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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Recent Improvements/Updates to Madurai and proposals to improve Madurai - Azhagiri

Speaking at the foundation stone- laying ceremony of a high learning centre at Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) at Guindy, Chennai - Union Minister Azhagiri said SPIC would be open soon in Tuticorin, near Madurai.

Stating that an advanced tooling and plastics product development centre of CPIET would be started soon in Madurai, Alagiri said steps would be taken to reopen the fertiliser company SPIC within a month.

‘My aim is to make Madurai on a par with Chennai and its suburbs in terms of industrial growth. I will do it at any cost and will ensure that the temple city and its adjoining areas are no inferior to any part of the State. Apart from being the DMK organising secretary for South, I would also like to become the industrial secretary for southern districts,’ he said.

An expert team would soon hold talks with the Madurai district administration on identifying the site for the proposed Rs 48,000-crore aero park, according to the Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilisers, Mr M.K. Azhagiri.

Stating that the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering Technology would establish its tool design centre near here, he said, “my aim is not only to industrialize Madurai, but all the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu.”

He said Essar Company Ltd would establish a business process outsourcing unit in Madurai, which would generate jobs for about 2,000 people.

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Emotionally attached to Madurai

Compared to other cities in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is the only town which has Madurai Makkal to be emotionally attached to the Madurai city itself.

If you ask any one from Madurai - he/she would be proud to be from Madurai and they are always emotionally attached to Madurai.

There is association to the city with themselves for the innocence in people, Madurai non-industrialization and being an emotional village. Any one from Madurai would be interested to see improvements to Madurai and there would be interest to contribute to anything good for Madurai.

Recently, choreographer turned actor Harikumar - "Madurai Sambavam movie" pugazh..said in an interview that he is emotionally attached to Madurai town and he loves the Madurai city for the innocence of people there in Madurai.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Madurai and my Nostalgia - A pessimistic to an optimistic outlook!!

I was living in Madurai from my birth to my 12th standard. I had to go out of the city around 130 kms for my BE under graduation. That is where my nostalgia started. That is where my sickness started. When I said 130 kms - it was Trichy. I used to come to Madurai every one week or at the most 2 weeks. I thought it was long.

Though I got lot of things outside my city Madurai, I started missing lot of things, as soon I went out of my city. I was a book worm and academics guy until my 12th standard, but when I went to trichy for my Bachelors, I became a free person.

I got independence from what was told to do. I got independence, but I started to miss lot of things in my life. I could not get the same stuff and feel in any other city, as I get in my city. I missed my Madurai from that time. I missed my mom's food. I didn't see any match to that. I started eating outside. I started to smoke, drink, friends, night show movies, but still I missed my place.

I got placed in a bangalore company and still worse. It is a good thing to get a job, but still I was going slowly away from my place Madurai. As I grow in my career and improve myself in my life, I started to go outside my city Madurai. Is it always like that - to go away from my city, when we grow and improve? Is it like that for everyone?

I had to move to Hyderabad from Bangalore, which is now further away from Madurai. In fact, I was able to come to Madurai from Bangalore atleast by an overnight journey. I used to visit Madurai from Bangalore once in a month - that is to kill my nostalgia and still I was happy to do that.

This hyderabad thing was much worse. I cannot come to Madurai just like that. I had to come to Chennai first by an overnight train and then from Chennai I had to come to Madurai in another train. How painful journey?!

First I was just 3-4 hours journey, then it became 10-12 hours journey and then it became 20-24 hours journey by train/bus. So far fair enough!!

After that came an important opportunity in my life. I got an opportunity in United States! Well - it is again the same journey time as my last thing, but this one frequency of travel would differ right?, because this is expensive.

Initially I thought it was only 4 months trip, but that became a longer term stay in America and I could not forego any opportunity in America and that took me far away from my dear city Madurai!!

From that time, I have been in US for quite a while - I have lived in Kansas, NY/NJ, Virginia (Washington DC) and now in California! It is been 5 years I am in US!

Another problem I foresee is - if I get more and more opportunity in America and my child gets better future here in America, will I still go deep into the mess of nostalgia by going further away from my city and country?

Can I still be in a great position, by staying in Madurai only? If my daughter stays in United States and then I take my family back to Madurai - will my daughter get into this mess of nostalgia because of me - by thinking about America, when we move to India?

I am sure lot of people are going through this!!

Anyway - all of the above is more pessimistic outlook - I see that it is all for good. I would drive this negative energy into a positive energy for Madurai's improvement, my effectives, to fulfill my entrepreneurial dreams.

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Revive Madurai - Maduraiyai meetpom

Dinamalar has come up with a web page, which I would like every Madurai Lover to read about -

Click here to read...

I felt there is lot of similarity in thinking the same way as New Madurai Foundation.
Please read the dinamalar's concern's on Madurai People about carelessness and lack of seriousness in improvement of Madurai.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Formation of STITIA - An Association for IT Software & Services Companies Operating in South Tamilnadu

Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for taking part in the ICT companies meeting held at Winways Systems on the 29th, July, 2009.

You are all aware that we are discussing about forming a regional ICT companies association and the above said meeting was the 4th one in the series.

The minutes of the meeting as follows:
1). It was decided to form the structure of the association with minimum 7 EC members and office bearers in the next meeting.

2). It was suggested to seek the interest of the members who are willing to take part in the formation of the association as founder members. In this connection I kindly request you to confirm your interest to become a founder member and pay the proposed subscription amount of Rs.1000/-(one thousand only) through a reply mail.

3). It was decided to identify the members who are interested to become EC members of the association. The main criteria is that they should be able to spend reasonable time and energy for the growth of the association. Hence, I also seek your interest in becoming an EC Member. Please confirm it through a mail.

4). Once we get the responses from members who are interested to join the association and interested to take part as EC members, a meeting will be called to finalize the list of EC members and to select the office bearers.

5). On deciding the above, the date of registration of the association will be decided.

I kindly request each one of you to confirm your interest to become a founder member of STITIA trough a mail. Also express your willingness to become an Executive Committee (EC) member.

Look forward to your support in this important initiative.

Member Organizations present in the last meeting:
1). Honeywell
2). E-Soft (Partner : Ramco Systems)
3). Winways Systems
4). Chella Software
5). I-Grandee
6). Ze-Axis
7). Alpha Net
8). Bitscot
9). A&T Network Systems

With best regards,

Jt.Managing Director & CEO
Winways Systems Private Limited,
Phone: +91-452-4394466 / 4394488 / 4375506 / 2583838 / 4375504
Fax: +91-452-4394488
Hand Phone: -9840944410
email: rsiva@winways.co.in

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Yahoo Research Centre in Madurai?

Lately, I have been hearing news that Yahoo is planning to have a center in Madurai for research. Can someone validate if this is a right news or not?

It is being said that Yahoo is in talks with educational institutions like colleges and schools for performing this research in Madurai. The primary focus is being said around Cloud Computing etc., like that of Amazon.

At a first glance, even having key words - Yahoo and Madurai nearby itself excites me, as a madurai machan.

Hope to see lot of these news and real changes like this - Yahoo, Madurai, Amazon, Google?

While I talk about this - I remember Google related to Madurai as well, in various ways. There was Google bus running around Madurai for internet awareness in rural area. In other hand, Google founders came by to Aravind Hospital in Madurai and have a contribution from their Google Foundation, for past couple of years.

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Madurai - Primary Health Centre - 100 deliveries in a month

I am not sure if this article is a joke or is this article serious enough!?

Click here - Article in The Hindu about the 100 deliveries in a month.

A Primary Health Center in Madurai has reached an important milestone of 100 deliveries in a month! I don't see an achievement here?!


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