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Friday, July 06, 2007

Free Medical Camp in Madurai

Dear all,
I am travelling to India for a very short trip of 2 weeks by July 15th to July 30th.
Amidst my personal activities, I would like to execute a project on behalf of New Madurai Foundation, by this visit as well.

I am wondering what if I will execute the FREE MEDICAL CAMP project in one of the rural localities in the outskirts of Madurai.

Project Summary:
This project is in the conception level right now, and I need to document little bit and prepare a budget for this.
Basically, we will choose a rural locality near Madurai and get approval from Panchayath for a medical camp of 5-6 hours in a day.
We will get approval in the village school or in a shady area in the village.
We will request for 2 to 3 doctors in Madurai to be available in the camp and serve the public.
We will request for some youths and friends to be available for this.
The expenses will be taken care by New Madurai Foundation.

Expenditures, I could think of on the fly -
1. Cost of Medicines to be used at the Medical camp site for the patients - Tablets, Syrups, Disposable Syringes etc.,
2. Additional Help from local youth - refreshments for them
3. Honorarium for 2-3 Doctors
4. There is NO invitation costs, advertising, brochure etc., It is all going to be oral announcements.

The 95% of the money is going to go only the medicines. Rest as mentioned above.
Today, I noticed that New Madurai Foundation bank account has Rs.1475. I will be contributing at the minimum of Rs.1000.
I need to make a proper categorized budget anyway, to determine what could it take and also I need to talk to the doctors about their estimate on the medicines, I am going to talk to them for their approval anyway.

Even if we consider the budget as Rs.10,000, I will need help to do the same, on behalf of New Madurai Foundation - from a monetary front.

You don't need to transfer right now. Please give me a word saying you will be able to contribute an amount to newmadurai@gmail.com.
Even Rs.40(one US dollar) is a good enough charity.

Since the amount is not huge, I am limiting the people I am asking. You are the cream people I think of, when donating to New Madurai Foundation.

Once I do
(i) some more documentation,
(ii) get approvals from Doctors and Panchayaths,
(iii) Preparation of the prorperly categorized budget and
(iv) after checking the feasibility

I shall let you know to transfer the amount you might wish to or the amount you mention in the mail to newmadurai@gmail.com .
Also please let me know what do you think about this project frankly.

If you want to transfer in US, I can give an US based bank account number or in India New Madurai ICICI account number or if you want to send a cheque by post, I will give US or India address.

As a first step, I will wait for your feedback. Take your time for replying - but reply before 9th of July End of the day IST.
Based on your feedback, I shall determine the feasibility. As days go by I shall keep you updated.

Approximate date for camp activity will be July 21st or 22nd or 28th or 29th.

Thank you

Your sincerely
Tamil Selvan
New Madurai Foundation.

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Visiting Madurai


It is been almost 2 years I visited Madurai.
I am glad I am going to do that.

Yes, I am visiting Madurai between July 15th and July 30th. I will be there for my personal work and at the same time I am thinking of executing a project for New Madurai Foundation.

I am going to explain about the project in the next article. That project is going to be FREE MEDICAL CAMP.

Please contact me if you would like to help at:
sselvan@gmail.com OR info@newmadurai.org

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