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Monday, April 26, 2010

Madurai Chithra Festival - Chithirai Thiruvizha

Madurai Chithrai Thiruvizha is being celebrated is a grand manner and in a much better way than in the past.

Things are well organized and I personally went and saw most of the functions. Every day there is a special function.

I will write more about it shortly.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Vadamalayan Hospital - Medical Tourism, Madurai

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I recently visited Vadamalayan Hospital in Madurai, for my mother. Lot of things are taken care in the hospital related to cardiology especially. Inside, it looks like as if I am inside a very big hospital like Government Rajaji Hospital. Patients are very well taken care and it is expensive for sure for local people, however people from outside the country or much bigger cities would find it cheaper for the amount of treatment that is made.

Special doctors are available in this Madurai hospital. Anyway, here are some details about their Medical Tourism package in Madurai by the hospital.

Medical tourism is a term initially coined by travel agencies and the mass media to describe the rapidly-growing practice of traveling across international borders to obtain health care.

MEDICAL TOURISM-Skilled medical professionals, infrastructure and technology on par with international standards, less waiting period, competitive medical costs and above all the hospitality exuding warmth and comfort are the major factors promoting medical tourism in India.

Vadamalayan Hospitals with all the above said factors in place is a right destination for people looking for medical treatment in India.

Right from planning your trip to the day you return home after the medical treatment,
Vadamalayan Hospitals takes care of everything.

The focus is on the following three specialties:

* Interventional Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery - Click here
* Advanced surgical gastroenterology & Laparoscopic surgeries
* Hip and Knee replacement surgeries - Click here

They also arrange for Packaged Tours:

Packaged tours

* Hill Station-Kodaikanal
* Pilgrimage
o World Famous Meenakshmi Amman Temple
o Rameswaram Temple
o Kanyakumari Temple
* Heritage tours

For further details please contact:
Event Manager : Mrs.Hemalakshmi.S - Call: +91-099946 13158

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Terrible inflation in Madurai

Madurai Mani has already written a great article about price raise in Madurai. here is the article - click here.

When I last visited madurai, Rs.100s was in high rotation.

Now (after 3 years), Rs.500s go very fast.

I am surprised to see that prices had raised - that too in Madurai (where there is no actual/solid development) within a very short time.

It is worst inflation I have ever seen. I am not sure how the Madurai people who earn less than Rs.5000 still survive in Madurai.

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In Madurai - you need know someone in TOP to be successful

In Madurai, if you want to be successful - you need to


in someway identify yourself to be related to someone in TOP.
I am sure you understand what I am saying.

If you are an average individual, you have no power! You will be kicked out in every place or business you go to, in Madurai. I have personally experience in every place I went. Even the officers treat badly or atleast they won't provide you the service very easily, if you are a small person and nobody in Madurai.

I went to SBI Bank, ICICI bank, Indian Bank, Airtel office, BSNL office etc.,. Even tea shops, parotta shops, neighbours, police station, traffic police, cinema theatre, any queues or lines to get a service.

A treatment from a construction worker (say electrician etc.,) will be different, if you are somebody!!!

This is shocking, untasteful, but that is the truth! This is true almost anywhere in India - I believe. I am guessing that is not the case in big cities!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Madurai does not know what is customer service!?

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Here is one experience on a customer service of a small business owner.

I wanted to get a quote for my printing needs in Madurai. I tried to look up in Internet, which was not a fruitful experience. Then I decided and just went on a bike ride to find out a publications who would help me for my publication needs and printing needs.

I was told by an old person I should search near Arya bhavan in madurai town area. When I was going towards Arya Bhavan, I encountered one offset shop. I visited that shop and I was not greeted great. Even though I was identified as a great prospect, if I would have been treated well there, I would have proceeded on my business with that guy. But I was not given that treatment and I decided not to go with that business. As a small business owner, he/she takes over the business started by his/her father or grandfather. Hence they do not know about the customer service and the relationship.

The vendor had a frustrated face and was hesitant and frustrated for giving me a quote. Unbelieveable!!! Hello - I am giving you business. i don't feel that my business will be taken care if I do business with this guy....

Another scenario - I was asking a madurai based business person for my software needs. Again I am a customer - I asked for a quote and this person said he will get back to me and never came back - It is been one full day and I did not get any response. In fact, I have even mentioned that it is very important and I need this done very fast.

On other hand, I had to give this business/project to a Coimbatore based web design company - who has been very responsive and my business is being taken care very well!!

I don't think all of the business owners are like this, but some has to wake up. Madurai does not seem to be very friendly already for Business - on top of this some business owners have to wake up and learn about customer service in Madurai!!

I am surprised to see this kind of a thing happening in Madurai, where business had been done with very much customer centric focus.


Madurai Ring road

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

This is one of the things I was glad to see in Madurai, after my 3 years visit to Madurai.

Roads are very well made to connect outside the villages as a bypass to many villages. This makes it exactly like Freeways in many foreign countries. The way the symbols are done are very well planned. I am sure, officials had visited developed nations to study and implement in Madurai and other areas.

My only worry here is - people do not follow traffic symbols really and on other hand - I am hoping the roadways will be well maintained as it was built at first place. Hope it does not become like just another road and holes show up in freeway, which actually will lead to slowness of traffic and leads to accidents etc.,.

I felt great to see the STOP symbols and YIELD symbols - though they are not actually followed. The concept of exit in the highways - which took some time for me in my visit to a developed country the very first time.

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Madurai Experiences: Traffic in Madurai

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

If you can drive in Madurai, you can drive anywhere in the world!

You need to have a special skill to drive in Madurai.

You get scoldings and abuses from people who share the roads with you in Madurai. With not great road conditions, people drive rash inside the small roads. Too many vehicles in the small place. Very few follow traffic signs!:|

One day I stopped for a red signal and I was honked by people in back to go fast and skip the signal. I never knew whether I have to stop when there is a red signal or not. No one stops at the exact line of STOP.

People honk their horns left and right. I am not sure why they honk many times. Roads are supposed to be silent with only the engine sounds of the vehicles. Some people keep on horning, for no reason. I am not sure if they know about noise pollution or not.


Madurai experiences: Time sense is poor

Where I go and whatever I do I have to deal with people correct?
Well, in Madurai when I deal with people or do business with people as a customer or as a vendor - I have to deal with the Madurai people.

Well, nobody has the sense of time in Madurai. If you cannot be strict in the timing, then do not promise that you will be able to make it at this time. People say - I will be there in 15 minutes. But they show up after 1 hour. It is accepted and adjusted easily.

Starting from electrician, plumber, Web designer, Relatives, Sales representatives, doctors anybody you name in Madurai. I did not see a single person who had stick to their timings.

People tend to accept it and do not seem to worry too much about time strictness. If used effectively, it would be better for Madurai and its people. Everyone could use everyones time effecitively, instead of any kind of wait times.

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Madurai Experiences: Terrible service of Airtel, Madurai

Well, this is very interesting guys...

The way these guys function is very odd. I needed a post-paid connection and I went to an Airtel center in bye-pass road. I was told someone will come to my place and they will help me in getting a post-paid connection.

I was glad at first place that someone will come and do everything for me. That became a nuisance for me. Two guys came to my place, and they were supposed to be for internet connection. So, those guys told me that someone else will come for Post paid Mobile connection.

Then came another guy - it is been 15 days I have not received a proper post paid connection. At last I had to change the connection to pre-paid to use the connection.
This has been a totally frustrating experience with that guy. I have not detailed a lot here, but it was frustrating for the fact that I could not get a normal post-paid connection in just a day.

At the first place, when I went to the Airtel office, I should have been able to complete my job there. Why should someone visit my place! I am surprised to see Airtel has such a man power, but doing poor customer service.

Another interesting thing is - when I went to another Airtel office in the same area - and explained my problem - they said - they cannot do anything about it - Only the agent who is working with me can help me in this, even though the Airtel office has written outside that - "Airtel Customer Relationship Office". I don't know what the ladies are doing there, wearing tight jeans and free hair - looks odd for those Madurai ladies. It is their independence on their looks, but I wish they do their duties properly or atleast the way these office function is terrible and it is not customer centric at all.

Again - this does not look like friendly for businesses!!!


Madurai Experiences: Terrible service of BSNL

I went to Thallakulam, all the way from the South part of Madurai for an internet connection at home in Madurai. There is no easy way of getting a phone number or a contact number to reach somebody to arrange for an internet. (Later I came to know other options like Reliance etc., who provide awesome internet data card (USB) in just 30 minutes).

Well, I went all the way to Thallakulam and searched for a Customer Service center. As soon as I enter the hall, I am by myself. Nobody approaches you for why you have come into that building. You search all the boards there and finally I reached a counter called Broadband internet connection. I was talking to a woman of my mother's age. Well, she was kind of enough and she got all the money I have to pay, but....

Interesting thing - when it comes to the service, nothing will happen.
It is been 3 weeks, from the time I applied for an internet connection for my home. Nobody showed up - though I was told that someone will come to my home within a week's time. Well, it is been 3 weeks. (I finally bought Reliance data card) yesterday to proceed with my work.

This is the situation of internet connection for anybody new to start a business. I had many dreams when I came here - but by this time I have not got internet the normal way!!

There is no easy way someone would start a business in Madurai. It is very hard to even get an internet connection!! Will I get an internet connection from BSNL at all! Let me count the days - when they would come to me for internet connection...


Reached Madurai safely...Madurai Airport Photos

I wanted to make this article simple and short, but I will try my best.

It was a long flight for me from California to Chennai. I waited for almost a night in Chennai till morning for a morning flight to Madurai, from Chennai. I liked the fact that there is a direct flight from Chennai to Madurai. So I am connected for an international flight to Madurai, indirectly. Isn't that great?!!

As the flight was nearing, I was just watching down to see my lovely Madurai. Paramount Airways, as always is great in hospitality. I had great chat with my co-passengers, who where originally from Sivakasi etc.,

Atlast I reached Madurai and took photos in Madurai Airport.

I saw significant differences in Madurai Airport, not in the same terminal. Whatever airport was there, it is all the same. But, there is a nearby building being built for the new terminal. I was glad to see that.

Only the people who travel can take this photo. I don't think anybody outside, who is not travelling can take this photo. Here are some of my captures...

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Beating the Heat in Madurai

ssssssssss abbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaa! Ippavey kanna kattudhey!!!!!!!

Yes the heat is breaking the heads of the people in Madurai. Not only in madurai, but many places around the world. As the climate is changing drastically due to global warming, summers are still heated up.

OK, lets come to our Madurai.

Lets discuss how to tackle this years heat in Madurai during this summer season.
Here are some ways:
1. Drink plenty of water / citrus juice. You can opt for Lemon/Watermelon as they are cheaper than other fruits and high in water content.
2. Avoid going in the sun and if needed, plan with an umbrella or a cap. Use helmet if you are taking your bike. Car driving will be a pleasure, but not for small distances.
3. Avoid non-veg foods like, Chicken, Eggs, crab, etc. Eat vegetables that are high in fibrous and water content.
4. Always wear light cotton wear preferebly in light colors that doesn't absorb heat.
5. Use boiled/purified water for drinking to avoid water borne diseases.
6. Carry a water bottle in your travel.
7. Avoid sitting in a same place for a longer time, escpecially in cusion chairs/sofa/bed.

Hope the above points can help you in beating the heat in madurai and prevent the diseases that may affect us in this summer is we follow them.

Mandaiya polakkudhu veyil!.
Yaruppa anga, thanni kondanga.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Price rise in Madurai

When you see the price rise in Madurai, it is comparatively lower than in other metro cities which I have been. Recently my brother who had come from US was shocked to see the price rise in Madurai. Truly he hadn't expected the amount of this much price rise over there. It is not a shocking thing but this is the case throughout India. People have got accustomed to it.

My personal advice would be to do a little bit of research on what we are going to do and then act accordingly. For example if you want to buy anything in Madurai, just ask people in Madurai about where can we buy the thing, how much it would cost, and questions like that. This would give us the person the idea about the item. Then the person can proceed.

Or else we have to learn by ourselves and then understand. By this approach we would have wasted some amount of money and with that losing some peace of mind.

Be aware.

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