transaction.

There are millions of people from Tamil Nadu away from their home abroad or other cities like Bangalore or Hyderabad etc., Or busy working in the same locality that they could not search for a property very easily. OruAcre.com helps them find property very easily.

Currently we are concentrating only in Tamil Nadu (each and every city and locality in tamil nadu) and that helps us focus lot better.

The site is absolutely FREE for consumers/property buyers. We only charge a membership fees for the agents (property listing providers) and if needed featured listing (advertisement) fees, and if used.

OruAcre.com is FREE for property buyers and individuals.

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