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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going direct to consumers - Mobile Marketing via SMS for normal phones and Applications for smart phones - Bulk SMS in Chennai, Madurai

There are two kinds of mobile users today - Normal Phones and Smart Phones.

Majority of the population in the city use Normal Phones and they can be reached via Bulk SMS. Smart Phone users (constantly growing) can be reached via APPS. Contact us and we can help you do the mobile marketing. No need to worry about it and we will generate n number of Leads.

Since the introduction of the cellular phone, mobile technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. More than 600 mn Indians  have a mobile device. In fact, mobile phone penetration exceeds cable television (130 mn), internet access (81 mn) and PCs owners (35 mn). Mobile phone is often the first thing a person looks at upon waking and the last thing they look at before going to sleep.

At Maayaa Marketing, we Follow these guidelines and you'll keep your customers anxiously awaiting and eagerly  participating in your mobile marketing campaigns!

Our data partner, our team obtains comprehensive intelligence through several sources; business releases, public filings, submitted releases, phone interviews, and a variety of industry news sources.

While others boast hundreds of thousands of prospects, we provide high quality business intelligence and complete and verified contact information for successful targeted one-to-one communications.

Lots of research, efforts, and work has gone into compiling this B2B, B2C database . These Contacts are a must for every serious business house who is interested in huge Indian market. Our full-time researchers are solely dedicated to building the data, verifying it and updating it for you.

Due to the vast number of selections available when using our Consumer marketing lists we are able to tailor make marketing lists for thousands of products and services.

Contact Maayaa Marketing - 9500968704, maayaamarketing@gmail.com,

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