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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digital Marketing by Maayaa Marketing Services Madurai Chennai

Digital Marketing
Maayaa Marketing Services, it’s a full service Digital Marketing Company. We offer exciting multimedia content, innovative business application adds. It is one of the important medium to promote products and services using digital distribution and social media channels to reach consumers in time, Delivering via internet and display banner adds. With this we can target the audiences through internet marketing channels and utilizing content, videos which displayed to the world where the needy users can easily identify it and respond back to you. Small to medium business rely upon online digital marketing technique with a constant support which we will further provide for unlimited time.

Why digital Marketing?

Increase website Traffic.
Improve Search engine Ranking.
Generate leads.
Improve business online

Key factors of our strategies:

Link building
Banner Advertising on internet
Pay Per click campaign
Email marketing
Website optimization and content development
Local search optimization
Video marketing

Maayaa Marketing Services.
9629557866, 9500968704, 9597953133
Madurai and Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Social Media Optimization - by Maayaa Marketing Services

Social Media Optimization

If you need your site to be more visible in social media searches, sites and also more easily linked by other sites, we can help you to promote it through cutting-edge SEO Services and SEM (Search engine marketing) strategies. We always give a stand to our client to reach in the top position. Social Media Optimization includes engineering videos helps to drive traffic to them through digital marketing. Social media as a part of SEO services enables us to position your service to your users or customers in their environment which results more marketing message.

Services include:

Forum Commenting :-
This is popularly known as forming. We help you to be a part of forums on the internet; it is one of important module of digital marketing. We select the forums as per your targeted market in SEO services.

Blog Commenting :-
Blogs or Weblogs provides a services for communicate on the net. Blog commenting is an effective way to strengthen SEO services method, with this you built your own identity and create awareness about your product.

Social Networking :-
A social networking service is an online service called digital marketing also, where people from different geographical location connects with each other and share their thoughts and emotions.

RSS, It’s a rich site syndication file format, similar to XML for changing web content. It makes available to the content which is universally understood. More news related websites and web blogs syndicate their content as RSS feed in digital marketing.

Article writing and submissions :-
Nowadays article writing is most preferable concept to explore your SEO services and product. We provide you well written and well researched articles that can help you to create your identity.

Online Press Release Writing and Distribution :-
Press release is another powerful tool to boost your SEO services online. We create the attention grabbing press releases and submitted to various press release portals.

Maayaa Marketing Services.
9629557866, 9500968704, 9597953133
Madurai and Chennai, Tamil Nadu


SEO Services by Maayaa Marketing Services Advertising Agency Chennai Madurai Trichy Coimbatore

 SEO Services

We provide following services:


On Page Optimization
Off Page Optimization


Blog Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
Article Marketing
Press Release Marketing

Digital Marketing

PPC - Pay per click

Maayaa Marketing Services.
9629557866, 9500968704, 9597953133
Madurai and Chennai, Tamil Nadu


SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing Services Chennai Madurai Coimbatore Trichy - Maayaa Marketing Services

 SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing Services

Thousands of websites are being launched every day with almost 95 percent failing to reach global audience and customers due to poor marketing visibility, but if you wish to be a part of 5 percent toppers then you need to ensure that your website is well optimized with the strong roots.

Maayaa Marketing Services is an ethical SEO Company india providing SEO Services at affordable price to its clients worldwide. We offer digital marketing, SEM, SMO and internet marketing services. We have experience in delivering SEO & internet as well as digital marketing services to provide perfect solution to SERP (search engine ranking position). We have full time dedicated staff members and SEO Experts who are going to assist you time by time for internet marketing and digital marketing services.

We promote your site using internet marketing parallel with digital marketing skills. We use both organic and inorganic search engine optimization techniques to the site by which your site attains the top place

in the popular search engines. In our SEO services we ensure not only for better ranking but also increase the number of visitors to your site from all over the world or from targeted region. Accordingly we use the white hat SEO Services skill to optimize the rank, which will help you further to maintain the site position on the same page.

Effective SEO services involve on-page and off-page optimization process. Before that, we first need to perform keyword analysis program. The assigned SEO expert  would analyze your site for relevant keyword for further internet marketing and digital marketing process. With the relevant keyword our SEO services expert target the specific destinations you want. It is a genuine procedure by which you will get the page rank satisfaction. After getting the keyword we identify the competitors for your site.

In On-Page Service we built the roots on your website’s HTML page and it will explore it by the off-page optimization process. It is one of the crucial part of SEO services, with on-page we make  available your website content for the crawler to crawl all data and it will be further stored in search engine database.

Off-Page involves submitting a link to other site, such as social bookmarking, article submission, internet marketing and digital marketing as well as in forum sites. Off-page service will be very helpful to generate the visitors to your site from the targeted area or countries. In our SEO services, we are also provide the guidelines to you, how to write the effective and unique  content for the betterment of your website.

Maayaa Marketing Services is a SEO Company india that will deliver effective results in a short span of time frame for a very reasonable price. If you are looking  for an quality SEO services then call us today, we will start your work from tomorrow and within a few month’s your site will be on first page.

Maayaa Marketing Services.
9629557866, 9500968704, 9597953133
Madurai and Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Inbound Marketing for small and medium businesses - Maayaa Marketing Services

The Internet is now the playground for a potential customer to ascertain information about a company, its key executives, the company's products and brands. Customers don't like to be disturbed with unsolicited calls, but would rather reach out to the company of choice after due diligence online. This trend makes inbound marketing efforts all the more important.

This due diligence generally takes a short time and you get evaluated by your potential client against your competitor on various social media sites, your websites, management's background (LinkedIn), current clients and customers (LinkedIn and websites) thus reducing sales cycle times if you are perceived positively.

As a Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprise, how can you position your company and your personal brand online to engage with a customer or investor proactively? The session will look to answer various questions including

·         Why Inbound Marketing is indispensable to both B2C and B2B businesses

·         Why Inbound Marketing isn’t about one awesome campaign but an ongoing process to continuously remain on the top of your prospects' mind

·         Why having great, relevant content published regularly would be the bedrock for plans to improve your brand’s presence online.

If you want answers for these questions,
please call us 9629557866, 9500968704, 9597953133 or email maayaamarketing@gmail.com
Maayaa Marketing Services, Madurai and Chennai.


Online Marketing Proposal - Maayaa Marketing Serivices

Interactive Marketing Services
Greetings for the day! 

I am Anuradha, Online Marketing Executive and I am contacting you after seeing your online presence. 

To introduce,

We are Leading Interactive Marketing Company  and one of the very few company which offer 360 degree Interactive marketing  services with a full range of supporting services such as SEO, Design & Web Development, Mobile Website Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Analytics etc.

We are a team of professionals which includes experienced full time Interactive Marketing experts.
We are proud to inform you that our team handled many global Interactive Marketing or Digital Marketing projects. We will be glad to assist you with offering our services.
We are also providing Web Strategy Building for your Business / Organization, Revamping of Website, Payment Gateway Integration, Brand Mascot Creation etc.

Please let me know your interest.

Thanks and Regards,
Online Marketing Executive

Maayaa Marketing Services.

9629557866, 9500968704, 9597953133
Madurai and Chennai, Tamil Nadu


FairPro 2013 - Property Exhibition in Chennai Trade Centre Feb 22,23 and 24th 2013

FairPro 2013 - Property Exhibition in Chennai Trade Centre Feb 22,23 and 24th 2013 - Chennai Property Fair


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What basic questions to ask a builder at an introductory level before buying apartment or home? Chennai

I would like to know the type of questions to ask builders who are building new projects and are expected to be completed between 2013-2015. This checklist or a series of FAQ might help other people who are attending the FAIRPRO fair to compare and verify and validate the builders claims and where they stand.

1. Expected date of completion and area of project?
2. Current price per sqft ?
3. Is it CMDA approved?
4. Is it within Chennai Corporation limit?
5. Any dump yards/graveyards nearby the property?
6. Road infrastructure and if roads are wide (to check personally) .
7.what is the UDS?

8. Slums nearby.
9. Width of the approach roads
10. Neighborhood development
11. Nearest transport point

12. Drinking & ground water status & possibly reports
13. If its not a well known builder, you may want them to share details of their previous projects (for self inspection)

14.Carpet Area and Plinth Area details
15.STPI location

collected and sourced from i r e f forums postings.


Real Estate Marketing for Madurai, Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore

Today, as a Real Estate Business owner, it is very difficult for some one to market, promote and sell the properties. Either it could be a land, house, apartment, commercial space - for that matter, it could be any property.

The Real Estate business owner tries to promote via news papers, hoarding, boards, flex (outdoors) etc., Is that enough to reach out and sell the properties? NO. Because buyers are not in one location - say Chennai.
Buyer could be in any location in India or abroad. How to reach out to them?

We are gifted that there are various ways of marketing - Internet, Mobile, SMS etc.,. But in this modern world, we have internet which is very powerful and we realize the potential of it and we do have the strength of internet marketing and very well experienced marketing your properties in Internet.

If you want to understand more about this, you can contact us and we can explain you.

We are available in Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai and Alagappan Nagar, Madurai. Our email address is maayaamarketing@gmail.com and our phone number is +91-9629557866.

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Maayaa Marketing Services - Best Real Estate Internet Marketing for Properties in Madurai, Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore

Maayaa Marketing Services - Best Real Estate Internet Marketing for Properties in Madurai, Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore

We reach out to huge number of website visitors base via internet. Our web platform works very hard for marketing your properties and will do our best to make your projects successfully SOLD OUT!!

Summary: You (Any Real Estate Properties) will be placed under featured agents, featured listings, Home page banner and much more submission to other channels as a part of Internet Marketing for your properties.

What you get?
Out of our proprietary Web Marketing Platform, you get continuous interested leads (Name and Phone Number) as soon as we receive it.

Primary Services we provide are - 

1) Post your property details in OruAcre.com and reach out to thousands of online visitors spread across the world USA, UK, Other parts of Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and UAE, Australia etc.,. Also, for all the local internet users looking for properties.
2) Post and promote Builders/Agents/Promoters/Constructions in (Internet) OruAcre.com under Featured Builders.
3) Post
 Property Listings in OruAcre.com under Featured Builders section.
4) Promote
 your properties in the Internet, even if you don't have any knowledge on Internet! We will help you feeding the data into the Internet.
5) Add Viswa Builders image to the Banner, which will appear in all the pages of OruAcre.com for a limited period.
6) You get continuous interested leads from us, based on the interest in internet on your properties. You can follow up those and make deals. We DO NOT charge commission %'s on your property to you (Builders) and look for commission. L
ast great advantage is that for a very minimal fees of Rs.5000 per three months. Bank details below - please let us know via email or phone, once deposited or by cash or by cheque...

Check out all the above in http://www.OruAcre.com
Other extra FREE services (comes with the Primary Services) are - 

1) Blogging about your properties and constant updates of your project in 
OruAcre.com Blog.
2) Social Media Marketing of Real Estate Providers via Facebook, Blogs and Forums.
3) Submission to other paid channels in Internet for much wider reach.
4) Post your property information to our paid partner sites.
5) We will strive to spread your property information as much as possible in all possible ways.
6) We distribute your properties information to various free and paid channels in Internet, to help reach out.

Other separately PAID services, if you are interested for your perusal (not included in your package) - 
1) Micro sites for Real Estate Providers in OruAcre.com
2) Exclusive Internet Marketing for Real Estate Providers.
3) Exclusive Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Providers.
4) Separate Website design and development Only for Real Estate Providers

If interested, please contact maayaamarketing@gmail.com OR +91-9629557866.

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