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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Basic Real Estate Information from OruAcre.com

Some Basic Real Estate Information from OruAcre.com

1 acre = 100 cents = 4840 square yards
1 cent = 436 sq.fts
1 cent = 48.4 square yards
1 square yard = 9 square feet
1 cent = 48.4 * 9 = 435.6 square feet.

1 ground = 5.5 cent
1 ground = 2400 sq ft

If you have any Property related questions in Tamil Nadu, please call 9566606771.

OruAcre.com Thank you

Real Estate Tips from OruAcre.com - Land for Sale in Village Panchayat

Did you know? - Real Estate Tips from OruAcre.com

If you own a land in a village panchayat, here are the things you need to have -
In addition to the Registered Sale Agreement
1) Patta, 2) Chitta, 3) Adangal, 4) A Register (aa padhivedu), and 5) FMB sketch.

If any questions call +91-9566606771. More tips to come from OruAcre.com!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Professional Property services in Madurai and Chennai - OruAcre.com - Sana Property Services

List of property services in Chennai and Madurai

    Encumbrance Certificate
    Patta Procurement
    Patta Research
    Property Tax Payment
    Electricity Bill Name Transfer
    Rental Agreement Assistance
    Tenant Vacating Inspection
    Tenant Management
    Property Monitoring
    Property Inspection
    Legal Opinion
    Buying Assistance
    Selling Assistance
    Property Showcase
    Search Assistance
    Utility Bill Payment
    Special Service Requirement

Please contact us at 9566606771 for more details or email oruacre@gmail.com. Thank you


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DTCP approved land-plots for sale in Kodaikanal foothills - Dindigul - Theni NH Road

Title: DTCP approved plots for sale in Kodaikanal foothills - Dindigul - Theni NH Road


PRV Properties currently offers DTCP approved Sripuram Falls View, located in the scenic foothills Kodaikanal on Ghat Road Junction in Dindigal - Theni NH Road, with 24 hours bus facility at affordable prices.  If you are looking at building house or wants to make land investment, this is the right place; no doubt your investment will multiply. Go ahead and build you dream home, amidst lush greenery, with white clouds floating above and the luxury of breathing clean mountain air.

NO BROKERAGE CHARGES to us. It is a FREE service from our side to you.
Excellent investment and value for money.

Please contact 9629557866 or 9566606771. Email: oruacre@gmail.com

Internet Marketing by OruAcre.com, Madurai.

If you are a marketing/real estate mediator/broker reading this, we can provide 1%, if you have a valid enquiry in this case and who registers a property.

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