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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What to do if You Lose Your Job - Madurai Personal Finance Wisdom

What to do if You Lose Your Job

You lost your job, now what?

Stay positive and surround yourself with supportive family and friends and consider the following steps:

1) Immediately evaluate expenditures, bills and financial accounts for strengths and weaknesses.

2) Adjust your budget accordingly and minimize discretionary spending.

3) Discuss with your employer severance pay, outplacement services and medical insurance continuation options.

4) Check out the free job placement and career training services offered by your state. Taking classes will enhance your resume.

5) Remember, every penny saved will add up and help you get through until you find a new job.

Sourced from f e e d p i g dot org

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Did you know - Satyam in Madurai?

Satyam paid full amount for Madurai IT Park land

Satyam Computer Services Limited was the first company to have paid the full amount of Rs.7.5 crore to the Tamil Nadu government before it was allotted 50 acres of land on lease in the IT Park coming up in Madurai.

The new management of Satyam Computer Services will have to decide on what to be done about the land.

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New Madurai Foundation - Complaints List 25th January 2009

A member of New Madurai Foundation has reported yesterday the list of complaints he feels in Madurai. I would like to list it in the public for everyone's attention.
Thank you Sam Kappa Venkatesh!

Periyar Bus Stand

The overhead walkway near Periyar Bus Stand is stinking and is closed. Let us construct a new elevated walkway between Periyar and Meenakshi temple via complex bus stand. The same can be extended from Periyar BS to Railway Station. According to my grandfather in Mumbai one overhead walkway has been constructed for 1.5 KMS in Mumbai.

Airport Road

It is a nightmare to reach the airport via Therkku vasal as the roads are encroached (from Therkku vasal to Avaniapuram). Remember we are getting visitors through these roads. Corporation/Highway use your Bulldozers.

Tea Shops

Tea/coffee shops in Madurai serve us tea while we stand on platforms. Cities like Erode and Coimbatore have seats inside the shop where one can have tea in a hygienic way. Vadai is also made outside the shop. Come on Madurai sit and relax a cuppa tea.
Drink tea in shops where seat is offered.


Madurai people seem to spit more on the roads. Why?


To all Civil Engineers of Madurai, Why drainage and manholes are constructed in the middle of the road. We know it is a nuisance as the roads become uneven with the manhole in the centre, Dangerous during rainy season particularly if the manhole lid is missing. Can't the drainage constructed on the roadside instead of road centre?

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What if Madurai does not develop and what will happen to Madurai in next 30 years?

What if Madurai does not develop and what will happen to Madurai in next 30 years?

This article is my own personal, individual prediction, thinking and not intended to hurt anyone.

My grandfather was born and brought up in Vadivelkarai, a village in Madurai. For job reasons, my father had to search and find job in Madurai, which is a major city near the village. When I completed my graduation, I had to move to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and US.

I am going to compare the same situation to Madurai today. Given that Madurai does not get any industries; Madurai is contaminated with same politicians and no development happens; Madurai does not improve its infrastructure; Madurai does not germinate more and more entrepreneurs, then in 20-30 years Madurai would become the same Vadivelkarai situation, as I explained in the previous paragraph.

Old, elderly people and last generation folks would only stay on in Madurai.
Politicians, Vatti-kku panam koduppavan, few government officials, Old shop owners.

I hope and trust this should not happen and I wish inverse of this happens. Madurai develops and a reverse brain drain happens. Everyone from Madurai who have gone out of the city should come back and develop the Madurai city.

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Searching for ways to make money - even illegal ways! - Madurai Culture

Searching for ways to make money - even illegal ways! - Madurai Culture

There are n number of ways to make money in this world.
However, few of our maduraiites choose illegal ways.

Money by force, money by cheating...

Money by cheating:
Being genuine is a good karma. If you give someone you know with some 1000s of rupees and tell him/her that you will get it back after 1 year. There is only 50% probability that you might get it back. The other party might give n number
of reasons to avoid you and say that he will give the money later.

There are some horror stories of illegal acquisition of lands and houses for
rent, which comes under both the categories - money by force and money by

Another example of money by cheating - In temples like Meenakshi Amman Temple,
there is cheating and corruption. When a ticket counter fellow issues you a
ticket, that same ticket is torn into two pieces and given back to you, as a
receipt. Lately, the ticket is not torn or other half of the ticket is not
issued back to the temple visitor. Instead the same ticket is sold again and
again. Can you imagine, what all ways you get to know for making money?

Money by force:
Kandhu vatti, Meter Vatti, Rocket Vatti, Katta panchayath? Have you heard these terminologies? Thesea are all popular terms among Madurai folks. You can hear stories like - you give the house for rent and you come back to the tenant and tell them to vacate the house in 1 month. The tenant would say I can leave the house only after 1 year. This happens only in India and places like Madurai. Money by force and money by cheating...

Why is all these happenning? Poverty? Illiteracy? Great Rich and Poor Divide?
God knows...these are the discussions, everyone gets into easily and end up no

Last but not least -
In SpiderMan movie, the hero is advised by his uncle that - "With Great Power
comes Great Responsibility"
, but you know how does Madurai folks perceive it?

"With Great Power comes Corruption and with Great Power comes Cheating Money"!!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Madurai Taekwondo - a martial art - Korean Karate - CK Nagaraj

In my school days, my mother enrolled me and my Madurai brother into two courses. As I have told you before, my mother had a vision. She wants her children to be well equipped before we encounter the real world.

One was Hindi class provided by Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha and I successfully passed "Praveen" exam. This is supposed to be equivalent to BA in Hindi.

Another was Taekwondo. My brother completed Taekwondo - Black Belt. I completed the Brown Belt, which is just before Black Belt.

We used to study in the TVS Nagar branch, which was opposite TVS Lakshmi Matric School. Taekwondo is a great martial art, but from Korea. Taekwondo is more of an art with the leg, when compared to Karate, which is all of hands. Taekwondo is more of leg and less of hand. Taekwondo is also called Korean Karate. Taekwondo is one of the asian(korean) martial art, like Kung fu and Karate.

CK Nagaraj was our master and he is a great teacher and a great person. He is a good friend of us and our mother knows him very well. I am grateful to the Taekwondo master Nagaraj. He is a member of Lions Club as well. CK Nagaraj had received even 3-5 DANs(levels) in Black Belt of Karate.

One interesting point is - TVS Nagar branch still exists and even today master is teaching in the same terrace of the building opposite our school.

By the way, 24th January and 25th, 26th - state level competition is planned to happen in TVS Lakshmi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai.

I am grateful to this master CK Nagaraj. As a return gift, I am posting this article dedicated to Mr.Nagaraj, Taekwondo Black Belt in Madurai.

For further details - please contact -
Channa K. Nagaraj, C 249, VII Stop, Kamarajar Street, Tirunagar, Madurai-625 006. Mobile:9843052449.

For you reference - an article by "The Hindu" about Taekwondo in Madurai recently.

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Supplementing Your income - Madurai Personal Finance Wisdom

Supplementing Your Income

If you've reduced your monthly expenses but still find it hard to save each month, consider additional sources of income—which doesn't always mean working a second job on the side. Look for income sources that are flexible, sustainable and enjoyable. Here are some ideas:

* Become a virtual assistant – Virtual assistants are individuals hired to perform duties online that don't require a physical presence, such as conducting research, designing websites, writing articles and making reservations.
* Start a home business – Turn your skills and hobbies into an additional income source. Home businesses are often inexpensive to start and easy to grow and promote via the Internet.
* Write a blog – Earning a little extra money can be as easy as blogging from your home. With free or low-cost blog publishing tools, you could turn a small time investment into extra savings.

Sourced from f e e e e d p i g

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

MG Ramachandran - MGR Madurai

Remembering the late Tamil Nadu leader MG Ramachandran on his birthday.

Maruthur Gopala Ramachandran (Tamil: மருதூர் கோபால இராமச்சந்திரன்; Malayalam: മരുതൂര് ഗോപാല രാമചന്ദ്രന്) (January 17, 1917 – December 24, 1987), popularly known as M. G. R. (Tamil: எம்.ஜி.ஆர்; Malayalam: എം.ജി.ആര്) or Puratchi Thalaivar (Tamil: புரட்சி தலைவர்; English: Revolutionary Leader), was a Tamil film actor and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 1977 until his death.

The magical word MGR had unprecedented mass appeal in Tamil Nadu though he was not a Tamilian by birth. He was the uncrowned king of all spheres he touched and his political appeal had rocked even the rulers at the centre in New Delhi. He identified himself with the poor masses and tried his best to live up to their aspirations. Here is a man whose cult image will stay for ever in India and especially in Tamil Nadu where he is treated as a demigod even today and influence the politics. MGR was above board during his rule, a rare quality among the politicians and certainly lives forever in the hearts of 100 million Tamils spread all over the world, though his name is synonymous even today with thrills and action in movies in entire southern India.

We need such leaders for another revolution. He is notably remembered for his free meals at school programme.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

minimum salary required to run middle class in madurai?

Madurai is an interesting and unique place, like many cities in India - in which we can live with any kind of money.

Middle class article written before.

Even with Rs.2000 per month, you can get your life with family going. You can even live with Rs.1,00,000 per month. It is all about afford-ability.

You can go to the local street idly shop and have a nice breakfast with even Rs.3(equivalent to one cent in USD). Can you imagine to do the same in a city in any other country?

You can also go to a star hotel in Madurai and have the breakfast on the table for even Rs.300. You can live to both extremes.

However, who is middle class in Madurai? Middle class in Madurai is somebody who would not go to the streets and eat! Middle class is somebody who would not go to the star hotel and have their breakfast. Middle class is somebody who gets the groceries from shops and cooks at home and anything he/she wants prepares at home and be happy with what they have.

Highly budgeted about personal finance. They know how much they get as income every month. Middle class in Madurai learn to live with what they have and make in every month. Usually they always run month to month with their salaries. Middle classes are highly community oriented and they are clubbed within the relatives for their rest of the lives.

Here is a list of items - they need every month. Please put it in a sheet of paper of excel spreadsheet and fill it up for yourself.

House Rent
Petrol and Auto expenses
Monthly Bills
School Fees
Going out and Shopping
Medical Expenses
Loan Installments
Insurance Payments
Parents expenses

If you are setting up a middle-class family in Madurai, here is what you will need.

Car (optional - depends - mostly upper middle class)
Kitchen Utensils

If you use these data points and fill it up for yourself, you would get some idea about what would you need every month to get your middle-class family going in Madurai.

Depending upon your cost you enter, you can determine, if you belong to middle-class family or upper-middle class family in Madurai. Again, I would say, if you want to lead a middle class life - it might take Rs.10,000 per month for a middle class family to run, excluding any loan needs you might have and your own home you might live in.

Please bear in mind, there is lot of inflation these days and all the prices have hiked up. Check up for your current needs and rates, before you act after reading this article.

This article was written upon request by one of the visitors. thank you

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what are the improvements needed in education in madurai?

We have already written about the Literate project in Madurai, in one of our previous articles. This project is for improving the education from the scratch.

However, there is another question - how to improve existing education in Madurai?
What is our education infrastructure today? Here is the education profile of Madurai

There are various improvement points to be considered -

1) There are colleges opened today with the motive of only profits in mind. On those days, schools and colleges were built with a motive of education in mind, but controversially these days colleges are started as a business. Money minded colleges, cannot provide great education.

Even parents are willing to provide lakhs to get their children engineering or medical degree. If they want a professional degree, they should get him study very well. Anyway, let us stick to the topic and I guess, we are moving away from the topic.

2) We need great teachers. Teachers are supposed to be highly respected people in the world. Teachers stand and all students sit in the chair, when a class is provided. Teachers stay at the same place, but the students get graduated and progress in their lives to go to the top. Hence, teacher profession is great and hats off to all the teachers! If you go to government schools, there are some teachers, who never teach, but they get hefty salaries - chitchat, do side business and never have children's education in mind. Teachers have to have vision in their mind. How do I want my children to progress? How do I inspire students to come up in life? How do I ignite the students? Teachers have to become inspiration to the students.

3) Comparing Montessori education to education in Madurai - Soft skills, social skills, thinking abilities has to be improved instead of getting the children memorizing the text books. Students has to be made understood about the meaning of the texts!

4) Reading habit has to be improved in Madurai. More corporation libraries has to be opened in Madurai and there has to be readers programme's for children. Reading habit is one great habit, if inculcated into the students, then you don't have to worry about anything. They will come up in life. If you ask any successful person or any entrepreneur about their background and hobbies - they would read lot of books.
We tried to open free libraries in the past, but we have put the project on hold for future. Once we have sufficient money, we would open Free Libraries in Madurai.

5) Inspiration and Motivation among children would help them in long run, apart from the usual text books.

6) Parents have to give extra time in their evenings and weekends for their children's education.

7) Mathematical, Language, personality and communication skills has to be improved in all respects.

This is enough for now, I believe. However, will continue this topic later with another article may be part-ii. This article was written upon request...

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AIIMS in Madurai for Rs.150 crores - decision by February 10th 2009

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is planned to be setup in Thoppur(Thopoor/Thopur) in Madurai. This investment is going to be for Rs.150 crores. This is going to be decided by February 10th. AIIMS Madurai would be a hospital and a research center.

What does AIIMS, Madurai mean to Madurai?
* More medical facility
* Research in Madurai
* Inspiration for youngsters
* Real estate improvement
* More business in and around AIIMS.

By the way, very much possible AIIMS in Thoppur is near Austinpatti. This is interestingly near the proposed IT park.

About AIIMS:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) (created 1956) is a medical college and hospital in India, and is an autonomous institution funded by India's Union Government. It is located in New Delhi.

It is considered as the best medical college and public hospital in the country and is globally recognised for providing low-cost medical care to a large number of patients. Most of India's VIPs (Legislators, Ministers, Judges in particular) utilize AIIMS as their primary hospital, which contributes to ensuring the maintenance of high standards.

Recently, medical professionals from various Asian, European and American countries have begun coming to AIIMS to train, as the exposure to various diseases attained there is rare in most other institutions..

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Friday, January 16, 2009

what would you do with Rs.1 crore? - Madurai Finance Wisdom

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

What would you do, if you get a financial windfall of Rs.1 crore?

Would you invest all into real estate?
Would you buy stocks and put it into the market?
Would you and your wife enjoy spending it?
Would you give it for charity?

What would you do?

I am sure you would be shocked! Money can come in various ways to you. At some point of time, if you are lucky, you would get a financial windfall. Be prepared! I am not saying tomorrow you would get a windfall, but any point of life, it can happen.

As soon as you get a financial windfall, don't do anything. There would be lot of advices, lot of new friends, lot of relatives hanging out with you. These people wouldn't have even cared for you in normal days. Hence, don't get overwhelmed. Just stay calm and do whatever you were doing, as in past.

However, you should consult the financial planner and not mention about the windfall. If you mention about it, you will be looted by commissions. However, if this financial planner is a trustworthy person, he/she is the right person to talk to.

Talk to your good friends about it and others ignore it. However, don't overthrow any good friends on the name of money.

Don't panic. If you panic, you will end up putting the money in wrong places. Hence, stay calm and patient.

The whole idea of putting all the money into one pocket is not a good. The age old fundaa has to be applied here. Diversification...

Think about what you really need from life? Do you want to just stay on life and exist in life, without working. Retire early? or do you want to become big using this money?

Put the money in various pockets and make sure you have enough backup for anything emergent. Invest in something, which would earn you money, with a safety lock on it. In Madurai there is solid business - build commercial complexes, wherein businesses can be opened. You would get good money for your living.

So, invest a part of it, in real estate. I wouldn't give any percentage, because it depends on what you really want in life, based on Rs.1 crore you have. Invest in lands.

Pay off all the debts you will have;
Invest in market; Invest in businesses you know very well;
Invest on people; Make yourself a job, out of it;
Build businesses for yourself. Have a great backup like 40% of the money!

Give some for charity...

Don't forget to enjoy the money - like 3 lakhs for enjoyment out of 1 crore.

At last, don't forget one important point - People first, Money next!

If you have any thoughts, please post your opinions here by clicking on the comments below the article.

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Economic conditions of Autorickshaw drivers in Madurai

This article would explain the economic conditions of Autorickshaw drivers in Madurai...

I personally know few autorickshaw drivers in Madurai. They have a unique lifestyle in Madurai. Youngsters(bachelors) among the autorickshaw drivers are usually some fan club members. However, there are married autorickshaw drivers in Madurai. Commonly, majority of these guys drink significantly(just a data point). The drivers would even have a cleaner(sometimes), for a three wheeler - who travels with the driver!

Autorickshaw drivers are the ones who drive the three wheeler motor vehicle, but there are rickshaw riders who manually pedal the rickshaw. Their situation is deteriorating day-by-day and in fact much more pathetic. Whoever were riding the manual rickshaws in past few years for their living are just trying to exist and keep it going. There are no more new manual rickshaw riders. Manual rickshaw will be gone soon, I believe.

However, autorickshaw is something which came from last generation. As it seemed to be a profitable business and employment, lot of people started to drive autorickshaws and many bought autorickshaws and provided for rent to many drivers. The driver will have to just pay a daily rent and he can use the auto as much as he want in the day.

Even though public transport is available, if we want to go to a place faster and go conveniently, we prefer autos as first thing. However, it costs money and not like a Rs.3 or so for a bus trip from palanganatham to periyar bus stand. Auto riding is costly affair definitely.

One more point is - Chennai or any major city autorickshaw drivers cheat the customers, but Madurai autorickshaw drivers do not cheat, instead they help the passengers and tourists.

Today, public transport like Bus, Mini bus, Bikes, personal cars, bicycles are available. Also, not-minding the cost of autorickshaws, people are still riding in autos. But the problem is - there is too many number of autorickshaws to serve the madurai auto users. Hence, there is not a fulfilling salary for the autorickshaw drivers.

It does not seem to be a lucrative business anymore. As on date, there is Call Taxi into Madurai transport arena. So, there is a reduction of demand of autos, from that perspective.

However, there is a concept of Share Autos, which commutes group of people from one place to another place, but this needs a permit.

All said, the overall economic conditions hit autorickshaw drivers, because autos are mainly used by middle class people and it is not lower middle class or upper middle class. It is only middle class, who use autos.

If middle class folks are in good condition, then automatically autorickshaw drivers would live well too.

This article is written upon request...

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Chennai Sangamam - Madurai Sangamam?

சென்னை சங்கமம் 2009

தமிழ்ச் சங்கமம் துவக்க விழா

"நூறு பூக்கள் மலரட்டும்" நூல் வெளியீட்டு விழா
(2007, 2008 சென்னை சங்கமத்தில் படிக்கப்பட்ட கவிதைகள்)

அப்பப்பா அருமை படுத்திவிட்டார்கள்!!!

வெற்றிகரமாக மாண்புமிகு அமைச்சர் கனிமொழி நடத்திவிட்டார்.
எங்களுடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

இருந்தாலும் இது போன்ற தமிழ் சங்கமம் நிகழ்ச்சிகள் மதுரையில் நடந்திருந்தால் மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சியாக இருந்திருக்கும்.

நன்றி வணக்கம்!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Madurai Lavinashree, 9 year old(4th standard), Becomes Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

Girl, 9, Becomes Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

A 9-year-old girl Lavinashree from the state of Tamil Nadu, India became the youngest in the world to pass the “Microsoft Certified Professional Exam”, not an easy task for adults. She passed another 10-year-old girl from Pakistan.

She aspires to become a scientist like Dr.Abdul Kalam when she grows up.

When she was younger, she had made world records by reciting Thirukkural.

All the best to Lavinashree!!

sourced from url and ndtv


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Madurai Tamil Festival - Pongal 2009

என் இனிய மதுரை மற்றும் மதுரை சார்ந்த புறநகர் பகுதி மக்களே
நீங்கள் மதுரையில் இருந்தாலும்,
உங்கள் பிறந்த ஊரில் இல்லாவிட்டாலும்,
இந்த உலகத்தில் நீங்கள் எங்கு இருந்தாலும் -

இந்த தமிழ் திருநாளில்,
இந்த பொங்கல் நன்னாளில்

பொங்கல் நல்வல்த்துக்களை மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சியுடன் தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறோம்.

நன்றி வணக்கம்

- மதுரை டைம்ஸ் அணி.

Apologize for any spelling mistakes in tamil - blaming it on the technology

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jil Jil Jigardhanda Jigarthanda Jigartanda - Famous Madurai Dessert

Madurai Jigardhanda, a typical muslim cool drink is one of the famous drink from madurai.

Check out this video from youtube on Jigardhanda

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Madurai Tea shop - a speciality beverage in Madurai

Earlier, I have written about Madurai Tea shops - click here to read, but please come back to this article.

Madurai Tea shops are special. You want to know the reasons, here are they -

* 365/24/7 you can get tea.
* tea with a combination of murukku anytime. But in special times like evenings, you get bajji, vada etc.,
* You are treated royal, if you are decent enough in dressing.
* 1/2 tea can be ordered. that means one tea can be shared in two glass tumblers by two individuals.
* Tea is served in glass tumblers with 3/4'ths filled with tea. Smoke is also sold anytime, even one-by-one. - 'Bossu cigarette saapteengalaa bossu?' - 'bossu neenga cigarette saappudra palakkam irukkaa?'
* A friendship is shared with a tea. - 'Bossu teaa saappudunga bossuu'.
* A conversation is started with a tea.
* A Thanks is conveyed with a tea.
* On an average, men drink like 3-5 teas in a day, when they go out.
* 'paal-tea' can be ordered - which has more milk in it. that is why it is called paal-tea.
* Any corner street or main town place you go, you can get tea.
* The number of tea shops in Madurai is infinite.
* you also get other beverages - coffee, horlicks, bournvita...
* Even in hot sun and middle of the noon - madurai folks would be drinking tea, instead they should be drinking cool drinks.
* A tea used to cost Re.1 and 50 paise. But today, it costs Rs.2, 50 paise and Rs.3.

Madurai Tea shop is Madurai's Starbucks coffee place, as in US.

What if I have to setup a tea shop and consider it as one of my businesses?? Yes, it is possible. There are two ways - either setup a roadside shop or setup an upscale one like Coffee Day or any Coffee Bar etc., as my friend used to like Visalam Coffee Bar - I have never been there...

It is a real good business to setup a tea or coffee shop in Madurai. It will turn out to be a good profitable business...Think about it!!

A Video from YouTube on Tea/Coffee Shop in Madurai

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Madurai Times Pledge

Madurai Times Pledge

We are the team of Madurai Times Blog(yet to become Publication).
We are responsible as a Madurai Online Reporter

1) for motivating Madurai to become a New Madurai - Clean, Green and Socially good Madurai
2) for making it a Great Madurai - More Entrepreneurs; Great Economy and Commercial well-built.
3) for providing positive image for Madurai
4) for providing critical and good - views and opinions about Madurai for its improvement
5) Roadblocks, Potential, Infrastructure - existing and future Madurai
6) Calling back all Non-Resident Madurai folks for Madurai's improvement

We are responsible!! We want to become a little candle for the change of Madurai!!!

If you want to be part of the team or contribute views or provide special reports about Madurai, email us at maduraitimes@gmail.com.
We will help it reach the audience...

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My Madurai Father Part-II and my Health

My Madurai Father Part-II and my Health

Couple of Health Resolutions I have made this year.
A huge step - saying no to Alcohol, even to a small degree(even social drinking).
Preference to riding bicycle, instead of always using car.

This is going to drastically improve my health conditions.
Lesser vulnerability heart diseases. Self-motivated and less depression moments.
More fitness and normal weight for my body. Pumping my heart, periodically for good health!!

What I am doing is - My office is 1 mile from my apartment.
I go to office by bicycle in the morning, come back have lunch and then go back to office in the afternoon. By end of the day, I come back by bicycle in the evening. This gives me around 4-5 miles of exercise everyday. Even the commuting time is pretty much same as my car's considering the signal wait times and traffic. Isn't it worth?

While I ride my bicycle, I remember my father(dad).

Here is a first article I posted about my father - click here.

My grandfather used to walk all the way from his village Vadivelkarai or from Periyar Bus stand and come to our home in Madurai. My father used to go to work from TVS Nagar to Madura Coats (near Jail Rd, Madurai(near Arasaradi)). We are all spoilt people by using Car and not using bicycles.

My dad used to go this 12 km commute everyday and anywhere else he has to go, he still uses the same bicycle! Isn't it great? I guess, they use buses for other transport needs also. I feel happy and proud when I go by the same kind of bicycle and go to work for my family, apart from my health benefits!

I am also a good father, working for the family!!:)

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Recylcing program in Madurai : T Kallupatti

T Kallupatti perooratchi in Madurai has initiated a Recycling program to all the houses in the constituency.

This is the first time the bio-degradable and non-biodegradable materials are going to be separated and recycled in Madurai. Two separate bags would be given to the houses in T Kallupatti for different kinds of recycling.

Prior to this, all the bio-degradable and non-biodegradable materials were dumped under same pit and closed under the ground. Isn't it a great initiative?

Next, place in Madurai to follow this would be vadipatti, it seems.

Our previous post regarding this Recylcing is here

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Madurai Airport Status - 80 years behind

There is a recent news release by FORTUNE magazine about the World's worst Airports.(thanks thatstamil for the news)

World's worst Airports

I am sure you understand the status of infrastructure, especially AIR infrastructure in India. Too bad to hear...lot of things to do by the government...

Recently I visited San Fransisco International Airport and I saw a photo poster there near the ticket counters. A photo with San Fransisco Airport dating back to 1935, 1955, 1980 etc., were posted. I was able to compare Madurai Airport with it dating back to 1935 only.

In terms of Air Infrastructure, we(Madurai) are about 75 to 80 years behind...

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Thirumangalam by election update

Tirumangalam by election updates here...

Our original post on Thirumangalam by election.

DMK candidate Latha Adhiyaman won the election by 39,266 votes difference.

லதா அதியமான் (திமுக) - 79, 422
முத்துராமலிங்கம் (அதிமுக) - 40,156
தனப்பாண்டியன் (தேமுதிக) - 13,136
பத்மநாபன் (அகில இந்திய சமத்துவ மக்கள் கட்சி) - 831

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Madurai Poll No.1

Will Madurai change for good and improve in next 5 years from now?

Please cast your vote here at Madurai Times Poll


Advice for Credit Card Users - Madurai Money Wisdom

Smart Tips for Credit Card Users

Credit cards can help build a good credit history but improper use can be disastrous. It can be said that credit card debt is easy come and not so easy go. Being knowledgeable and reading the fine print may save you money and may prevent unnecessary expenses when it comes to using plastic.

If you own one or more credit cards, consider the following tips:

1) Most credit cards offer rewards such as airline tickets, cash back, car insurance and other incentives.
2) Paying off your monthly balance to avoid interest will allow you to fully reap the benefits of the card.
3) Credit card applications may often contain low interest rates to attract customers. Before you sign, research: varying interest rates, minimum payment requirements, grace periods, annual fees and credit limits.
4) Understand the impact that cancelling a credit card will have on your credit score. If the card is one that you've had for awhile and consistently paid off, it could negatively affect your credit rating.

Sourced from: f e e d t h e p i g

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non-IT folks in Madurai

There is always an opinion that IT and ITeS people earn more than required/average in their jobs and they make lot of money. This has been the situation compared to other jobs from the time IT came into popularity.

All non-computer science graduates, bank employees, B.Com graduates, B. Sc graduates, mechanical engineers, only school educated people - everyone, irrespective of their education, they all moved to IT and ITeS(Software) companies for jobs.

As it is generally considered, in an economy all the sectors has to grow. But, that was not the case in our economy. Software and BPO sectors were growing too fast, but other industries did not see that much growth.

Considering the current situation of the IT economy -
1) Global Economy slowdown
2) IT Services Major Satyam in deep trouble
3) Job loss and Unemployment increasing

These things happen in services industry. Non-IT people, who have not come into IT in their lifetime, would sadistically like this situation because this is not a great situation for IT, while IT folks has been showing off a lot during their good times.
People think about only IT and related and not other industries at all, in terms of education or even jobs or investment.

For example, if a parent wants to enroll his son/daughter into the college, they choose only IT or IT related courses. This is not good for the economy. The choice has to be varied and not just concentrated on one field. That is not good for the economy.

There is a similar situation in Sports in India. Everyone like Cricket and media covers only Cricket news. There are n number of sports in the world, but we don't care about it and it is not healthy at all. This is not good either.

Whenever is a problem realized, there is always solution following it. So, hopefully this wave of IT slowdown will bring some solution, I believe.

Thank you for listening.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

List of Madurai Collectors in 21st century

List of Madurai Collectors from 2001 to 2008

Madurai Times bloggers (online reporters) researched and have got a list of Madurai Collectors. If there is any mistake, please correct us...

2001 V. Thangavelu
2002 S. Ramachandran
2003 Dr B. Chandra Mohan
2004 D Raajendiran
2005 D Raajendiran
2006 T Udhayachandran
2007 D Karthikeyan
2007 S S Jawahar
2007 G. Sundaramurthy
2008 P Seetharaman

Hopefully, this is a helpful information for our visitors...

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Tirumangalam election update: Madurai Politics

Thirumangalam election update

1) Almost 90% of the constituency voters voted yesterday.
2) January 10th is the election result
3) DMK, ADMK and DMDK is curious about the whole result.
4) DMK and ADMK is considering this election as semi-finals before the lok sabha election.
5) DMDK is looking for a great turning point
6) Poll went on peacefully, and no discrepancy happened on the election day.
7) However, there are lot of complaints until the election day before's night.

Will update the consequences of the election result, once the result is out!

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Business Success Case Analysis - All about people - Madurai Business Wisdom

A business evolves from an idea. An idea originates on a person's mind, while he/she sees a problem and there are too many people who would want that problem to be solved. Of course, the person who comes up with this idea is passionate about the whole thing.

As long as the person is a passionate about the idea, then if (s)he keeps working on that idea. The real turning point happens, when more people get attracted to the solution. People think that he is really solving the problem. This is the case when the business goes into success stage. More people get attracted into the business - automatically things would work out.

For example - Craigslist.org's Craig created the classifieds website and gave it free for all the users and visitors, while all the classified websites were asking money. Craig made the user interface simple that anybody could use it. Simplicity in doing things and do not complicate things. Now, Craig charges the "Post Jobs" feature only and that company is successful.

That is the idea. Say - you have a website - once you have considerable number of visitors, automatically you can convert that website into a business and it will fetch you revenue.

That is what I am talking about. Get many people know about business and that will reach as many people as needed and in fact much more than needed.

Overall Business Thumb rule is - Get more people to know about your business and use your services at low cost or free and they will come to know how special you are - and you will be successful, provided you serve what they need in right manner.

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Madurai Family Administration

I was imagining, if a family administration is done, similar to a corporation(city) administration. That would bring lot of organization in family. In fact, everyone would be already following this in their own family administration. However, they wouldn't have realized that they are doing this already.

I was looking into the madurai corporation administration and its several departments for running Madurai Corporation. Here are the departments in the family.

Town planning, and

1) Family care and Love
2) Mostly taken care by the woman folk of the family.

1) Save, Invest, Spend less
2) Find new ways for earning more - revenue
3) Personal Finance is very important for a micro-economy to function well.
4) Atleast one person has to be concerned about this, otherwise family would collapse. If both the members of the family are careless, it will be catastrophe.

1) Connect with all friends periodically
2) Learn to talk nicely and elaborately

1) Vehicle maintenance - bicycle, car, motor bike etc.,

1) This has to be always ON and this has to be under the leader's umbrella.

1) Everybody in the family has to be educated; need to learn more; Literacy is important for the family - both short-term and long-term.

1) Find new things
2) Build new things
3) Business development and improvement

1) Walking,
2) Cycling,
3) Healthy Diet,
4) Daily vitamin tablet,
5) less or no coffee,
6) weekly once drinking/mild drinking only
7) more vegetables and fruits


What does Satyam Computers's situation mean to Madurai?

What does Satyam Computers's situation mean to Madurai?

We all know the situation of Satyam today, due to mishandling of accounts/books in Satyam Computers. What does this mean to Madurai and other cities??

Please find a news article from 2007 about Satyam Computer Services in Madurai.

1) Satyam will not be buying any land in Madurai or give it up, 99%.
2) Employees from all cities and Madurai to Satyam Computers will be affected because of this already. They will be laid off and they should be searching jobs and be in job market.
3) Potential Job Oppotunities in Madurai is devastated now.

Pity situation for everyone!!

A news article from mid of 2007 -

Satyam to start center in Madurai

Satyam Computer Services will open its development center in Madurai, reports Press.

The company applied for 50 acres under ELCOT scheme proposed in the university land on Theni road. The company would commence work as soon as the government announces the approval.

The proposed campus would initially accommodate 5,000 and would be developed to 10,000-seater over a three-year period.

The company made a proposal to establish an autonomous IT academy in Tamil Nadu, under the public-private partnership funding to the Chief Minister.

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Plastic Recycling in Madurai

Solid Waste Management and Plastic Recycle in Madurai

Even as a modernising India and every district like Madurai roars ahead, it is leaving a trail of plastic waste everywhere. Bottles, bags, buckets, shoes and garments are thrown away by the rich and the poor. Luckily, India has already exhausted that reflex reaction of shallow thinkers: ‘ban plastics!’ And even more luckily, some sober minds are focused on creative solutions to the problem. In terms of reclycling research - there are two initiatives which has come out of the labs.

Prof Vasudevan in Madurai, Tamil Nadu had proposed blending plastic waste with bitumen and rock aggregate used in paving roads. He said this improves bonding and make the roads survive the monsoons better. A small stretch of road was paved early this year to prove the concept. Now there is news that the practice may be spreading.

While that approach has to do with disposal, Alka Zadgaonkar’s is do with reuse. An academic and a researcher in Nagpur, she has gained a WIPO patent for her process to convert all manner of plastic wastes into petrochemicals. For eight years she and her husband Umesh have worked on perfecting the process. They then demonstrated it to many critical audiences. And now news comes that their doggedness may be paying off. Indian Oil Corporation [IOC] has signed a deal with her.

That apart - what is the measure done in Madurai for recylcing?
As "The Hindu" reports in June 2008, Average quantum of waste generated from each household is around 2.5 kg. Individually, nobody puts it into separate containers or places for recycling, like other developed nations do. In fact, the special rag pickers pick the plastics and recyclable wastes and get money for that from the organized recyclers.

A comprehensive solid waste management policy is on the anvil to halve the waste generated by houses in town panchayats by 2015, K. Gopal, Commissioner, Town Pachayats, has said.

The policy would be based on three R's: reduce, recycle and reuse. Awareness and training programmes would be conducted for stakeholders.

Each district would have at least one plastic recycle unit, he said. Residents would be encouraged to hand over non-degradable waste to these units through organised rag-pickers. We need to make it to one kg per household, instead of 2.5 kgs.

This is more of lack of awareness. Till date, there are many people who do not even know that there is a recylcing concept and also how harmful it is to the environment, if we ignore it. If you are interested, we wrote an article about clean and Green Madurai, sometime back.

After a little research online, Madurai Times bloggers(reporters) found out some recyclers. If you are a recycler and want to be listed, let us know at maduraitimes@gmail.com.

Madurai Metal Recycling , Estd. 2007, (Raja)
Importers of Waste Papers and Plastics.
Address: 69,Kamarajar Salai, East Gate,India,MADURAI,TamilNadu

Deepam Polymers & Chemicals
Munichalai Road, Madurai-625009

Sheila Sons
73, Abrami Street, Narayanapuram West,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, 625 014.
Manufacturer / Supplier / Exporter of : medicinal Plants.,Plastic recycled materials.

SK Industries (Madurai)
Madurai TamilNadu

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package in Madurai??

A vote in Thirumangalam election is worth Rs.1000 from one party.
Say Party A gives Rs.1000, at the sametime Party B also give Rs.1000 for the same person.

A single family has husband and wife. If that family includes parents as well, then it is probably worth Rs.4000 or Rs.5000.

All the businesses, theaters, hotels, restaurants, alcoholic bar shops etc., are getting good business.

Is it a stimulus package for Tirumangalam constituency - Madurai!!!???


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Veerapandia Kattabomman - South of Madurai - Birthday


The struggle for freedom from the British, saw the emergence of many patriots who fought, made sacrifices and even lost their lives defending the country. Exhibiting great courage, Tamils were among those who sowed the seeds for the freedom movement. One such pioneer was Veerapandiya Kattabomman.

Eighteen kilometres north west of Tirunelveli lies the hamlet of Panchalankurichi, a place of historical significance. The chieftains ruling Panchalankurichi put up stiff resistance against the British East India Company, between 1798 and 1801.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman was a fearless chieftain who refused to bow down to the demands of the British for agricultural tax on native land, a brave warrior who laid down his life for his motherland. The fight he launched in Panchalankurichi has been hailed as the inspiration behind the first battle of independence of 1857, which the British called the Sepoy Mutiny.

Azhagiya Veerapandiapuram (Ottapidaram of today) was ruled by Jagaveera Pandiyan. He had a minister Bommu who had migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu who was a brave warrior. He was known as Gettibommu in Telugu to describe his strength and fighting qualities. This, over a period of time, became Kattabomman in Tamil. Kattabomman ascended the throne after Jagaveera Pandiyan, who had no issue, and later came to be known as Adi Kattabomman, the first of the clan of Kattabomman.

Legend has it that during a hunting trip into the forests of Salikulam (close to Azhagiya Pandiyapuram) Kattabomman watched the spectacle of a hare chasing seven hounds. Kattabomman was amazed at this miracle. Believing that the land possessed great powers that could instil courage in people, he built his fort there and named it Panchalankurichi.

Born in this clan of Adi Kattabomman was Veerapandiyan on January 3, 1760 – the 47th king of Panchalankurichi – to Jagaveera Kattabomman and Arumugathammal. He had two younger brothers Dalavai Kumarasami and Duraisingam. Veerapandiyan was fondly called ‘Karuthaiah’ (the black prince), and Dalavai Kumarasami, ‘Sivathaiah’ (the white prince). Duraisingam, a good orator, earned the sobriquet ‘Oomaidurai’, which actually meant the very opposite – the dumb prince.

Read more here...


Challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Madurai

There are n number of challenges faced by Madurai budding entrepreneurs.

Here is a previous post, with a case example of the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs.

I know a friend of mine, who is in Madurai. He is a mechanic by profession and he did not want to work for some else all his life. He wants to start his own business.

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs - small business owners.
1) One is who want to just earn for their daily expense and keep life moving.
2) Another is who want to reach heights and expand their business to a great degree.

The mechanic to-be-entrepreneur I am talking about falls under first category. The challenge he faces is the basic thing. He is already a family man with a wife and a school going little daughter. He does not have a capital. He does not have enough money to lead his family and at the same time cannot do business at this time.

Another challenge for entrepreneurs is location. Some people are not in the location of business, they desire. This is also one of the challenges.

If you are facing any other challenges, before starting any business in Madurai - please post your comment.

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Dependant or Inter-dependant Society: Madurai

This article is a follow-up to an article I wrote about a budding entrepreneur. Here is the previous post. Please read the previous post and then read the following...

Today, I called this Mr.X(Name hidden for privacy) and came to know that there is lot of family pressure, against his business ideas and entrepreneurship and risk-taking-attitude. His father-in-law and brother-in-law are opposing for his venture, instead they are expecting him to go for a job.

There is no independence for this guy! What is this? It is his life! He, his wife and his son is a family. How can somebody else interfere in his life? well...hold on... This is Madurai...Madurai is an inter-dependent and dependent society. This is not west, I understand that...However - there is too much control on one's life.

Why should this guy listen to his in-laws? I guess, that is how it is! In fact, in-laws will help, if there is a need and no one would come forward...

In today's modern culture, there is no joint family culture, however there is a virtual joint family culture still existing in Madurai. Even though physically members of the family don't stay together in a same house, still they are together virtually atleast in decisions and for happiness or sadness.

This inter-dependency definitely does not help at all for entrepreneurship!! Hope this changes/improves.

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Disappointed Madurai students, even after Campus Interview selection

Disappointed Madurai students, even after Campus Interview selection

In most of the colleges, campus interviews are conducted and the students are selected for employment in corporate companies. Companies include HCL, TCS, Satyam etc., If you don't know what is Campus Placement - Companies come to the college campuses and recruit students after written tests and couple of rounds campus interviews. Students are made offers even while studying 3rd year or 4th year of the academics. Today what is happenning is - even though the students are offered with a job after interviews in college campus, companies are postponing or cancelling the placements in the companies. The reason is recession in economy. Companies are wondering if the new employees should be taken in or not, with this kind of economy situation. This happenned in past like during 2000, 2001 and 2002 timeframe. Hopefully this would change, after the economy improves. Students and Candidates, please keep hope and this would improve and you would get jobs. All said - a given fact that you have already gone through interviews and got selected is a big deal. Be proud of it!!

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Public Transportation Improvement in Madurai

Riding the bus from Palanganatham bus stop to Periyar Bus stand is fun-filled all the time. The bus is always full and overflowing on the foot boards. If it is a bus coming from south, then it is already full. If the bus is starting from Palanganatham, then the bus is parked and stays there for people to board. As passengers board the bus and when it is time to start the bus (as per the bus timings) then the bus starts from the bus stop.

Drivers are usually well experienced, due to their longer tenure in the government transport.

It is definitely considered that the drinking and driving is crime. Madurai employees are usually very honest and the employees would not drink and drive, when on duty. However, many do smoke cigarettes, which is fine. Any passenger has the right to complain against any driver, who might be drinking and driving.

Usually most of the accidents with public transport happen, due to passenger’s mistake or due to carelessness. Even in July 2008, there was an accident reported in “The Hindu” that the passenger was killed when he slipped on the first foot boards. May be door-ed buses would help, in this case. If it is door-ed there is a less chance that somebody would board on the foot-board OR somebody would get down or climb the bus while the bus is in motion.
The city buses are driven very slow inside the city and it is even usually 5-10-15-20 miles per hour – which is good.

It is a responsibility of the passengers and pedestrians to be careful and follow the traffic rules and it is just not the responsibility of public transport drivers.

In Madurai, there is a preferred seating arrangement for handicapped and challenged persons. Other than that, there is not much help for handicapped. In foreign countries and developed countries, bus kneels down for the handicapped to get in. Buses are air-conditioned due to varied climate requirements. When School buses stop and serve children, all the vehicles stop behind and in front. Will it ever happen in Madurai?

There are various issues here –
1) Poor Road Infrastructure,
2) People never take responsibility and act as good corporation citizens,
3) Poor Traffic sense among people
4) Public transportation in poor condition
5) Government Transportation is running in loss.

An average bus’s lifetime is only 6 years and/or 7 lakh miles. But, more than 60% of the public transportation vehicles have already crossed the limit, either in miles or in years. Most of them are more than a decade old. Thanks to Right-To-Information-Act of 2005.


Public Transportation in Madurai

Madurai is a lotus shaped city built around the Meenakshi Temple. According to the old city plan, the city streets are in concentric circles. There are narrow roads which have become incapable of handling the rising traffic in the city. However new bridges have been constructed across the river Vaigai. This is to connect north Madurai and south Madurai as well as to regularize the traffic between the two. In summers, traffic might seem a problem as it adds up to the dust and noise pollution.

In Madurai city of India, most of the people use two wheelers for transportation. The traffic inside the city is usually fine, but the heavy vehicles like trucks and tri cycles create congestion in the market place during the peak hours. However, the infrastructure and the public transportation have to be improved to a great extent, considering the future developments proposed in Madurai. The traffic policemen make use of manual light, made of plastic. During the festival time and weekends, there are some traffic related problems in the city as people are in party mood. However, as far as public transport is concerned, the city has lots of options.

Cycle Rickshaws
Cycle rickshaws are preferred mode of local transport for small distances. The charges are quite nominal too.

The other major mode of local transportation in Madurai is the city bus. People travel from one part of the city to the other by city buses only. During peak hours, like in the morning and the evening, the buses are quite crowded. Being one of the most important means of public transport, you will find a lot of rush in the buses during the festivals. The other options available are Town buses and suburban buses, connecting the nearby places. Madurai has five bus stands to cater to the needs of the people.

Auto rickshaws
Auto rickshaws are another medium through which you can travel across the city. The auto drivers do not follow the fare meters so the fare has to be negotiated before hand. The fare is paid in cash and it is a comfortable way of traveling in the city.

Taxis are an expensive means of traveling. They are usually preferred when going for a sight seeing tour or exploring the tourist places near the Madurai. Taxis charge money on per day basis and should be hired when in a group.

By walk
Couple of decades ago, there were also people who used to and prefer to walk from place to place. The reason was that there was not much money for living itself, considering the family size.

Madurai is a kind of place where there are more public transportation users, like New York or Washington DC or San Francisco. Unlike, places like Kansas City, where people depend on their own mode of transport.

The city has a robust public transportation system, and a well-developed intra- and inter-state bus and railway systems.


Madurai Traffic sense - advice

  • Avoid footboard travel.
  • Ticketless Travel is punishable.
  • Do not alight or board a running bus.
  • Follow Queuing system while boarding a bus.
  • Be Courteous to fellow passengers.
  • Close following of vehicles is dangerous-Avoid it.
  • Help us to serve you better.
  • Travel by Government Buses. It is safe,cheap and reliable.
  • Avoid overtaking on bridges and curves.
  • Please Tender exact Change -It saves time.
  • Buses are your Property -Protect them
  • Follow lane discipline.
  • Obey Traffic Signals


Friday, January 02, 2009

தமிழ் கவிதை

இன்று நாம் குனிந்து படிப்பது
நாளை நிமிர்ந்து நடப்பதற்காக!!

இது நான் முதன்முறையாக தமிழில் எழுத தொடங்கி உள்ள கவிதை.

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My Madurai Mother - part II

I have written about my mother in one of the earlier posts. Here is the post, click here

My mother was born to Parvathathammal and Sellaiyapillai. Parvathathammal even sold idly and paniayaram in streets for their daily expenditure and to bring up her children. My mother's mother was a very hard working person, hence I guess my mother also became a hard working person. It all depends on parents only for how the children would be.

Three days back, my mother had a eye surgery for cataract. One good thing in Madurai is - Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. Operation was successful and Aravind Hospital is doing great!

One unfortunate thing is - I and my wife are not there to help my mother, when she needs us. She had been there for us, when we needed and today we are not there to help her. However, my eldest brother who is Doctor is there to help my mother.

In my childhood days, when my mother is out to office or any relative's function, we would wait for her and we(brothers) miss her a lot. We would wait and watch the door for my mother to come back.

She would bring Masal Kadalai from the corner shop. I like those masaal kadalais very much. I used to fill the masal kadalai into my trouser pocket or shirt pocket and slowly eat.

Anyway, even though I am far away from you my mother - I am always thinking about you and I will come to you soon for helping you.

My mother series will continue...

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Jaathagam in Madurai: Moola Nakshathram

My wife's friend who lives in Madurai - is now of age 34 and she is not getting married due to some societal reasons. Do you know what is the reason?

Jaathagam - paazhaappona jaathagam. Looks like she has Moola Natchathiram. Moola Natchathiram is one kind of star, and it seems that not a great star.

If you have moola nathcathiram(moola star or moola Nakshthram), then there are so many restrictions for marriage. Moola star is not compatible with any star person, it seems. If you marry a moola star person, then your father would die - this is what astrologers say! Isn't it crazy?!

That is the reason, our friend is not getting any alliance for her marriage!!! It is like Tamil Comedy Actor Vivek says - "Aayiram periyaargall vandhaalum, ungallai thirutha mudiyaathu"!!!

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