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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lennox Hill Madurai launches a new website for its isoTracker Quality Management software that is specifical

Lennox Hill launches a new website for its isoTracker Quality Management software that is specifical

Lennox Hill Ltd launches a new website targeted at the US and Canadian markets for its online isoTracker Quality Management software. This new website demonstrates Lennox Hill’s long term commitment to supporting its US-based customers and growing its lead generation capability in the important US and Canadian markets.

[ClickPress, Mon May 28 2012] Lennox Hill Ltd launches a website for the US market where it already has customers for its isoTracker Quality Management software as part of its long-term plan to strengthen its presence in key markets around the globe. The new website’s primary goal is to increase Lennox Hill’s lead generation capability in the USA and also Canada.

The objective was to use a .com domain name that had greater relevance to its product offering and given the high recognition for the isoTracker name, Lennox Hill decided to use the http://www.isotracker.com website address for the US and Canadian markets.

The isoTracker Quality Management software is a modular system with modules in document control, complaints handling, audits and competency testing that can be subscribed to in any combination. It is also an online application so is ideal for organizations that are geographically spread out as it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Current US-based customers are located across all four time zones of the contiguous states and use a variety of modules. Several of these US-based customers also have operations in Asia and Europe and use isoTracker to communicate processes and procedures across their network.

The isoTracker software is marketed on its benefits of ease-of-use and affordability which clearly differentiates it from competitive products that are generally substantially more expensive and in many cases more complex.

“The US market currently accounts for a third of the isoTracker customer base and we are looking to expand that with a website that is written for the US that provides relevant information of interest to that market. Currently the new US website is a duplicate of our UK site except that it lists our US contact details. Over the coming months the content will be modified as well as increased with US market specific information. We want to show current and future US customers of isoTracker that we are committed to them and to the US market over the long term” said Christopher Stainow, Chief Executive of Lennox Hill Ltd.

Lennox Hill has also announced that it will be adding a concurrent user licensing option as an alternative to its current named user licensing, making the isoTracker product more attractive to large organizations. In addition Lennox Hill informs that it has started work on version 2.0 of its Audits module and that this will be followed by a new Equipment Maintenance module.

A 60-day FREE demo of Lennox Hill’s product offering is available on their website http://www.lennoxhill.co.uk.

Operating out of London, UK and Madurai, India, Lennox Hill Ltd is a unique provider of hosted software solutions for effective management of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 processes. The current offering includes modules for document control, complaints management, audits, competency testing and CAPA.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tamilnadu Guide line value of Madurai District - Streetwise

This link provides  Tamilnadu Guide line value of Madurai District - Streetwise

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Expansion of SAGANA in Chennai - Sana Property Services - Sana Placement Services - Madurai, Trichy and Chennai

This is to inform everyone that we have got external funding to expand one of the divisions of Sagana Enterprises Private Limited in Chennai.

As you all know the current status of SAGANA - We have two divisions successfully running -
(i) Sana Placement Services and (ii) Sana Property Services.

Sana Placement Services operates in two divisions - Madurai and Chennai and as you know it is going well.
Sana Property Services currently operates in Madurai and Trichy and we wanted to expand to Chennai for a long time.

Sana Property Services Chennai will start functioning using this funding and will be worked out separately in accounts and mostly in operations.

An office is setup in Mount Road (main) for Sana Property Services Chennai, in addition to Sana Placement Services in Teynampet.

Sana Placement Services,
15/7, Hamid Centre, F1 Office, First Floor,
Babu Mudali Street,
Land Mark: Behind Sterling Towers.
Bus stop: DMS Bus stop.

Sagana Enterprises Private Limited,
Sana Property Services
#624, 4th Floor, Anna Salai (Mount Road),
Land Mark: Opposite USA Embassy, (Near Gemini Bridge)
Chennai - 6.

We are looking for human resources to start the operations. That will eventually happen full fledged by this month.

This is a great news to share in the company and also we would soon want to move the Sana Placement Services office in Chennai to a better office and also Madurai office to move to Commercial space.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Nila Farms - Cheap and Best Land in Madurai for Investment, starting from Rs.1 Lakh for plot


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