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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why brokers are treated badly in Chennai? Cheating too and not paying the agreed amount to Brokers!

Brokers are always not bad. We run a professionally run services company for intermediary services.

This applies to mostly our Property Services division in Chennai and Madurai. When our consultants are in field, the customers treat them badly.

We as a property consultant, provide you the information about the property. Work with the owners to negotiate on the price of Rental or Buy/Sell price or Advance amount etc., Also, if there is any work pending on the owners side will be helped before the tenant moves in. From the beginning enquiry stage to the agreement stage, the property consultant and the back office team helps the concerned tenant.

But the treatment from most of the tenants are very bad to the property consultants. Why is this behaviour? We are a professionally run company and our consultants are professional. Why do the tenants have a bad behaviour of behaving badly to the property consultants or brokers or mediators - whatever name you want to call.

All said and done, this is most important - at last when it comes to payment, the tenant does not pay the agreed commission charges properly. When you have agreed to the terms of payment in the beginning, after your rental agreement, the tenant feels why should I pay this person.

We are running a company with employees, who needs to be paid for the work they are doing. If the customers don't pay properly, how can we do this service at all? If again and again you cheat us, how can we run a legitimate business with proper values?

Tenants - don't do these kind of injustice and hesitating to pay the amount agreed. When you are able to pay an advance of Rs.4.5 lakhs to the owner, you are not ready to pay Rs.10,000 as commission to the property consultant? Shame on you...You are starting a business and you do this kind of cheating, how will you prosper?

Some of the people who cheated us this October month 2012 are -
Ranjith - 9884446622 - who contacted us and made an agreement with an owner for opening his textile showroom in Thiruvanmayur for Rs.20,000 rent.

Saravanan - 9941647777 - who contacted us and made an agreement with the owner for opening his departmental store called Pazhamudir cholai in Thiruvanmayur for Rs.90,000 rent.

Shame on you folks! God is there and he is watching all these!!  Beware on dealing with the above two  Ranjith, Thiruvanmaiyur and Saravanan, Thiruvanmayur Chennai for any of the business dealings.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Marketing for all categories of companies in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy - Maayaa Marketing Services

We work with various categories of companies and here are those - 

Business who deal with 

1) Sarees, Dress and Apparels.
2) Jewellery
3) Medical Products
4) Food Products or Raw materials for the food
5) FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
6) Any kind of services business
7) Admissions into membership or academics like schools or universities
8) NGOs
9) Agricultural
10) Electronic products
11) Real Estate and Construction
12) Banking, Insurance and investments
13) Business offers
14) Individual personalities - Politician, business men etc., who want to market themselves.
15) Automobiles
16) Software Services and Hardware

It can be an old product like Kali Mark brand of cool drinks or it could be a totally new product like Noni juice. 

If interested to talk and use our services with a first totally FREE discussion and no obligation discussion on Marketing strategy for your business/product/service, please contact -


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Marketing Advertising for restaurants - Maayaa Marketing Services - Mobile, Internet, Outdoor, Inperson, Posters etc., - Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore

We, Maayaa Marketing Services provide marketing solutions to various companies and under various categories.

For the benefit of this article, we are dealing with Marketing for Restaurants. In today's world, it is not just enough to do local marketing and we need to reach out to lot of consumers and customers to make them visit our restaurant using technology. With any of our customer, who wants to market their product or service, we first sit with them and understand the requirement, their product, their service and their business. For FREE, we do this discussion.

Once we understand, we provide a detailed marketing strategy and what are the tools to use for reaching out to targeted audience.

Here are some tips for marketing of restaurants in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy and any city in Tamil Nadu or India.

1) Social Media Marketing - We help in creation of a profile and pooling in fans and providing ideas for reaching out to more visitors, via viral marketing.

2) Mobile based Marketing -
(a) Bulk SMS by sending SMS to huge set of local audience. All normal phone users locally.
(b) Mobile App development for having a home of the restaurant in the mobile world.
(c) Mobile SEO for many visitors to reach out your restaurant's fame.
d) Advertisement in mobile world.

3) Web Based and Internet Marketing -
We have many successful, well-proven technology and ideas to reach out to thousands of web users via internet, not just limiting to website development. If you go to normal marketer, he/she will do only website, but we do much more than that. Search Engine Optimization for our restaurant Website.

4) Propose more deals in Internet and Mobile world and offer more, so that discount coupons can be produced when the customer visits the restaurant.

5) Communication on deals should reach all the targeted customers at the same time via ALL the channels identified to make it louder.

6) Make targeted marketing by identifying which group of audience we are focusing on.

7) Local Marketing like Outdoor marketing techniques. Paper (Bit notice, posters), Flex, News, Cable TV etc.,

8) In person marketing. We have a team who can be used for your purpose and we will accomplish the marketing.

9) Any green technology or health based marketing will catch up a lot with restaurant marketing very well.

10) We use blogs, forums, raters, press release sites, social media like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc.,

One big advantage is - you don't have to worry about anything above and we will take care of the above completely.

Our way of marketing is totally different and it is not like the usual way. But we do not ignore the usual ways of marketing, but we do lot of more than that.

If interested to talk and use our services with a first totally FREE discussion and no obligation discussion on Marketing strategy for your business/product/service, please contact -


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Core strength of our marketing - Marketing Services - Internet, Mobile, business promotion

Our core strength is MARKETING.

We can reach out to thousands of people, who are you potential customers. Given the requirement and defined marketing strategy, we can make your cell phones ring within 10 days(its a promise) and make your business, your product or your service very popular via various medias/channels we use.

We use Internet Marketing, Mobile based marketing - SMS (for normal phones) and also Mobile APP (for Smart phones) based marketing, Designing and Writing Marketing Content, Print Media, Video Media, Social Media, Outdoor marketing.

We focus on any kind of exports and any kind of company. The company could be having any kind of product, service or business promotion. We can build a brand for the customer and build up a good image in the market for the company.

We do a clear planning on the marketing strategy and identify what works and what does not work for the business's marketing.

In today's stiff competition, if your product has to reach the targeted people it has to be well marketed to the right and targeted audience.

Be it consumer goods, real estate, lifestyle goods or an offer for admission to educational institutions or any kind of new or existing food product or any service you provide to the consumers/business, an effective marketing strategy determines the volume of sales of a product.

If you want help in Marketing of your product or service or your business, please contact Maayaa Marketing Services.

Call: +91-9500968704
Email: maayaamarketing@gmail.com
Web: http://www.oruacre.com/maayaa

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mobile App Marketing - Bulk SMS services - Internet Marketing - Website - Chennai - Coimbatore - Madurai - Trichy - Total Marketing Solution - Maayaa Marketing

We, at Maayaa Marketing provide total marketing solution to our customers.

First we sit with the customer who comes for enquiry for his/her company's Marketing needs. This first sitting is a no obligation meeting (FREE consultation meeting), where we understand the requirements and market of the customer.

We take sometime and come up with the marketing strategy and explain how to reach the customers, whatever it might be B2B or B2C.

Once the marketing strategy is decided, we provide the list of the services to the customer with all the services we provide (as a part of our Total Marketing Solution), you can take all of the services or make use of part of the services, based on the customer's budget.

You can check out our list of marketing services we provide, in general anytime (Maayaa Marketing)

To give a high level list -
1) Mobile Based Marketing - (i) Bulk SMS and we have already huge set of phone number databases with categories. (ii) Smart Phone application Development - Android, iPhone, iPad etc., (iii) Mobile SEO
2) Internet Marketing - Website, Specialized Internet Marketing (very powerful - proprietary techniques)
3) Any kind of writing services - like Brochures, Blogs etc.,
4) In person Marketing - we have a team who can work for your product/services.
5) Outdoor Marketing - we do this via our partner.

We have lot of success for reaching out to targeted customers and we can generate very valid enquiries and leads for your business.

Contact us at +91-9500968704 or
email maayaamarketing@gmail.com or access

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Going direct to consumers - Mobile Marketing via SMS for normal phones and Applications for smart phones - Bulk SMS in Chennai, Madurai

There are two kinds of mobile users today - Normal Phones and Smart Phones.

Majority of the population in the city use Normal Phones and they can be reached via Bulk SMS. Smart Phone users (constantly growing) can be reached via APPS. Contact us and we can help you do the mobile marketing. No need to worry about it and we will generate n number of Leads.

Since the introduction of the cellular phone, mobile technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. More than 600 mn Indians  have a mobile device. In fact, mobile phone penetration exceeds cable television (130 mn), internet access (81 mn) and PCs owners (35 mn). Mobile phone is often the first thing a person looks at upon waking and the last thing they look at before going to sleep.

At Maayaa Marketing, we Follow these guidelines and you'll keep your customers anxiously awaiting and eagerly  participating in your mobile marketing campaigns!

Our data partner, our team obtains comprehensive intelligence through several sources; business releases, public filings, submitted releases, phone interviews, and a variety of industry news sources.

While others boast hundreds of thousands of prospects, we provide high quality business intelligence and complete and verified contact information for successful targeted one-to-one communications.

Lots of research, efforts, and work has gone into compiling this B2B, B2C database . These Contacts are a must for every serious business house who is interested in huge Indian market. Our full-time researchers are solely dedicated to building the data, verifying it and updating it for you.

Due to the vast number of selections available when using our Consumer marketing lists we are able to tailor make marketing lists for thousands of products and services.

Contact Maayaa Marketing - 9500968704, maayaamarketing@gmail.com,

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Mobile Marketing - Mobile SEO Search Engine Optimization - Maayaa Marketing

Number of mobile internet users is going to cross PC users by 2014! The mobile web revolution is here. Already our customers from the travel, business and entertainment industry are getting qualified leads from the internet mobile search. Mobile search technology promises a lot of possibilities and it can put your site ahead of your competitors early on before they catch up.
We create brief and effective content for Mobile Website Optimization which suits any mobile screen size. 

  • Optimize for keywords and short phrases targeted at mobile users
  • Submission of mobile sites to mobile search engines
  • Multilingual mobile site optimization
  • Optimization for multiple device and browser types
  • Link building
  • Content Optimization
  • Pay Per Click advertisement
  • Analytics
  • Audit robots.txt file
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Highlighting key points to mobile users even on smaller screens


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mobile Marketing - how to get started? - Maayaa Marketing

Are you too busy to leverage the new internet marketing platforms for your business?

Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Social Media

Internet Marketing Platforms -
Maayaa Marketing - Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, YouTube

A small percentage of the in-the-know business are already using Internet and Mobile Phone marketing

Internet and Mobile Phones have made it easier, more effictive and more affordable to connect with their customers.

92% of consumers use online searches when researching products or services according to Yahoo.

Nearly all your target customers have shifted to these new platforms.

But, only 26% of small businesses have invested any time or effort in marketing online.

If you get started now, you can have a competetive edge.

We can help with Internet and Mobile marketing, if you can contact us and on a NO FEES no obligation discussion will help you understand what we do and how you will be benefitted.

Contact Maayaa Marketing -

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mobile Advertising and Marketing - Maayaa Marketing Services

Maayaa Marketing Services, focuses on Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Though we provide total marketing solution to the customer, we focus mainly on modern ways of Marketing, which are Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

There are various offline and old ways of marketing today. We have partners who can take care of olden ways of marketing, when customer comes in and we are ready to take care of the complete marketing problem customer has.

Our core focus is mainly on Internet Marketing/Advertisement and Mobile based Marketing/Advertisement.

We create advertisements in the Mobile (Smart Phones - Android based phones, iPhones and Microsoft OS based phones).

We can create applications in Mobiles and also in-apps - websites compatible in mobiles.

In addition to that, our expertise extends to Internet Marketing. We can reach out to thousands of internet users, based on the strategy we define in the beginning of the research.

We do FREE consultation for the customer as a first step. From there, we can work on a marketing engagement to take care of your marketing problem completely.

Contact us +91-9500968704 or maayaamarketing@gmail.com or http://www.oruacre.com/maayaa

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How to build brands? - Maayaa Marketing Services

What factors are important in building brand value?
Several factors are crucial in building successful brands, as illustrated in the diagram below:

Factors that determine how to build a brand
Quality is a vital ingredient of a good brand. Remember the “core benefits” – the things consumers expect. These must be delivered well, consistently. The branded washing machine that leaks, or the training shoe that often falls apart when wet will never develop brand equity.
Research confirms that, statistically, higher quality brands achieve a higher market share and higher profitability that their inferior competitors.

Positioning is about the position a brand occupies in a market in the minds of consumers. Strong brands have a clear, often unique position in the target market.
Positioning can be achieved through several means, including brand name, image, service standards, product guarantees, packaging and the way in which it is delivered. In fact, successful positioning usually requires a combination of these things.

Repositioning occurs when a brand tries to change its market position to reflect a change in consumer’s tastes. This is often required when a brand has become tired, perhaps because its original market has matured or has gone into decline.
The repositioning of the Lucozade brand from a sweet drink for children to a leading sports drink is one example. Another would be the changing styles of entertainers with above-average longevity such as Kylie Minogue and Cliff Richard.

Communications also play a key role in building a successful brand. We suggested that brand positioning is essentially about customer perceptions – with the objective to build a clearly defined position in the minds of the target audience.
All elements of the promotional mix need to be used to develop and sustain customer perceptions. Initially, the challenge is to build awareness, then to develop the brand personality and reinforce the perception.

First-mover advantage
Business strategists often talk about first-mover advantage. In terms of brand development, by “first-mover” they mean that it is possible for the first successful brand in a market to create a clear positioning in the minds of target customers before the competition enters the market. There is plenty of evidence to support this.
Think of some leading consumer product brands like Gillette, Coca Cola and Sellotape that, in many ways, defined the markets they operate in and continue to lead. However, being first into a market does not necessarily guarantee long-term success. Competitors – drawn to the high growth and profit potential demonstrated by the “market-mover” – will enter the market and copy the best elements of the leader’s brand (a good example is the way that Body Shop developed the “ethical” personal care market but were soon facing stiff competition from the major high street cosmetics retailers.

Long-term perspective
This leads onto another important factor in brand-building: the need to invest in the brand over the long-term. Building customer awareness, communicating the brand’s message and creating customer loyalty takes time. This means that management must “invest” in a brand, perhaps at the expense of short-term profitability.

Internal marketing
Finally, management should ensure that the brand is marketed “internally” as well as externally. By this we mean that the whole business should understand the brand values and positioning. This is particularly important in service businesses where a critical part of the brand value is the type and quality of service that a customer receives.
Think of the brands that you value in the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors. It is likely that your favourite brands invest heavily in staff training so that the face-to-face contact that you have with the brand helps secure your loyalty.

The article credit goes to tutor2u dot net.

Maayaa Marketing or call 9500968704. We provide FREE consultation on the Marketing Strategy.

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About Maayaa Marketing Services Chennai and Madurai - Mobile Marketing - Internet Marketing


Maayaa Marketing realizes that many small to medium sized companies can not afford the luxury of an in-house marketing, advertising or communications department. And, in many cases, they can not afford the investment in equipment or time to train an employee to handle these functions on a part-time basis.
The Solution
With more than 10 years of industrial marketing and advertising experience, Maayaa Marketing Services can tackle even the toughest projects your sales department creates. We are a company that understands that you need work completed to move your business forward.
Whether you need a product sell sheet, mobile app, internet website, mobile based advertisement, social media campaign, a tradeshow booth graphic, a press release campaign or a mail list compiled, we have the experience and resources to get the job done quickly, accurately and within your budget.
The Benefit
One source for all of your marketing communications needs.
 Contact us at +91-9500968704 or maayaamarketing@gmail.com or http://www.oruacre.com/maayaa

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Part of Maayaa Marketing Services

Copy writing
Maayaa Marketing offers complete copy writing services for product literature, the web, advertisements, newsletters, trade articles and press releases. Contact us to discuss your particular projects.
Design, Production and Print
We have years of print production experience and a network of print brokers to effectively reduce your printing costs for brochures, posters, catalogs, postcards and point of purchase materials. We will work with your sales personnel to develop a concept, design the layout and produce the materials that you will need to have printed.
Social MediaWe design, build, manage and promote LinkedIn company pages, Facebook company pages, Twitter accounts and other social  media platforms.
Web Services
We design useful and affordable web sites to integrate your web marketing with your printed materials. We provide the complete package from design and creation, to hosting and maintenance. We also manage and maintain email accounts, mail forwarding and aliasing.

Mobile Services
We design useful and affordable apps for the consumer mobiles for leveraging the huge mobile market users.
Check out our website or call to discuss +91-9500968704.

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Total Marketing Services from Maayaa Marketing - Internet and Mobile based marketing

Maayaa Marketing offers complete marketing communications services for your business. From sole entrepreneurs to corporations, we handle the complete marketing and advertising function for you.

Our services include public relations, copy writing, and package design. For the web: design, hosting, site maintenance and email campaigns.

Our printing services include design, layout, preparation and printing. We create brochures, mailers, postcards, catalogs and advertisements.

Our social media services include copy writing and management of blogs, company Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter campaigns and email blasts.

Our digital services include CD-ROM creation, Powerpoint presentations, digital video creation and duplication, and photography. Please explore our website and contact us with any questions - 9500968704.

Let us be your marketing department!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bell Group Puppys Bakery to expand Bakery Business with Rs.5 crores

Sivakasi-based Bell Group, which is into hospitality and education, is planning to expand its bakery business - Puppy's Bakery - by setting up five more outlets in Tamil Nadu by next year.

The group launched Puppy's Bakery in 2008 at Sivakasi and branched out to Madurai in 2010. It currently has around five outlets in these two cities.

It is looking at setting up more outlets in Tier II cities in the state, starting with Coimbatore and Tirupur and later entering into Erode and Salem, and cities including Chennai in the third phase, from the start of next fiscal.

“Bakery business is a highly unorganised sector and we are trying to bring in a chain of outlets with standard format and features,” said Vichitra Rajasingh, CEO of Bell Hotels (P) Ltd.

She said there was a huge opportunity for the company in this and once it reached a size of 10-odd outlets, the company would look at some investors for funds to support further growth. It plans to touch the 10-outlet target by 2013-end.

The base of the bakery business would be in Madurai where it is setting up a central production house. The company plans to invest around Rs 5 crore next year including in the central production house.

It is also entering banqueting services for groups against orders. The focus in the next fiscal year would be on restaurants rather than the lodging part of the hospitality business.

This year, the hospitality division is in a consolidation mode and would continue with the expansion plan of setting up one new hotel or restaurant a year, from the next fiscal, she added.


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