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Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to be successful in life?

If you are confused in life and don't know where you are going in life? I suggest you play a game, which you can play and it is a new game.

Yesterday I went to a bowling game with my 5 friends. We played three games. I played terribly in the first game. I was the 5th and last in the first game. In the second game, I came fourth place. Still, I was totally depressed about what was going on.

I was de-motivated but at the same time I was understanding how to play and what is the best practice. I had the fire to play and win. I wanted desperately to win. I was carefully watching how people are playing and closely observing how the winning person is throwing the ball.

Hesitatingly I joined the third game, and I eventually won the third game. Here are the couple of lessons, I learnt.

1) Everything is happening under God's supervision and he teaches us lessons.
2) Concentration. I was only looking at the line and where to hit in the target. In Mahabaratha, Dhrona teacher asked everyone among the students and everyone identified bigger targets like whole tree or the parrot on the whole. Arjuna was the only person who answered that he sees parrot's eye only and nothing else.
It makes a lot of difference, if we concentrate only the destination and do not concentrate on anything else. Do not give ears to anything else. It is all about concentration.
3) Patience. until you understand the game and become mastered with the game.
4) Observation. Observe what is best and understand that and practice.
5) Understand from mistakes.

All of the above applies to our life and I feel like I realized these things after a long time. I will succeed back again! I know, it has been slow in my things shortly. But I will get back. I wanted to share with everyone, whom it might apply.

A Game is a short equivalent(prototype) of life. Every now and then you have win and loose. You need to be able to accept both. Accept both win and loose with the same heart. React to it in the same.

This will lead to bliss in life!!


One Happy Man

I was sleeping in my bed. My wife and my little (almost)2 year old daughter were awake and they were doing their morning course.

My daughter came slowly to me into my bed and said "appaa", "appaa", "appaa".
She touched with her cool hand on my back and said again appa, appa, appa..

She hugged me from my back and nicely cuddled to me.

What else do you need in life?!!! I am one happy man!!!
My little daughter loves me:) and with her sweet voice she calls appaa, apppaaa...:):)

Thank you God for everything!!


Friday, August 01, 2008

Best Money Advice anybody can get - Madurai Money

The following article is picked up from CNN’s iReport. Author’s id is AnnieGB. I found this article very helpful and I think it is the best money advice anybody can get. I wanted to share this article in my blog for my audience to get benefited too.

See the flowers above...how do you grow a garden? Well, growing wealth isn't very different!

My husband and I simply listened to what our parents told us...yep; believe it or not the "Greatest Generation" had a few good ideas. We are in our fifties now and both millionaires, each in our own right...neither needs to work, but actually chooses to work at things we enjoy now! I was a millionaire by age 43. Answer: I got a good education (that I paid for), worked hard to get promoted, saved a lot, and lived "below" my means. Now, I don't have to, I just do.

SAVE: Each of our fathers told us to save 15% of our salary and put it in the bank first...to pay ourselves before we paid any bill. My father suggested to put 5% away for a rainy day (for unplanned, urgent repairs or expenses) and then, never, and I mean, never touch the other 10%. If you start this practice before age 25, even at a meager salary, the compounding effect will generate almost $600,000 by age 65. Yes, $5000 put away each year at 5% will equal $600,000 in 40 years.

You can't put that much away right now? Then put 1/2 that away and make it a goal to get there after each raise. So what, you'll be 5 years off...it'll still generate $525,000...and you're half-way there. Contribute everything you can that will be matched by your company to your 401K, if offered. Nowhere on this good green earth is there a risk-averse way to make 50% or even 100% on your money...that is what the match is!
When you get a raise, don't figure out how to spend it; figure out how to save it. I suggest saving 1/2.

BE CAREFUL WITH CREDIT! Next, only have two credit cards and absolutely pay them off each month and absolutely on time. There is no reason to pay 20% interest for a meal out at Burger King. Why two cards? Put one in a drawer at home, just in case the other is lost or stolen.
Pay a little bit more than your mortgage calls for each month...that is going directly to principle! You can drop as much as 5-7 years off your mortgage by this simple step.

PLAN: Develop a budget each month for this month and the next two out. Keep to it. You'll find out right away where your money is going and what it takes to shave your expenses. Again, make sure you have a line for "savings" and pay yourself first!
Put together a long-range financial plan (at least ten years and maybe longer) and look at it every 4-5 months or so. It'll keep you motivated. Celebrate when you achieve certain milestones: $100,000 or $250,000, etc.

STICK TO YOUR OWN LIVELIHOOD: Don't compare yourself to your neighbors or friends or even siblings...if they are spending like there is no tomorrow, chances are they are going to be working until their last dying breath and will never have anything in the bank for emergencies, much less retirement.

LEARN: Educate yourselves...learn about money, its time-value, and investing. If you choose to invest, make sure you are comfortable with the risk. Invest in things you know about and make sense to you...right now, if you believe that the energy crisis is here to stay, then think of "smart and credible" ties to businesses that will benefit from the crisis. Also, read up on what the billionaires are doing! What are Warren Buffet and T. Boone Pickens looking at? Is it conceivable that you could invest a little portion of your fortune? If you are afraid, research mutual funds with goals in energy creation.

REMEMBER: There are two things that wealthy people have in common:

1) A sense that they alone are responsible for their well-being and

2) Discipline.

There really is no easy way to get wealthy...its just like growing a garden...prepare, sow, water, tend, weed, and reap!

Original Source: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-52904


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