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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Be Hungry for facts and information!

Be Hungry and Stay Hungry - not for Pizza, but for Facts!!!

As food is for stomach, facts and information is for our brain.
Be really hungry for the facts.

Listen to information and news audio channels or televisions or read the informative websites. Do not just waste time in only the movie related informative media.

These days, news comes in various ways. Unfortunately majority of our indian media concentrates on the movies and movie related programmes. This is terrible, in terms of culture and growth of the country.

If you are in United States, try listening to NPR news, BBC or CNN! They are awesome. The advantage with "National Public Radio" is - it comes in any city! Another thing is they don't have any commercial in between the programmes. All things are considered! They are awesome in bringing information to the consumers.

I am sure similar stuff is in india as well - like CNN IBN, NDTV etc., Do not just watch the movie based channels. Let us get out of the closet and explore the world.

Feed the mind with lot of facts, automatically there will be lot of processing inside our brains to produce very productive thoughts.

Be Hungry and Stay Hungry - not for Pizza, but for Facts!!!

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Dreaming Madurai into the roads of Singapore!

Dreaming Madurai into the roads of Singapore!

Is it possible? You will see the answer, as you read on.
I remember and you all will remember one of the politicians coined the same statement and became an utter failure in his political career. Well, anything can happen. He can become a CM someday to the state, considering his education and intelligence. That apart, let us get into the topic.

Again, is it possible? Yes!! 200% it is possible! Anything is possible in this world, just be good planning, execution, team work and hard work.

Here is the japanese way of solving problems. We list out the problems, identify various solutions. Analyze on which solution is best and choose the solution. Once the solution is chosen, just execute it carefully. This is definitely not possible by just one person's thoughts and one person's action. It involves lot of people.

Everyone should come together on this. Many good leaders has to be cultivated. Many new leaders has to be born. Need to work together to execute.

Work hard towards our goals and one single main goal - of Making Madurai a New Madurai!

There has to be a gradual and sharp change in everyone of us. We have to become the
change and show the world that we have changed. Once the world understands and realizes that it is a productive community, automatically funds and investments will pour in.

Atleast, if we are not able to produce, we should provide a cozy environment or platform for production. Are we ready to do that?

Good things can be done anytime. It does not need good time to do that. Anytime we can start the transformation!

It is all like a family. Imagine Madurai as a family of four or five people of different natures. Based on all 5 of us, our team work progresses us to achievement and success. based on the goal we set, we move in the direction.

Based on the things we produce, automatically money will pour in and that once reinvested we get better. All this will lead to better life for everyone of us.

When are going to take the first steps!! Come on and join the madurai force - newmadurai.in.

We can work together to make Dream come true for Madurai into the roads of Singapore!

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Youngsters - NRMs - Non-Resident Maduraiites - please look back!

Youngsters - NRMs - Non-Resident Maduraiites - please look back!

I refer to the Madurai based individuals who have gone out of Madurai for the need of work and earning money as Non-Resident Maduraiites - NRM. From here, I refer them as NRMs.

We can do a lot, if most of the folks who have gone outside Madurai for various ventures look back and serve the society. This is the real key to our growth to Madurai.

There are lot of wealth built, lot of ideas thought through, lot of energy on hold by many individuals. Manasu irukku, maargam illai. Many people think through about helping the society they have come through. But they don't have the courage and time to execute what they think.

The point I am trying put across is: There is lot of potential, in terms of what we can tap, but just that it is not being done.

Every man and woman should not just be born, just exist and die! There has to be a
meaning to everyone's life! The world we leave should be different than what we came in for the future generations. How many of us think of changing the world, before we
leave!? Atleast be a change, as Mahathma Gandhi said!!

We should look back and serve the soceity. Even 1% of your efforts is a big deal, for the soceity you were brought up in.

To join the force, please check out newmadurai.in and contact us. We can work together to make a change in Madurai.

Let us work together to make Madurai a New Madurai!!

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Poor Infrastructure and Customer Service in Madurai

Infrastructure and Customer Service in Madurai!!

Couple of months back, I started to look and shop for an internet connection for my home computer. I heard from many who are already internet subscribers in Madurai that Airtel is good. I enquired about the Airtel connection. I was told that Airtel does not come to the area where my home is! Fine!! Moved on to VSNL linked with Tata Indicom - the most crazy company!!

This company acts based on what it thinks. "VSNL linked with Tata Indicom" does not serve based on what the
customer asks for. This is a perfect example of a government company. Looks like VSNL has tie up with Tata Indicom for the internet services. I ordered for 64 Kbps and I have been subscribed for 64 Kbps through VSNL, after quite sometime. It took like 1 month to get a new connection! What a customer service?!:( The most poor customer service have seen. That's why I said they just do what they think and do not care about customer service.

On top of that, I didn't feel I have enough connection speed. So, I ordered for an
upgrade! here is the real fun!! They said, you will be upgraded to 128 Kbps, from the next business cycle. What a crazy business model!? Will there not be people to take care of these kind of issues. We have called the customer service left and right!

The customer service is centralized in India and I am reaching a customer service with hindi speaking people. There is no customer service in TamilNadu or in Madurai. That apart, I don't have problem with that. There is no seemless support here. The technicians who come to work on the issues are not really VSNL people, they are contract folks. The local cable operators are the technicians. On top of that they are not real professionals. VSNL sucks!!! No matter, what people think about me! It is the truth and I have every right to express my opinion, while no customer service of VSNL listens to my concerns!!

There is no real feel for the company from a customer service perspective. Here, I am a consumer and a small customer who is not being served properly.

I am not sure how the businesses are handling this. I am sure the businesses are having hard time about this. This clearly shows to the businesses and investors - that don't come to Madurai and invest!! Don't you see a real red flag here for the businesses and investors.

This is a very small example about our situation in Infrastructure and Customer Service we provide to the customers!!

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Leaders, Education, Youth, Corruption, Our Country!!

Most of the problems starts with Leaders! Leaders in our country are not as great as
olden days Or not as great as many countries in the world.

Ofcourse, we are a democracy and we elect the leaders. Leaders are our representation for administrating and governing the country. This applies to only the time, the leaders are elected in our country. After they step up to power, their attitude changes. Leaders are not an example to the people. Leaders should exemplify themselves to the people. This does not apply to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and few others. The President definitely exemplifies with his character.

Most of the leaders in our country are selfish. Leaders are corrupt. There are very few leaders who are not corrupt and who do not do illegal and criminal stuff. In some way or other bribes are being given.

How long people would be fools like today!? When will people change and understand the whole situation around these corrupt leaders!? I am sure everyone understands the situation, but nobody reacts or acts to the situation. This excludes some non-profit organizations.

Even if anybody comes out and gives words against these political leaders, they get silenced after some threatens! Who would come out and give voices?! Who would change the world and make the country a better place to live? Who will tie the bell around the cat's neck!?

Leaders have to be moulded from the day 1. It is all possible through youngsters only! It is all possible through the education! Youngsters should come out with courage, planning, intelligence, honesty and skilled!

This is definitely possible! Not by just waking up and start the task! But this can be achieved by sheer planning and execution to make this country a better place.

A day has to come when we are not frustrated and tortured with various corruption items in our country. Things has to be clean!!! I mean real CLEAN in terms of no-crime!!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

How to Improve Madurai Economy?

Here are three ideal steps of improving Madurai Economy:

(i) Accumulation:
For any growing economy or any starting up economy, it is important to acumulate. When I say acumulation, there are two parts to it. Accumulation of physical resources like equipment, structures/infrastructure, machinery etc., is one part. Another part is accumulation of education, training and human resources. Both of these types of accumulation should happen - accumulation of physical resources and human resources.

(ii) Productivity:
Next to accumulation of physical and human resources, all these resources has to work together and achieve as much as possible productivity. Effectiveness and Efficiency of running these resources is very important for the productivity. Based on the output of the productivity, the madurai economy will improve.

(iii) Innovation:
While enough productivity is happenning, lot of innovation has to happen. This innovation will produce lot of revenue and create new markets. In addition new markets will create new businesses.

In addition to the above, if we produce everything we want, and do not import many things from outside, we will be well and good. Reduce Imports and Increase Exports!!

As I have always said - I am not just crazy about Madurai! All I think is: Think Globally and Act Locally!! Whatever I think about, even if it is global, I would like to implement in Madurai first. The success in Madurai can be replicated everywhere in the country and in turn in the whole world.

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Madurai Poem - Madurai Kavithai - Paadal

Yen Aaasai Madurai
Pakkathilirukkum ooro Maanaamadurai,
Unnai Aakkanum Maamadurai,
Unnai Vidu Oru padithaan azhagu Aishwarya Rai, Lakshmi Rai.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tips for Personal Finance - for young people starting their career

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Since you are starting your reformed career afresh, I would like to share some of my lessons in personal finance, which I have got by reading and by hard experiences. I would like you to benefit from it. For now, you might just read the mail and close it. But, I suggest you visit this mail later in your life to make sure you are doing all the required.

Here are the things, you will have to build, while you keep working in coming years. Also, I have prioritized from top to bottom. You will have to follow one by one in this order.

(i) Emergency Fund: Build an Emergency Fund in your savings account. This amount should be atleast 3 months of your salary. This fund helps in emergency. FYI, i am not able to build this fund completely anytime:-). Ofcourse it is a difficult one:-)

(ii) Life Insurance: Have one insurance, since you have two dependants already. In worst cases, your family should get benefitted. You can choose tax saving schemes also, since you are earning in india. This insurance should solid and that should make sure it meets most of your concerns in your absence, in worst case. So, I think it will come to Rs.1000 to 2000 per month range.

(iii) Mutual Funds: Choose SIPs(Systematic Investment Planning) for mutual funds. You don't need to invest at one time, instead you can invest monthly. These days there is even Micro-SIP. You can invest even Rs.200 per month. Normal SIPs cost minimum of Rs.1000 per month. Since India is booming, investing in market is good. We cannot go for investing in shares individually, since we don't have much knowledge. So, mutual funds is a good choice, since somebody(fund managers) else will manage your accounts. You should think of tax saving schemes in mutual funds also - i think it is called ELSS.

(iv) Real Estate: Owning a House by loan will give you a lot of tax saving. I think this applies to land also. Overall, if you take a house loan, and buy a land it will work out better i think. Land in Madurai OR Apartment in cities(chennai/blore) are very good options. You can do this, wherever you are working. Buying a land in madurai is a good option, whereever you are.

(v) Education Fund for children: Have some post office savings. Not much returns here, but thing is it will be safe and not much risk. NSC/KVP are helpful in terms of Tax.

(vi) Your retirement savings: Better to go with Mutual Funds, in terms of retirement. Start saving Rs.1000 pm for your retirement today. Retirement funds is about TIME. Earlier you start, it is better. If you think retirement is long way, and you don't need to think about it right now - you are wrong. Retirement Nest Eggs has to be built right from this point. If you do that in mutual funds and right funds, after consulting with a investment consultant, you can make a lot in long-term. Mutual Funds are very good in long-term like 20 years etc., Since you are in young age, we can have retirement funds in Mutual Funds and Shares. Nothing wrong in it, but later on in late 40s, you can change it into some bonds and fixed deposits etc.,

Overall, this is what I think you can consider. Always, remember your savings and investment should be DIVERSIFIED, like the variety above. We should have financial goals and milestones set like Life Emergency, Separate Nest Egg for your wealth building measure, Children Education, Children Marriage, Big Vacation, Property buying like Bike, Car etc., and at last comes Your retirement. You should create various financial vehicles like the ones listed above in your lifetime and those should meet your milestones someday.

I hope I have made my points clear. If you have any questions, please let me know - we can talk further about this.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Inspiring candidate from Madurai - IAS!

A candidate from Tamil Nadu who did his degree course through distance education even while working as a clerk in the Railways has made it big in the All India Civil Services Examinations, 2006 .

It was not a specialised coaching material or intensive classes that took him to the 56th position in the national ranking and second in the State. He relied mostly on the district libraries, magazines and newspapers.

Twenty-six-year-old A. Saravanan of Tirunelveli did his B.Com through Madurai Kamaraj University's distance education stream.

The above is an extract from the popular south indian newspaper "The Hindu". Please read on in The Hindu

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