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Monday, March 31, 2008

Applying Passport in Madurai - Madurai Passport Office - Check Status of Passport in Madurai

Article sponsored by OruAcre.com and SanaTourism.com

Applying Passport in Madurai - Madurai Passport Office - Check Status of Passport in Madurai

On bifurcation of Passport Office, Tiruchirappalli, Passport Office, Madurai started functioning from 17 th December, 2007. Eight districts, namely Madurai, Theni, Sivagangai, Virudhunagar, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli & Kanyakumari come under its jurisdiction.

Passport Office, Bharathi Ula Veethi, Race Course Road, Madurai-625 002.

Tel. No.: 0452-2521205
Fax: 0452-2522070
E-mail: rpo.madurai@mea.gov.in
Enquiry: 0452-2520794/95/96

I got all the above information from a madurai related website It has more information.

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Calling for blogging in the "Madurai Times - Made In Madurai" Blog

Do you want to earn little extra income, for your little expenses?

Are you passionate about Madurai?
Are you little crazy for Madurai?
Are you excited about the improvements and development in Madurai?
Do you have good english and have a liking to write?

If you have an answer genuinely for any or most of the above questions is YES, then please read on...

1) "Madurai Times" is looking for someone who would like to join the authors of the "Made in Madurai" blog.
2) The author is supposed to write articles about Madurai, happennings and any news in and about Madurai.
3) Article can be even from 5 lines to 100 lines also. Preferably, author has to live in Madurai. If you are living outside Madurai, then the author is expected to be very passionate about Madurai.
4) You just need to work like 1 hour in the week and you can earn from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 per month!

If you are OK with this, please email your contact(Email and/or phone) details to maduraitimes@gmail.com. Email is mandatory.

At this point, I remember a proverb: "Karumbu kadikka kaasaa? (Giving money for biting sugarcane?)

Thank you


What is Madurai Times's aim?

You have been noticing that Madurai Times Blog - Made In Madurai, has been posting articles very regularly and continously from 2005 to till date.

What is our aim in Madurai Times dot com?

1) Provide all kinds of information about Madurai - news, views, happennings, updates, improvements etc., Help people all over the world with information about Madurai.

2) Help Madurai businesses who want to have their business heard and reach the consumers, world users and advertise about their business.

3) Bring all the information about Madurai into a single place - If you notice we have even launched imadurai.com. This is a free service for people who are looking for information about madurai and also free service for businesses to have their business listed in particular categories.

4) Support "New Madurai Foundation"'s aim of improvement of Madurai, by using the BLOGGING TOOL and have the word and good news about Madurai reach Madurai people all over the world.

5) Motivate Madurai for a Great Madurai!!!

Thank you

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Madurai IT Park work soon to begin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi was supposed to have come to Madurai on March 23rd. But, temporarily this visit had been postponed. This visit is for the "Madurai IT Park adikkal naattu vizha" in Madurai.

This postponement temporarily is due to various things happening in Tamil Nadu.

This is just an update and the chief minister's visit to Madurai is expected anytime soon, for kickstarting the kick start function of IT Park.

Madurai IT Park work soon to begin.....We will update once anything changes...


Power, Money and Influence in Madurai

If you have power, money and people in Madurai, you are the MAN!

If you have people who would listen to you and execute your orders - you have one of first things needed in madurai.

If you have money for executing whatever you need, then you have the second most important thing in madurai.

If you have political influence, which means you have contacts and close association with people in political area, then you are all set.

You have everything to achieve in Madurai! In fact, this applies to anywhere you live in the world.


How to apply PAN card in Madurai?

How to apply PAN card in Madurai?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card, by an Assessing Officer of the Income Tax Department.
A typical PAN is AFRPP1595D

Please read here in a madurai related website

Madurai Directory

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Madurai Airport

If you are wondering about Madurai Airport and Madurai flight details, here are some details about the current status of flights inbound and outbound in Madurai.

Paramount Airways Madurai

Madurai to Chennai

Paramount Airways has 4 daily flights from Madurai to Chennai, for a total of 300 seats daily.

Air Deccan Airways Madurai

Madurai to Chennai

Air Deccan has 2 daily flights from Madurai to Chennai, for a total of 226 seats daily.

Madurai to Bangalore

Air Deccan has 1 daily flights from Madurai to Bangalore, for a total of 46 seats daily.

Indian Airlines Madurai India

Madurai to Chennai

Indian Airlines has 1 daily flights from Madurai to Chennai, for a total of 145 seats daily.

Jet Airways, Madurai India

Madurai to Chennai

Jet Airways India has 2 daily flights from Madurai to Chennai, for a total of 144 seats daily.

The on-time percentage for these flights is 83%.

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No agricultural land for SEZ - Madurai Lands

This is about Madurai land and other lands in india, being acquired by government from farmers.

The central government of india said no agricultural and irrigated land should be taken for Special Economic Zones.

“When a person is not ready to sell his land and it is acquired through the law, he has to be compensated financially as well as psychologically. Besides, land for land is also acceptable,” he said.

Please read more in http://www.financialexpress.com/news/No-agricultural-lands-for-SEZs-Govt/287794/

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Plot map for Madurai Sun City Real Estate Agent's Land - 19 acres

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

There was already a post in "Madurai Times" regarding land in madurai -


Sun City Real estate agents have accepted to post the plot map on the internet.

Here is the map -

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Madurai Chicken 65

When I used to grow up in Madurai, I crave for chicken 65, which are made in streets.
They are deep fried, in some oil, which I am not sure is good or not.

But, one thing is sure - Chicken 65 on the streets are very tasty.

I used to enjoy the Mutton Soups sold in the Palanganatham streets(near Nataraj Theatre) madurai, which might not be very healthy. Parotta in Subbiah kadai(now it is renamed as Nagaraj Parotta Stall Hotel) opposite Nataraj theatre.

I enjoy chicken 65 in the entrance of town hall road, madurai.

I enjoy avicha kadalai(boiled ground nuts) on the town hall road.

I used to get some magazines in town hall road and walk with avicha kadalai. Read some books in the bookshops like Malligai book shop and other stores in the same street. Walk up and down and get back to my hero honda bike:).

This was my major timepass in Madurai:)

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TVS Company, Madurai is my inspiration

I was born and brought up in Madurai. Only Major Madurai company (conglomerate/business group) I have seen and grown up with is - TVS - TVS Company.

If you want to know about the company, please see here TVS Company Profile in our blog

I wanted to build a conglomerate, since I have been growing up with TVS. I believe that is the inspiration for anybody who have grown up in Madurai.

TVS Company is great because - on those days they have started varied companies in various domains and have given jobs to the local community in Madurai. I like the fact that many families earned and many familes have lived in Madurai.

In my perspective, TVS company is professional, conservative, organized and have landed in most of the businesses in Madurai and they do business internationally too.

One of the most profitable and international companies in TVS Sundaram Fasteners, Madurai which is an export unit. The company supplies for General Motors too.

Anyway, the reason of the blog was to say that TVS Company is my inspiration. TVS Company has been doing great, giving employment to the madurai community. I am sure TVS will still favour Madurai in future too.

One request to the management is to do much more business, expand the business in Madurai to fulfill the demands of madurai needs.

thank you for listening...

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Madurai Software Business: Future Online Software Business: Software as a service

I think the future of software is all going to be ONLINE. In other words it is called SaaS - Software as a Service.

The traditional software is always deployed in the company infrastructure and the software is used by the users in the company. These days it seems to behosted and used as a service. That is going to be the future as well.

Companies like salesforce.com started off their business like that only. Even traditional software businesses started in past, have an online version of the software available for them.

For example, accounting software companies like intuit - quickbooks have an online version of their software. NetSuite.com etc., has followed the same.

If you want to know about - Software as a service. Please read more in the last paragraph.

The reason I am explaining about SaaS. Because it is the current style, happenning and future of software business in the world, india and madurai. Also, I happenned to hear about a new company in Madurai, which had started a Software as a service business in madurai.

aveoinfotech.com. The software this company has come up with is - daybook.in. This software is hosted and it is in BETA stage of software development life cycle in madurai.

I congratulate this entrepreneur for starting this service and also appreciate for it. All the best for his venture. Why is Madurai Machan happy about it?? I am glad for the fact that this company is started in Madurai.:)

About Daybook, Aveo Infotech, Madurai
It is an effective personal assistant tool helping you schedule your meetings and appointments with your clients and others, thereby utilizing your time effectively.

It can also connect you with other Daybook users which lets you know more about them and their contact details readily (like phone numbers, email addresses and website), and also lets you schedule appointments and share tasks with them.

Daybook is a handy task manager which can not only remind you to pick up a gift for your wife's birthday and pay the electricity bill before the due date, but also lets you assign a task with your contact and lets you and the contact track its progress together.

Daybook is a safe repository of your contacts online, which means that you can access it anytime and from anywhere.

Daybook allows you to create peer groups - with your friends, colleagues, relatives, ... - and to share items of common interest within the group.

About SaaS - Software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software application delivery model where a software vendor develops a web-native software application and hosts and operates (either independently or through a third-party) the application for use by its customers over the Internet.

Customers do not pay for owning the software itself but rather for using it. They use it through an API accessible over the Web and often written using Web Services or REST. The term SaaS has become the industry preferred term, generally replacing the earlier terms Application Service Provider (ASP) and On-Demand.

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Madurai Kamaraj University Results: Distance Education

You can find madurai kamaraj university results in the following link -

Madurai Kamaraj University Distance Education Results

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Research regarding starting a business in Madurai

I was researching about starting a business in Madurai.

Here are some online findings I did about Madurai Business Help, though I have covered a lot in most of my previous articles about business in madurai.

For any industrial production and manufacturing kind of business in madurai, you can choose your location somewhere from


The above link lists the available land from the SEZs and SIPCOT allotted land. You can purchase land from any location in tamil nadu.

The nearest location from Madurai - I noticed was MANAMADURAI.

I happenned to notice one more interesting factor - Land of 1 acre is just Rs.1 lakh.
Isn't that very affordable? I think so.

1) Manamadurai Railway station located at a distance of 5 km from the complex.
2) Location:
Manamadurai Taluk. Sivagangai District.
5 kms from Manamadurai
on Manamadurai - Perambalur
One hour drive from Madurai.
3) 60 kms from Madurai Airport
4) Separate Substation is provided for uninterrupted power supply to the Industrial units.
5) Possible and preferred industries...
* Electrical & Electronics
* General Engineering
* Plastic Industries
* Textiles
* Cement Industries
* Modern rice Mill
* Zip fastners
* Graphite
* and other industries

If you wonder, who is providing these lands in manamadurai and other allotted lands -


State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) Limited, a fully government owned premier institution, established in the year 1972, has been a catalyst in development of small, medium and large scale industries in Tamil Nadu.

All for good... If you are thinking of starting a production and manufacturing business in madurai, check out this article about manamadurai SEZ location, which is cheap and best. Good connection to airport, sea and railways.

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oororam puliyamaram song - Madurai Song

Oororam puliyamaram - madurai song is fun to watch.
Blood boils out of joy and happiness:) Temptation to dance...
It is an awesome song. That is the actual reality and current status of majority of MADURAI. We have to accept that fact.

I happenned to see a video in youtube, posted by some folks.
It is kind of funny and I laughed it out...:)

I thought you will also enjoy -


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Taxes in Madurai online

Did you know you can pay Property tax, professional tax, Water Charges, Drainage Maintenance Charge (DMC), Vacant Site Tax (VST), Nontax (Lease items) ONLINE?

Did you know you can pay all the above taxes online using internet. Here is the link to it in madurai corporation website.

Madurai Corporation - Property, Water, Professional, VST, NonTax (Lease items) and DMC Online Payment using Credit Card

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Madurai district getting more funds than previous years

Madurai district getting more funds than previous years

The annual credit plan for agriculture and allies activities for the madurai district this year has been increased to Rs.898.24 crore as against Rs.749.45 crore last year.

The outlay to the total priority sector of Madurai District had been increased by Rs.255.04 crore and fixed at Rs.1480.70 crore, according to the document released by Madurai District Collector S.S.Jawahar.

Read more

Madurai Directory

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Madurai Airport Expansion to international standards

The Madurai district collector S.S.Jawahar is in talks to make Madurai airport to an international standard by expanding the area of the airport and the runway. This is being achieved by purchasing 100 acres of poromboke land.

Read more in The Hindu

Madurai Directory

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

::: iMadurai :: A Free and Complete Directory of Great Madurai - Madurai Directory - Madurai Yellow Pages::: Madurai Classifieds:::

::: iMadurai :::

A Free and Complete Directory of Great Madurai - Madurai Directory - Madurai Yellow Pages:::

A BETA version of iMadurai - a madurai directory is built and published starting today.

We believe, for all your madurai directory needs, this would be very helpful.

As we have specified, the website iMadurai.com - A Free Madurai Directory is in BETA. That means - there would be errors. If you find it, please let us know and we will fix it. This is a FREE non-profit service to Madurai community and business people.

In order for your Madurai Business to improve, any updates to the directory can be sent to maduraitimes@gmail.com

Thank you

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Sun City - Real Estate Agent of Madurai

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Sun City - Real Estate Agent of Madurai

Sun City is one of the best real estate agents in Madurai. They have been doing other businesses in Madurai for the past 25 years. Their approach had been professional so far and working towards maximum customer satisfaction.

Mr.Nallu samy contacted "Madurai Times", for publishing one of his land projects. Once you call the below mentioned mobile number, the agents are willing to pick you up from a reasonable location and show the plots for you.

He had released the plot map of the site with the actual area allocated to every site
and also it shows the nearby roads, PTR College, VGP, Karadikal to Madurai main road, madurai ring road, four way road, madurai dindigul highway road, NH-7 national highways road etc., The plot map is available on request. You can email to
maduraitimes@gmail.com for
getting the plot map - please have the subject as "sun city plot map request".
If you have the plot map with you, it would be easy for you to choose.

As I see, the plots are being booked too fast and there is lot of demand from NRMs and NRIs.

RUSH SOON, otherwise you might miss the opportunity.

Sun City - Nallusamy's contact details:

Muthu complex,
Opt of kalivani Theatre,
Direct Cell phone number: 9789757930

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

List of Madurai Websites created in past 10 years - Madurai Online

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Here is the list of notable websites with 'Madurai' in the domain name. These domains were created in past 10 years, related to

Madurai. It is amazing how fast online madurai websites have been built over a period of time.


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Want to improve your business in Madurai?

::: Madurai Marketing :: Madurai Advertisement :::

Want to improve your business in Madurai?
You have your consumers of your product of Madurai Company spread all across the world?
You want to have your brand name of your Madurai Company improved?
Want to improve your online presence by having more hits in your corporate website of your Madurai Company?

If you have an answer YES for any of the above questions, then read below -

MaduraiTimes.com - madeinmadurai.blogspot.com can help you with that.

Please check out the users visiting "Madurai Times"(Made in Madurai) Blog from all across the world and its related statistics.

Global Visitors Map to Madurai Times - Made In Madurai

If you are interested in advertising your business in "Made In Madurai" blog,
please email your entry to maduraitimes@gmail.com and then we can do the needful.

Thank you

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Tamil nadu to promote four more SEZs - Madurai Update

In an effort at equitable economic growth across the state, the Tamil Nadu government is encouraging industrial and IT investments in areas other than Chennai and its suburbs, said Finance Minister K. Anbazhagan here Thursday. Presenting the budget for 2008-09, he announced four special economic zones (SEZ) for (a) transport engineering goods at Gangaikondan, Tirunelveli district on 255-acre; (b) automobile and auto spare parts at Cheyyar, Tiruvanamalai district on 255-acre; (c) 263-acre engineering goods at Perunthurai, Erode; and (d) leather sector in 260 acres at Ranipet.

According to him, so far 32 SEZs have been approved in Tamil Nadu and 29 of them have been notified by the central government.

“Efforts are being taken to establish multi-product SEZs at Nanguneri in Tirunelveli district, Krishnagiri, Perambalur and Ennore,” he said.

Anbazhagan also declared that the state government would pay careful attention to the livelihood security of farmers when establishing the SEZs.

He said the state would offer the same tax concessions enjoyed by industrial units investing Rs.3.5 billion ($86.6 million) in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur districts to those setting up industries in other places at an outlay of Rs.2.5 billion.

The government is also promoting tier II cities as the destination of IT companies.

IT parks are being set up in Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli and Salem. Companies establishing IT parks have been allotted land and SEZ status has been obtained for them.

“A new IT park will be set up in Vellore by ELCOT (Electronic Corp of Tamil Nadu) in partnership with the private sector in the coming financial year,” Anbazhagan said.

He added that Tamil Nadu Cements Corp would double its capacity at an outlay of Rs.820 million.

Source: thaindian - a news portal for indians in thailand

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Procedure to start a company in Madurai

Types of Business Entities

Private Limited Company
Public Limited Company
Unlimited Company
Partnership - Limited and Unlimited
Sole Proprietorship
Applicable law
The Indian Companies Act of 1956

Forming a Company in India

The Companies Act of 1956 sets down rules for the establishment of both public and private companies. The most commonly used corporate form is the limited company, unlimited companies being relatively uncommon. A company is formed by registering the Memorandum and Articles of Association with the State Registrar of Companies of the state in which the main office is to be located.

Foreign companies engaged in manufacturing and trading activities abroad are permitted by the Reserve Bank of India to open branch offices in India for the purpose of carrying on the following activities in India:

· to represent the parent company or other foreign companies in various matters in India, for example, acting as buying/selling agents in India, etc.;

· to conduct research work in which the parent company is engaged provided the results of the research work are made available to Indian companies;

· to undertake export and import trading activities;

· to promote possible technical and financial collaboration between Indian companies and overseas companies.

Application for permission to open a branch, a project office or liaison office is made via the Reserve Bank of India by submitting form FNC-5 to the Controller, Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Section of the Reserve Bank of India. For opening a project or site office, application may be made on Form FNC-10 to the regional offices of the Reserve Bank of India.

A foreign investor need not have a local partner, whether or not the foreigner wants to hold full equity of the company. The portion of the equity thus not held by the foreign investor can be offered to the public.

Incorporating a Company:

Approval of Name: The first step in the formation of a company is the approval of the name by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in the State/Union Territory in which the company will maintain its Registered Office. This approval is provided subject to certain conditions: for instance, there should not be an existing company by the same name. Further, the last words in the name are required to be "Private Ltd." in the case of a private company and "Limited" in the case of a Public Company.

Memorandum and Articles, etc.:

The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are the most important documents to be submitted to the ROC for the purpose of incorporation of a company. The Memorandum of Association is a document that sets out the constitution of the company. It contains, amongst others, the objectives and the scope of activity of the company and also defines the relationship of the company with the outside world.

The Articles of Association contain the rules and regulations of the company for the management of its internal affairs. While the Memorandum specifies the objectives and purposes for which the Company has been formed, the Articles lay down the rules and regulations for achieving those objectives and purposes.

The ROC will give the certificate of incorporation after the required documents are presented along with the requisite registration fee, which is scaled according to the share capital of the company, as stated in its Memorandum. A private company can commence business on receipt of its certificate of incorporation.

A public company has the option of inviting the public for subscription to its share capital. Accordingly, the company has to issue a prospectus, which provides information about the company to potential investors. The Companies Act specifies the information to be contained in the prospectus.

The prospectus has to be filed with the ROC before it can be issued to the public. In case the company decides not to approach the public for the necessary capital and obtains it privately, it can file a "Statement in Lieu of Prospectus" with the ROC.

On fulfillment of these requirements, the ROC issues a Certificate of Commencement of Business to the public company. The company can commence business immediately after it receives this certificate.
If you want an investor for your business, here is a best BANK for you
Here is the list of investors and banks. Please browse by clicking other bank related links in this site - http://www.maduraidirectory.com/bandf/forex.php

Registration Form:
http://www.tn.gov.in - click on documents to get various goverment's documents you might need.

Private Limited Company
A private company is a company which has the following characteristics:

shareholders’ right to transfer shares is restricted;
the number of shareholders is limited to fifty; and
an invitation to the public to subscribe to any shares or debentures is prohibited.
Public Limited Company
A public company is defined as a company which is not a private company. The following conditions apply only to a public company:

It must have at least seven shareholders.
A public company is not authorized to start business upon the grant of the certificate of incorporation. In order to be eligible to commence business as a corporation, it must obtain another document called "trading certificate".
It must publish a prospectus or file a statement in lieu of a prospectus before it can start transacting business.
A public company is required to have at least three directors.
It must hold statutory meetings and obtain government approval for the appointment of the management.
There are several other provisions contained in the Companies Act 1956 which are applicable only to public companies and should be consulted.

In addition to this,

Procedure for Starting of New Institutions and Additional Courses

Managements desiring to establish new institutions shall get the application from the AICTE (Chennai Office) on payment of the prescribed fees (presently Rs.5000/-.) The applications in the AICTE format for starting new Engineering Colleges/Polytechnics and for starting new courses in the existing institutions are to be submitted to the AICTE, State Government, University etc. as indicated in the formate.

The infrastructural facilities with regard to the availability of land, buildings and finance provided by the applicants will be physically verified by an Expert Committee constituted by the Director of Technical Education on payment of inspection charges and the report will be submitted to the Government with suitable recommendation for the issue of No Objection Certificate. Based on the No Objection Certificate, the AICTE will issue by the viability letter and physically verify the infrastructural facilities available for establishing the institution. Final approval will be granted based on the merit of the recommendations of the Inspection Committee. After getting the approval, the management has to approach the University or State Board of Technical Education for the affiliation.

Procedure of Starting of Commerce Institutions

Commercial Institutions imparting training in Typewriting, Shorthand and Accountancy subjects get temporary/permanent approval from the Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai. For yearly approval, the cost of application from is Rs.100/- and for permanent approval Rs.250/-. The rules and regulations for according approval of commerce institutions are furnished to the applicants who seek approval of this Department for starting such institutions.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to newmadurai@gmail.com.

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Madurai Entrepreneurship help: Small Business in Madurai

If you need advice about your new small business in Madurai, consult the following to get more details... They are registered organizations from government to help individuals start and run small businesses in Madurai.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development - CED, Madurai

Campus No. 4, T.B.Road,

Tel : 0452-2602388(O)/2602476(P)
Telex : 0445-310-SSPIN
Fax : 0452-2602455
Contact : Member Secy.


MADITSSIA - Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association
Dr. Ambedkar Road, Madurai - 625 020, Phone : 2523966 Fax : 452 - 2523967
E-mail : info@maditssia.com; maditssia@sify.com;


CII Madurai Branch



Shri A.K. Srivastave (Director)
Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (UP) A 1 & 2 Sarojini Nagar, Industrial Area, Kanpur Road,
Lucknow-226008 (UP)

Sh. G. Nagraju (Director)
Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka, “West View” UB Hills, Near D.C. office,

Sh. B.V. Rathod (Director)
Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development A-38, MIDC near Railway Station

Sh. P.N. Mishra, (Executive Dir)
Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, 60 Jail Road, Jahangirabad, Bhopal-462008

Sh. B.P. Rayaguru, (Director )
Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, IEDO, Plot No. 123, Sector-A, Zone-A,
Mancheswar Industrial Estate (near Postal Printing Press)
Bhubneswar-751010 Orissa

Sh. P.A. Ramaswamy, (M.D.)
Kerala Industrial & Technical Consultancy organisation Ltd., P.B. No. 1820, Ravipuram,
M.G. Road, Cochin-682016

Sh. P.C. Gupta, (Executive Dir.)
H.P.C.E.D., Udyog Bhawan, Bemloe, Shimla-171001

Dr. R. Jaya raman (Member Secy.)
Centre for Entrepreneurs Development, CED SIPPO Campus No. 4,
T.B. Road, Madurai-625010

Sh. Prasanna Kumar, (IAS)
Haryana Institute of Public Administration, 76, HIPA Complex, Sector-18

Sh. D.K. Sharma, (Jt. Director)
Entrepreneurship and Management Laboratory Building, 22 Godown, Industrial Area-1

Smt. K. Rama Devi, (President,)
CED an undertaking of Association Andhra Pradesh, 3-5-1091/15
Narayanaguda, Hyderabad-500029

Member Secretary,
J&K Entrepreneurship Development Institute (J&K, EDI)
O/o Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Exhibition Ground, Residency Road,
J & K Govt. Jammu/ Srinagar

Sh. Lakshman Prasad (Executive Dir)
IED Bihar, B.S.F.C. Building, 5th floor, Fraser Road, P.B. No. 114,
PATNA-800 001

Dr. V.G. Patil, (Vice-President & Director,)
EDII, (Near Village Bhat, Via Ahmedabad Airport, & Indira Bridge,
P.O. Bhat, Ahmedabad-382428, Gandhi Nagar, Gujrat

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Too many Madurai related websites being registered....

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

I happenned to hit so many websites coming up BRAND NEW, which are related to Madurai. I have always a close monitor on Madurai online and I noticed all these websites cropping few days/months back.


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Is building an orphange Good practice or bad?

Traditionally in India, orphans were accommodated by the extended family. But in western part of the world people built orphanages. The characteristics of orphanages for the last two hundred years have been: • insufficient numbers of staff to meet the physical and psychological needs of the children; • a failure to teach the children how to relate to adults of both sexes, and in doing so learn how to be a woman or a man; • a failure to teach them how to build relationships of their own; • lack of planning of the children’s’ work futures. In Europe, girl babies are put into orphanages, grow up without relationships with boys and men, come out at sixteen, get pregnant . . . and put their girl baby back into the orphanage.

People seem to love building orphanages. The idea makes a nice mental picture – the saintly founders, surrounded by the loving children who are only alive because of them, all in a building that is a concrete proof of their benevolence. But this picture is about the egos of the builders, not what is best for children.

Today, AIDS has brought a large number of orphans. How should they be cared for? The money that can build an orphanage can also be spent on fostering the babies with their grannies and paying an allowance. If there are no grannies, aunties or big sisters, they can be fostered with non-related families. If land tenure is closed to outsiders, then older orphans will do better in towns, where they can be found a Master or Mistress and apprenticed to a trade, and ideally fostered with the Mistress’s or Master’s family.

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God Krishna's wisdom for everyone: Madurai Wisdom

God Krishna's Bhagavad Gita wisdom for everyone: Madurai Wisdom

1. Why do you uselessly worry? Of whom are you needlessly afraid? Who can kill you? The Atma is neither born nor does it die.

2. Whatever happened in the past is for your good. Whatever is happening now is also good and whatever happens in the future is, that too, will be good. Do not have regrets about the past. Do not worry about the future. The presence is flowing effortlessly.

3. What have you lost that makes you weep? What did you bring into this life that you have lost? What did you nurture that has been destroyed. You brought nothing into this life and nothing you take while you are here can you take with you when you depart. Whatever you took or gave, you did so only here and only from Bhagavan. You came into the world empty-handed, and will leave empty-handed. What is yours today was another persons yesterday and the day after tomorrow is will belong to someone else. You think all this is yours because you are identified with this existence. Alas, is it this materialistic attachment that is the cause of your unhappiness.

4. Change is the law of the Universe. What you think of as death is actually real life. In a moment you become rich. The next moment you are poor. Yours and mine, small and large, ours and theirs: banish these petty thoughts from your mind! Here everything is yours and you belong to everyone else.

5. Neither is the body yours, nor do you belong to this body. This body is made of the five elements: earth, air, water, fire and space, and someday is will return from whence it came. But the atma is firm and immoral. What then are you?

6. Surrender yourself to the Lord. He will be your greatest help and comfort. The person who knows this is unafraid, does not worry and is free from sorrow.

7. Whatever you do, surrender it at the feet of the Lord. When you do this you will know the bliss of one who is free from the cycle of births and deaths.

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Business Plan for any business you might start in Madurai

Business Plan template, you might want to use before you start any business in Madurai -

Cover Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Business Structure

• Description of Business
• Business Organization
• Management Team
• Location
• Product/Service
• Market Trends
• Target Market
• Competition
• Competitive Advantage
• Market Share Estimates
Marketing & Sales Strategy
• Pricing and Positioning
• Sales
• Advertising and Promotion
Operating Requirements
• Production of the Product/Service
• Staffing and Employees
• Management and Administrative Support
• Regulatory Requirements

The Financial Plan
• Forecasted Startup Budget
• Forecasted Break-Even Analysis
• Forecasted Twelve Month Cash Flow
• Forecasted Five Year Cash Flow Analysis
• Forecasted Five Year Income Statement
• Forecasted Five Year Balance Sheet
The Sources and Uses of Funds
• Sources and Uses of Funds Statement
• Personal Financial Statement
Analysis of the Risks and Rewards
• Risk Analysis
• Strategies to Address Risks
• Direct Competitor Analysis
• Labor Force Profile
• Startup 12 Month Cash Flow Projection
• Startup Budget Assumptions
• 12 Month Cash Flow Projection Assumptions
• Break-Even Analysis of Sales (Monthly & Annually)
• 5 Year Cash Flow Statement
• Assumptions Used in 5 Year Financial Projections
• 5 Year Income Statement
• 5 Year Balance Sheet
• Personal Financial Statement
• Equipment List

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Madurai's potential explained by CII official

The Tamil Nadu government should shift investments in the automobile manufacturing sector to South Tamil Nadu as Chennai, a CII official Pradipta K.Mohapatra, Chairman, CII Southern Region said.

The government should now make Madurai a Hub for auto component manufacturing.

He said there was also a need to have Special Economic Zones on Textiles, rubber and auto spares.

Stating that quality of life would comprise quality housing, hotels, medical care, entertainment and shopping, he said more malls and multiplexes should come up. The city should also privatise garbage removal, he said.

He said Madurai and surrounding areas could also be tapped for their potential in Handicraft.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recruitment at Customer Satisfied Technologies, Madurai

Job Code: SDM
Job Title: Software Development Manager
Open Positions: 1
Location of SDM has to be in Madurai.
Software Development Manager is a very responsible, self-driven role.

1) with fair amount of software technology background,
2) lead developers and the madurai office
3) do software project management and
4) little administration of the office

If you are interested, please email your resume with SDM as subject to career@customersatisfied.com

Job Code: SD
Job Title: Software Developer
Open Positions: 3
Location of SD has to be in Madurai.
Software Developer is a role where in the person has to be proficient in
Java, XML, HTML, JavaScript
Tomcat/JBoss/Any Application Server

If you are interested, please email your resume with SD as subject to career@customersatisfied.com

Job Code: SMO
Job Title: Software Sales/Marketing Officer
Open Positions: 1
Location of SMO can be in Madurai or anywhere in Tamil Nadu.
SMO is a very challenging role, where in the person has to do both Sales and Marketing role. Since the company is a startup, the person can learn a lot and get good amount of extra commission, as the sales happens.

If you are interested, please email your resume with SMO as subject to career@customersatisfied.com

Customer Satisfied Technologies, Madurai is a software product company owning around 3 complete products - SurveyMAC, AccountsMAC and SupportMAC and more products under progress. The company provides all the advantages of a startup and provides challenging projects for the team.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Madurai Infrastructure development updates

Madurai has National Highways going out in 7 directions (towards Dindigul, Trichy, Rameswaram, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Shencottai and Kochi) of which atleast 4 routes were proposed to become 4-track roads.

North-South Golden Corridor
Ring Road: Kappalur (south) to Samayanallur (north-west)
Ring Road: Samayanallur to Uthangudi (north-east)

Please check out a madurai well-wisher's NAMMA MEJURA BLOG

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Sponsored by OruAcre.com

While we talk about investments, wealth and real estate, let us do some charity as well...

Check out this great man...Akshaya Krishnan. He has come a long way...

Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust

Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust

9, West 1st Main Street,

Doak Nagar Extension,

Madurai – 625 010. India

Ph: +91(0)452 4353439/2587104

Cell:+91(0)452 98433 19933

E mail : ramdost@sancharnet.in


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Madurai ELCOT proposal and profile

Madurai's profile prepared by ELCOT. Check it out -

About 50 acres at Illandaikulam village in Madurai North - 4 kms from city limits.

Around 257 acres at Vadapalanji village in Madurai South in Tirumangalam Taluk - opposite to Madurai Kamaraj University.


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Madurai Map: In and around Madurai

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

If you were a resident and you are not familiar with Madurai any more, don't worry...Here is a map, which gives a good idea about the area in and around Madurai.

If you are new to Madurai and you are trying to invest in Madurai, here is again the map, which will help you for your need.

Check this link out:

I was able to zoom in and out. I was able to see Tirunagar, Tirumangalam, Airport, Nilayur, Madurai Ring Road, NH-7, NH-49 etc., This gave me a good view of everything.

I have a plot map from a real estate agent(Sun City) and I was able to locate where the plot is, using the map from the URL above.

You can also check it out.

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Madurai Farmers worried about government acquiring land from farmers for SEZ

Protesting the Tamil Nadu government's move to acquire agricultural lands for the proposed Special Economic Zone (SEZ) here, as many as 200 farmers observed a day's hunger strike here today.

Please read more here

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Madurai Tourism Development

Tiruparankunram Hill and Azhagar Malai in the district would be developed as major tourist spots to attract inland and foreign tourists, district collector S S Jawahar said here today.

Please read more here

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Madurai to get Graphite Industry?

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has urged the State Government to make an announcement on setting up of a graphite unit in Sivaganga.

Please read more here

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Real Estate Agents in Madurai

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Real Estate Agents in Madurai

Courtesy: madurai4u dot com.


Sun City

Baba Nagar
Phone: 0452 2568666, 98432 56866

City Constructions
19/A-1, Gokhale Road
Chinna Chokkikulam
Madurai - 625002
Phone: 0452 2537280, 98430 51995

City Housing Promotors
10-1/7, Karisalkulam
Madurai – 625018
Phone : 9843441072
Email ID: pandicnn@yahoo.co.uk

Indica Real Estate
117-B, Old Railway Colony
Madurai - 626001
Phone : 98421 77608

Kalaivaani Nagar
Phone : 0452 23105258, 98430 65600

Kalayani Consultancy Services
105/24-A, Bastian Nagar
Madurai – 625 016.
Phone: 93452 02236

KASS Valar Nagar
Phone : 98421 77177, 98421 77732

Grace Estates and Homes
173, Annanagar
Vaigai Colony
Madurai – 625 020
Phone: 0452 2531241

New Kurinji Housing
16, Corporation Complex
Panagal Road
Madurai - 625020
Phone : 0452 2526231,0452 2536313, 98430 99409, 98431 02684

R.V.Real Estate Agency
218-A, South Veli Street
Madurai - 625001
Phone : 0452 25377259, 98421 20259, 94430 15767

Sashwath Constructions (p) Ltd
Shanthi Sadhan, Melakkal Main Road
Madurai - 625016
Phone : 0452 2381655, 2382519, 2532586, 2566975

Sri Rajamani Real Estate Agency
250-A, Balaji Complex
Madurai - 625012

Sun Sweet Homes Private Ltd.
17, Aparna Towers
Bye Pass Road
Madurai – 625 010
Phone: 0452 2607252

Uma Real Estates
6, Tammakkam Complex
Madurai – 625 002
Phone: 0452 2532022

Vaibhog Home Private Ltd Kings Court
20, Rajaji Street
Gandhi Nagar
Madurai - 625020
Phone : 0452 2537527, 2537627, 98421 44844, 98421 84444

Visvas Promoters (P) Ltd
78, TPK Road
Sri Meenakshi Mill Bungalow Campus
Phone: 0452 2605211, 2605212, 98421 57721/98421 22044

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Changes in Madurai

What are NRMs thinking right now??

As I have mentioned before I refer NRMs for Non-Resident Maduraiites - please refer this back.
NRMs live outside Madurai, for various purposes - but mainly job/money/personal reasons. The location could be inside India or outside India as well.

NRMs outisde India might have more money than other major population of residents. Considering the wealth, NRMs would be wondering about buying lands in madurai, properties in madurai, commercials buildings in madurai.

The NRMs would not stop over there. They would buy businesses - start businesses.
Trade in, Start dealerships, franchisees, agents, brokers. Every NRM will try to make money out of the hype, boom in madurai.

This will be the same, in terms of thoughts of residents of Madurai.

However, when I think about my close friend, who is just an auto mechanic. He repairs scorpio and other SUVs.
He works for a private concern in Madurai, near Bye-pass road. He earns about Rs.3000 per month.
Considering the changes happenning in Madurai, what will happen to the financial future of my auto mechanic friend??

I am sure he is not going to get huge hike, because industry is growing. However, I think the auto company will get much more business than before, due to increased population. Even though auto company grows, it does not mean that the company is going to hike his salary.

But as per the economic cycle(science) and rule, auto company has to increase the salary, in order to be par with other competitors, otherwise the employee might go away to some other company.

Above all, I believe it should be a slow and steady growth for everyone. If it happens to be a growth for only a particular group of people, then it is going to be a problem.

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Changes in Madurai - Positive and Negative

Change is needed from everyone in the city.

As per Bhagavad Gita, Change is only permanent thing in this world.
Considering the positive changes about to happen to madurai, there is change expected certainly.

The existing people in madurai might have been living in a certain way.
Now that there are changes expected, existing people in madurai might get affected.

The simplest people in Madurai might not be able to cope up with the changes happenning in madurai.
If the simplest people in madurai change themselves to the curve of madurai, then they also get benefitted.

If not, there are some serious problems awaited for these people. You better catch up with the change.

Agriculture might get affected due to the change in the city. Agriculture has to be modernized and improved, instead it should be avoided for the brighter sides of the city.

In addition to all that - most importantly madurai culture will be left behind. The culture of people living together, whatever problem happens or whatever happiness amidst the family. Relationships will be affected. Faster life is going to affect everyone, in a way that everyone is going to look for money and no hearts.

This is definitely the negative side of the whole positive change.

God Bless Madurai!!

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Economy of Madurai

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Economy of Madurai

I am not an economist to comment on economy of Madurai.
But I can definitely say something of sense, as a common citizen of Madurai.

Economy of Madurai is all set to grow in an elevated manner. The reason - due to growth of one industry - computer software industry, there would be lot of money coming in Madurai.

Most important point here is - the money is all white. Nothing black in it. All the money is either post-tax money or the money earnt legally. This is not just money from a politician or a corrupt official. All this money is coming from outsiders, who have earnt money in various ways.

As we have discussed before, economy improves only when businesses are started. These businesses expanded or started would give employment to numerous individuals. If various individuals get employment, automatically the whole family gets benifitted.
If you think about it - if one industry crops up, then automatically other industries come up.

For example: IT industry is facilitated by the government. We are already seeing that real estate industry is on top. Whoever has money is buying lands left and right. All outsiders are trying to buy land in madurai. Corporates are buying land in madurai.
This manifests the status of real estate industry in Madurai, due to the upcoming IT industry.

One small example is that - online domain names related to madurai are on demand these days. The number of domains related to Madurai registered in past 2 years is more than what it had been the case before.

People are trying to buy businesses already existing in Madurai.

For example, if more outsiders come into madurai, then automatically entertainment and food industry also booms.
Existing small theatres in madurai would be bought, considering the location. The small theatre will have to give up their business due to couple of reasons - 1) The offer will be big, which cannot be hesitated. 2) The small business owner will not have this opportunity again, since it is a boom time. 3) Withstanding and continuing businesses before these big businesses would be difficult for the small business owner.

I see an amazing miraculous change for Madurai. I see Madurai to change as a GREAT MADURAI!!!

I wish I come back to my madurai and live the rest of my life.

this article would continue...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Land for Sale in Madurai

19 acres of Madurai Land near propsed IT Park

There is a 19 acre land, exactly 2 miles away from proposed IT park in Madurai. The seller is a reliable person, whom I know.
They will be preparing plots and selling them in smaller lots. These lands are supposed to be in high demand, since there are preparations being kickstarted on construction from government.

If interested, please do call the following number and get more details -

Mr.Nallu Samy: 9789757930.

Please do refer "New Madurai Foundation" as you referral string to Nallu Samy.

Article sponsored by OruAcre.com

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Real Estate Websites for India

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

I wanted to help with a collection of websites, for real estate in India.


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Real Estate Return of Investment in Madurai

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Real Estate Return of Investment in Madurai

Think about it guys...We have seen the growth of the real estate market in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all other major cities growing before our eyes in past 15-20 years. It is crazy now, when we think about a property in the big cities.

Isn't it time to realize what is happenning in Madurai?
Take a land for example - which looks like the following today:

A cent is INR 25,000. Remember one cent is 436 Sq.Ft.
One acre is INR Rs.25 lakhs.

Good enough. If we buy around 10 cents, which is Rs.2,50,000.

If we project that, the value appreciates 3-4 times in a period of 5 years, optimistic!

The property you have bought becomes Rs.10 Lakhs!

Isn't this a great investment, for our hard earned money?!
This is just in Real Estate - we can talk more about other businesses later in one of the articles.

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Madurai Real Estate Boom?!

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Real Estate Boom

One of my friend was asking if all the things happenning in Madurai are:
Hype or Reality?!

My answer to him was Yes and No.
Why I say Yes:
By March 23rd Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi is coming to Madurai and he is inaugurating the IT Park location.
This is reality.
So, things are happenning. Corporates like HCL, Satyam etc., are buying land left and right in Madurai.
This is reality.
Real Estate is booming - this is reality and a hype too. Whoever has money invests into it. Once Madurai becomes a developed city, then comes the real return of investment for whatever you might have invested in Madurai.

Hype is what people make about more than what it appears in Madurai to NRMs. NRMs do not see it first hand. So, whatever happens, NRMs get the news second hand and they have to believe it. At the pessimistic person's suspicious eyes, it looks like it is a hype. Not for everyone. We will see once it happens.

Whatever it is - all said and done -
Definitely something is happenning and
it is a reality for Madurai to become a GREAT MADURAI!!!

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Reverse Brain Drain to Madurai

As you know, I have explained in one of my previous article about NRMs. This word is similar to NRI - Non-Resident Indian.
NRM denotes Non-Resident Maduraiite. Isn't that a cool name?
This word includes all the individuals who reside outside madurai for various reasons, but track madurai happennings, or have relatives in madurai, have done schooling or college in madurai. OK, from now on I will denote those individuals as NRM, in the rest of the article.

NRMs are keeping track of Madurai through the news media and their relatives or friends at Madurai.
Seeing the progress and so called "Hype" happenning in Madurai, everybody is excited.

All the NRMs are having an idea of coming back to Madurai and live in Madurai. This is definitely a reverse brain drain for Madurai and this is expected to happen in a time frame of 4 to 5 years.

You might have read the previous article, which has a possible collection of things expected to be built in terms of commercial interest and infrastructure improvement. That definitely interests lot of people and NRMs will be definitely interested to come back to MADURAI.

Good for Madurai!!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Madurai's Future Plans

Is Madurai a future metro?

The temple city MADURAI is going to possess the following within next 4-5 years

1. ETL convention center cum shopping mall
Rs.100 crore total investments - with multiplex, hotels & shopping arcades.

2. SIPCOT's 2500 acre SEZ @ Eliyaarpathi , Madurai.

Works had been started to acquire land & they are speaking with the local bodies of Eliyarpathi village.

3. RR Industries - 400 acre township - Rudradev IT Township
Total investment of Rs. 4500 crores .
400 acres of land bought at Sholangurini in Madurai south region.
Plan released for its first phase of work & it was approved - work to
be started soon. 18,000 residencies and apartments with 1 hospital , 2
multiplexes , 2 big shopping malls etc., The IT Park to be built is
8-storeyed building.

4. ELCOT's 2000-10000 acre industrial city in Madurai

5.KSHITJI's shopping mall - At RACE COURSE road , Madurai.
160,000 sq.ft.
Departmental stores
Multiplex theatre
Retail shops
Entertainment malls
Food court
Frontage : 500 feet & No., of floors : G+3

6. Textile park at Madurai in 100 acres
Total investment of Rs.35 crores.

7. Hiranandhini constructions - Residential township in Madurai.

8. Fortune ITC Welcome group resorts near Madurai airport , Madurai.

9. CINEMAX multiplex theatre @ Madurai outskirts.

10 ADLABS multiplex theatre @ Madurai outskirts.

11. PARAMOUNT airlines PILOT training academy to come up at Madurai.

12. Pentasoft's Sport theme park complex in new Natham road , Madurai.
Maayajaal theme park with multiplex theatre - Investment : Rs.200 Cr

13.Children's science planetarium @ Madurai kamaraj university campus
Rs.25 lakhs investment & 25 exhibits .

14. Helicopter service by PAWAN HAANS copter services from Madurai :
To : RAMESWARAM, KODAIKANAL in first phase

15. Kamaraj memorial medical college to come up at 150 acres of land.
- within 20 kms from the city.
- admissions will start by 2009 & works will be over within 2 years.
- 300 bedded multi-speciality hospital - Rs.150 crores investment.
- 150 M.B.B.S seats permitted
- Run by : Vadamalayan hospital trust & kamuthi nadars association.

16. Rajaji Govt., hospital extension @ Anna bus stand - plan approved.
- G+6 storey fully air-conditioned building
- Rs.35 crores allotted.

17. Vadapalanji IT SEZ approved - tender will be called soon.
- 257 acres IT Township. opp., to MKU.

18. SAHARA city homes @ Ring road near Avaniyapuram , Madurai
- 125 acres project
- 15,000 residencies and apartments with 9 storied mega buildings.

19. Arihant foundation entered Madurai.
- Bought 21 acres of land for residential township.

20. Indo-Australian project on solar energy @ MKU Varsity

- Rs.2 crore project

21. Reliance fresh-s started in MADURAI.

- AA Road, Kochadai, Anna nagar
- Bought 11 old cinema theatres of the city to establish its air-conditioned veg/non-veg market.

22. DLF IT park @ Madurai- promised.

23. IBM IT park @ Madurai- promised.

24. COGNIZANT IT PARK @ Madurai - Promised.
Above three Leading IT companies are in talk with the colleges of southern Tamil Nadu to have a tie-up.

25. 1,00,000 sq.feet land for maatuthavani IT park\

- Land identified & approved - waiting for the works to be started.

26. ARVIND Eye hospitals @ Madurai plans an Ophthalmic university.

27. CONCOR-SR @ Koodal nagar , Madurai.

28. Rajparis-padmam apartments

-on vaigai north bank road near Arappalayam bus-stand.

29 . Warehousing complex to come @ 5 acres in koodal nagar.

30 . 2 private IT parks bought land in Madurai.
1- Chennai based CEEDEEYES , a housing & financing company,
2-Dubai based ETA star property developments LLC.,

31. Passport office at Madurai from NOV.2007 near Anna bus-stand.

32. Auto ancillary & accessory industry on ring road near avaniyapuram ,

33. Old Thangam theatre - Now to turn soon into GV studio city.
GV ltd., bought the thangam theatre to establish its 2nd studio city in tamilnadu next to chennai , here in Madurai.
It will have :

• MULTIPLEX theatres

• 2 three star hotels

• Shopping arcade



34. YMCA International center @ MADURAI - Total investment - Rs.3 crores.


- 80 Room Garden resort to come up at Madurai near Madurai airport.

36. Infosys IT park @ Madurai soon - promised.

37. 28.93 acres of land allotted for TIDEL park @ Kochadai , Madurai.


-Vietnam's township & residential apartments in ring road near chinthamani , Avaniyapuram.


- Kidney dialysis hospital @ Madakulam , MADURAI soon.

40. KHIVRAJ TECH PARK in ring road , Madurai near airport.

41. Comprehensive blood & cancer center in Madurai .
- By Apollo hospitals , Madurai & BASKERSFIELD , California.

42. World class HIV/AIDS care center to come up in Madurai.

43. Indoor skating opened @ vandiyoor.

- Island lake @ park planned @ Rs.10 crore expenses.

44. METCALFE - 125 acre residential project in Madurai.

45. DAYS INN star hotel under construction in Madurai.

46. Agri-export zone for flowers in Madurai.

47. HCL Infosystems digital lifestyle store to open in Madurai.

48. Diamler chrysler pondering - authorized service station for BENZ

- a new dealership in Madurai.

49. Rs.120 crores AIIMS Hospital planned at thoppur , Madurai.

50. ZOOLOGICAL PARK planned @ Madurai by corporation ,

- Plan sent for approval, near alagar kovil.

-- Scroll down to see the infrastructure developments--


New Integrated terminal building at Madurai airport @ Rs.150 crores.
It will have :

• 17,536 sq.feet.

• 5 Escalators

• 7 Lifts

• Modern scanning facility

• CCTV's

• 2 Aero-bridges

• Glass exteriors.

Runway expansion :

1. Runway extended from 6000 ft to 7500 ft.
works are going to extend it further to 9000 sq.ft. After that , works for extending it to 12,500 sq.ft will be taken.

2. Parking bay is increased from 3 to 6. A new parking bay is under construction.

3. Another fuel filling station sanctioned @ Madurai airport by RELIANCE.
- GREEN sign & first step to make it as international airport

4. Indian , SRILANKAN airlines, Malaysian airlines keen to connect Madurai to gulf countries , south-east Asian countries , silence, European & African countries. These airlines like operation from Madurai rather than Trichy.

5. INDIAN plans a package tour of connecting historic places i.e., Madurai-Jammutawi via chennai.

6. Nearly 2 kms of ring road near chinna odaippu will be demolished for the expansion of Madurai airport. The road will be diverted from CIRAC hospital to Kusavakundu & to valayankulam.


4 Laning of Madurai bye-pass road with 2 ROB'S

- 1 near palnganatham @ Rs.30 cr.,

- Another near thiruparankundram @ Rs.30 cr.,

- Both will be constructed in clover leaf model with 6 arms each.

- All roads branching out of Madurai except Madurai-cochin highway via., Theni are becoming 4-laned & in plan to change it into 6 lane in future.

- 3rd phase of ring road from Samayanallur to Uthangudi is under work.

- Rs.70 crores sanctioned for radial roads in Madurai.

A new approach road for airport is planned :
1- From Palanganatham - TVS Nagar - Avaniyapuram - Airport.
2- From Thiruparangundram - Nilayur - Airport
Both are 4 laned in plan , & also to be 6 laned in future.


- Northern Entrance new building @ Madurai railway junction in the place of old pit line.

- It will have centrally air-conditioned hall & shopping arcade with escalators.

- Concourse halls in eastern & western entrance @ Madurai railway junction.

- Doubling of broad gauge line from Madurai - chennai is under work.

- Madurai-chennai ELECTRIFICATION work will be over by 2009.

- Got " Rail Rathna " Award for maintenance

- KOODAL NAGAR - Another full-fledged railway station for Madurai by 2009.

- Rs.150 crore sanctioned for Madurai railway junction to change it into world class A1 status railway junction.

- A new broad gauge line to chennai from Madurai jn via., MELUR , PUDUKOTTAI etc/.,

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Software park to be set up at Madurai on 10 lakh sq ft area

Source: Hindustan Times

The software park at Madurai would be set up at on a 10 lakh square feet area and the preliminary works for it were in progress, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Tuesday told the State assembly.

Replying to CPI-M member N Nanmaran during question hour, he said the works for setting up the second TIDEL park at Chennai had began.

He said nine MoUs for setting up industries had been signed for a total investment of Rs 8,845 crore, adding this would provide direct employment opportunities for 57,210 persons and indirect job opportunities for 64,330 persons.

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