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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Find Accounting Software

Looking for the right accounting software solution for your business or client? Whether you're just beginning your search, or have spent weeks sifting through brochures, let us help you find the ideal solution ... free of charge!

There is a free service provided by CPA Online - Click here...

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1. http://www.accountsmac.com

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Bad comments on Madurai

There are more and more travellers writing bad about Madurai.
It is not their fault, but of Madurai's!

If a government official sees this blog, please do the needful!

Check out the comments by Eliza(A Very Dirty City) - here


Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Woman Madurai Mayor!!

First Woman Madurai Mayor!!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Madurai Health - Tips for healthy life

Health is Wealth!! You will have to definitely agree to this statement.

If you are able to live healthy, you don't visit the hospital very often, throughout your life, which means lot of money saved. Moreover, without having any health troubles, you work effectively. Agreed!?

Let us take a look at some points to be followed for good health -
(i) Know your numbers - weight, height, HDL and LDL cholestrol levels
(ii) Know what you eat - read the nutrition facts in every product you buy and eat. Did you know Rice is really waste food, in terms of nutrition? Well, if you don't know this - please read the nutrition facts.
(iii) Do your exercise every day. If not, atleast three days a week in GYM. In fact, you don't need to go to GYM, you can go for walking.
(iv) Eat only healthy foods - wheat, fibre, vegetables, fruits, fish, egg and all protein related foods.
(v) Sleep atleast for 6-7 hours daily.
(vi) Have 2-3 hours before you to sleep.

More to come on Madurai Health section.

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Madurai Fast Foods and Madurai Hotels/ Madurai Restaurants

Madurai has a huge potential for hotel and restaurant business. Especially fastfood business should go very well.

Madurai Pizza has not reached much, but it definitely is a good business, if you make it as Madurai Biriyani Business. Business model can be prepared very well, by making biriyani to be delivered in a specific time only. We can make it really professional, as we have any Domino's Pizza or Pizza Hut or any similar brands.

But definitely the business has to be structured, planned very well, before execution. The main thing would be the taste of Biriyani as well. If we make sure we have a good chef/master to do this, we are better off.

Think about it guys...If you are away from Madurai - you can have someone work on it in Madurai to execute and make your dream possible!!

Realize the potential of Return of Investment in Madurai!!

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Power Soaps Company: RKN brand!

This is not an advertisement for RKN - Power Soaps, but just opinion about a home grown industry.

You might have noticed many target advertisements in appropriate TV channels(eg: SUN TV) for Power Soaps, a bit heavily. They are trying to reach a huge untapped, middle class and lower middle class families' household. Well, All the Best to them.

You can check out their huge range of products - Power Soap - Detergent, Skin Care, Hair Care in their website - powersoaps.com

They have a branch in Kodai Road as well! That is why this article is here in made in madurai.

While many MNCs are doing great in our country, these kind of our entrepreuners has to be appreciated.

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Madurai Tea Shop - Comparing Coimbatore

When Coimbatore is working hard, Madurai sits idle. Please don't be offended by the sentence above.

Coimbatore has huge set of industries. They work very hard. They are early to bed and rise early. Huge set of buildings, huge set of industries, huge set of schools and colleges. Coimbatore is also a tier II city, while Madurai is also one.

In Madurai tea shop, two (shop customers)guys will be having tea in the night 3 AM, sitting on the tea shop bench and discussing whether there will be vadai or bajji in the early morning.

While Coimbatore folks will be getting ready for work!
No offense to our Madurai folks, but I want this to change...

All we are concerned is - This situation should change. People should work. Those daytime banyan tree sitting folks has to go to work or do some useful things. Those going for a movie at 11:00 AM in the morning to the theatre has to change and go to work or do useful things. Those tea shop sitting folks has to go to work!

Everyone works for themselves, things will change - Family will get better. Microecomonics will flourish. If families grow and flourish financially, city grows, state grows, country flourishes economically - Macroeconomics.


Madurai Dirty Politics

Recently we had elections in Madurai for Madurai Central constituency. As usual, there was competition between two huge parties. Well, that is good. Competition is good. Please go ahead...

But, when campaigning, things has to be fair right?! Looks like people living in the constituency received money and other gifts from the party folks. I am not sure, if the leaders of the party knew about this. But, still these kind of bribes to voters is still going on.

Moreover, this is not from just one party. It is given by most of the parties contesting.

Will this situation change? Who will change this? Will people reject the offer from the politicians? Or will politicians and supporting people stop doing this and make the elections fair?!

The above article is my personal opinion...

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Will Madurai improve?!

Image Courtesy: Dinamalar.com
Thanks to Dinamalar for the photo. I had to take this photo from Dinamalar and write this article, because I don't have a way to refer to this article.

Madurai's youth time, energy is getting wasted in Rasigar mandram activities and praying the actors and actresses. Doing pooja for the actors and actresses etc.,
The passion for these youths seems to be for actors, cinema etc., only and not for achieving something huge in life!

The passion in life seems not to be about doing something different in life, not starting up something or not leaving a different Madurai for the following generation!

Always Madurai is going to be Madurai and never going to become New Madurai, if we keep hearing these kinds of news about MADURAI!!

I am feeling ashamed of it. I want to hear news about Madurai like somebody from Madurai had started an industry, which is going to give job for huge number of civilians of Madurai and not the news about Jin abishekam for Actors!

Will that happen someday??


Madurai Family: Accept what she is!

Are you recently married OR you are about to get married?!
Here are some tips for your happy married life:

Experienced people - please ignore this artile...

(i) Accept what she is. Whatever she is accept her! She might be immature, she might not want to discuss on things, whatever may be the case - just accept her!

(ii) Most of the times, say YES to her.

(iii) First year of your marriage might be disturbed for finance. but next year you will have troubles in the marriage - difference of opinions, ego issues, focussing on bad points only!

(iv) Listen to her carefully, whatever important you are doing. Or else just say YES to her, to whatever she says, which will signify that you are listening.

(v) Never ever say bad things about your in-laws at any point of time. Be diplomatic and formal in that case!

More coming sooon. If you have any comments, please comment below.


Madurai Thinking: Best place to think!

These days, I am noting down, where/when am I getting the best ideas for all of my activities. You know where/when?

It is my home Bathroom/Restroom. Please note - it is not other people's bathroom. It is my bathroom. This is a very private place, where even my wife cannot get in into my personal space. It is very private. Nobody can get into your personal space!

I have got solutions to many of my problem, when I am under the shower. Most of the time, while I am in restroom, I think about the problem seriously, but when I am under the shower, I have seen my mind so clear and thinking goes very casually and goes highly logical.

Believe me, my thinking under the shower, does not become emotional, instead it is highly practical, rational and logical. I believe, it should be true for most of you all.

Overall, I think if you are stressed out, you can do two things - (i) sleep off. If you are not able to sleep, then go ahead and sit on the restroom. If that does not help, then take a hot/warm shower. Your mind will become very clear, and you will be out with the solution.


Friday, October 20, 2006

List of Software Products from Customer Satisfied Technologies

Following are the list of products of Customer Satisfied Technologies -

AccountsMAC is a small business accounting software for managing the accounts receivables, accounts payable, invoices, vendors, customers, assets, liabilities and anything pertinent to money for a company. The product has excellent features of reporting, which includes any number of printable customizable reports - for example Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, List of CUstomers, List of Customer Due payment, List of outstanding payments to be made to the vendors etc.,

Designed specially for small to medium businesses, SurveyMAC is different from all its competitors. Customer Satisfied Technologies focussed on speed and user friendliness when designing SurveyMAC.

As small to medium businesses do not have enough time, money or resources to create a
survey, they often need managed solutions that can perform the task for them. SurveyMAC is a survey management system that makes life easier for small to medium businesses that need to quickly evaluate their existing customers and better understand their behaviour.

Using SurveyMAC, a user can create a professional looking survey in no time. The Designer module in SurveyMAC makes it easy to create a simple invitation and deploy a survey by selecting question types as required.

Analysing the survey after receiving responses is even easier. The Analyser module in
SurveyMAC makes it easy to evaluate survey responses at respondent level and question level as required.

SupportMAC is a Support Management Software usually used by HelpDesk and Support Staff - exclusively designed to fit the needs of small business. When the support staff interacts with the issues and concerns of the customer, this software helps manage the issues of the customer. Support staff can open, list, change statuses, assign, close issues and most importantly print reports for reporting to the client or to the management.

ContactMAC is a Contact Management Software used by HelpDesk, Support Staff, Receptionist, Marketing team and anybody who interacts with the customer heavily. ContactMAC product provides the complete details of Contacts - which might include contact details of Customers, Vendors, Prospects, Employees, Partners etc., This will help in sales, marketing, advertising processes of any small business.

ChatMAC is a peculiar software product on demand for most of the small business website owners. Here is how the software works - When a visitor opens a company website, the sales/support staff will have a admin user interface to monitor the user traffic - who is coming, staying and who is going out. The sales/support staff will have the ability to chat with the visitor by prompting a chat window to the website
visitor. Sales person can continue chatting about the products and pitch sales and atlast get/give contact details for making the website visitor as a lead for any upcoming sales. Basically a Business Chat program inbuilt with the website.

Contact us at sales@customersatisfied.com

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software

Any company which is of size 1 to infinity, decides on using the technology to manage the accounts, at some point of time either present, future or past. So far, they would have been managing the accounts using the paper and ledgers and doing everything manually. First time they think of computers to be used for their business would be for managing their accounts.

That is where Business Accounting and Finance Software comes into picture.
We have huge set of business accounting softwares available in the global market all over the world. In fact we have listed few of them here in the publication sometime back - Click here to view the small list

We in Customer Satisfied Technologies wanted to introduce you to the small business accounting software, we have produced -
accountsmac (shortly accountsmac.com). We have other products like SurveyMAC(Survey Management Software) and Support Management Software(HelpDesk - SupportMAC). Check it out in our website http://www.customersatisfied.com

Well, we will be talking more about AccountsMAC here in this article.

As a first advantage, you will have the cost benefit. You don't have to pay hefty amounts for the software. We work on a subscription basis. You can pay monthly a very minimal amount for using our software. Well, again - there is no compulsion on the software to be bought as subscription. If you wish, you can buy the software accountsmac for a minimal total amount as well. Basically, we provide the flexibility on buying the software.

In our next article, we will discuss about the exhaustive features of AccountsMAC.

Happy Diwali to all Madurai Times Visitors

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Hardships while building a company

Hardships while building a company

There are lots of hardships, while you are on the process of building the company for
yourself. Let us take up one hardship aspect from that for now.

Ego - If you want to reach the top, you should not have super ego. You should not react to situations. You should always try to be proactive. Do not put your ego before you talk. Set aside your ego away and talk and behave as a simple person in any situation. Do you work and help others as well. Do not think that it is my work and I will do. This is your work and you should do etc., If you have completed your work - you need to help others. Because it is all team work. We all should work together.

Be an example to the whole team for being a driver to all the things and exemplify your role with team work starred on it.

Think that you have a long way to go to build a conglomerate of businesses. Do not get stuck with a simple problem in one business. It is trivial buddy. So keep moving and do not get stuck to some ego issues. You have a long way to build the conglomerate of businesses.

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Tally, India's best Small Business Accounting Software and Finance Software

Tally, India's best Small Business Accounting Software and Finance Software

Here is the Tally Solutions history -

Tally’s software business was set up in 1986 by Late Shri S S Goenka, who was the founder of the company Peutronics Pvt. Ltd. He mentored his son Bharat in creating software that would handle the financial accounts for his business. Determined to discover a way to simplify business accounting software, Bharat spent months, researching and developing path-breaking technologies, to achieve his goal. His success lead to the development of the commercial product and Peutronics Pvt. Ltd., was changed to Tally Solutions – a company that would go on to set new standards of excellence in business accounting, as India’s number 1 accounting software developer.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Bharat Goenka, a technical prodigy and a brilliant business man, continues to ensure that Tally keeps pace with new technologies that can be incorporated in our products.

This above content was extracted from TallySolutions.com.

See also, http://www.customersatisfied.com, who are getting http://www.accountsmac.com to the market. You can get CHEAP AND BEST ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE, with FREE INSTALLATION, FREE DEMO AND FREE TRAINING.

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Partnership is a relation which is peculiar and if you will feel a different experience, if you are doing it for the first time. You will have to adjust on many things, in order for you to have the business running. If there are some differences in opinions and ideas, there needs to be adjustments in many places.

If you have the same wavelength, then you must be fine. But when you think the other person's stuff is stupidity and if you are not able to convey it properly to him, you screw the partnership.

You might think that partnership is good, when you work like friends. No conflicts and adjust on things - as if you are arranging for a birthday event, working with other friends.

Patience is very important in all aspects. In some cases, you cannot blow up the
relationship. Because the other person might be very important for the business, in some cases later.

So practice the following:
1) You should set your mind that when you are into partnership - you will have some
disturbances then and there.
2) Be friendly
3) At the same time professional in all the matters you discuss.
4) Be Patient
5) Learn to adjust and accept ideas.
6) Any action should do justice to all of the members of the organization.
7) Just do your duty - God is there to see to the results. He knows what to give for what

you have done on the job!! Do not think of the results - Just do your duty!!


Remembering Madurai - Yen Sontha ooru - Vadivelkarai!!

Remembering Madurai - Yen Sontha ooru - Vadivelkarai!!

Though I was born in Madurai, the place my father was born and the place where my
grandfather lived was Vadivelkarai, a small village just near Nagamalai Pudukkottai, like less than 10 Kms away from Central Madurai.

Just for reference sake, a nearby village is called Keezhakkuyilkudi.
Just in between these two villages - there is a temple called Karuppana saamy temple. This temple is surrounded by a lotus pond and a small mountain/hill.
The hill is called Samanar Malai(Samanar's hill). I have noticed steps carved for the visitors to climb up the mountain. When you go really up, you can see statues carved out of the mountains for the buddha and mahavira's. Looks like many saints and artists do their work or meditation in this mountain. In the back of the mountain you can see an archaelogically safeguarded cave kind of a thing, in which you can rest in peace.

The pond which has lotus flowers looks beautiful. You can find people taking bath in four entries to the pond. It is even said that there is a crocodile inside this pond. Well, I have not seen one, but I have seen lots of fishes. In winter, we can see lot of water. In summer, the water gets reduced.

I used to visit this village very often, from my school days. I always loved this place, because it is a village and life is very simple. I have felt the difference even in those days - about city and village. A complex to simple life - just with Madurai and Vadivelkarai!! I have felt more happiness in a village, rather than Madurai city.

My grandfather passed away, but he is still lived by his wife - my grandmother. We still have a small house in the village.

If you are a visitor or tourist of Madurai, if you get a chance, please visit this place - If you are in Madurai - you can go to this village from any busstand. There is a direct bus from Madurai Periyar Central Busstand, but you have to take two buses from other busstands.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DMK won in Madurai Central, to fillup the place of PTR

The DMK won again after assuming power in May, winning the first bypoll to the state assembly by an impressive difference of over 30,000 votes when its nominee Ghouse Basha has won AIADMK candidate Rajan Chellappa to retain the Madurai Central assembly seat.

Read more here...


Monday, October 16, 2006

tamil remix rap album

I wanted to see Tamil Albums like this become very popular.
Please take a look at this tamil remix rap album and please forward it to your friends...

Watch the video here


Features of a startup Entrepreuner

Features of a startup Entrepreneur:

1) lower my standard of living for a while trying to get my business off the ground
2) Don't hire initially, try to do everything yourself.
3) If you are unhappy about the job, switch to another job - just not a new business.
4) be prepared to pay bills for 3 years, without depending on the new business.
5) be a salesman yourself.
6) bounce back easily
7) networking with people
8) discuss with family and friends, before you start
9) hire an accountant for all specialities
10) Wonderful business plan, but risks might be there! Realize that!!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Find out what you are good at and also what you love to do!

In order for us to flourish in life, safe and be successful, we need to have lot of money. In order to achieve that, there are various things we might have to do.

But here are two important things, I could think of right now.

1) Find out what you are good at.
2) At the same time, find out what you love to do.

If you have a thing, which answers both the above parameters, then start doing that rigorously and make your work structured.

Add discipline, punctuality, planning into the work and I am sure you will be very successful and safe in life.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Tuticorin News

It is interesting to note that there is someone posting Exclusive Tuticorin news, while we blog for Madurai news.

Please check out http://tuticorinnews.blogspot.com

Sorry folks, I referred to a wrong website, when I posted the article initially. It was not tuticorin.blogspot.com, instead IT IS tuticorinnews.blogspot.com


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Polling peaceful in Madurai Central by-election, 70 per cent turnout

Polling peaceful in Madurai Central by-election, 70 per cent turnout.

Check it out...


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