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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday celebrations in Madurai as Alagiri turns 59

Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers Mr.M.K. Alagiri's 59th birthday was celebrated in grand fashion in Tamil Nadu Saturday, with DMK cadres organising community feasts and blood donation camps and distributing tricycles and sewing machines to the handicapped and the poor.

Commissioning ‘modern toilet complexes’ in as many as 10 locations across the city for public use, Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers M.K. Alagiri conveyed his intentions to keep the ancient city clean and green.

Ahead of his 59th birthday celebrations on Saturday, Mr. Alagiri reaffirmed to serve the common man in all possible ways. “This is just a beginning. With the support of the people, the city will be given a new look,” he told reporters here on Friday.

M K Alagiri, who is in the midst of a controversy over his desire to speak in Tamil in Parliament, today said his "Tamil voice" would "definitely" be heard in the House.

"En Tamil Kural paralumanrathil Nitchayam olikkum (My Tamil voice will definitely be heard in Parliament)," Alagiri, son of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, told reporters here.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indraya Thamizhagam!

I recently got a forward from my one of my friend about Tamil Kudi Magan's status.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

MK Azhagiri's ambition statement to a TV

Union Fertilizers Minister Mr. M. K. Azhagiri had recently said to a TV - "Among my ambitions, several have been fulfilled but there are few still remaining. One is the new secretariat complex, a world class library in the name of Anna and the 2010 World Tamil Classical conference. After the conference is over, I will come closer to you. The question is whether I need this ministerial office to work for the deprived classes, my answer is - brushing aside politics and power, I will come closer to you and consider myself as one among you."

tv interview

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Naming Madurai Airport Issue

There is a proverb in Tamil - "Innum kalyaaname aagaliyaam, athukkulla pillaikku peru anantha narayana krishna murthy raajaa raamaa". (English Translation - The guy is not married yet, but he has named his child as anantha narayana krishna murthy raajaa raamaa).

Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has threatened to launch an agitation if the Tamil Nadu Government further delayed its consent to name the city airport after freedom fighter Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar.

Swamy has written letter to the government, but he has not received any response yet.

My question is - the international Madurai Airport is not ready yet, but issues of NAMING has raised!

God Bless Madurai!

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Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women - Exhibition of Home Decoration Products - Tamukkam Grounds Madurai

For those planning to decorate their houses with attractive yet affordable products, Tamukkam Ground is the place to go.

A month-long exhibition is being organised by the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women (Mahalir Thittam) there. The ‘New Year self-help groups products exhibition’ offers a wide range of products at an economical price. Around 50 self-help groups (SHG) affiliated to Mahalir Thittam, including a few from Pudukottai, Nagapattinam, and Sivaganga, are participating in the fair.


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Friday, January 22, 2010

Get stuck in our youth style - Madurai Style - Madurai Youth

I was realizing today, that most of the times we get stuck to the style we know when we were youngsters. If you think about it, can you re-look at your style you have.

That is your dressing, your hair style, your mannerisms, what you like etc., Try to think about your dad. Does he follow your style? If he follows your style, then he really is young! Anyway, I am talking about most of the folks and not just the few.

I was watching a song in YouTube and it was a Punnagai Mannan's song - starring Kamal and Revathi. When I saw Revathi, her style kind of reminded one of my manager, who is around 6 years elder to me. Then, I realized - folks get stuck to the style which was enjoyed by them to the core in their college days.

Yeah - we get stuck to the style of our college times. Do you agree? Look around and find out. However, if you are following the latest trends, then you are really really young!! Be proud...:)

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Madurai Jeweller - Thangamayil Jewellery/Jewellry going public - IPO

I am really glad to hear such news about a Madurai Gold Jewellery retailer.

YES!! Madurai based Gold Jewellery retailer, Thangamayil Jewellery is going public in market and issued IPO for almost rupees 29 crores.

It is one of the leading jewellery retailers in Madurai and trades in Gold Jewellery, Diamond and Platinum jewels. It has introduced the Hallmarking practice for the first time in Madurai.

For the year ended March 31, 2009, it has reported 10% jump in its net sales.

The price band for the issue has fixed at Rs 70-75 per equity share.

The company intends to use issue proceeds for expansion of existing business by establishing retail outlets at Tuticorin, Dindigul, Theni, Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Kovilpatti and Sivakasi, and for renovation of the existing outlet at Madurai.

Considering the increase of Gold prices and profits these companies make - it is a good idea to think about these companies for investment. Disclaimer - I am NO financial adviser.

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Dot Com Infoway, a Madurai Software Company to host TWIT-MADURAI

Dot Com Infoway, the leading software and mobile applications developer announced that it will be the Host and Technology sponsor, the Madurai’s first-ever ‘Twitter Camp’ on February 21, 2010.

Dot Com Infoway, India’s leading custom software and mobile application developer headquartered in Chennai with development center in Madurai has announced that it will be hosting the Madurai’s first-ever ‘Twitter Camp’ Titled ‘TwitMdu’ on Sunday, February 21, 2010. The event will be organized by Galatta Media, while Dot Com Infoway will be the Host and Technology sponsor. This Twit camp is expected to attract participants from and around the Temple city and will allow the Tweeps of Madurai to discuss and share information using 140 characters.

Read more here...

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Aimpon Jewellery/Jewelry - Five Metals - Madurai Jewellery

Sponsored by SanaAntiques.com

My wife bought aimpon anklet from Madurai last time from a Madurai jewellery shop when we visited Madurai. Aimpon was very cheap and it was around Rs.200 to Rs.300 only approximately. It was completely gold in color, but it is not actually gold. It actually looked good. But, after couple of days of use - it lost its color and it is not even like the gold covering jewelry. The anklet became completely like dark copper metal now.

I became curious and was checking out what does this metal contain. Yes, as the name says - it is Five Metals composition. Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and Here is the description -

ஐம்பொன (aimpon)

the five kinds of metals:

பொன் — gold
வெள்ளி — silver
செம்பு — copper
பித்தளை — brass
ஈயம் — lead

Sponsored by SanaAntiques.com

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is Madurai Alanganallur Jallikattu a good sport still?

As a pure Maduraiite and being from Tamil Nadu, I always like about this sport for its roots back to the old traditional sport. Yes - I am talking about Jallikattu sport in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. This Jallikattu sport has been there for more than thousands of years ago.

To know offtrack about Madurai Jallikattu - check out Wikipedia article for Jallikattu.

There is a great collection by a tourist photographer oochappan, about whom I have written more about in a previous article. Check out his photos about Alanganallur photos for jallikattu. You will get every snapshot of it. Check out oochappan's Jallikattu coverage.

Another blog-mate has written an article about Jallikattu, which gives the blogger's experience about Jallikattu. That is true, even many average Maduraiite might not have seen Jallikattu in Alanganallur.

I have seen personally only once in Alanganallur inside the village. It was an awesome and scary experience. Also, my madurai brother has written about our experience previously.
Also, my madurai brother has written about our Madurai Pongal experience in our Madurai Home.

The point I am getting to is related to the video from NDTV. Media is all over being against Jallikattu and trying to stop this sport. I know this Jallikattu sport angers lot of Animal Lovers.

There are many foreigners coming to Madurai to view this sport. There is good revenue out of this sport to this village and to Madurai, Tamil Nadu and to India.

On top of all these, this is a very old tradition being continued and being practised for thousands of years. These are some of the actions which will take away the real flavour of Madurai. Do we want to loose the tradition of Madurai?

Every sport is dangerous and risky - do we stop playing those? There are even more adventurous and dangerous sports than this. Do we stop those sports? We still play those right?

I know one or two persons get killed and 30 or so people get injured. We cannot stop the sport for that. In fact, these days for getting the prize in this game has been eased out. If you hang with the bull in the bull fight, that is good enough. You don't have to completely bring down the bull.

Still it is being played in some parts of Spain and Mexico. Do they stop it? Some developed countries are still following adventurous sports and following tradition. Why do we go away from our tradition and adapt to western culture! Let us stick to our originality, we can reach top!!

Please do not stop this sport and that means you are taking away the flavor of Madurai and its tradition. I am thinking stopping/banning Jallikattu sport is equivalent to the fact of bringing down Madurai Meenakshi Temple, thinking that you can use the space in a better way in the centre of the town. Would you agree for that?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Madurai as Green City, rather than Singapore

Madurai MP and Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr.M.K. Alagiri, had promised to turn the constituency greener in his election manifesto. On that note, here is a previous article about Greener Madurai.

Today, He planted 1 lakh saplings around the Mariamman Teppakulam. In this way, Mr.Azhagiri fulfills one of the election manifesto items.

In this function, he also mentioned that he would like to make Madurai a greener city, than promising to make it as Singapore.

This is only a madurai news item.

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Darker businesses of Madurai - Madurai Sex

I have written an article before relating to prostitution in Madurai.

When I was analyzing the keywords for which Madurai was being searched for in internet and what is the top most search about Madurai - I was surprised by a fact that "madurai sex" was one of the important keywords around it.

There are lot of folks searching for it and trying to find about Madurai 'Sex' in internet. There is definitely something fishy about this fact in Madurai, that is why people are searching for and trying to find how they can achieve this in madurai.

Is still Madurai being famous/notorious for prostitution? Are there many agents and functionaries functioning for prostitution in Madurai? Are even people (tourists) looking for sex tourism or massage in Madurai?

This is definitely a darker side of Madurai, given that Madurai is a night city and there is lot of floating population and not to forget it is a tourist destination for even people in India (that is other parts of the country).

I know this busienss feeds lot of families, and it is ok to some extent in a society, but this should not be too much and a flourishing business.

I came to know to this fact, only by the number of people searching for this particular fact in Internet.

Overall - the affected ones are youngsters and even girls are sexually abused, due to their poverty.

I am wishing this business does not flourish and the youngsters go in right path in life, especially the girl folks!

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Wishing you all a very Happy Pongal 2010 - Madurai Times

என் இனிய மதுரை மற்றும் மதுரை சார்ந்த புறநகர் பகுதி மக்களே
நீங்கள் மதுரையில் இருந்தாலும்,
உங்கள் பிறந்த ஊரில் இல்லாவிட்டாலும்,
இந்த உலகத்தில் நீங்கள் எங்கு இருந்தாலும் -

இந்த தமிழ் திருநாளில்,
இந்த பொங்கல் நன்னாளில்

பொங்கல் நல்வல்த்துக்களை மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சியுடன் தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறோம்.

நன்றி வணக்கம்

- மதுரை டைம்ஸ் அணி.

Apologize for any spelling mistakes in tamil - blaming it on the technology

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Characteristics of an entrepreneur - Madurai Entrepreneurship

Characteristics of an entrepreneur - Madurai Entrepreneurship

(1) Inner Drive to Succeed

(2) Strong Belief in themselves

(3) Search for New Ideas and Innovation

(4) Openness to Change

(5) Competitive by Nature

(6) Highly Motivated and Energetic

(7) Accepting of Constructive Criticism and Rejection

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Split Tamil Nadu (TamilNadu) into two states? - Chennai and Madurai as two capital cities!??

Is it good or bad to split Tamil Nadu into two states?

Well, hold on, hold on...This is only a question. I am not in favour of anything. This article is just an analysis. This is a highly political question.

After the outbreak of the decision of Central government to split Andhra Pradesh, there were lot of celebrations and oppositions from Andhra people from different parts of the state for the decision made. Following that, there were many states in the country asking for splitting their state too. In that, one of them was Tamil Nadu.

Not all of the political leaders were in favour of the split of Tamil Nadu. One of them was PMK party leader Dr.Ramadoss was in favor of the split of Tamil Nadu. Dr. Ramdoss said in an interview that - "While he proposed for the same split of Tamil Nadu long back, there was huge opposition, but there is no one opposing the split of Tamil Nadu NOW. Things have changed and people seem to like it, if proposed. Here is the video of Dr. Ramadoss in a press meet about split of Tamil Nadu. Why did they branch out and bring High Court to Madurai? Because - people from south do not have to go all the way to the Chennai city – that is the reason. It is all administrative convenience. Similarly the state can also split and be administered better.” – said PMK Leader Dr.Ramadoss.

What would they do if they split Tamilnadu into two states? North Tamil Nadu and South Tamil Nadu will be two states. There would be equal money contribution from the Center for development of states. Chennai would be the capital of former and Madurai would for latter. Obviously, there would be more concentration of improvement in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu, but the integrity as ONE TAMIL NADU will be broken. Will we want that?

The split should not have been talked about, but since the topic has come up, let us analyze it - right? We are not in favour of anybody, but just let us talk about it.

As ONE Tamil nadu, we have been integrated all the time wherever we go. Say - what if someone asks for separate country for Tamil nadu – will you accept it? I guess – it was already asking for These kinds of proposals will be always there. What is wrong in the current setup as ONE TAMIL NADU as part of ONE COUNTRY INDIA? Why can’t we just live with one tamil nadu state, and as a part of one country India. Why do we have to split it?

Some might argue that – administration will be better and improvement focus can be given to areas which are not given much attention. Quality and improvement of people in those areas can be increased.

In other side, separate administration will lead to a new ministers and have more funds flow and some politicians might favour from it. In other hand – people in the southern districts might also get favoured. Having said that – Did Jharkand or Uttaranchal improve drastically, just because it was split into two states?

Though the topic is very political, the situation is going to be same – even though the split happens.

What I would say is – let us just live with the same setup and live as ONE TAMIL NADU, instead of the split of the state. This will avoid new expenses like elections and doing some personal favors.

Let us try to improve as one state and one country and one mankind world!!

Note: The above is only my personal opinion and does not intend or aim to hurt or spoil or favor anybody or any organization or entity. I have the freedom of speech to express my opinions.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Economy of Madurai as of Jan 2010 - a reality check

Please see my previous article about people in madurai and their classification based on salaries. That should tell about the different kinds of people in Madurai.

I have written a similar article in April of 2009 for Economy of Madurai - a reality check in 2009.

At any case - let us check the status now:

One major complaint in Madurai economy is there is no major manufacturing divisions started up. Anything started up recently are retail outlets, refined grocery outlets, service outlets of different companies, shops etc., which sell things, insurance, banking etc.,

Only when there are more than 70% manufacturing companies, then only there is a significant improvement in economy of Madurai. In fact, there is reduction in number of manufacturing companies. On those days, atleast Fenner was great. But there are countable ones - Fenner, TVS companies etc.,

Every individual who works thinks of a secondary income and gets the compulsion of starting off something by himself, while he does the day job. While this happens, they always end up doing only service stuff and they don't create anything.

It is always only a share of existing money in Madurai. Only when outside companies come into Madurai and invest and give employment opportunities to Madurai people then only we get the actual productivity of Madurai and improvement in economy of Madurai.

Anyway, overall - it is good for Madurai's entrepreneurs to grow with new thinking of starting something of their own.

There has to be big companies coming in and giving employment to 100s and 1000s of people in Madurai - then there would be some difference and impact in madurai economy. In fact, any government concentration is only on north and not in southern parts of tamil nadu. If they concentrate, then there would be significant contribution from Madurai and southern districts as well.

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Different Categories of Madurai People by Salaries - Economy of Madurai

I was talking to some of my friends in Madurai and corporate personnel in Madurai for the status of Madurai. Based on those discussions and interviews, here is my inference for Madurai Economy and reality check of the same.

I am not an economist, but just writing my thoughts and putting together my ideas on paper.

Let me classify working people of Madurai in different categories based on their salary.

1) Labour people, who work hard in the bottom of the society and get Rs.2500 per month or less.
2) Lower Middle class people, who earn between Rs.2500 to Rs.7000 per month. Families to feed three or more.
3) Middle class people, who earn between Rs.7000 to Rs.15000 per month.
4) Upper middle class people, who earn between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000 per month.
5) Rich people, who earn anything more than Rs.25000 per month.

The above could be one person to two person earning in a family, so it could be considered as household income. The problem is - people or families would come under my classification or vary time to time - based on the number of family members.

Say for example, a family increases by population and he stays with the same salary, then they slowly come down to a different classification of people in Madurai. Please note that this classification only applies to Madurai.

Ok, now we have classified people. Let us see what do they do -

1) Labour class does all the low level jobs like cleaning, mechanical work, very very hardworking, sweeping, house work etc.,

2) Lower middle class would be two people earning and doing the same work as above labour class. This category is also hard working and lot of manual work job.

3) Middle class is more of people working in offices, clerks and sit and do jobs, accountants etc.,

4) Upper middle class is more of banking, insurance, service, retail and education, teaching, some IT or ITeS related folks.

5) Rich people are more of corporate people, any kind of business men and women, politicians, specifically IT people and at last thugs, who live on interest (finance).

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Madurai Personal Finance Tips for 2010

• If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Live within your means.

• Create a monthly budget and stick to it.

• Evaluate your finances, and cut back on unnecessary expenditures.

• Keep up to date with your monthly payments. Missing a single month could cost you thousands of dollars in interest down the road.

• Reassess your life and car insurance policies. You could potentially save money by switching to a different company.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beware of cheating Madurai real estate agents

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

There are n number of horror and nightmare stores in Madurai and other upcoming cities of India, in terms of real estate.

Especially for NRIs, it has become a difficult thing for relying on friends and relatives for purchasing the real estate residential lands or houses or investment lands.

I heard stories about my friends abroad who have lost money by relying on others for handling and maintenance of lands in their home country. It is every NRIs wish to have a land or house of their own for purchasing land in their home country. It is has to be completely thought through before you make any decision in buying lands back home.

Overall, this does not mean you should not buy land back home, but we are just advising be careful and go into all processes and legally and double-check everything back to the origin of this land.

We will get to the details of this issue shortly in one of the future article.

Note: This article does not talk about all real estate agents in Madurai. Just check for the reputation of the real estate agent, before you deal with them. Definitely, there are good real estate agents available in Madurai.

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Madurai Health is terrible as of Jan 10th 2010

I hear people are unhealthy in Madurai.

A total of 4000 outpatients were treated for "Dengue" fever at the government medical hospital in Madurai on Saturday and it was spreading rapidly in the district due to factors like water contamination, uncleared garbage and open drains.

hospital records showed that 30000 people had received treatment for "different types of fever, mainly chikungunya and dengue last year.

Action from Madurai Corporation, Madurai NGOs and Madurai people is needed for improving the health of Madurai. Hygienic lifestyle is needed among people of Madurai.
Madurai Corporation has to improve the quality of resources provided to Madurai people.

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Madurai infrastructure improvement idea - for fixing a possible mistake

There is an idea by the New Madurai Group member Mr.Sampath, for one of the Madurai's infrastructure project.

Please read and participate in our forum - Forum Message click here to see the thread.

The idea is "Instead of constructing railway bridge in tiruparunkundram railway track can be sifted back of hill to save money and space."

Instead of constructing two over bridges the railway track (shown as dotted line in picture) if taken behind the hillock would be more appropriate.

More ideas like this helps and we can do the needful in terms of contributing to the society.

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Madurai Children's Play

When I and my brother used to play in the streets of Madurai - it was called Murugan Koil Street and we used to have some wooden cricket bat. Also, after those rubber balls, we got cricket balls in red color, which were used ones. Cricket balls are made of cork and covered by hard cloth stitched with white threads.

Sometimes when our ball drops into the drainage, we just take it and wash it and use it. By the way I am referring only to rubber balls.

I am thinking now - when I use a tissue or any item we use we throw it into trash as soon a we use it.

I remember - there was only use-and-throw pen, when I remember about use-and-throw items. Today, there are very less items we reuse.

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Things have changed in terms of Madurai Transport

When I used to grow up in Madurai, there were buses for common folks and bicycle for other short distance trips. There were very few motorbikes and few cars.

Now, if we see everyone has ability to purchase motorbikes at least and people go around in their bikes. It has become too crowded, without much infrastructure improvement amidst people living inside growing too fast with their possessions.

Also given that the world's cheapest car Tata Nano is out released, there is lot of cars around as well.

It would be ideal to have improvement in the roads and bridges, which will really help in all the transport and for life and/or business of people in Madurai.

Not forgetting autos, share autos, taxis, lorries, carts etc.,

Government has to identify ways of improving business by facilitating businesses with various easy transports and transport infrastructures. Today, it is a nightmare for business folks, if they want to go from south madurai to north madurai, for business sake.

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Some of the things I like(d) in Madurai

I would like to get up early in the morning, get ready and take my dad's moped (as i remember in childhood) and go to Perumal temple near Crime branch Periyar bus stand madurai. This temple is in fact small and beautiful. I park the moped just opposite the temple, which I think costs Rs.2 (it might have increased by now). Then give off my chappals to the chappal stand, which I think is free.

I get into the temple and it has its own temple smell. It is in fact a pleasant smell in the early morning. Note that this is before 6:30 or 7 in the morning.

Lord Vishnu's vigraham is huge in this temple and we can pray without any hassles in this temple, compared to other perumal temples in india. Also, this temple has less crowd usually, so it is easy and close view of the lord.

After done with temple, I would go to a tea shop or magazine shop and buy a "The Hindu" newspaper. Buy a "Week" magazine. Go back home and have a coffee and read newspaper front to end, except Sports section. Usually i am not interested in Sports section.

In the pre-noon time of the day, I would go and play street cricket with my friends near Jaihindpuram

In the mid of the day - I would go near Madura College and right opposite there are water melon carts in which slices of water melon are sold. i enjoy the water melon and/or pineapples sliced and touched with red chilli powder and salt.

In the afternoon, I would have lunch prepared by my mother. After that take some rest at home:) take nap! In the evening, after coffee, spend some time with friends near by and go to town hall road area and walk up the street. Eat boiled groundnut sold in the carts. This is a main street in Madurai and in the central area of Madurai. I have liked more of Central and Southern Madurai, because I grew only in southern part of Madurai. Southern part of Madurai is actually the one which is in the southern side of the Vaigai river in Madurai.

Also - after sometime, have soup on the road:) I know it is unhygienic, but it is good stuff - I have enjoyed for sure.

After that, in the night have dinner. Go for a walking around TVS nagar. Pretty much touch Kovalan nagar, TVS Nagar, Srinivasa Road, Jaihindpuram area, Sathya Sai Nagar area etc., I really enjoyed this walking in the night in Madurai area.

Note - these were some of the things I enjoyed in Madurai, when I was a bachelor and was taking a month break between my work at Bangalore.

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Madurai Bus Boarding - Madurai People

If I have to board a bus in Madurai, Chennai or anywhere in India - I will have to be a fit person. There will be bunch of people standing in the bus stop waiting for the bus. It is survival of the fittest. If you have to get on to the bus, and when the bus comes to the stop, the bus will be already loaded with full of people.

People hanging in the foot board of the bus. When the bus comes to the bus stop, the bus stops and the foot boarders get down for you and others waiting in the bus stop to get in. It is interesting, we don't know where is the space for people to get in. People get squeezed in inside the bus.

Foot-boarders help people to get in, but at the same time - you will have to be fit to get into the bus. If you are not capable you will not be able to get in.

Anyway, the point I was getting to is - in foreign countries, people stand in queue to get into bus. People don't even touch each other before they get in. I would not agree if you tell me about population. Population is less in other countries, but even in popular populous cities like New york, this is still the case - No one touches each other. People in NY wait in lines before they get into train or bus.

Overall, at one point I am hoping people in Madurai and other cities in India will wait for turns.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Madurai Development Updates

Couple of Madurai Updates - Jan 1st 2010:

On the Classical Tamil Conference at Coimbatore, Union Minister MK Azhagiri said that Karunanidhi would host the meet in a grander manner than he hosted the 1967 conference.

On development projects in Madurai, Alagiri said that the branch of Anna University will soon be set up here and Karunanidhi might make an announcement regarding this during the State Budget.

Beautification works around the Meenakshi Amman temple and the sound and light show in Pudumandapam would be carried out at a cost of Rs 20 crore, Alagiri said and added that efforts are on the anvil to set up a tractor-manufacturing unit in Melur.

Following the Delhi model, 18 modern toilets were being built in the city, Alagiri said.

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Greener Madurai

The Madurai MP and Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, M.K. Alagiri, had promised to turn the constituency greener in his election manifesto. He will soon launch the programme by planting saplings around the Mariamman Teppakulam.

New Year will ring in on a greener note for Madurai city and its suburbs. If things go as per plan, there will be one lakh more saplings in the Madurai Parliamentary constituency by the end of 2010.

A committee headed by the Chairman of Tamil Nadu State Agricultural Marketing Board, K.P.T. Ganesan, has been formed to implement ‘project greenery.’

Educational institutions and residents’ welfare associations to join their efforts. Saplings will be given free of cost for planting wherever they want. Tree guards will also be provided, if necessary.

Good to go - GREEN MADURAI!!!

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