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Friday, July 30, 2010

Anna University Madurai Land

In 2 weeks, around 100 acres is planned to be assigned for Anna University Madurai campus. Officers are working to find land for Anna University Madurai campus.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Madurai News and Updates 27/07/2010

1. Around Rs.12 Crores to be spent to clean the area around Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple.

2. After counting the foreign coins donated by foreigners from Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, USA etc., and converting those coins into Rupees fetched around Rs.1.5 Lakhs.

3. Madurai Infrastructure Update:

The over head bridge from Palanganatham to Thiruparankundram to be started from December. The bridge would cover TVS Nagar, Jaihindpuram and Palanganatham with Thiruparankundram. This is going to be constructed for almost Rs.30 Crores. Discussion by July is done, Tender completion by October, Starting work by December.

On other hand, the under-bass bridge in Palanganatham is almost completed, as per Indian Railways.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Madurai News Updates 26/07/2010

RTO of the Central Madurai is changed to D.G. Thomas. The previous Regional Transport officer was A.Pandian. A.Pandian is transferred to SriRangam.

Thirupparankundram temple in Madurai is being renovated for the pond in the temple.

In Madurai Race course ground, Rs.10 Lakhs worth Skating ground is planned.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Madurai IT Park progress - July 22nd 2010

Just couple of days back, Information Minister Poongothai mentioned that most of the work for IT park of Madurai is completed and it is expected for the completion of the project and Madurai IT Park will be ready by third week of September 2010.

However, as per today's news - it is heard that there is too much lag in the progress of Madurai IT park project. Electricity, water facility, chilling facility etc., are not yet done. Overall, it looks like only 30% of the work is done, though it was mentioned that 70% was done.

While Trichy, Coimbatore's IT Park is ready or almost ready to be used by Software companies, Madurai IT park is suffering this much and it is not getting completed! Why is that so?

Also - slowly software companies are reconsidering and renegotiating for their settlement in Madurai.

If we don't facilitate proper infrastructure and IT buildings/campus for the companies, it would be difficult for us to get started with IT park in Madurai.

The budget is allocated, private enterprises are engaged for building the IT park and why it is delayed for launching IT park in Madurai. What is the reason IT park in Madurai is being talking past 2 years, but the project is not completed at all, even though the deadlines are crossed so many times.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Madurai Airport - Did you know?

Because of heavy traffic at the Madurai Airport, the Airport Authority of India has decided to hand over sixty acres of land to modernize. The AAI has decided to increase the length of the runway to 7,500 ft and install an Instrument Landing system(ILS) and Simple Approach Lightning System.

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Plot/Land for sale near Madurai Airport

Sun City Real Estate Agency has come up with another site, near Madurai Airport and in Tirumangalam Taluk. Please find the plot map of this new Sun City Plot in Vidathakulam (Vedathakulam Village) Tirumangalam Taluk, Madurai District.


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Friday, July 16, 2010

Successful 1025th article of Madurai247.com - Madurai Improvement, News and Updates


This is the successful 1025th article of Madurai247.com and we are very thankful to all the visitors of Madurai247.com. In fact, considering the visitor statistics it has progressively increased in terms of unique visitor hits. It is all because of your help! Thank You Visitors!!!

We would like to talk about some key improvements in Madurai at this point -

Anna University Madurai:
In education sector, there is a possible Anna University for Technical Education to be opened sometime in this year. This is the fifth location in tamil nadu state. Hope this complements the arts, science, engineering and management fields provided by Madurai Kamaraj University.

High Court in Madurai:
This has been a great step in Madurai for all the legal needs from Madurai and southern districts of tamil nadu. People from Madurai and southern part of Tamil Nadu do not have to go all the way to Chennai for any legal cases. Things can be solved just in Madurai High Court.

Madurai Airport New Terminal:
The opening of the newly constructed terminal building at Madurai Airport is awaiting green signal from the Airports Authority of India.

It will become functional within two to three months of getting the approval, according to Mr Sankiah Pandian, Airport Controller, Madurai.

The new terminal building, with an area of 17,000 sq m, has 16 check-in and independent security holds for international and domestic passengers, he said, speaking at the executive committee meeting of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry here.

The new building has been provided with six escalators and six lifts with separate enclosure for immigration and customs. As it becomes functional, seven flights can be accommodated during peak hour capacity. There are provisions for three aero bridges to take the passengers directly to flights and two of them will become operational within six months.

The car parking area at the airport can accommodate 350 cars, from the present limit of 100 cars. He expressed confidence that with the airport being modernised and maintained on par with international standards, there will be substantial additional flights.

The Senior President of the Chamber, Mr S. Rethinavelu, said that the Chamber, in association with Confederation of Indian Industry, will have parleys with international and domestic airways companies, provide them with details of modern facilities available at the Madurai Airport and induce them to operate new flights to and from Madurai.

International connectivity for Madurai will materialize and be operational by December.

Madurai Passport Office:
Though it is a good thing to have Madurai Passport Office to serve the southern part of tamil nadu, still it looks like the service is not great and there is lot of complaints from all around. It would be great, if the concerned authorities consider this and improve the operations of Madurai Passport office.

AIIMS Hospital in Madurai
There is a 150 crore facility planned and in progress in Thoppur, Madurai. This is going to be a huge step for Madurai and this is a great facility in terms of Hospital and Medical Tourism!

IT Park in Madurai
We have discussed in detail in a previous Madurai IT Park article.

Real Estate Boom again:
We have discussed in details in a previous article in Madurai247.com for real estate boom again in madurai.

Migration out of Madurai:
There is an increasing migration from Madurai, for career needs. Given the jobs are outside Madurai, all the students studying in Madurai are moving out of Madurai and settling down outside Madurai. This can change only when there are opportunities in Madurai created like the AIIMS hospital, New International Airport Terminal and IT Park in Madurai!!

Some of the past key articles to know -

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Thanks K o o d a l for the photo.
Thank you all once again for visiting Madurai247.com!!

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Very Late Anna University in Madurai - a second largest city in Tamil Nadu

Technical Universities in the state include Anna University, Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappally and Tirunelveli, with the Chennai institution being set up in 1978. The rest were established in 2007.

As a good news, it is good to know that Anna University for Technical Education will be set up in Madurai. However, this is the fifth destination. In one side, it is good to know we are getting AIIMS, a first class hospital facility of 150 crores, IT parks in two locations, High Court in Madurai and Anna University, Madurai.

The growth of Madurai had been very very slow so far and Madurai is thought right now only. There are so many villages and sub-urban cities in and around Madurai and the students from this location were not considered!?

My only concern is it is very late for an Anna University in Madurai, however we appreciate atleast now Anna University Madurai was considered.

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Real Estate Boom to arise again in Madurai

We have detailed before about the return of investment for Real Estate investment in Madurai before.

After that, there has been delay in IT Park construction in Madurai and Real Estate has been dull in Madurai past this year and last year.

Now, there is a clear cut deadline set for IT parks in Madurai. This is little more than 2 acres of land overall in Madurai for IT parks. Here is the latest news and update on that IT park.

Given this situation, there is an expected significant improvement in Madurai on Real Estate. Also, at another angle - overall the global recession has also come to an end, this would really drive a real estate boom in Madurai pretty soon.

NRIs, folks living in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and internet users will be very much interested to invest in their home town and this is the right time for investment in tier-ii cities. Invest in Madurai!!!

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Madurai Impression has to change for good gradually

Given the situation that IT parks to be ready by September and by the year end companies who would be interested would take over their offices in the IT park - I am guessing impression of Madurai would change gradually.

Though it is just 114 cents (just more than one acre land in each location - Vadapalanji and Ilandaikulam), it is a great step from the government for the development.

As we have seen growth of Chennai IT highways and Coimbatore's significant growth - it is expected that Madurai would change its impression for fellow Indians.

Given the road infrastructure these days as bypass, Madurai is set grow to heights!

Invest in Madurai!!!

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Madurai Meenakshi Mission Hospital expands to Tanjore also

Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre (MMHRC) is at the verge of completion of 20 years, is now the largest Multi-specialty hospital in South Tamil Nadu with 650-beds and 25 major specialities.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre (MMHRC) was a dream come true for Dr N Sethuraman, its Founder Chairman. The hospital kicked off with 100 beds in 1990 solely relying on its flagship department - the Urology department - and few other specialities. The hospital, at the verge of completion of 20 years, is now the largest Multi-specialty hospital in South Tamil Nadu with 650-beds and 25 major specialities.

So far the hospital had been a Madurai based hospital and the hospital has plans for expansion to Tanjore with a 250 bed facility also.

On a side note, there are TV advertisements for the hospital, that shows the corporate efforts on its marketing side. Good Job MMHRC!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Madurai IT Park - Vadapalanji - News and Update - Starting in September 2010

The long awaited IT Park in Madurai is to be started in September 2010, said the minister. There are two sites for IT Park in Madurai and they are - Vadapalanji and another one is Ilandaikulam. Vadapalanji IT park in Madurai is made of 16 crores and Ilandaikulam is constructed of 15 crores. Vadapalanji is in the southern part of Madurai and Ilandaikulam is in the northern part of Madurai.

Minister Poongothai said that few more materials are expected from France and Ireland. Almost 75% of the construction work is done in both the sites. It is planned to start the operations of IT Park in Madurai by third week of the September 2010.

Also it is said that it creates direct employment for 5000 people and indirect employment for 20,000 people. As more and more companies come in and settle in Madurai, it would create employment for 25,000 to 50,000 people.

We are very excited about Madurai IT Park, one of the first of its kind in Madurai. Though it is too late for a second tier and major city of Tamil nadu - it is never too late. Madurai247 is very excited about this new shift for Madurai.

This article sponsored by OruAcre.com

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