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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Madurai Personal Finance: Set Financial Goals

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In the back of your mind, you know you'd like to retire, save some money for your kids' educations, go on a vacation or two and do a few other things. But writing these plans down can help give clarity to those goals. Keep these goals handy, so when you're tempted to spend, you can decide if it's really worth the trade-off.

The financial goals might be:
College studies for children
Marriage arrangement for children
House or Land Buying
When to retire
Medical Expenses for you and spouse
Buying a movable or immovable property
Starting a small business

Be sure to list down your financial goals and stick to it.

INSURANCE, INVESTING, MUTUAL FUNDS, STOCKS and SHARES, SMALL BUSINESS, 401K, Provident Fund, NSC, NSS, KVP, Savings, Certificate of Deposit, Real Estate investment

Source: Madurai Money

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Personal Finance: Control your expenses

There are various ways you can save and increase your personal cash flow.
Controlling your expenses is one way of increasing your earnings.

Maybe you can't control your spending when you walk into an electronics store - or maybe you always have to have an extra pair of shoes and get tempted to buy the extra pair of shoes, even though you have three pairs already. It is all about controlling your senses, documentation and clarity in thought.

If we have sat down and calculated in our excel sheets about how much money is coming in and how much money is going out and what is the cash flow and what is my earning potential, then we won't do the mistake of buying something which is not needed or which is not affordable, considering the money we have in hand.

Source: Madurai Money

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Personal Finance: Emergency funds for your financial stability

Always be sure to make and keep an emergency fund of Three Month Salary in a safe savings account. This money has to be reachable and we should be able to take it out anytime you want.

If the emergency fund is not a three month salary, at least you should have the expenses needed for three months and to support the family and the money to pay your credit cards in this period of time.

If you don't have emergency funds, your credit cards will suffer and it will lead to severe credit card debts.

If you are a family man, with your non-earning wife and dependant child/children, then definitely emergency fund is needed.

Source: Madurai Money

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SUN TV and Kalanidhi Maran's Business Network

Complete know about SUN TV and Kalanidhi Maran's Business Network

Check it out...here


Madurai New Year Resolutions 2007


New Year Resolutions are very easy to list, but it is very difficult to follow them.
Here are some New Year Resolutions I am thinking - I am not sure I will follow, but I wanted to write this:

1. Fitness: Keep yourself healthy. Read all the nutrition facts before you eat anything. Keep your diet carefully - Watch what you are eating daily. Avoid fried items, but have the boiled items. Eat fresh food and avoid frozen food. Avoid Trans fats. If you are eating more, work it out and burn your carbohydrates. Beware of fatty items. Keep yourself active and have physical activity.

2. Start Saving: Start your savings, if you are not doing it already. Start Savings Early. Make your savings automatic. Let the money get transferred to savings and investment accounts. Keep some money aside anytime you get an income. Utilize the retirement accounts like Provident Fund in India or 401K in USA.

Plan yourself where you are going financially in life. Set financial goals and plan clear action items to achieve the financial goals.

Financial Stability is as important as your health!!

3. Keep Smiling: Whatever happens, keep your mind stable. Be positive and keep smiling. Smile is a big jewel for everyone. Being positive and smile will make you a very attractive person to everyone.

4. Be Good To Others: Help others. After doing your work, keep helping others.

5. DO YOUR WORK as it is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita - There won't be any problem in life!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all "MADE IN MADURAI" Madurai Times visitors. Thanks for all your support so far and in future.

We wish you all success in your job and high time profit in your business.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Home In Madurai

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There is a new website launched by someone for Real Estate in Madurai, please take a look..

All the Best to them for their success in Madurai business...

Home in Madurai

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some Madurai Real Estate Contact Details

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Madurai Real Estate Agents

Baba Nagar
Phone: 0452-2568666, 98432-56866

City Constructions
19/A-1, Gokhale Road, Chinna Chokkikulam, Madurai - 625002.
Phone: 0452-2537280, 98430-51995

Kalaivaani Nagar
Phone: 0452-23105258, 98430-65600

KASS Valar Nagar
Phone: 98421-77177/77732

New Kurinji Housing
#16, Corporation Complex, Panagal Road, Madurai - 625020.
Phone: 0452-2526231, 2536313, 98430-99409, 98431-02684

Source: Madurai Money

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Key Investment Ideas for middle class folks

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Well, this is year end and we are in December, which happens to be the last month of the year. After this month, we have a fresh new year and new month of the new year starting.

We can do lot of things, before we start the new year. I would mostly talk about better investing here...Some key points to remember while you invest are -

(i) If you are young, single and started earning, that is the best! You can do wonders in your finance side.

(ii) First priority is to close or reduce all your debts. If you have increased your credit card bills, just try to close them as soon as possible. It is waste to pay interest for credit cards. Try to avoid them.

(iii) If you are an important person in the family and an indispensable bread-winner, be sure to have an insurance. It is the important stuff. Many ignore this, but it is highly important.

(iv) Couple of options for investing -

(a) Mutual Funds
(b) NSC, KVP and other post office schemes and small savings schemes
(c) LIC insurances such as Jeevan Shree, Jeevan Anand etc.,
(d) Real Estate
(e) Stocks and Shares
(f) Provident Fund
(g) Little Donations!!


thank you

Source: Madurai Money

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How to become RICH and build wealth!!!

All about investment, financial planning, mutual funds, stocks, shares

Contrary to popular belief, building wealth doesn't necessarily require a large inheritance or an unexpected windfall. What it takes is planning, perseverance and good investing habits. The following time-tested financial plan strategies may help put you on the road to building your own wealth.

Use SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN to see the potential benefits.

Have a financial goal
Spend time planning your financial future and know what you're working towards. Set clearly defined weekly, monthly, yearly and lifelong goals. Whether it's owning your own home or early retirement, you have to know where you're going if you want to get there.

Evaluate your financial goals regularly
While establishing your goals is an important step, regular evaluation of them is also critical. Just as your life changes over time, so too will your goals and objectives. Marriage, the birth of a child or even a job change are just a few of the events that may require you to revisit your goals and the investment strategies that may help you achieve them.

Spend less than you earn
Living below your means is one sure way to have the money you need to save and invest. Get into the habit of spending less than you earn and paying yourself first through a systematic investment plan. This way the money is invested before you have a chance to spend it.

Minimize your debt
Every dollar you spend paying interest on debt is money lost. Even a 10% return on investments isn't going to amount to much if you are paying 18% in interest charges. Instead, consolidate any debt you have to one credit card. By setting a target date and establishing a regular payment amount, you can reduce your debt and eliminate unnecessary interest expenses.

Invest early, wisely, often and as much as you can afford
Even a small amount of money invested wisely has the potential to grow into a big return over time. This is because investing early allows you to take advantage of the power of compounding gains.

Seek out the professional guidance you need
Developing and maintaining an efficient investment strategy takes time, knowledge and resources — a combination that is not easy to come by. Your financial advisor is there to provide the professional, objective guidance you need to create a plan that addresses your investment needs and can be changed as your life does. Taking advantage of this expertise is a critical step in helping you realize your goals.

Source: Madurai Money

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Madurai Women in Trading these days...

Trading in shares is not any more a male bastion. Every one is aware of the change taking place in the metros. What is revealing is the increasing participation by women even in non-metros too, such as Madurai and other towns in south such as Dindugul where Ms Selvi Raman, at 47, is in the trading activity for the last three years in the company of her friends in the Ladies Club there.

Does this sound interesting...?
Check out an article from The Hindu

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Special question bank for X, XII students - Inefficient Education System!!?

After reading the news article from The Hindu,

I could not stop thinking - what an ineffective education system, we have back home!!
Already the books are being memorized by the students, and now the government or the education board comes up with the question bank.

Question bank is a set of questions prepared by the board of teachers. These questions are likely to be asked in the Board exams.

How is the memorizing studies going to help the students in their life ahead!? I don't see any value addition, by providing question banks!!

Students should be encouraged for thinking independently and living their life by themselves as fast as possible!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Madurai Photo Essay by Kavi Musings

As I was always homesick about Madurai and my longing towards Madurai is increasing to the heights, I happenned to see an essay just posted by Mr.Kavi.

I felt that I myself visited Madurai once!!

Check kavismusings for the same...


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can we ever create a Silicon Valley in India?

Can we ever create a Silicon Valley in India? - An article by Chandu Thota!

Before you start reading this, I recommend you read Paul Graham's "Why Startups Condense in America" because I keep referring to it in this post.

So, can we ever have a Silicon Valley in India? As Paul says, to create startups the basic ingredients that you need are nerds and rich people. I've been to both Bangalore and Hyderabad - both have great schools (granted Bangalore has IISc and that's one of a kind on the planet so it has an edge over Hyderabad - but this is not about Hyderabad vs. Bangalore) and both have rich people from the IT boom in India - so is that enough to create a right mix to start startups? No, not quite.

Read more here...

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Calling India from America

I remember those days, when we have to run to an indian store or a calling card shop for buying a calling card, in order for me to call India. There were many calling cards who have so many loop holes and hidden costs to loot money from the consumers.

Now, it is slowly becoming standardized...
Reliance came up with Reliance India Call - relianceindiacall.com
Tata has come up with Reliable Calling - reliablecalling.com

Now, Airtel has come up with Airtel Call Home - airtelcallhome.com.

Now that there is a healthy competition starting up, we consumers can benefit!!!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Goldman Sachs chalks up record profits in 2006

The New York-based investment banking company that made the financial arrangements for privatizing the Indiana Toll Road had an exceptional financial year in 2006.

In fact, The New York Times reports that Goldman Sachs did so well, each of its 26,000 employees will end the year with an average of $622,000 in salary and bonuses.

It looks as though Goldman Sachs can afford to be generous – its profits increased to around $9.5 billion this year, up 70 percent from 2005.

Source: Landline magazine

Source: Madurai Money

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Locate Madurai in the world!

Do you want to see a flash based program, using which we can see the location of Madurai in this world.

Click here to check out for yourself - CLICK

BTW, Thanks to Madurai Corporation for the above link!


Some important phone numbers in madurai

Some Important Phone Numbers in Madurai:

The Commissioner
Madurai Corporation,
Aringar Anna Maligai,Outpost,
TamilNadu ,India - 625 002.

Phone No : Off : 91-0452-2531116
Res : 91-0452-2530566
Fax : 91-0452-2530965

E-Mail : mducorp@yahoo.com

1. Corporation Office 530521 - 530526 -
2. H.W.Mayor 2583008(Camp Office) 2530433(Office) 94439 11234
3 Deputy Mayor 2530398 94439 13456 2335527
4 Commissioner 2531116,2530965(Fax),2538080(Cell), 2530566 (Camp Office) 94437 08066 2539657
5 Deputy Commissioner 2530186 94437 39500
6 Superintending Engineer 2531385 94437 39526 2531345
7 City Health Officer 2531304 94437 39501 2521445
8 Asst. Health Officer 94437 39513
9 Executive Engineer (N&E) 94437 39507
10 Executive Engineer (S&W) 94437 39517
11 Executive Engineer (JNNURM) 94437 39508
12 City Town Planning Officer 2531140 94437 39512
13 Chief Education Officer 94437 39514
14 Asst. Commissioner (South) 2323270 94437 39504
15 Asst. Commissioner (West) 2302431, 2300391 94437 39503 2521880
16 Asst. Commissioner (North) 2536048 94437 39505 2523780
17 Asst. Commissioner (East) 2330067, 2321121 94437 39522 2386933
18 Asst. Commissioner (Accounts) 2530450 2538834
19 Asst. Commissioner (Personal) 94437 39503
19 Asst. Commissioner (Revenue) 2520698 94426 39597
20 Council Secretary 2530006 94437 39515
21 A.E.E. (Vaigai) 94437 39516 2537950
22 A.E.E. (E) 94437 39517
23 A.E.E. (S) 94437 39519
24 A.E.E. (W) 94437 39521
25 A.E.E. (N) WARD 1,2,12-21 94437 39521
26 A.E.E. (N) WARD 3-11 94437 39512
27 A.E.E. Street Light 94437 39523
28 P.A. to Mayor 94437 39510
29 P.A. Deputy Mayor 94437 39518
30 P.A. to Commissioner 94437 39509
31 Rani Mangammal Chatram Supdt. 2341280 94437 39520
32 P.R.O. 2538907 94437 39511 2521444
33 Judicial Officer 2524453
34 System Administrator (Computer) 94426 39599

Source: Madurai Corporation!

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Joy alukkas Jewellery Showroom in Madurai

If you are watching various news media, there is a new jewellery showroom being opened in Madurai. - Joy Alukkas (Joyalukkas)

What is special about the Joy alukkas!?
They have showrooms already in Dubai, London, Cochin etc., They are well established already with many wings.

Now, Joyalukkas is opening a showroom in Madurai.

There is already a healthy competition up and going in Madurai, in terms of jewellery market. Thangamayil jewellery, M S Tharam and many other jewellery shops etc., are doing great already in Madurai. Now, the fun is - how are the other competitors going to handle this competitive situation...?

Basically, the advantage is the consumers will be benefitted from it for sure!!!


Change in Madurai Temple timings

The Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple timings have changed.
Please check the same in The Hindu


Tamil Nadu CM Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi in Madurai tomorrow

The Madurai city is being made up neat to welcome the Chief Minister, M. Karunanidhi, who is coming on Friday to receive an honorary D. Litt. degree from Madurai Kamaraj University.

This doctorate in literature is being given to our chief minister for his contributions to tamil nadu and tamil language.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bank of Madurai - part of ICICI

A very interesting story about Madurai bank...

Of the 4,000 employees of the Madurai Bank, only 350 were retained after its merger with ICICI and the remaining were forced to retire.

and the story continues in Business Standard Newspaper


Friday, December 08, 2006

Good News for Madurai - Funds for development work

Chennai city would get Rs 360 crore and Madurai Rs 60 crore for developmental works under the first phase of Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Reconstruction Programme (JNURP), a top official said here.

Read more in Chennai Online

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Right time to invest in industrial ventures: Health Minister

Tamil Nadu Health minister K K S S R Ramachandran on Friday, said it was right time for the industrialists to take up new ventures in the State.

Government is interested in spreading the industrial development to cities like Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Madurai and Coimbatore where the cost of living was cheap, life more peaceful and cost of labour, land etc was much cheaper, compared to bigger cities.

Read more in the hindu

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Madurai born woman becomes BBC temporary head

An NRI doctor born in Tamil Nadu’s cultural capital of Madurai is set to become the head of the BBC and arbiter of 21st-century Britain’s broadcasting culture, even if by default and solely in a caretaker capacity.

Read more in the Indian Pad


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