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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some Tips for Life from Madurai Machan

  1. Balance in life - personal and business is very important
  2. Pray Your God! - Hare Rama Hare Krishna!! Bismillah Ar-rahman Ar-rahimi!! Praise the Lord Jesus!!
  3. Consider both happiness and sadness same. No worries will be there.
  4. Forecast everything or else keep options for future - no worries will be there.
  5. "Attachment-less" life helps to be happy!
  6. Do your duty and everything will happen automatically.
  7. There is no permanent solution for everything.
  8. Everything happens in life as a sequence of events based on our actions, considering the influence of social and astromonical influences, under God's oversight.
  9. Change is the only PERMANENT thing in life.
  10. So have your mind to accept change and forecast it before it comes with options.
  11. Keeping Options helps us to choose from easily and prepare accordingly.
  12. Money is not going to help completely.
  13. Going to temple often is not going to help completely.
  14. Accept life; Take it as it comes; Take it easy and Just do it!! 
  15. Be bold and courageous. There is nothing to loose but life!
  16. Work towards your vision and perform action. Everything will be perfect and Life will be smooth.
  17. On top of all of that - BE GOOD to yourself and to others. That itself will give a great feeling!!


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