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Monday, January 23, 2012

Auspicious days for buying Gold in India 2012

The following are some of the days considered auspicious
for gold purchases in 2012 according to the Hindu calendar
in India, the world's biggest consumer.

Date Occasion Significance
Feb. 7 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures
Mar. 23 Gudi Padwa Maharashtrian new year
Apr. 24 Akshaya Tritiya Gold invokes prosperity
May 26 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures
June 21 Gurupushyamrit Launching new ventures
July 19 Gurupushyamrit Launching new ventures
Aug. 2 Raksha Bandan Festival
Aug. 16 Gurupushyamrit Launching new ventures
Sept. 12 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures
Oct. 24 Dussera Festival
Nov. 11 Dhanteras Gold invokes prosperity
Nov. 13 Laxmi Pujan Worshipping goddess of wealth
Nov. 14 Diwali/Balipratipada Festival of Lights
Nov. 15 Bhaubij Festival
Dec. 31 Pushyamrit Launching new ventures

The biggest gold buying festivals are Akshaya Tritiya
and Dhanteras.

An inauspicious phase -- Shradh -- a period for paying
homage to ancestors, is from Oct. 1 to Oct. 16.
The Hindu calendar has regional variations, but the
above dates are broadly followed across the country
in gold trade for planning inventories.

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