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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to tolerate Competition in business?

I was wondering yesterday about some competition in the business in a certain city, we are facing.

There are competitions in various forms. Some of them are the businesses which just arise and they attack in the market. Some of them are the ones which were born and brought up in our company. People who worked for us, have the guts to go out and start the same concept and technique which we do in our business.

Having said that, here is the thing we need to do.

Everyone is under God's shade. Whatever god gives, depending upon your smartness and how you work hard, you take your share. Like Ilayaraja, Music director says Music is the gift of God and howmuchsoever somebody wants, they can take it.

That is in a religious sense, but from a business standpoint - Market is huge in every business (at least in the business where opportunities are there). The players can take as much as they want and as much as they can.

So, ultimately, we just need to work hard and not to be jealous about other businesses in your market. Just try to come upto speed to that level.

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