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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Location of Mandira Madurai - Where is Mandira Institute of Medical Sciences MIMS and Layout

Layout Plans:

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Mandira Medical Hospital in Madurai - NRI Doctors from US to Madurai

A team of non-resident Indian doctors from the US and Canada has embarked on an ambitious medical college project to ramp up medical education in India.

Christened Mandira Institute of Medical Sciences, the Rs 300-crore project will be coming up along Madurai-Rajapalayam national highway near Tirumangalam in Madurai.

The project director Dr P. Madhu, a paediatrician who has moved to Madurai from U.S., said a 300-bedded state-of-the-art multi-specialty hospital would start functioning from November next year while the medical college would be opened in August 2014.

An initiative of NRI doctors from various fields of medicine, he said nine of them from the U.S. and one from Canada, all from various fields of medicine, have joined hands to promote the project.

The uniqueness of the project is that it would be the first corporatised medical institute in the country and it would have many firsts including a Smart MD System, City of Medicine and Virtual Dissection Technology.

Dr Madhu said they were working with two U.S.-based companies to introduce advanced technology such as virtual cadaver dissection technology in medical education.

Madurai has been chosen after an exhaustive survey which revealed that there was a need both socially and market-wise.

Though Tamil Nadu fared better in medical education and health care in comparison with other states, there was still inequity within the state.

While Chennai has 13 medical colleges including 10 private institutions, Madurai has only one medical college and that too run by the government, he reasoned.

Madurai being a temple city, the name Mandira was chosen as it meant Temple in Sanskrit, he said adding that the institute would prove to be a real temple of medical learning.

Dr Madhu said 30 acres have been acquired for the project and acquisition of more lands was in progress though according to Medical Council of India 20 acres were sufficient to start a college.

He also assured that the students would not be fleeced and only the tuition and clinical training fee as per rules and regulations would be collected from them while health care would be provided at subsidised cost.

The hospital would be expanded from 300 beds to 700 beds in the next stage, Dr Madhu said.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mandira Medical Hospital Madurai Tirumangalam

A group of non-resident doctors are coming up with a Rs 300-crore rural institute of medical sciences at Tirumangalam, about 30km from here.

The first phase of the institute, a 300-bed multi-specialty hospital, would come by December next year and a medical college would start functioning from August, 2014, P Madhu, coordinator of the project, told reporters here today.

The Institute -- Mandira Institute of Medical Sciences -- is fully an initiative of NRI doctors to contribute to the creation of an equitable healthcare infrastructure In India and augment the supply of its physician workforce.

"We will have 700-beds when the first batch of 150 students complete their MBBS by 2019," he said.

"The world class medical college would utilise modern, state-of-art medical education technology, including digital teaching boards and virtual dissection methodology," he added.

The college would be modelled on some of the best medical universities in the world, he said, adding, it would be staffed by a number of returning NRI doctors trained in some of the world's medical centres like Harvard Medical school and University of Pittsburg.

excerpt from ToI.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Madurai Airport becomes international airport and operated first flight to colombo

The first commercial international flight from Madurai airport took off to Colombo on Thursday raising hopes of a tourism boom and increase in bilateral trade ties with the island nation.

The SpiceJet flight that took off to Colombo had 77 passengers, including 48 from the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TN from Madurai who hope to tap the trade market opened up by the international connectivity to Colombo. In the return flight, 46 passengers arrived from Colombo.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

People are used to the troubles

Constant power is expected, but we get always constant power cuts. Awesome.

When will this change? What are all the ruling government and politicians doing? What are the opposition party politicians doing? They don't even have time to manage their own wealth and make their wealth safe. How will they have time to think about common people.

It is again People's mistake. People are used to the power cuts. People learn to live in the dark. People buy inverters, who can afford. People who do not have inverters, how will they work? Even inverters is not the solution.

Even the electricity rates are increased. Why is that there is nobody revolting against all these? Are people happy with the situation?

Politicians blame each other and at last people are making the losses and people are suffering.

People are learning to live in dark. Get up people and revolt against the government or vote better people who can think about you.

A minister who lives with all the facilities will not know the pain of small business owners or the common people who are suffering. Go and catch like the way you did EMU owners. When you are directly affected with money, you go and catch the responsible right?

You are not knowing that you are indirectly affected with your salary and money you are supposed to get and the facilities you are supposed to get. You are making loss every minute because of no proper power and we are losing the rights because of this.

Again, people are used to the troubles and they are learning to live appropriately.


Go out of India Rajapakse!

Rajapakse, Srilanka - you are the man who had killed our tamilians brutelessly.

Why did you come to India? You should not be allowed into India at all.
Nenju porukkuthillai...Every tamilian in the world will have this feeling and Rajapakse is considered to be a criminal and he is given red carpet in India.

Government, please just don't do politics only with this issue. Please do some action.

This is totally not acceptable. A common man like me is not able to do anything but just cry over a blog or hold a mike and talk! No action is taken by anybody.

Rajapakse is a criminal who has killed thousands of TAMILIANS in Srilanka!!!

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Why is a BANDH needed, when there is no use but LOSS only?

It is a pain of all small business owners, who are suffering with the politicians and their policies.

Who is asking for a BANDH? What is the use of it? This BANDH is arranged by all the opposition parties against the ruling government. All shops get closed. Buses do not run as usual.

Because of this situation, shall I explain the situation of all small business owners?

We don't have all the employees to work for the left out 3 hours power cut in the day for them to work.
Because of this productivity gets disturbed and we don't get the expected output.

There is no safety for woman folks coming to office. There is no proper security for marketing executives who work in field. There is no proper hotels or food for employees, since the shops and hotels are closed.

What will happen to the small shops and businesses who believe in daily income? Because of this bandh, they don't get the usual income and how will they pay their bills? how will they give salary to their employees?

You, stupid government is leading us to job losses and business closures.
 Then, why won't people migrate out of the country for better jobs outside? Then why won't our people invent and invest outside India?

Stop making stupid policies and start doing proper planning. Do not leave the people suffer!!

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Whom to blame?

Hi Madurai Folks,

Whom should I blame for our situation today we are in?

I am one of the guys who came back from US from a lucrative job in Software, to start and do business in my native place, Madurai for a brighter future and also to stay in my home town and flourish in the business we are in.

I understand businesses will have problems to run, but what benefit does government do to small companies like us? The government does not need to do favour or donations to small companies. But, at least they can be the basic infrastructure!

Government gives following benefits to the small companies -

1) Power cuts
2) Price rises
3) Increase in power rates
4) Increase in all product prices
5) Increase in taxes
6) Increase in bus fares
7) Increase in petrol or diesel prices
and much more.

We have power cuts starting from morning and all through out the day.

Morning 6 AM to 7:30 AM
Morning 9 AM to 12 noon
Afternoon 3 PM to 6 PM
Night 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM

At times in between these times also power will go off. Even in the nights, it is upto the Electricity department to cut the power.

How can small companies and shops who depend on computer, machineries to run their business expected to run? How can we make some profit? How can we maintain the employees? How can we bear the employees idle in the office without work?

We are making loss, oh Mr. or Mrs. Government! Oh, Dear TNEB (Electricity Department)! This is the return you give to people who live in the city?

I feel it is probably better to live in foreign countries and prosper, probably!

Don't even talk about small business growth. Don't even talk about income tax from us! Service tax..come on!

You are not doing any favor to us.

Because of your poor planning, why should we bear the losses? We are NOT in a position to buy a generator. We are not in a position to buy huge inverters. Only for 1 hour we can back up with small inverters. Not all small businesses can afford these kind of generators.

When there is not sufficient power, do proper planning or you should have planned properly. Because of your carelessness, the small businesses are suffering.

Why do you need Collector, commissioner, so many MLAs, MPs, Mayors, etc., for running this utter flop government.

Provide constant power, do not price hike in all the items. This will lead to JOB losses, companies closing etc., You are making the Tough times!! It is not happenning by itself!!!

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

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