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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Investments in this disturbed market

Investments in this disturbed market:

1) SIP(Systematic Investment Planning) Products
2) Gold
3) Stock Markets
4) Fixed Deposits
5) Realty Investments


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Break your Inhibitions: Madurai Advice

If we break our inhibitions there are lot of things we can achieve in this world.

What are inhibitions?
"Social inhibition is what keeps humans from becoming involved in potentially objectionable actions and/or expressions in a social setting. The significance of this inhibiting behaviour varies greatly from person to person, and may be closely linked to a person's confidence. Many people use the effects of alcohol to free themselves from these inhibitions, providing more active experiences in society, however this can become over enhanced when too much alcohol is taken."

Inhibitions are usually interpreted in India, as being shy and reserved.
I used to be shy with lot of inhibitions in my school days. My mother would tell others that he is reserved and shy and so we cannot expect him to talk much.

Over my school days, I never tried to break my inhibitions. In my college days, I did break few of my inhibitions. In my career life, I started to break most of my inhibitions. Today, in my office, I felt like I have broken most of my inhibitions.

If you break your inhibitions, you can easily give speech in front of howmuchsoever audience crowd is there. You can socialize easily. You can market successfully. You can sell things easily. You can be successful in anything, because there is nothing to stop you.

Inhibitions can be related with fear too. So, we do not want to be fearful and be a loser in this world. Hence, BREAK THE INHIBITIONS and WIN THE WORLD!!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Reading habit for kids

Reading habit for kids

I believe - If we implant the reading habit in kids, then their life is set.
As Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam had said sometime back - Good Reading leads to good thoughts; thoughts leads to actions; actions lead to habit and habit leads to character. The whole good character could be built by a reading habit.

My mother always brought books from the local library and had advocated us to read in my school days. I realized the power of reading habit only in my college days, in fact. I want my children to have them incorporated as early as possible, like my mother dreamt about us.

First of all, we need to be a good model character for them. We should not be the person who just watches movies and TV whole time. The children should see us reading magazines and good books. They will automatically follow us, because they don't have anybody to follow in the initial stages. I am sure once they read more books they will form their own characters by following great men.

Take them to the library, when they are just 1 or 1.5 year old itself. Or 2 years is a good enough age, when they understand things better. They will see all the people reading silently and assume that it is a good habit to do and they start liking too.

Do not push the reading and as always let reading be FUN for them!

As my parents invested on education for us, and nothing else, I will take my children's education as a high priority.
If we are keen in just earning and building wealth, it is not good enough. We need to invest time on kids to encourage them and appreciate them, recognize them for their work and their thinking.

Use Recognition...recognition as the Carrots for their improvement and their happiness!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Madurai Jobs Portal - Velai Vaaippugall - Madurai To South Indian Cities Jobs Portal - Soon to come!!

As I promised few days back in maduraitimes blog, we are in closing stages of getting a Jobs Portal out in the market.

A Perfect Job portal serving all of the community, starting from Madurai to all the South Indian cities.

There is a huge demand for jobs, job seekers and employers from all angles and we feel there is no sufficient medium providing the supply for the demand. Hence D?????F????!!

We believe - Everyone gets employed; better the economy!!

A Free Jobs Portal - You just need 10 seconds and an unique email for signing up.
We have made everything simple for your and our convenience.

Get a job using D?????F????.com for FREE. This is a non-profit initiative from New Madurai Foundation, backed by Made In Madurai.

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Odd moments in the elevator

Odd moments in the elevator

I am sure everyone of us, who use elevator everyday would have encountered these situations.

You get into your elevator, in your office building. Another man or woman accompanies you in the same elevator.
Elevator closes the door and you go to the desired floor. While the elevator is in flight, you have nothing to talk...

You don't see eye to eye!
You see up and see the display floor number and try to read different things in the elevator to avoid any topic with the other person.
Some people try to talk about weather!#@
Some people try to talk about the latest news or hot topic...
You try to be nice with the conversation...
You say thank you, have a great day, nice talking to you etc.,

Have you seen mirror around you, in many elevators? I don't know why is that.

It is always odd moments, even though it is very quick.

However, if you have the known people on board, these odd moments does not apply.

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Madurai Family - motivation and responsibility

Madurai Family - motivation and responsibility:

Family is very important at any point of time. Wife and kids are the real fun.
They are the ones who keep us running daily with full enthusiasm.
They are the motivation.

When I see my daughter, who is just an infant (< 2 years old), I think of an education fund, a marriage fund, an exclusive savings for my lovely daughter. I feel there is a huge responsibility as a father to save for my daughter.
At the same time, I have a huge responsibility of savings for my retirement and my wife's. My wife is not working, so I need to save for her retirement too.

This keeps me going, in a way. I need to work hard, save, and build assets for my family and their future.
This becomes my primary motivation for running in the life.

These days it costs minimum (INR) Rs.25 lakhs for a good education. If you are thinking of education abroad, you need think much further financially. I don't really care about Marriage fund, but I do really care about education fund. This has to be planned much ahead.

In addition, I need to have atleast Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000 per month as income in my retirement(considering the inflation rate), and also considering that I live in my own house.

I keep thinking I just need to work hard and harder in my current job and make sure I save for future.

First feed yourself, then your family, then your society and the world!

Hope you are in the same boat as me!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

DMK Women Conference, Cuddalore

The two-day DMK Women's wing conference, aimed at expanding its support base ahead of the next Lok Sabha elections, kicked-off here on Saturday with women members of party Chief M Karunanidhi's family taking the centre stage for the first time.

The party, in a show of strength of its women power, took out an impressive rally, in which over 50,000 women from all over the state, clad in black and white sarees and churidhar, participated.

Karunanidhi, accompanied by his wife-Dayalu, 'life-partner' Rajathi, daughter Kanimozhi and grand daughter Kayalvizhi, witnessed the party flag being hoisted at a 85-feet high post, signalling the age of the DMK patriarch.

read more here

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M K Azhagiri complained to TRAI about SUN TV in Madurai

Two days after launching his cable network to rival his cousins here, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's son, M K Azhagiri, has accused Maran brothers' Sun TV network of not providing the "decoder box", violating Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulations.

A bit news - Royal Cable Vision is started as a rival to Maran's Sumangali Cable Vision(SCV), previously called Sun Cable Vision!

read more here

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M K Azhagiri launched Namitha's Jaganmohini in Madurai

M K Azhagiri, is more famous for avoiding functions of all kinds. Yet, the Madurai based son of chief minister will crank the camera and formally launch Jaganmohini, a Namitha film today at the Thirumalai Naicker Mahal in Madurai.

read more here

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Madurai Father and myself

I don't see any difference between what my father was doing and what I am doing?
My father was a labourer in a cotton mill in Madurai. His designation was overlooker (in tamil it is called maesthri). He had his colleagues and his own fun. He used to work for 8 hours.

He worked on machines to get the threads made from the cotton. There were further automation in the machines and he enjoyed his job.

I see the same thing with me too. I work on machines and I make something or atleast test somethings before it goes to the customer.

I have managers as my father did.

I think it is the course of a NORMAL life everyone goes through, unless we make a tremendous difference in our lives by finding something new or building something new! or becoming an industrialist etc.,

It is usually ideal to be 10 times different than your previous generation. But, I see myself to be the same person, as my father - except for little differences in my financial situation!!

I hope I will make some difference and give something new this world, than normal!!

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Madurai - pre-fixed auto fare system

In an attempt to facilitate a hassle-free journey for passengers, a pre-fixed auto fare system has been introduced in the Madurai city by Minister K N Nehru on Saturday.

Madurai - a pre-fixed auto fare system introduced

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Never take decisions based on temptations - Madurai Finance Wisdom

Never take decisions based on temptations.
Tempations always lead to bad decisions and you regret for it.

I made a recent financial decision based on temptation.
As always, it ended up in a bad decision.

A different me, came in front of me and kept on talking to me about doing the temptation. I heard to that and did execute the sales. I bought that thing, even though it was difficult for me to buy!

I went for it, even though it is not affordable for me, at this point of time.

I regret for it guys! Why did that temptation come to me?
I was a very happy individual doing my own stuff and satisfied with what I have.
Why do these temptations come? I would have to pay that off, for next one year to get rid of this problem.

I can clearly see that the purchase was unnecessary. I didn't know that at that time. Nobody told me! Every heard to what I said and nobody stopped me!

I went ahead and today a real me is coming and knocking me. This real me is the one I always live with. So, now the real me is coming and asking me lots of questions.

I was a rich guy in terms of financial satisfaction and now I am a poor guy for couple of months at least. I feel guilty of my actions and its consequences.

Why would my inner self come to me and tell me to live life and now tell me that you went too fast in life!? Why there is a contradictory thought floating around and confusing me!!

This clearly tells me who am I!?

Yes - I am a conservative, long-term saver and never would think of living life. Your brought up is like that! You can never become a spender! You will kill yourself, instead!!!

Moral is this: Never take decisions when you are tempted!!!!

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