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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Akshaya Trithya - Auspicious day for buying gold, silver, real estate etc., in Madurai

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Buy Gold, Silver, Real Estate, Start Business, Start New Construction, Buy Land in Madurai on this auspicious day of Akshaya Trithiya!!

MAY 8th 2008 is the day

Read more about Akshaya Thrithiya...

Akshaya Tritiya, variously spelt as Akshya Thiritiya, Akshaya Trutheeya, Akshaya Tritiiya and also called Akshaya Trithi, falling on the third day of the bright half of the lunar month of Vaisakha of the traditional Hindu calendar, is one of the four most auspicious days of the year for Hindus. The word Akshaya, a Sanskrit word, literally means one that never diminishes, and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. It is widely celebrated in all parts of India by different sections of the society irrespective of their religious faith and social grouping. The day is particularly considered auspicious for buying long term assets like gold and silver, including ornaments made of the same; diamond and other precious stones; and the real estate. The legend states that any venture initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya shall continue to grow and bring prosperity. Hence, it is normal to see many of the new ventures, like starting a business, ground breaking for construction etc on the Akshaya Tritiya Day.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Buy Gold Bars/Gold Coins in Madurai: Jewellers, Jewellery

Why Buy Gold Bars in Madurai

Gold bars are a safe haven for asset protection as well as a good future investment. Basically the value of gold does not change with regard to the goods and services you can get with its value. And ounce of gold still purchases the same value of goods and services as it did many years ago. But the amount of fiat currency which the gold value is assessed by does change and, as the economy goes through recessions and inflation, the apparency is that gold is worth more when actually it is the currency which is worth less.

A good reason to buy gold bars and not sell them.

But if you do have to sell some gold, bars are good as they are accepted anywhere in the world.

Read this website for all about gold investment

Some jewellery shops in joy alukkas and madurai.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Madurai Software Companies: IT Exports turning to Dubai, UK/Europe from USA

Considering the slowdown in USA, weakening of the dollar in US, IT demand is getting temporarily slowed down.

IT product exports from India is changing its focus to Dubai, UK, including other countries in Europe. Exports of Indian IT products to the Middle East are expected to cross the $1.30-billion mark this year - an increase of 30 percent compared to $1 billion in 2007.

This is a way to go for a GLOBALIZED MARKET and GLOBALIZED ECONOMY in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Be aware of this fact - for the software companies in Madurai, if you are starting a business in Madurai and be benefitted/profitted.

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Great Madurai spreading wings!!! Dream come true for Madurai

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Madurai, a tier-two city in southern Tamil Nadu, best known for its temple and jasmine flowers, is expanding on all sides, thanks to height restrictions on buildings within the city, growing wealth, increasing availability of facilities such as mini-bus services to suburbs, and anticipation of investments especially in the IT and BPO sectors.

On the residential side, good quality constructions range from Rs 1,000 a sq ft to Rs 2,000 a sq ft in up market areas, while residential rentals vary greatly based on location. Sahara City Homes is setting up a huge project in the suburbs. Local players such as Visvas Promoters and Sashwath Constructions have a good number of residential projects under development.

Organised retail is just beginning to get a toe hold in the city and the real estate valuations are largely built on the hope of IT majors setting shop in the city in the next few years.

The article was very impressive about Madurai. Please read the original in economictimes

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Heritance Hotel Madurai - A New Star Hotel in Madurai

HERE is a chance to stay with the comfort of a star hotel, designed to world - class standards, the next time you travel to Madurai.

ETL Infrastructure’s first hospitality venture ‘Heritance Madurai’ is now ready for launch on April 25 in Madurai at 9 a.m. The Heritance Madurai hotel, in terms of the architecture, has a distinctive flavour of its own.

The city announced its entry into a premier league of luxury hotels with the soft launch of a five-star category urban heritage resort on Friday. ‘Heritance Madurai,’ a venture of Chennai-based ETL Hospitality Services, has come up on the sprawling premises of the erstwhile Madura Coats Club here.

Addressing a press conference on the occasion, S. Thiagarajan, Chief Executive Officer, ETL Infrastructure Services, of which ETL Hospitality is a subsidiary, said that the construction materials for the resort were sourced locally as were a lot of construction personnel. Of the 17.18 acres, the hotel occupied 11 acres.

Madurai is a gateway to the tourist circuits of south Tamil Nadu and Kerala,” he said. Emphasis had been laid on making it environment-friendly. No toxic material had been used. The place was totally asbestos-free and only biodegradable materials were used. Efforts were on to get the U.S. company ‘Leeds’ to rate the building as “green.”

Sourced from hindu and ind press

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rise in prices of steel and cement: Coimbatore, Madurai

Continuous rise in price of steel and cement in tamil nadu, gives lot of pressure for Building projects in Coimbatore.

Coimbatore builders seek government help to curb prices of steel and cement in tamil nadu.

read more in hindu b u s i n e s s

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TAFE, Madurai - introduces bio diesel tractor

Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) on Friday said its entire sub 100 HP range of Massey Ferguson tractors, but one, has been made compatible for use with bio diesel.

TAFE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of tractors and sells about 80,000 units a year that it produces at various plants in Chennai, Kalladipatti (Madurai), Doddabalapur (Bangalore) and Mandidheep (Bhopal).

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Vijay Shanthi Builders, Salem

Vijay Shanthi Builders would construct an integrated township having premium villas with luxurious amenities in the foot hills of Yercaud and Salem.

They also said they will also announce new projects to cater to mid and premium segments in tier-II cities.

Hopefully they will soon come to Madurai, since it is one of the tier-II cities.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

More Power for Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu: Madurai and other districts

The cabient Thursday approved setting up a 1,000 MW coal-based thermal power plant at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, which will meet the rising demand of the southern region.

The plant would be set up by NLC Tamil Nadu Power Limited, a joint venture of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) and the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB).

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Madurai Airport Design: Madurai Airport Expansion

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Sponsored by Sun City - Real Estate Agent, Madurai

The New airport in Madurai is going to be a 17,536-square metre building, to be constructed at a cost of Rs. 88 crore. It will have advanced features. The new facility has been designed to cater to 500 passengers. It has been proposed to have four aero-bridges, though initially only two will come up. Seven glass passenger lifts, five escalators and online baggage handling systems would make it a world class airport

This is designed by Mott Macdonald, the firm which also designed the New Delhi airport and they are experts in providing designs for private and public sector infrastructures worldwide.

Here are a few pictures, which I got by email.

Sourced from forwarded emails - Not Validated for truth!
Chronicles of Madurai

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Official and Latest News on Madurai IT Park: Madurai Tidel Park: Madurai Airport - Foundation Stone for New Terminal Building in Madurai Airport

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Official and Latest News on Madurai IT Park: Madurai Tidel Park: Madurai Airport - Foundation Stone for New Terminal Building in Madurai Airport

Sponsored by Sun City - Real Estate Agent, Madurai

On the evening of 26th of April, Chief Minister Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi is laying a foundation for three important things -

1) Airport Expansion to International Terms - New Terminal Foundation.
2) Madurai Tidel Park in Madurai North - near Mattuthavani
3) Madurai IT Park in Madurai South

This function is scheduled to happen this weekend on 26th of April in the Madurai Airport.

We are very glad about the whole news and it is going to change everything in Madurai to a very new positive level.

Tamil Nadu (CM) Chief Minister M Karunanidhi will lay the foundation stone for a new Integrated Terminal Building at Madurai Airport on April 26.

Official sources said as part of the modernization of the Madurai Airport, the Integrated Terminal Building which could handle 500 passengers at a time would come up.

Mr Karunanidhi will also lay the foundation stones for the much awaited Madurai North Ilandhaikulam Information Technology Park and Madurai South Vadapalanji Information Technology Park at a function to be held at the Madurai Airport on the same day.

Union Minister for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways T R Baalu and Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Praful Patel would also participate, the news sources added.

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Real Estate Status in Madurai, Chennai and India

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Real Estate Status in Madurai, Chennai and India

Sponsored by Sun City - Real Estate Agent, Madurai

In most parts of Chennai, apartments in new complexes cost between Rs 70 lakh to Rs 1 crore. As for adjoining suburbs, prices are in the range of Rs 40 lakh to Rs 50 lakh.

For instance, ongoing projects on the Madurai Highway are priced at Rs 45 lakh and above.

Consider the economics. To buy a flat worth Rs 50 lakh, a salaried employee would have to pay Rs 7.5 lakh upfront and an equated monthly instalment (EMI) of Rs 50,000 to service the balance Rs 42.5 lakh home loan over the next 20 years. Going by bank eligibility norms, he or she would need a salary of Rs 1 lakh per month to obtain a loan to pay such a high EMI. Obviously, those with such high salaries are few in number and on the highest rung of the corporate ladder.

It is getting tougher and tougher to buy a property in India. Normal people cannot afford a property in Madurai, Chennai and India.

There is nothing we can do, while the economy and markets takes its own course.

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Madurai Real Estate - Rakindo Developers: Madurai

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Real estate developer Rakindo Developers has unveiled its plan to build a $1.5 billion (Rs 6,000 crore) integrated township at Coimbatore. It is expected to be ready for launch by the last quarter of 2008. The flagship project of Rakindo Developers in the texcity will be developed over 1,000 acres with an 18-hole golf course as the centrepiece, Rakindo Developers MD Prasad Koneru told.

Rakindo is committed to invest $ five billion in India over the next five years and will on a conservative estimate build about 50 million sq ft. It has several integrated township projects in the pipeline. These include 500 plus acre project at Hosur, 1,000 acre at Gurgaon, 450 acre at Cochin, 250 acre in Trichy and 500 acre in Madurai.

Read more here

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Mattuthavani Movie from Madurai

Director Pavitharan, once a popular director in Tamil film industry, is back after a brief interval with Mattuthavani.

Pavithran established a place for himself in Tamil cinema rendering hit films including Suriyan, Vasanthakala Paravaigal and Indu.

He makes a comeback with Mattuthavani, a movie set around a prominent place in Madurai. The highlight of the movie is that a song was sung by M K Muthu, a veteran actor and son of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi.

Read more at n e w s t o d a y n e t

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Madurai News Updates April 2008: Muthuramalinga Thevar Statue vandalised: Tension in Madurai: Actresses Shilpa Shetty and Reema Sen Case quashed

Tension gripped Goripalayam in the heart of Madurai on Monday after a statue of the late All-India Forward Bloc leader U Muthuramalinga Thevar, deified by the Thevar community, was found vandalised.

Protesting the incident, members of the community stoned and damaged several buses across the caste-sensitive region, which has a sizeable Thevar (most backward caste) population.

Read more

The Madurai Bench of Madras High Court on Wednesday quashed criminal cases against popular Bollywood actresses Shilpa Shetty and Reema Sen. Read more

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Popular Madurai Hotels and Reviews and Recommendations: Madurai Hotel Ratings

The following Madurai Hotels are sorted according to the rating given by all foreign tourists. Also read the reviews from various visitors in the link in the end of this article. Stay at Madurai, on your way to Kanyakumari.

GRT Regency - Madurai
Taj Garden Retreat Madurai
Madurai Residency Madurai
Sangam Hotel Madurai
Hotel Germanus, Madurai
Elements Hostel, Madurai
Royal Court, Madurai
Hotel Park Plaza, Madurai
Hotel Chentoor, Madurai
Supreme Hotel, Madurai
Fortune Pandiyan Hotel, Madurai
Madura Park Inn, Madurai
Parsons Court, Madurai
The Akaash Villa - Xenia, Madurai
The Golden Park, Madurai

Please read reviews of Madurai Hotels, Madurai

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Difference between satisfied customers and loyal customers: Madurai Business Execution Tips

How can you differentiate between your satisfied customers and your loyal customers? Here are eight ways. They are equally relevant to your external customers as they are to your internal employee customers.

1.Pricing. You negotiate prices with satisfied customers. You negotiate costs with loyal customers.

2.Payment. Satisfied customer pay at their discretion. Loyal customers pay on time.

3.Referrals. Satisfied customers become referrals of your competitors. Loyal customers willingly provide referrals to you.

4.Turnover. Generally, you will experience turnover rates of 15% or higher of satisfied customers. The turnover rate of loyal customers will be less than 5% and will be for reasons out of your control.

5.Competitive data. Your satisfied customers are seeking competitive data. Your loyal customers are sharing competitive data.

6.Perception. Satisfied customers perceive you as a commodity provider. Loyal customers perceive you as a partner.

7.Contract. You will need a contract to keep many satisfied customers in place. You have a virtual lifetime contract with your loyal customers.

8.Difficult times. Satisfied customers will leave you. Loyal customers will stay by your side.

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Customer Satisfaction in any business: Enterprise Car Company

Enterprise Rental Car Company Customer Treatment

I live in Virginia, United States - and I took a rental car from Enterprise Rental Car company and I was very happy with one of their gesture.

I and my brother-in-law called up this company's customer service and they said they will pick us up from our home and even drop us back to our home from the rental car place. Isn't that a wonderful feature or service they provide to the customers.

In fact, I was very happy about that feature - When someone is taking a rental car - 80% of the reason would be that the customer does not have a car, but he/she is licensed to drive and want to go places. So, considering this it perfectly makes perfect sense to have this service and I am sure many people will like this service.

If any other rental car company does not provide this service, please take this up. It is worth trying. BTW, I will go only to Enteprise, since they have pleased me!!:-)

If you have a company in Madurai, please consider Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction in whatever you do. Your business will do great!!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Investment Tips: Madurai Personal Finance

William O'Neil, Chairman of Investor's Business Daily throws some useful tips on Investment:

Tips on Investment:

“Consider selling stocks that have not risen 20 per cent or more after 13 weeks. And consider holding those that have risen 20 per cent in 4-5 weeks. These may go on to be the biggest winners of all.”

“Diversification is a hedge for ignorance. I think you are much better off owning a few stocks and knowing a great deal about them.”

“The whole secret to winning and losing in the stock market is to lose the least amount possible when you’re not right.”

“What seems too high and risky to the majority generally goes higher and what seems low and cheap generally goes lower.”

“Even the most successful investors make mistakes. Poor decisions lead to losses, some of which can become quite awful if you are not disciplined and careful.

You must positively accept that rule number one for the highly successful individual investor is always cut short and limit every loss.”

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Importance for Textiles Park in Coimbature, Karur and Madurai

the Centre was also aware that textile sector held the second-most important position in the economy which needs to be nurtured and his Government would continue to pay attention on this sector.

Describing the Palladam hi-tech weaving park as a novel attempt , Mr Chidambaram said the weaving park with an infrastructure spend of Rs 55.42 crore, of which the Government subsidy alone stood at Rs 22.17 crore, and weavers investment of Rs 160 had potential to provide 5,000 jobs to rural people. Of the 30 such textile parks sanctioned by the Centre across the country, six parks are to be established in Tamil Nadu. Two parks — Palladam weaving park and the Kumarapalayam Hi-tech weaving park in Kumarapalayam — were inaugurated today. The establishment of four more parks – in Karur, Perundurai, Madurai and Cuddalore – are to follow suit, Mr Chidambaram added.

Please read more

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Child Care and Parenting

I would like to share some details about child care, which I read in a tamil weekly magazine few weeks before.
May be this will help some parents in rearing their children. I will give my understandings on what I have studied.
Normally, we need to give greater comfort for our children than anyone else in this world. The comfort here means that, both mentally and physically they have to feel securd with us. After all every child needs this. Also this will not be asked by the child and we parents have the responsibility to confort them and secure them.
If we fail to do the above, then apparently this comfort or security they may feel from somebody and get attached to them. This attachment will not be a problem when our child in his/her lower age. But when he/she grows up, ultimately a problem will occur. So we parents have to comfort them atleast till they get to know the world.

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Thinking of Festival time...

When I think of Festival time in madurai..., I remember my childhood days.
When I was in my lower ages, my grandmother used to take me to all the temples she used to go. That too when Chitrai festival or Thaipoosam comes, then I will be with her only. She used to catch my hand so that I never slip away from her. :-)Now I miss her a lot and also I miss these festivals in madurai. Now as I am working in a company situated kilometers away from madurai, I am not getting time to even think about it. Even If I think of going to these festivals, I should get leave(provided there is no work left urgent in the project), mode of transport to madurai (the worst thing I like to forget), etc. things are there and immediately the plan gets cancelled. This is not my condition, but many people may have faced this.
I think, today the car festival (Therottam) would have happened. (I missed this.) :-(

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Exponential growth in Coimbatore

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THE industrial and textile city of Coimbatore is in the throes of a big change. For the past three years, it has witnessed ceaseless activity in every area – real estate, foundry, engineering industry, civil aviation, information technology, textiles, hospitality, health care, education and poultry farming. However, the resulting economic boom has brought in its wake a host of problems, and the optimistic mood that prevailed earlier is now tempered with caution.

If the six-laning of the arterial Avanashi Road and the cutting down of hundreds of trees lining the road for this purpose are the most visible form of activity, there are numerous entrepreneurial activities taking place quietly. For instance, the construction of a massive Trade Fair Complex with five halls and with a total built-up area of 30,000 square metres. Two halls, big enough to hold industrial exhibitions, and a food court of international standards are the latest additions. The Trade Fair Complex is the flagship project of the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISSIA). It is gearing up to host the biennial Industrial Technological Fair from February 1 to 6. About 450 participants are expected to showcase different types of CNC machines, hydraulic presses, general engineering machinery, welding machinery, construction equipment, gearboxes, motor pumps, and so on. Fourteen foreign countries are also participating.

C. Muthusami, the low-profile president of the association, said: “CODISSIA is the first district association in India to own a trade fair complex. The complex is spread over 40 acres. The entire complex has been built without any assistance from the government. The first phase, which involved the construction of three gigantic halls, was completed in just 155 days.”

In April, Suguna Kalyana Mandapam will host a “Made in Coimbatore” exhibition organised by the Lions Club of Coimbatore Gems. The city has pioneered many products – wet grinders, household appliances and domestic and irrigation pumps, to name a few.

What is not made in Coimbatore?” asked N.S. Kumar, chairman, Yenyeskey Machine Tools, Coimbatore, who is striving to make the exhibition a success. “The people of Coimbatore themselves do not know the range of products made here. Wet grinders were first made here. Different types of textile machinery have their origins in Coimbatore.” If there was hype about Coimbatore being the second information technology hub in Tamil Nadu after Chennai, it is becoming a reality. After a delay of about 15 months, the first steps have been taken for the construction of TIDEL Park, Coimbatore (TPCL). It is a joint venture of the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT), the TIDEL Park and the Software Technology Park of India (STPI). The success of the TIDEL Park in Chennai has encouraged its promoters to build a second TIDEL Park, in Coimbatore, which will be a massive plug-and-pay building complex for IT companies. It will have three basements, ground floor and four upper floors, a total built-up area of 1,61,500 sq m. Bids have been invited for building this sophisticated complex with civil and allied works at an estimated cost of Rs.140 crore. The complex will come up at ELCOT’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for IT at Vilankurichi.

Sourcing from hikrish and hindu

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Coimbatore Tidel Park: Coimbatore IT Park

Coimbatore Tidel Park - Coimbatore IT Park

TIDEL is a well known and reputed brand. Having established high standards of quality and service, TIDEL Park is planning to utilize its experience and expertise in the IT infrastructure to develop a world class IT Park at Coimbatore.

TIDEL – Coimbatore will be an IT Park in the IT-SEZ of ELCOT at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. It is located very close to the Coimbatore Airport on the Avinashi Road, adjoining Coimbatore Medical College. Total built-up area will be about 1.0 million sq.ft. and will have the flexibility to accommodate IT companies of various sizes (small, medium & large). The Building & facilities will meet the requirements of IT companies and of international standards. Similar to the TIDEL Park – Chennai, this facility at Coimbatore will adopt latest technologies to make it truly a world class IT facility. To name a few, the IT Park will have the following facilities.

1) Connectivity - High speed data & Voice communication back bone by multiple service providers
2) 100% back up for power & communication facilities
3) Intelligent Building Management System
4) Auditorium / Conference Halls with Video Conferencing facilities
5) Food Courts, Banks and other support services facilities

The site development work is in progress.

TIDEL Park at Coimbatore is targeted to become functional by Mid 2008. The booking for space will also start soon.

sourcing from tidelparkcoimbatore.in

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Foundation stone for Madurai IT park soon: Karunanidhi: Madurai IT Park Latest/Current News 2008

Foundation stone for Madurai IT park soon: Karunanidhi

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi today told the State Assembly that the foundation stone for a new IT Park in Madurai would be laid in the next few weeks.

Read more detailed news at c h e n n a i o n l i n e

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Madurai Contractors Engineers Builders Construction companies

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Madurai Contractors/Engineers/Builders/Construction companies

Vishaal Promoters Pvt Ltd
Estates & Promoters
Sashwath Construction (P) Ltd
Pandia Homes » T.P.M. Nagar (Vedha Homes (P) Ltd)
Maheswari Designs & Construction
Sri Siddhi » Siva Selters
M.M. Consultancy Engineers & Contractors
Prime Properties » Real Estate Promoters and Developers
Balu Gardens
Ultra Modern Deluxe Apartments
Mb Constructions
Madhav Manjil @ Madurai
By poornam Builders & Developers
ANMOL CASTLE (Individual House)
ANMOL SHRUSTI Contractors & Engineers Pvt Ltd.
N.M.S. Nagar (N.M.Sivanathan Nagar)
City Constructions
G.D. Foundations
Allied Gardens PHASE II
Kaasim Residency
vilas builders
Ram Anand Construction & Ram Anand Builders & Staff
Quality and Quantity Builders
Visvas Promotars Pvt Ltd
Sri Sathya Nandhini Promoters
New Kurinji Housing Private Limited
Devi Promoters
HYGREVAR Home and Health Limited
Projects in Nellai, Kanyakumari, Trichy, Chennai, Coimbatore, Ooty

If you want details about the Constructer/Contractor/Engineer/Builders above, please click here

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Girl Child Sexual Abuse in Madurai: Madurai High Court

The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has called for setting up of a confidential and an independent monitoring system in government and private schools in Tamil Nadu to curb sexual abuse and harassment of girl students.

The complaint cell had received 255 complaints till December 2006 and 427 between January 2007 and March 2008, the judge said.

Sourcing from IndLawNews dot com

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Madurai Meenakshi Goddess Wedding celebrated in Madurai: Thirukkalyanam: Chithrai Festival

The celestial wedding of Lord Sundareswarar with Goddess Meenakshi in Madurai was celebrated in a grand manner with thousands of pilgrims offering worship to the deities on Friday.

The wedding was part of the 12 day Chithrai festival of the famous Sri Meenakshi temple in Madurai city.

Devotees donated MOII - money for the goddess wedding:)

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New Airlines in Madurai - Air Dravida - New Airlines/Flight Investment in Madurai

New Airlines in Madurai - Air Dravida - New Airlines/Flight Investment in Madurai

Air Dravida to be set up with an initial investment of Rs 110 crore would start three flights in Chennai-Madurai sector from July end, its Executive Director Ramachandran Iyer told newspersons here last night.

He said while Rs 40 crore of the initial investment would be infused by the company promoters, the remaining Rs 70 crore would be raised through debts and private equity routes.

The airliner, a division of Premier Tours and Travels (Chennai) Pvt Ltd, within two months of its operations would add two more flights to expand its service in South India.

It is going to be 50 seater Bombardier aircraft from Chennai to Madurai.

Sourcing from Economic Times

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Madurai ideal for BPO business/company: Madurai advantage as a tier-II city

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

According to a recent study conducted by consultancy firm Everest Group, the increased real estate prices and a talent crunch in metros are forcing the $11 billion Indian BPO industry to move to tier II cities in the country.

"It is difficult to maintain the growth in tier I cities because of the rising real estate prices and talent crunch. There is no option but to move to tier II cities," Everest Group's Country Head (India) Gaurav Gupta said.

Currently, BPO industry is concentrated in seven cities namely Bangalore, NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

"Movement to lower-cost cities within India is likely to result in additional 15 to 30 percent reduction in operating cost despite lower employability and higher management costs," head of Global Services at Everest Research Institute Nikhil Rajpal said.

Everest Group is a global consulting firm specializing in sourcing and offshoring advisory services. The study ranks several tier II and tier III cities on their potential to become the next BPO hubs for various domains in the future.

For finance and accounting services, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Jaipur, Indore and Nashik/Nasik emerge as ideal cities to host BPO firms.

Similarly, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Mundra, Coimbatore and Madurai are ideal locations to have BPO operations in logistics domain.

Sourcing from SI

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Chennai Tidel Park and Madurai IT Park

Looking back at the Tidel Park built in Chennai, we wanted to see at a glance what are the features currently existing in Chennai Tidel Park.
In future, hopefully much more than these would be available at Madurai IT Park.

About TIdel Park:

A workplace well connected to every part of the city, professional services, security, medical and recreational facilities, banking and more…

TIDEL Park offers a plug and play environment that allows businesses to thrive in an industry where some things must be taken for granted - a failsafe physical infrastructure, highly qualified manpower, amenities and facilities – right in the heart of Chennai city.

Tidel Park at a glance

0) Inaugurated on July 4, 2000
1) Build up area : 1.28 million Sq.ft. - State-of-the-art facilities
2) Located in the heart of the City on the six-lane express way
3) India's single largest IT Park.
4) Ample parking space
5) An ISO 9001 / 14001 Company
6) Connectivity - High speed data / voice communication backbone by multiple service providers
7) Recreation facilities
8) 100% back up for power & communication facilities
9) IBMS facility connected to all key utilities.
10) Video Conferencing facility
11) World's 3rd largest TES systems for ACMV
12) 24 x 7 service to occupants.
13) Most of the space occupied by multinational companies.
14) More than 12,000 software professionals employed in the Park
15) Well equipped Auditorium / Conference Halls for the use of occupants and other trade organisations.
16) Premises & Facility management by multinational Agency.
17) Facilitation / Consultancy Services for new JVs in IT infrastructure projects.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Axis Bank opens a new branch in Madurai

The private sector Axis Bank opened its branch at Ilanji at Meenakshi Nagar on the Coutralam-Madurai road on Wednesday.

The Axis Bank had 655 branches, 20 extension counters and 2,778 ATMS across the country besides presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai. It was also planning to expand further its international presence, he said.

The market capitalization of the bank as on April 15, 2008 was Rs.23,370 crore, he added.

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Madurai to have garden of "tree of life": Madurai Kadamba tree (Common Cadamba)

With Kadamba tree (Common Cadamba) facing extinction in this temple city which is otherwise known as 'Kadamba Kshetram', centre for Kadamba trees, a programme has been launched to nurture the medicinal plant famous for its quality to release high doses of oxygen.

The programme, launched by administrators of Meenakshi temple in Madurai today, aims to bring up the garden at a one acre land.

Please read more here

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Madurai IT Park Latest News and Updates: March, April 2008

In Today’s TN assembly answering the question over IT park inauguration in second tier cities, Chief Minister Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi assured that stone foundation of IT park at Madurai Ilanthaikulam will be inaugurated soon. There is no symptom of second IT park inauguration near MK University as on date.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tenders Online - Madurai, Government of Tamil Nadu

If you have any questions or you want to find tenders from government of tamil nadu or specifically for Madurai Corporation etc., you might want to check this website -

Tenders website

Kindly send your queries on Tenders Tamil Nadu Portal to etender@tn.nic.in
Ph : 044-24900028, 24902680

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Madurai Spinners Associaion say NO to Cotton waste export

The Madurai Spinners Association has called for halting export of cotton waste as it had an adverse impact on the industry resulting in closure of units.

After changes in the technology, cotton wastes gained value-addition. Many subsidiary units with two and three open spinning frames with investment in the order of Rs. 1 crore in small scale industry emerged employing a large work force.

He said that at present, owing to a scarcity of short staple fibres, open end spinners across the country were behind cotton waste generated in spinning mills.

Read more

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Madurai BPO: Sundaram Business Services - SBS, Madurai

Sundaram Finance BPO arm to foray into Tier 2 city in Tamil Nadu SBS to open new BPO facility in Madurai Plans to hire 500 employees in Madurai in 12 months

Chennai headquartered SBS (Sundaram Business Services), the BPO arm of leading financial services company, Sundaram Finance, has announced its first expansion into a Tier 2 city with the setting up of a BPO facility in Madurai.

SBS’s new 12000 sq. ft BPO delivery facility will come up in the heart of Madurai city and will become operational by the middle of next month. As part of this expansion into Madurai, SBS plans to hire over 500 employees for its Madurai facility over the next 12 months.

On the reason for choosing Madurai for its latest BPO facility, P.S Raghavan said, “ Madurai’s infrastructure is impressive for a city of its size. The city has a robust public transportation system, and a well-developed intra and inter-state bus and railway systems. With well established and renowned educational institutions, the city offers quality talent pool for us to tap into as we expand our BPO presence.”

Sundaram Infotech Solutions & Sundaram Business Services have an expanding global presence with offices at UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, in addition to offices at 4 centres in India.

Read more

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Madurai RTO Office Update - Regional Transport Office

RTO Madurai Update:

Considering the vehicle growth in the city a new RTO office is to be opened near mariamman teppakulam soon. The North Madurai RTO office will be shifted opposite to mattuthavani bus terminal.

The South Madurai RTO office is also proposed to be sifted to AUSTINPATTI as planned earlier.

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Olive Beach Promoters Update - Madurai Real Estate

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Bhoomi pooja was kick-started at Madurai by Olive Beach promoters, Madurai for a modern state of the art township near airport ring road.

The Madurai township infrastructure will include 24 hrs security, avenue trees, club house library, super market, swimming pool walkway etc.,


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Madurai Bench of Madras High Court: Madurai High Court

Here are some websites giving information about Madurai High Court -

Madurai Bench of Madras High Court

Madurai High Court Website

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What is the plan to put up, if an NRI wants to go back to Madurai, India?

You are an NRI or NRM? You always think about your home town, your home country. You are home sick. You are sick of your host country, where you have migrated? You think you will be better off, if you go back to Madurai(your home town or your home country). and do your own business.

If you are an NRI/NRM and wants to go back to Madurai, here is the plan I would suggest:

1) Have an AIM/GOAL written down in a single page. Let it be very short and sweet. Discuss your aim and/or goal with your spouse and children(if more than 10 years old).

2) Have a written personal and business plan, specifying your short-term, medium-term and long-term aims and plans on executing them.

3) Have a risk management plan. that is plan-B. What if, it did not work. Have Plan-C. What if, your plan-a and plan-b did not work!?

4) Build immovable assets, before you return back. For example, buy land or house in Madurai.

5) Have money generating assets in Madurai. For example, you should not be doing much work, but you should be getting some money for running the family. Say - a rent from a house you have rented to somebody else. Say - a rent from a commercial complex in Madurai.

6) Have a huge emergency fund. Deposit it somewhere, so that you either get a monthly income out of it and make sure it is liquid OR it can be a long-term growth deposit.

7) Have a retirement plan and fund it periodically. Have an insurance plan. If anything happens to you, what happens to your family. Be prepared for htat.

8) Have good amount of initial investment money for your business you are starting.

9) Be sure you are hardworking, consistent with your goals. Update your goals and plans as you proceed.

10) Be passionate with what you are doing and what you have planned to do. If you are passionate and if you love what you do, no one can stop you from your SUCCESS.

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Happy Tamil New Year 2008 - Sarvadhari Varusham: Madurai wishes

HAPPY and PROSPEROUS TAMIL NEW YEAR 2008 to all our visitors and their family/friends/relatives.

Iniya tamizh puthaandu nalvaazhthukkall 2008!!!

-From Madurai Well-wishers, "Made In Madurai" and "Madurai Times".

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Chennai, Coimbatore, Dindigul and Madurai: Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 and Tier-4 Cities of tamil nadu

Please refer to the map above for the districts/cities we refer to.

Government has divided the districts into four different categories, based on the level of existing development, infrastructure and the level of infrastructure and development needed in the years to come.

As years go by, if the cities progress, the city moves to upper tiers.
The four tiers are Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities.

For example, Tier-1 constitutes Chennai. Tier-2 constitutes Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy etc., Tier-4 constitutes Dindigul.

Coimbatore is a strategic development centre for Cognizant like software companies, similar to the ones we have in Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Cognizant is committed to grow the centre, leveraging the rich talent pool of technical professionals in the region.

Coimbatore will soon emerge as a Tier-1 city for IT in one year, based on the growth we are seeing.

It is not only Coimbatore that is on the Tier-2 city map of Tamil Nadu, but also Trichy, Madurai, Salem, Hosur and Tirunelveli.

Other than Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is trying to develop Tier-2 cities spreading across the entire state; from Chennai at the northern end to Tirunelveli at the southern tip. Sekar Ponniah of Global Software Solutions (TVL) Pvt Ltd started a 100 % Export Oriented Unit located at Tirunelveli in the year 2000.

While we look at the map above, Dindigul, which is a Tier-4 cities, is strategically located between Coimbatore, Karur and Madurai.

Coimbatore, which is currently a Tier-2 might move up to Tier-1 city soon. Madurai, which is Tier-2 city is also improving. Karur is a very well industrialized export unit. Now, Dindigul present in between Madurai, Karur and Coimbatore has lot of advantages in future.

Note down, in your diary - Dindigul will become big someday, considering its georgraphic location.

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Coimbatore Wipro is being setup: Other districts than Madurai

Even though Coimbatore Tidel Park is in progress, Wipro has started to build the building in Kovai(Coimbatore).

The company has planned to construct three software development blocks on a sprawling 9.5 acre plot adjacent to the Tidel Park behind the Coimbatore Medical College.

This is called the real progress guys and development!! Hope things would happen in Madurai and we will hear news similar to this in Madurai!!

Coimbatore is way to go in its development.

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Salem District to become Sandalwood capital: Analyzing other districts than Madurai

Salem District Profile

Two existing depots of Sandal wood in the country are Sathyamangalam and Tirupattur. Since two existing depots of Sandal wood in the country is going out of stock, Salem is being demanded more sandal wood.

Salem depot has 560 tonnes of sandal logs worth about Rs 224 crores. This seems to be on the way to have Salem as the sandal wood production and distributor of the country, in a major way. Sandal wood is in high demand and it is very expensive. it is needed all across the world.

Security is the only issue, in terms of growing Sandal wood production in the forest. There needs to be improvement in controlling Smuggling.

Analyzing districts of tamil nadu, other than madurai.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Nearest international airport to Madurai currently: Situation would change with Madurai International Airport

Madras International Airport (Airport Code: MAA) is situated at Tirisulam, 7 Km south of Chennai. It has two terminals, Kamaraj Terminal, handles domestic flights connecting 20 destinations across the country with Chennai.

The International Terminal, named Anna Terminal, connects major destinations like London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Dhahran, Jeddah, Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Sri Lanka.


This is the existing situation, but situation would change with an international airport in Madurai itself. Waiting for that day to come...- Madurai Machan!

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Nearest sea port to Madurai for all the international export and import businesses

The major harbour of Tuticorin is well known as a pearl diving and fishing centre. Tuticorin, one of the oldest sea ports in the world, was the seaport of the Pandyan kingdom after Korkai and later was taken over by the Portuguese in 1548, captured by the Dutch in 1658, and ceded to the British in 1825. (Courtesy - The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2001) (Courtesy - Wikipedia). The lighthouse built in 1842 marked the beginning of the history of Thoothukudi harbour development.

On 11th July 1974, the newly-constructed Thoothukudi port was declared to be the tenth major port in India, second-largest port in Tamil Nadu and third-largest container terminal in India after JN Port (Mumbai) and Chennai. Thoothukudi is an artificial port. This is the third international port in Tamil Nadu and its second all-weather port. Due to its strategic location in the southern peninsula and assured round-the-clock operations, the port has been the nerve centre of economic activity in south Tamil Nadu. The Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, a project to create a shipping channel through the shallow Palk Strait to allow pasage of larger ships, is headquartered at the Port of Thoothukudi. The port currently handles seven per cent of the total container traffic in India and is an important reason for investment in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

The port is badly in need of expansion to handle the increase in traffic. The two container berths in the port are of dimension 370m length and 10.9m depth. This limits the port in competing against Colombo port, which has 15m depth. The Tuticorin Port Trust is investing $1 billion for expansion. This will be done in two phases; the first will deepen the harbour to a depth of 12.8m and the second will increase it to 14.5m. In addition to expansion of the outer harbour, proposed upgrades include construction of breakwaters and lengthening the approach channel. The port has been upgraded to handle vessels longer than 245m. The advantages of deploying bigger vessels are that the existing restriction on booking can be eliminated and the transshipment at Colombo port can be reduced. The Tuticorin port has the potential to be an international container transhipment hub given its unique geographical location. Activity at the port has grown at a rate of 17 per cent per year over the last five years. A large portion of the operations in the port has been privatized, including handling at the first container terminal by PSA Sical. A second container terminal has been approved for this port. Tuticorin port is becoming a gateway for South India to the US, Europe and the Mediterranean following direct sailings to these regions. Of the total exports from the port, 25 per cent were to Europe, 20 per cent to the US, 20 per cent to East Asia including China, 15 per cent to Colombo, 10 per cent to West Asia and the remainder to the Mediterranean.

This port has been chosen to be an undersea cable landing station. The optical fibre cable will run between Mt Lavinia (Sri Lanka) and Tuticorin (325 km) with an initial bandwidth of 20 gigabits per second, later to be upgraded to 160 gigabits per second. This will promote the IT investment in South India by improved telecom infrastructure.

The port is also helping increase the tourism in the region. A new ferry has been commenced between Tuticorin and Colombo.

sourcing from w i k i p e d i a

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Multi-product SEZ in Tirunelveli: Nanguneri Project: Nearby districts of Madurai

A memorandum of understanding to establish a multi-product first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Nanguneri, Tirunelveli, was signed in presence of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi at the Secretariat Thursday.

The estimated Rs 15,000 crore project will be implemented by Tamilnadu government with assistance from Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) on 2,520 acres and aims to provide employment to 70,000 people. This is great for both job seekers and for the potential entrepreneurs.

The project would be jointly executed by TIDCO, AMR group of companies and AMRL International Tech City Ltd. The products that would be manufactured here include spareparts for engineering and medical utilities, electrical and electronic products, information technology, along with biological products and transportation units in the first phase.

sourced from news today net. a chennai based english news evening daily!

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Madurai Automobile Dealership: SG Jayaraj Group

Mahindra Scorpio is the most wanted SUV (automobile) in and around Madurai area.
Here is one successful dealer of Mahindra Scorpio in Madurai!

SG Jayaraj Group, Madurai

Established in 1940. SGJ Group, Madurai - sell and service leading brands like Mahindra, Swaraj, Hindustan motors, Bajaj Tempo, L&T, Vikram, LML, Etc. Today with ISO 9001:2000, certainly it is a feather in our cap ! They have won all India No.1 in Service Customer Satisfaction for M&M dealership in F2003 and F2004. Madurai M&M dealership is an award winner of South India No.1 in Sales Satisfaction Index of M&M in F2003 and F2005.

Few achievements:
* Tamil Nadu no.2 in Mahindra Scorpio sales during 2003-2004.
* First ISO 9002 certified automobile dealership company in
Tamil Nadu since 1998 and it has been updated and
recertified with ISO 9001:2000 version.
* Largest seller of Mahindra LCV (passenger) in India
for more than 10 years.
* Tamil Nadu no.1 in Mahindra pickups and Mahindra
* All India no.6 in Bajaj Tempo Minidor (commercial three wheeler)
sales in October 2003.
* Tamil Nadu no.2 in Bajaj tempo trax pickups and tempo excel sales
F-2004 next to Coimbatore .
* South India no.3 in Swaraj tractor sales for the past few years.

Check out SGJ Group

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Continuing research on Karur: Industry, Profile and Potential: Nearby District of Madurai

Karur is also famous for two banks, since early twentieth centuries. The reason I am excited about these two banks is - these banks were started with an initial investment with as low as Rs.1,00,000 on those days - say early 19xx's.

I am impressed by the entrepreneural skills, risk taking personalities and at the most - they have started to help the financial side of agricultural and trade needs at those times.

Hats off to all the people behind these banks birth!

Karur Vysya Bank and Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Karur

Karur Vysya Bank

The year was 1916 when two illustrious sons of Karur, the Late Sri M.A. Venkatarama Chettiar and the late Sri Athi Krishna Chettiar came together to found Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) with an initial capital of Rs. 1 lakh with an avowed desire to support the agricultural and trade activities in and around Karur. In the business of providing exemplary financial service for over 90 years, KVB is today the favorite banker to millions of customers around the country, enjoying a premier position in the banking industry.

Business Landmarks as on 30th September, 2007:

* With a deposit base of Rs. 10916.38 cr. and advances figure of Rs. 7438.68 cr., KVB has recorded a total business of Rs. 18355.06 cr.
* The Net Profit earned by the bank during the first half of 2007-08 was Rs. 91.36 cr.
* The Net Owned Funds of the bank has reached a figure of Rs. 1063.16 cr. as on 31.03.2007. In fact, KVB is the first Tamilnadu based Old Private Sector Bank and the third in the country in this category to cross the Rs. 1000 cr. mark in Net Owned Funds. But the special landmark is that the entire amount is clocked under Tier I capital only.
* The Capital Adequacy ratio is at a healthy 15.42% on the increased asset base as against the RBI stipulated norm of 9%.
* With a record of uninterrupted earning of profits and declaration of dividend, KVB has declared 100% dividend consecutively for the past four years. This year, the bank had declared Rights and Bonus shares to its stakeholder and the dividend of 100% declared for 2006-07 is on the enhanced capital base.

Check out Karur Vysya Bank

The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited was founded seven decades ago ( in 1926) by seven people of karur. At present, the bank has a network of 236 branches, spread over 11 states and the union territory of Pondicherry.

The Lakshmi Vilas Bank's business crossed Rs. 8,752 crores as on March 31, 2007. The Bank earned a Net profit of Rs. 17.58 crores. The Net owned Funds of the Bank reaches Rs. 396.08 crores. With a fairly good quality of loan assets the Net NPA of the bank was pegged at 1.58 % as on March 31, 2007 down from 4.98% as on March 31, 2005.

Check out Lakshmi Vilas Bank

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Madurai to contribute to TN(Tamil Nadu) software exports in year 2009

The special economic zones for IT-ITeS industry in Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Salem, Tirunelveli, Hosur and Vellore announced by the state government were with an intention of increasing the software exports, Tamil Nadu State Chief Minister Karunanidhi said.

Tamil Nadu's software exports are expected to cross Rs 26,000 crore during the current fiscal, state Chief Minister said in Chennai. Rs 14,400 crore in 2005-06, rose to Rs 20,700 crore during the previous fiscal.

It is expected to rise again to Rs.26000 Crore for the year 2009.

Read more here

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Boost Refined Cotton Exports and Textile Park in Madurai

Boost Refined Cotton Exports and Textile Park in Madurai near Vadippatti, Madurai

Tamil Nadu Government and Central Government of India are planning to boost the production of refined cotton products in Madurai.

Due to uncontrolled exports of raw cotton to various countries, the production of refined cotton products is affected. The weavers are not getting enough raw cotton.
This is mainly felt in Karur and Tirupur too.

Union Minister of State, Mr.E.V.K.S. Elangovan announced that another textile park would come up in Madurai at a cost of Rs 70 crore, the funds for which had been allocated by the Centre. The state should select a site to set up the park. A site had already been selected at Vadipatti for another park in Madurai district at a cost of Rs 30-40 crore.

Please read more at Economic Times

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Karur District Profile and Industrial Potential: Madurai Machan reports

Karur Profile: near-by district of Madurai

Karur is exactly located at the center of the tamil nadu state. You will be amazed to see the amount of export Karur does in a year and to the places in different parts of the world. I was stunned to read that Karur exports to Walmart, IKEA, Target etc., 90% of the buses in South India are built in Karur!!

-Madurai Machan!

Karur Economy


The main crops are Paddy, Banana, Sugarcane, Battle leaf, Grams&Pulses, Topicco, Kora grass, Groundnuts, Oilseeds, Tropic-Vegetables, Garland Flowers, Medicinal Herbals etc.,.

Home textiles

Karur is famous for its home textiles. Karur has a niche in five major product groups — bed linens, kitchen linens, toilet linens, table linens and wall hangings. Overall Karur generates around Rs.6000 crores ($1200 million dollars a year) in foreign exchange through direct and indirect exports. Allied industries like ginning and spinning mills, dyeing factories, weaving etc employs around 300,000 people in and around Karur.

On the international textile map Karur has become synonymous with hand-loom “made-ups” first as Tirupur in the hosiery product. The weaving industry came to Karur from Kerala and has earned a reputation for its high quality hand-loom products today. Hand-loom Exports from Karur began on a modest scale with just 15 exporters in 1975 and today Karur has 1000s of exporters and the products are supplied to world leading chain stores like WalMart, Target, IKEA, Ahlens etc.

The hand-loom products being exported have been broadly classified under three heads viz., kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furnishing items. Some of the hand-loom made-ups exported from Karur are Bedspreads,Sheet sets, Towels, Floor rugs, Tea towels, Napkins, Aprons, Kitchen towels, Pot holders, Plate mats, Bathmats, Tea mats, Curtains, Pillow, Quilt covers, Shower curtains (above 500 classified verities).


TNPL is promoted by the Government of Tamil Nadu with loan assistance from the World Bank. Today TNPL is the largest producer of bagasse (sugarcane waste from Sugar mills) based paper in the world and the 2nd largest paper producer in asia. TNPL produces 230,000 tons of Printing & writing paper and consumes 1 million tones of bagasse every year.

Bus body building

Karur is a renowned centre for bus building industries. This is a unique feature of Karur and almost 90% of south Indian private bus bodies are being built here.And also Karnataka government buses. The total business is estimated to be around Rs.750 crore per annum.


Karur is also home to Chettinad Cements. It has an installed production capacity of 600,000 tons per annum, with another 1.1 million tons expansion in the pipeline.


EID Parry has a sugar factory in Pugalur, Karur. It has a capacity of 4000 TCD per year. It also has a 22 MW co-generation Power plant, with TNPL.


Karur is the home town of India's oldest private scheduled banks, The Karur Vysya Bank and The Lakshmi Vilas Bank.


HDPE filament and associated product manufacturing. Its mainly for the fruit fields of Himalayas & north-east. Above 50% of nylon nets in India are made in Karur.


The Karur belt also produces some very good Cats eyes, Feldspar, Moonstones, Aquamarines, Quarts, Sapphires, Jasper and beryls.

sourced at - w i k i p e d i a

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Potential of Other districts of Tamil Nadu

Madurai Machan is going look at other cities/districts of Tamil Nadu for it's infrastructure and their potential for industrialization.

Please have your fingers crossed and let us explore all the districts, except Chennai. We are leaving out Chennai because it is already explored by many and there is lot to do in other backward districts.

Districts of Tamil Nadu

1. Chennai/Madras District
2. Coimbatore District
3. Cuddalore District
4. Dharmapuri District
5. Dindigul District
6. Erode District
7. Kanchipuram District
8. Kanyakumari District
9. Karur District
10. Krishnagiri District
11. Madurai District
12. Nagapattinam District
13. Namakkal District
14. Perambalur District
15. Pudukkottai District
16. Ramanathapuram District
17. Salem District
18. Sivagangai District
19. Thanjavur District
20. The Nilgiris District
21. Theni District
22. Thoothukudi District
23. Tiruchirapalli District
24. Tirunelveli District
25. Tiruvallur District
26. Tiruvannamalai District
27. Tiruvarur District
28. Vellore District
29. Viluppuram District
30. Virudhunagar District
31. Ariyalur district

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Cognizant Technologies Solution (CTS) coming to Madurai: NASSCOM Chairman: Madurai Potential

Lakshmi Narayanan, Cognizant’s Vice-Chairman, said that the temple city 'Madurai' will be in its radar to expand the operations of the software firm. Mr.Narayanan who is also serving as the chairman of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) came to Madurai to commence the competitions organised by the Thiagarajar College of Engineering for the school students. While replying for a question, he said that he will not comment on the name of the cities in which Cognizant is going to expand but it had shortlisted five cities for its future operations and Madurai is one of them.

Sourcing from Prabhas views blog!

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Aurolab: Aravind Eye Care Unit: Madurai

AUROLAB, Madurai

In Madurai, a facility is being built to take on the best in the world in ophthalmology. The company: Aurolab, a unit of Aravind Eye Care (AEC), Madurai. The product: intra-ocular lenses, which are implanted in the eye to help cataract patients. And the price: very cheap. Compared to an average cost of Rs 5,000 for a lens from mncs, Aurolab's most expensive hydrophobic foldable lens costs a mere Rs 1,800. The cheapest non-foldable ones are priced at Rs 90-100—lenses distributed through the government network cost Rs 50.

Please read more in outlook

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CII Madurai Zone

CII Madurai Zone was started in the year 1993, covering all the 8 districts of South Tamil Nadu namely, Madurai, Dindigul, Theni, Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar, Thoothukudi, Thoothukudi & Kanyakumari. Madurai is very popular for its rubber & its allied industries.

Madurai has long been a laggard in industrial development as compared to other parts of Tamil Nadu and India. Other industries which are more familiar in this region are Agriculture, auto component manufacturing, logistics & shipping, chemicals, textiles etc.,

In addition to the above mentioned industries, Tourism industry is an important sector which attracts large number of both foreign & domestic tourists to this region. Starting from Meenakshi Amman Koil in Madurai to the Kanyakumari at the tip of the country there are a large number of tourist attractions in this region.

Madurai is also home to a large number of health care industries, specially Aravind Eye Care System, which is an international eye-care hospital, research and training institute that provides quality and affordable eye health care to all, and an organisation which develops high-volume, low-cost service models for deployment in India and developing nations.

South Tamil Nadu is specially called as the Oxford of South Tamil Nadu as there are a lot of education institutions in this region. With 3 universities of world class education and around 120 engineering colleges & 235 arts & science colleges, South Tamil Nadu generates a major chunk of the professionals for the nation.

CII Contact

Confederation of Indian Industry
Madurai Zone
Plot No 518
4th Main Road (1st Floor)
K K Nagar
Madurai - 625020

Phone: 0452-4391424 /2522743
Fax: 0452-2521705
Email: ciimdu@airtelbroadband.org

Sourcing from CII inayathalam.

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South Tamil Nadu contributes around 17% of State GDP
• Madurai Zone is considered as the Gateway to Culture & Heritage and Home for Rubber & auto component industries.
Sivakasi & Virudhunagar are the centres of world famous Printing & Fireworks manufacturing industries
• South Tamil Nadu is the home for Textiles Industries
Thoothukudi is considered as the Hub port of this region with ocean connectivity to all countries in the world.
• South Tamil Nadu is also the destination of retail industries cutting across segments from Textile Showrooms to Food industry
• South Tamil Nadu has started to attract investments in the IT industry in the recent years with 2 Tidel Parks to be started in Madurai and 1 Tidel park at Tirunelveli.

Source: CII

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Chairman of CII Madurai: TVS Group Madurai

T V Sundram Iyengar and Sons Ltd executive director R Dinesh has been elected as the chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry — Madurai zone for 2008-09. He has wide experience within the TVS group.

Aparajitha group CMD Bharath Krishna Sankar has been elected as the vice-chairman of CII-Madurai Zone for the year of 2008-09.

Read more here

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Madurai Goddess Meenakshi Wedding - Live Webcast at maduraimeenakshi.org - Web Telecast - Chitra/Chithirai - Chithra Festival - Chithra Thiruvizha

The celestial Wedding of Goddess Meenakshi with Lord Sundareswarar at the famous Sri Meenakshi temple in Madurai will be telecast live on the internet on April 18, temple officials said.

Devotees can log on to www.maduraimeenakshi.org website to watch the event, Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Temple T.Kannan and the Executive Officer B.Raja said.

They told newsmen at Madurai that the 12-day festival would begin on April l9 and Pattabhishekam(Coronation)would be held on April 16 followed by Dhigvijayam (Deities visiting the city)on April 17. The Car festival would be held on April 19.

A temple feast would be organised when about 50,000 devotees would be provided free feast on the wedding day.

Since the four 'Chitrai' streets were in a bad shape,the Corporation authorities had been requested to repair them for the festival.

The wedding programme would be telecast live using LCD projectors in two big screens in the temple. Besides 40 TV sets would be installed at different points in the temple to enable people to see the function, they said.

sourcing from newstodaynet/thatstamil/hindu/indianexpress

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Madurai's Potential Lost in past

What do you know about Madurai-TamilNadu?

You may know - Madurai is known as :

You may Know - Madurai is famous for its :

Meenakshi Temple
Tradition and Culture
Fragrant-smell JASMINE Flowers
Granite Marble stones
Tasty Food etc.,

While asking experienced people - they'll reply :

Madurai lacks Industrialization so lost millions of its native people to other cities.

That is real truth ! Did you know one thing ?

Our Temple city Madurai is losing nearly 40,000 Graduates every year to other cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and losing 50% of its Man-power to the industrialised cities like Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode due to Unemployment.

Just Imagine the status of our city if those people remained here for work! None of the previous Governments took efforts to develop the Historic temple city. We had lost a Second MetroPolitan city of TamilNadu - YES !!! - Our Madurai might have become a Metropolitan city some decades ago next to those 4 Cities like what PUNE,BANGALORE,HYDERABAD is now emerging!! If there was a proper Governance and Good Local Administration.

But Taking its Potential into account - Our Present State and Central Governments had come forward atlast to develop our City Madurai right now.

Do anyone of you know its results ?

MADURAI is the only Tier-II City which attracted the Investments for More than Rs.50,000 Crores in the last two years which is now equal to the same power of Metros and Mini Metro cities of India.

Since this article is about improvement of Madurai, sourcing it from another madurai well wisher - madurai gilli - all for wellness of Madurai!

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Real Estate boom in Madurai: Construction Builders in Madurai: Townships in Madurai

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Madurai is active in property development with a plethora of developers coming up with residential projects, reshaping the concept of quality living in the city with a hoary past.

The presence of many builders in itself is indicative of the growing strength of the activity in different parts, engaged as they are in building multiple residential fiats, retail malls and fully integrated townships. Madurai is emerging as a model with all modern and international facilities for every section in the society have their ‘dream house’ fulfilled.

With leading IT companies such as Satyam, HCL acquiring lands for developing their centres, the Government intent on developing Madurai as a tier II city to facilitate the IT sector and industry bodies coming up with plans to industrialize the region, the activity has gained in momentum.

The activity gaining in momentum, year on year, the property value is escalating with the sons of the soil wishing to hold a modern space for themselves in the Meenakshipattinam. The new homeowner is young these days with prospects of further investment in their life cycle.

Emerging developers Genesis Habitat is armed with multiple credentials on adoption of global standards and technology has over 15 years of experience as a construction firm. TV ie company is very active, especially in Chennai. The projects are undertaken to provide value for money, as a lifestyle product and as an investment opportunity has an ongoing project at KMSL colony at Madurai Vairam Constructions, in the field for more than three decades, has successfully completed many projects. It has spread its activities across Tamilnadu.

At Madurai, the ongoing project ‘Vairam Vasandam’ is spread over 5 acres with a proposal for over 250 residential flats together with 12 premium independent houses. The company has earlier completed Vairam Kamalam, offering deluxe-type two bedroom flats. ‘We fulfil all your wishes’ has been the proud and guiding slogan of the company with the commitment to provide exclusive facilities at affordable price.

According to Mr.V.Durai Raj, Managing Director, most of the flats are sold at the time of bhumi pooja and the occupants are decent bureaucrats. The Chennai operations is being handled by Mr. Ganesh Durai Raj, his son.

Shiva Shelters, in the field for over a decade, is a renowned residential property developer in Madurai. Its successful projects include Sri Vaishnavi, Sri Nidhi and Sri Jannani in K.K.Nagar area and Sri Darshini, Sri Siddhi and Sri Riddhi in Chokkikulam and Tallakulam areas. The ongoing project Shri Vijayalakshmi is located at DRO Colony Road, K.Pudur, Madurai.

Sri Lakshmi Builders, with a vision and commitment are active in the Chokkikulam area. Trust­worthiness and strict adherence to approved plan with no hidden cost and affordable price are the hallmark of its functioning. The ongoing projects are Gomathi Niwas, Gowri Vilas and Ashwin Vikas in Chokkikulam area in Madurai.

Vishaal Promoters is a private limited company managed by husband-wife duo Mr.R.Elangovan and Mrs.Bhuvaneshwari. The company is engaged in flat promotion, township development and commercial complexes. A township development project, Vishaal Nagar I at Pasingapuram on the highways leading to Alanganallur and Palamedu near Madurai, has been completed on a 5-acre site comprising 120 plots for residential purposes. It has single and duplex houses of 350,450 and 550 sq.ft with whole area fully fenced. Currently, the company is engaged both in township development and flat promotion.

Vishaal Nagar II is a project under process at Pasingapuram on an area of 10 acres with a proposal to have 168 residential flats. Three projects on flat promotion, namely, Vishaal Heights, Jagadeesh Elegance and Vishaal Shiv Sakthi, are going on in full swing. While the former two projects are developed in V.P.Rathinasamy Nadar Road, the last one is developed in Anna Nagar. The commercial complex, Vishaal Mall with a total saleable area of 1.25 lakh sq.ft in Chokkikulam is in the initial stage of excavation.

Sintex Industries Limited has two divisions, textiles and plastics. The latter started in the year 1975 has 10 plants and twelve manufacturing processes and is spread across the country with manufacturing capabilities in providing house­hold products. Also, facilities for extensive finishing, assembling, metal fabrication etc have been created. A combination of varied capabilities and tool room facilities have stood the test of time in taking the company to the fore­front in offering vast array of products and solutions.

Sri Sharada Estates, Tirunelveli, established in 1999 offers dwelling places in Tirunelveli. Considering the thrust given by the government and also the experience and accolades earned through earlier projects, the company has now expanded to constructing 120 flats in an area opposite to Tirunelveli New Bus stand.

Property developers in south Tamilnadu, especially at Madurai are tire­lessly at work to position Madurai for quality living on modern lines and provide for housing to the satisfaction of local demand and emerging development of comfort as industrialization requires in the field.

Source: The Hindu Business Line

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Dindigul - Nearby district of Madurai - What is the potential of Dindigul industries and growth?

Dindigul was part of Madurai in the past, as a history. Dindigul was separated from Madurai, for administrative purposes.

Dindigul is called as The City of Locks and Tannery, because it is a tier-4 fast growing industrial city in India. The specialty of this city is textile mills and standard education. The hills such as Palani and Kodaikanal comes under Dindigul district. The Dindigul Fort is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Dindigul is an interior region of Tamilnadu. Dindigul lies on the banks of Kudavanar River with a total landscape of 6058 sqkm. In spite of its geographical location there are about 110 tanneries both registered and non-registered in and around Dindigul. This district is well known for the making of locks. The Dindigul district is divided into 7 taluks namely, Dindigul taluk, Natham taluk, Kodaikanal taluk,
Nilakkottai taluk, Palani taluk, Oddanchatram taluk & Vedasandur taluk

The Dindigul fort is one of the major Landmarks of the city which is visible from several kilometers. This huge rock hill on which the fort is constructed, looks like Pillow ('Dhindu'), when viewed from one angle (from south east) and hence the City is known as Dindigul. This fort is at a height of 280 ft.

Dindigul is noted for its Locks. Also Iron safe of good quality and durability are made here. A lock manufacturing unit under co-operative sector is functioning here. It is flourishing industry gives employment to wide section of people. Its one of the largest trading center in Tamil Nadu for chewing tobacco and “Roja Supari” are
produced in this town and are being sent to various places in and around the Tamilnadu. Dindigul is flourishing with handloom industry at Chinnalapatti, which is located at 11 km away from Dindigul on the Madurai-Dindigul road. Art – Silk sarees and sungudi. Sarees Produced in Chinnalapatti is famous in the district. More than 1000 families are engaged in this Industry.

Madurai Directory

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Madurai division of Southern Railways recorded 19 percent growth than last year

I am very happy to hear the news that Madurai division of Southern Railways recorderd 19 percent growth, compared to last year!

Despite closure of many sections due to gauge conversion, operation of special trains, enhanced passenger amenities and new trains have contributed to the increase in passenger traffic.

Information Technology-enabled services such as online train tracking system, national train enquiry system, among others, were introduced. The division bagged four efficiency shields for outstanding performance in finance, medical and mechanical departments.

The current fiscal would see a good growth in earnings as many sections would be opened, restoring commuter traffic as well as providing connectivity to long distance destinations.

This definitely shows the potential of Madurai. Even for a small piece of Southern Railways, profits are shown in an upward manner. This is just a sample guys!! We have lot to achieve!!!

Kudos to all the employees of Railways at Madurai and outskirts, connecting all the places inside India.

Source: The Hindu

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Realty/Realtors/Real Estate Guides - How to Buy/Buying Residential/Commercial/Agricultural Lands in Madurai, India

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Realty/Realtors/Real Estate Guides - Buying Residential/Commercial/Agricultural Lands in Madurai, India -

There is a wonderful real estate/realtor guide from HDFC for choosing and buying land in Madurai, and in fact - anywhere in India.

* Budgeting
* Identification of Property
* Valuation
* Legalites
* Procedure of Purchase
* Technical Aspects Pertaining to Construction
* Possession

Please read the article here - Realtor/Real Estate Guide for buying land.

Sponsored by Sun City - Real Estate Agent, Madurai

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Karumuttu Thiagarajan, Madurai: Madurai Industrialist Personality Profile

Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar, Madurai

I am very excited and was stunned to read the profile of Karumuttu Thiaragarajan Chettiar, founder of Thiagarajar Mills, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai etc.,'s profile in wikipedia. It highly impresses me and inspires me.

He was the tenth and last child in his family. He was educated at St Thomas' College, Sri Lanka.

He took an active part in the struggle for Indian Independence. He founded fourteen textile mills, nineteen educational institutions, the Bank of Madura, and the Madurai Insurance Company. He also published for a number of years a daily called 'Tamil Nadu Daily'He named his tamil daily before Government of Madras named it as Tamilnadu.

Read more at wiki

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