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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Periyar Bus stand's Overhead passengers walkway bridge to be removed - unified decision taken

As you all know, there is a Overhead passengers walkway bridge in Periyar Bus stand. For the people to walk from the Temple side (or south side city bus stand in Periyar Bus stand) to and fro to North and West side City Bus stand in Madurai Periyar Bus stand.

There had been complaints that the bridge was not being used by the passengers/pedestrians and everyone crosses the road directly. Because of this traffic congestion happens and also accidents happen. Moreover pedestrians used the overhead bridge as toilets only and other anti-social activities.

Yesterday a decision in Corporation was taken for removal of the bridge itself and that was accepted. It will take 15 days to remove it in a normal way, so they are going to appoint a kerala group who would take it out in just one day.

Very nice (sarcastically)!! We build the bridge with people's money and now we destroy it again by spending some more money. Why can't we think about it in first place itself!? Even the newspaper's like Dinamalar mentioned not to construct this in first place and no one will use it properly, but no one listened to it.

Why can't we come up with usable ideas? Or atleast why can't the people use it properly?! Mistake lies in both sides. But the decision to destroy the bridge itself is completely not acceptable. Why can we use it properly by regulating it properly?

Here is an idea...If we build a rails in between this road, people cannot cross the road directly, and the people will be compelled to use the bridge only. Why can't we do that? Will that affect the business over there? The businesses over there can use vehicles to move between these roads.

I think building rails in between road is the good idea, instead of destroying it. If needed, try to expand the bridge, instead of destroying it.

Humble request to all the officers.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Republic Day 2012

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

129 TNSTC Madurai buses damaged last 5 months reported

In the aftermath of the Paramakudi police firing, 73 buses of TNSTC Madurai and Karaikudi divisions were damaged in stone pelting while four buses of Madurai division were damaged during Thevar Jayanthi on October 30. On January 10, 52 buses of the Madurai, Tirunelveli and Karaikudi divisions were attacked after dalit leader Pasupathi Pandian's murder. This apart, several private buses were also damaged in these incidents.

Those who damage buses do not realise that the buses were in fact their own property. Very poor situation. The people who are damaging do not pay income tax, and do not realize the government and other department organization workings. This is mainly the people who are jobless and crimes or backbones of certain political parties.

In most cases, these damages are triggered by the political parties in a way - what to do when etc.,

Atlast the damage goes to the pockets of the public and common people. How pity right?
Today, if you see the rate/price hike for the bus rides...you can imagine, from where part of the the problems are coming...

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Nepal looks to boost Pilgrimage Tourism through road shows in Madurai and Kochi

In an effort to attract pilgrimage tourists from South India, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) recently organised road shows in Madurai and Kochi. Dhruba Rai, Senior Manager - Corporate Services, NTB, said that the objective of the road shows was to facilitate mutual growth in the tourism sector. He pointed out that South Indians, especially those from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, preferred to visit religious places and NTB is keen to promote Mount Kailash-Manasarovar, in the region, he said.

He added that Nepal had a variety of tourist spots to attract tourists across age groups and has established itself as the gateway to Mount Kailash-Manasarovar. In the preceding year, 2011, celebrated as Nepal Tourism Year, the country attracted 5.44 lakh visitors and of them, 1.45 lakh tourists were from India, particularly, 50 per cent were from South India, according to a report by The Hindu Business Line.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Auspicious days for buying Gold in India 2012

The following are some of the days considered auspicious
for gold purchases in 2012 according to the Hindu calendar
in India, the world's biggest consumer.

Date Occasion Significance
Feb. 7 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures
Mar. 23 Gudi Padwa Maharashtrian new year
Apr. 24 Akshaya Tritiya Gold invokes prosperity
May 26 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures
June 21 Gurupushyamrit Launching new ventures
July 19 Gurupushyamrit Launching new ventures
Aug. 2 Raksha Bandan Festival
Aug. 16 Gurupushyamrit Launching new ventures
Sept. 12 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures
Oct. 24 Dussera Festival
Nov. 11 Dhanteras Gold invokes prosperity
Nov. 13 Laxmi Pujan Worshipping goddess of wealth
Nov. 14 Diwali/Balipratipada Festival of Lights
Nov. 15 Bhaubij Festival
Dec. 31 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures

The biggest gold buying festivals are Akshaya Tritiya
and Dhanteras.

An inauspicious phase -- Shradh -- a period for paying
homage to ancestors, is from Oct. 1 to Oct. 16.
The Hindu calendar has regional variations, but the
above dates are broadly followed across the country
in gold trade for planning inventories.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tata Coffee to expand operations in Madurai for delivering to Starbucks - Seattle Based Coffee Tea Company

Tata Coffee, which makes and exports instant coffee and plantation coffee, plans to invest $10 million to increase its instant coffee capacity by 2,000 tonnes from the 6,500 tonnes, Kumar told Reuters.

"We will be adding capacity at our existing plant near Madurai... It should be operational by the third quarter of the next financial year," he said. Madurai is in the southern India state of Tamil Nadu, near where they also have plantations.

The two companies had planned to open the first Starbucks outlet in India by mid-2011, but the plan was delayed on account of difficulties in acquiring real estate, Tata Coffee Chairman R.K. Krishnakumar had told Reuters in August.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Pongal Wishes from Madurai Machan and Sagana Enterprises

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