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Friday, April 27, 2012

Another 3 start hotel in making in Madurai

GWG- Green Royale Hotels, Madurai – is in Construction Phase…..Grand Opening within 4months…..


Most probably in Anna nagar 100 ft road or Lake view road or near Big Bazaar. Another stop in Hospitality Sector in Madurai.

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Alternate ways of Power Generation is considered in Madurai Corporation

As the state is facing strong power inadequacy, the Madurai Corporation has commenced emphasising on energy generation from alternate steps like solar and bio-ethanol. During the council meeting held yesterday, a resolution has been passed to call tenders from eligible firms to establish solar projects in the corporation under the Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The resolution claimed that power supply for corporation requiring such as pumping stations and taxation centres had considerably rise after the corporation limits have been expanded from 72 wards to 100 wards. With the rising energy needs, the corporation has decided to select eligible players for solar power projects. After receiving government nod, they will moving ahead with calling for the tenders via PPP.

The present demand of the city can be projected to vary between 160 MW-180 MW per day for 4.16 lakh connections in the city.

Madurai Corporation passed important resolution on green energy to produce bio-ethanol and e-diesel by using the extra 250 tonnes of garbage generated from the newly annexed areas of the corporation. The resolution also consisted of producing electricity from bio-ethanol.

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Welfare Projects in Madurai Corporation - Solid Waste Management

The city corporation has chalked out a series of welfare projects to develop the erstwhile panchayats and town panchayats annexed with the corporation recently. The civic body has planned to implement a Rs 40 crore solid waste management project for the three municipalities, three town panchayats and 11 village panchayats annexed to the corporation. The solid waste management works will commence soon as Rs 10 crore has been sanctioned.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Madurai Corporation to set up Dialysis Facility Centre in Madurai for poor patients

The city corporation plans to set up a state-of-the-art dialysis centre. Seeking the permission of the house, mayor VV Rajan Chellappa told councillors that the centre has become necessary since the total population of the city has increased to 15.61 lakhs, and 5-10% of them suffer from renal problems, needing dialysis facilities. "We have found that dialysis facilities are not available for poor patients at affordable prices in the city. Hence, we have decided to set up a dialysis facility to service poor people," he said.

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Madurai Corporation inviting tenders for Solar Plants - Going Green Madurai

With the state reeling under a severe power crunch, the Madurai Corporation has started focusing on energy generation from alternate measures such as solar and bio-ethanol. During the council meeting held on Wednesday, a resolution was passed to call tenders from eligible companies to set up solar projects in the corporation under the Public Private Partnership (PPP).

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MM Forgings to do more funding in Madurai plant

MM Forgings plans to pump in Rs 40 crore this year to push its forging plants towards peak performance. The auto component manufacturer has three plants in Chennai, Tiruchi and Madurai. Last year, the combined production across the plants was 32,000 tonnes. The peak capacity of the plants is 40,000 tonnes.

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First International Flight in Madurai Airport by SpiceJet

Low-cost carrier SpiceJet will become the first airline to operate an international flight from Madurai Airport with the Civil Aviation Ministry approving a proposal for connecting the city with Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

When SpiceJet starts operation, Madurai will become the third airport in Tamil Nadu to operate international flights.

Good to go Madurai!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Film is an important medium which has become an integral part of the social and political life of Tamils

Plans are afoot to establish a film institute in Madurai Kamaraj University to cater to the aspirations of youngsters who want to make it to the tinsel world, enter digital media circles and make a mark in alternative film making. Kalyani Mathivanan, Vice-Chancellor, MKU, has been taking concerted efforts to have a film institute modelled on the Pune based film institute, which has been received well by academicians working on film studies and film production. In the last one hundred years of Indian cinema, Tamil Nadu has an inimitable space in the history of cinema as the connecting line between films and Tamil socio-political reality has been thicker than expected.

Film is an important visual medium which has been an integral part of the modern social and political life of Tamils. Nothing could exemplify this better than the title song of a film, ‘Aanpaavam,' where Maestro Ilayaraja's rendition says, “Indiran Vandathu Chandiran Vandathu Indha Cinemathan; MGR Vandathu NTR Vandathu Intha Cinemathan; Kalai Valarnthadhum Ingethan Kadhal Sonnadthum Ingethan; Katchi Valarthadum Aatchi Pidithathum Indha Cinemathan.” The Hindu looks at how the academic world in Madurai has been engaging with films and aspects of film making in theory, production and consumption points of view and the significance of having a film institute here.

Film studies

Film historian Rajan Krishnan, states that cinema is a theoretically challenging subject, a very complex area of study which needed to be explored more. “There is a crisis of academic criticism as we do not have separate disciplines such as cultural studies or film studies as in the West, and even if it is there, it is in a nascent stage.” Citing an example of the West's contribution to film theory and literature, he talked about how Italian neo-realism films, which though hardly about a dozen could generate close to 400 books dealing with the various theoretical and technical aspects. “We have produced more than 5,000 films but there has been a lack of proper criticism of those films.”

As far as films are concerned under academia here, the concentration basically goes to film production. The folklore touch of film studies, which is centered around the consumption part i.e., from the viewing aspect, is conspicuously missing, says T. Dharmarajan, Head, Department of Folklore, MKU. He further says that like rural folklore where aspects of deification, possession and rituals to gods and goddesses are being done, we have fan clubs which are seen as part of urban folklore, deification of matinee idols, performing milk abhisekham and the entire cultural edifice related to those carnivals. Folklore is concerned about how films are consumed within the society, and it is at the consumption levels and pattern the political messages are confirmed, Dravidian movement and its relationship with films area great example. Another aspect from folkloristic point of view is that films are a major threat to traditional folklore. So it becomes essential to study about films as they corrupt the former; however it is a two-way process, where traditional folklore provides fodder to films, especially the comical aspects and buffoonery. Finally from the production point of view also folklore's contribution to films is important, fairy tales and ballads have provided the story pattern for many films especially in the case of MGR films.

The folklore department focuses on popularizing the unsung genre of ethnographic films, we can train students to produce ethnographic films, when it comes to alternative cinema, we talk about documentaries and short films but ethnographic films are not discussed, it's a creative cultural concept which needs to be engaged with. Film institute concentrates on the production aspects of film making but how to watch films and understand them is lacking among the viewers. This lacuna leads to a situation where films are made mostly depicting cult formations and hero centric ones, says J. Balasubramanian, Head (in charge) Department of Journalism and Science Communication, MKU.

Though we produce films which are mostly commercial ones, we lag behind in the making of historical films, so we are left with a situation to digitally re-create and re-release old films like Karnanand Veerapandiya Kattabomman, though film historians have claimed that these films have many factual errors and provide false consciousness. Post graduate courses in film studies could bridge this gap not only at the level of helping production form but also from the consumption point of view and could as well help in the creation of films with historical precision. The Department of Journalism and Science Communication conducts film screening once a week called Vellithirai and Department of Folklore has Folk Media Club, which screens films twice a month.

The establishment of a film institute in Madurai would help in a great way to inculcate a culture which could influence film making and lead to a situation where good historical films could be made , he said. For the last 15 years Madura College has been conducting awareness programmes on alternative films, it includes documentary and short films. “Right from 1984, we started screening films mostly getting them from embassies, to show students that there is another form of filmmaking,” says R. Murali, Principal, Madura College. Thanks to technology, things have changed a lot; it has democratized film making now. All you need is a camera. Formalism has been replaced through immediately captured images. The basic idea is to make students appreciate good art forms in films. Mainstream films are too commercial and are dishonest except for a few in depicting realities.

“Madura College has been organizing film festivals for the last 13years, and now with an effort to blend technology and the philosophy of films we have started two courses, Diploma in Digital Video Editing and Diploma in Cinematography. The courses would be held in a lucid format with film theories, and flexible eligibility conditions. MKU film institute could help us jointly organize workshops and establish the much needed space to nurture the sense of appreciation to alternative film world,” Prof. Murali concludes.


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Chennai Realty Property Show : Chennai Trade Centre on April 27, 28, 29 2012

Chennai Realty Property Show 2012 held at Chennai Trade Centre on 27th, 28th and 29th April 2012.

Highlights of Property Expo..!

^ Thousands of footfalls , focused selling to just target audience
^ Hundred builders/Promoter/developers under one roof,  lakhs of houses
^ Exclusive knowledge pavilion
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finger Exercises to avoid Depression - Salary Joke - Fun

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

KKR Logistics to invest and avail 20% stake of TVS Logistics, a Madurai Based Company

KKR Logistics is planning to invest $55 Mn in Chennai-based TVS Logistics Services Ltd for 20% stake in the company in second round of funding.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and TVS Capital Funds Ltd are minority stakeholders in the company, having invested R100Cr each in 2008. The TVS Group holds over a 60% stake.

Incorporated in 2004 - TVS Logistics, a Madurai-based unit of the TVS Group, operates as a logistics solutions provider across multiple verticals including automotive, distribution, electronics, and discrete component manufacturing.

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Income Tax Department Seva Kendra in Madurai soon

Sudha Sharma, Member, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said the south zone had been sanctioned 15 Ayakkar Seva Kendras. In Tamil Nadu, Seva Kendras had been opened at Coimbatore and Tiruchirapalli and it would be opened soon at Salem, Madurai and Chennai.

The Chennai circle of the Income Tax Department has crossed its target for the first time in its history, collecting Rs. 34, 586 crore against the target of Rs. 33041 crore in 2011-12.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Madurai Airport to operate International Flights - A request to MLAs

மாண்புமிகு சட்டப்பேரவை உறுப்பினர்கள் அவர்களுக்கு;
நான் தென் தமிழகத்தின் நெற்களஞ்சியமான திருநெல்வேலி மாவட்டத்திலிருந்து பணி நிமத்தமாக இப்போது துபாய்யில் இருக்கிறேன்
அங்கிருந்து உங்களுக்கு அனுப்பும் ஒரு வேண்டுகோள் என்னவென்றால்...
மதுரை விமானநிலையத்திலிருந்து சர்வதேச விமானங்களை இயக்கினால் என்னை போன்ற எராளமான குறிப்பாக மதுரை மற்றும் அதன் சுற்று வட்டார பகுதிகளிலிருந்து பணி நிமத்தமாக வளைகுடா, சிங்கப்பூர், மலேசியா போன்ற நாடுகளில் இடம்பெயர்ந்து வாழும் தமிழர்களுக்கு 
பேருதவி இருக்கும் என்றும் ஆதலால் சட்டப்பேரவையில் அதற்கான கோரிக்கையை வைத்து விரைவில் நிறைவேற்றி தருமாறு தாழ்மையுடன் கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன்.
வளைகுடா நண்பர்கள் குழு சார்பாக
வெங்கடேஷ் தோதுகுமார்

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tractor Major TAFE to invest 160 crore in Madurai for expansion

Tractor Major to Invest Rs.160 Crore in Expansion

Chennai, Apr 3 (IANS): In order to continue its harvest of bumper sales at a time when the industry is logging negative growth, city based tractor major Rs.8,021 crore turnover Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE) will set up a new 60,000 units per annum plant in Madurai, said a top official.
Chairman and CEO Mallika Srinivasan told reporters here Tuesday: "We will be investing a new plant with an annual capacity of 60,000 units in Madurai. All our plants are operating at full capacity and we expect demand for our products to outpace industry growth."
"Overall the company will be investing Rs.160 crore in expansion. The new plant in Madurai involves an outlay of Rs.100 crore. The company will also set up an agricultural implements plant at an outlay of Rs.30 crore. Another Rs.30 crore will be spent on carrying out value addition at our Turkish plant," R.C.Banka, president added.
According to him the company has a total capacity of around 180,000 units per annum (600 units per day) and fresh capacity at Madurai is needed to meet the projected increase in demand. Post expansion TAFE's total annual capacity will be 250,000 units.
Officials told IANS by production improvement measures the per day capacity will be increased to 700 units per day by the end of this year apart from the new Madurai plant.
Last fiscal TAFE world's third largest tractor manufacturer increased its capacity by some internal adjustments and sold 148,112 units (brands TAFE, Massey Fergusson (MF) and Eicher) including exports of 20,396 units.
She said the company ships out its tractors to 73 countries and its export revenue is around Rs.1,200 crore.
Looking back at the fiscal that went by, Srinivasan said: "The first half of the year the industry grew by around 19 percent and we grew at 26.9 percent. From November onwards industry showed downward trend while TAFE continued its growth rate."
"Nearly 68 percent of our sales come from products that had been launched during the last three years. We expanded Eicher range of tractors. It was known as small horse power (hp) player and now it has tractors up to 50 hp."
According to her, TAFE will be launching a new 55 hp model this month.
Srinivasan said she is cautiously optimistic about the tractor industry's fortunes, and added: "The short term outlook is caution while the medium-long term outlook is optimistic. As far as TAFE is concerned we are bullish about its prospects."
"Going ahead we will be into soil preparation, harvesting and post harvesting agricultural implements segment," she said.
Queried about harmonization of components between its three brand models - TAFE, Massey Ferguson (MF) and Eicher - to cut costs, Srinivasan said each model has its own USP and that cannot be compromised to achieve advantages of common components.
On the company's Turkish plant she said: "Last year we sold 4,000 units and this year we plan to double that number."
According to her, the company is also participating in development of Centurion family of tractors (50-125 hp) along with AGCO Corporation.
"We will make the tractors in India and ship them out during the second calendar quarter of 2013," she said.

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Microsoft India looking into Tier-II cities Madurai Salem and Coimbatore for expansion

Microsoft India is focused on creating greater awareness for its products through the student community. 

“We have been more aggressive the past two years covering close to 75 cities,” said Mr Sanket Akerkar, Managing Director, Microsoft India. 

Now that major metros are covered and there are offices for Microsoft India. Now it is time to look into Tier-II cities in Tamil Nadu and rest of India.

Salem, Coimbatore and Madurai were among the first few cities that Microsoft reached out in Tamil Nadu.

Madurai coming to highlight again in terms of software!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Food Safety Drive in Madurai begins

Dr. Suguna said that this is the first time the food safety guidelines were being enforced in a big way . The District Collector U. Sagayam had formally given away licenses to 10 persons on Saturday. For those who are coming for the first time, fresh licenses will be issued within a month after conducting a spot inspection . In the case of existing licenses, they have to be renewed without delay. Dr. Suguna said that the registration card with photo identity should be displayed in the business premises. Those who want to know the procedures for registration and other clarifications can contact Dr. Suguna on mobile number 98423-03625.

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Madurai might seen become a METRO and an industrialized city - for everyone's surprise?

Madurai might seen become a METRO and an industrialized city - for everyone's surprise?

Read the article in The Hindu for steps to Madurai with industrialization and Madurai as Metro very soon.

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