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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Newstar Leisure Concept Private Limited a CHEATING company Ganesh (+91-9840486684, 044-45900809 and m.ganesh@nslc.co.in)

Hi all,

We are a property services company in Chennai and we helped them in arranging a property in Chennai T Nagar and we were in touch with Ganesh (+91-9840486684, 044-45900809 and m.ganesh@nslc.co.in) and Arul (7299565253).

We even have a signed agreement with our letter pad that they will pay us one month commission for the services we provide.

But, what happenned at last was - they have used our services and they occupied that space in T Nagar and enjoying the benefits, but at last they did not pay us and they are saying "do whatever you can". Very unfair business and cheating around.

Ganesh is an admin person and he is not exposing the management people to us. He is keep on saying management is saying they cannot pay us.

NSLC or Newstar Leisure Concept Private Limited in Chennai is a cheating company. That is our experience and so please be aware before you join this company or if you are doing business with this company. They could have atleast said they can pay partly to us, since they are having problem financially. These kind of companies should not be in business and someday they have to answer to somebody for this!

If any questions, please email us at sanapropertyin@gmail.com.

thank you

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