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Monday, July 27, 2009

Madurai Airport

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

In United States and other counties, there is a website for every airport. As someone said, any city would develop and improve awareness if there are as many websites both informational and for every major entity in the city.

A acquintance of mine had created a website for Madurai Airport. it is called airportmadurai.com. check it out.

Any kind of hotel information, flight departures and arrivals, security etc., around Madurai Airport is available in this website.

Article Sponsored by Sun City Real Estate Agency - Lands near Madurai Airport.

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New Terminal in Madurai Airport: Madurai Airport Expansion

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The Hindu quotes - "Work on the new integrated terminal building for handling 500 passengers at Madurai airport is likely to be completed by October this year."

Read more in The Hindu.

These are some of the improvements and government initiatives to improve Madurai.

Article sponsored by - Sun City Real Estate Agency.

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Why should we buy land near Madurai Airport?

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

There is a confusion in all of our minds? Where should we invest our hard earned money?

When a city is developed, automatically things get developed and improved around Airport as well. That is what I am thinking about Madurai Airport as well.

Hotels around Madurai Airport would be obvious idea by the developers, investors and real estate builders. Rental Car companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping complexes are some of the other building entities that would be planned around Madurai Airport.

IT Companies which includes both Software and also BPO companies would like to have the companies started in the Madurai IT park area, but there will be companies who might not want to go to IT park area, but stick to just the Airport area. That makes sense in fact.

Considering the government's investment in expanding the madurai airport into international airport makes our work easy. It would be a great investment and return of investment if we buy now some of the lands near Madurai area.

An area of around 20-25 kilometers in and around Madurai Airport would be a great deal for any small time individual investor. If you want to know about the lands around that area, you could contact any broker or agent around that area.

This article is sponsored by Sun City Real Estate Agency, Madurai. Click here to find Sun City Real estate Madurai's land for sale around Madurai Airport.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lands near Madurai Airport in high demand

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

As you know already, lands near Madurai IT park were on high demand recently and still it is.

There is always some kind of improvement and advancement news in and around Madurai anytime. Previously it was around IT park, then the new medical center proposed in Austinpatti madurai and now the new airport terminal in Madurai Airport.

Even if anything is not going to be up in few days, all the news proposed are eventually going to happen in Madurai, pragmatically. Where would the developments go in Tamil Nadu - it has to come to cities like Madurai. What was the situation 10-15 years back for Bangalore and Hyderabad is the situation for Madurai today!

It would be a smart move to purchase lands even in small quantities in these areas around the Madurai Airport area. Why not give it a shot?

Sun City Real Estate Agency has come up with a land - perfectly arranged and split into plots. Here is the related post and the plot map available for you to view. Click here for the plot map and related post.

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MADURAI-IT.COM ICT Companies Meeting - Intimation


In continuation to our recent meetings on the formation of a regional ICT companies association, we have decided to freeze the following during the July meeting:

1). Deciding the structure of the association
2). Fixing the date for registration
3). Fixing the date for the official launch
4). Deciding the roles and responsibilities
5). Work plan
6). Resource needs and sources
7). Any other matters

The proposed meeting details as follows:

Date : 29th, July 2009
Day : Wednesday
Time : 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM
Venue : Winways Systems Private Limited
No. 2&3, East II Street,
Behind ICICI Regional Branch
K.K.Nagar, Madurai - 20
Ph.: 4394466/ 4394488
Mobile: 9840944410

Friends, I am sending this mail only to the list of contacts I have. Please forward this mail and also make personal calls to all of your friends who are involved in IT Software & Services business. It will be good to have as many as possible for an initiative like this.

Look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.

With best regards,

Jt.Managing Director & CEO
Winways Systems Private Limited,
Phone: +91-452-4394466 / 4394488 / 4375506 / 2583838 / 4375504
Fax: +91-452-4394488
Hand Phone: -9840944410
email: rsiva@winways.co.in

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inside U - Madurai Soft skills Training

Mind Opener
Possibility Thinking
Communication Skills
Personality Development
Spoken English

You might wonder what is all these?
These are the services provided by a new company called "INSIDE U" started in Madurai South region.

Executive Director Poornima Muthukumar says - "The company is totally new of its kind". This company will be a trend setter for a city like Madurai - for the development of personality and skills of students and working population.

If you are interested, please refer "MadeInMadurai" blog and enroll for a concession in your fees.

No.3, Ponmari Nagar,
Madurai 625011.

Here is their brochure, which you can look at in English and Tamil -

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Madurai Land by Sun City Real Estate near Madurai Airport

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Sun City Real Estate Agency has come up with another site, near Madurai Airport and in Tirumangalam Taluk. Please find the plot map of this new Sun City Plot in Vidathakulam (Vedathakulam Village) Tirumangalam Taluk, Madurai District.

  • Thirumangalam Bus Stand to Sun City Plot ~ approximately 4 Kms.
  • Sun City Plot to Madurai Airport ~ 14 Kms.
  • Thirumangalam Railway Station to Sun City Plot ~ 2.5 KM.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions or if you are interested -
email to maduraitimes@gmail.com


via phone contact
Mr. Nallu Samy
Muthu complex,
Opt of kalivani Theatre,
- 98421 23237 or 94426 23237.
Please note: Refer "MadeInMadurai" code to Mr.NalluSamy when you talk to him.

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