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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

South Tamilnadu IT Industries Association (STITIA) - Madurai Meeting

Dear Friends,


In continuation to the second 
meeting held at HONEYWELL on 30th April for the purpose of forming an Association of IT Services companies, I would like to invite you all for the third meeting to discuss and freeze matters related to the subject.

Meeting information as follows:

Subject: Forming a Madurai/South TN based IT Software & Services Companies Association - Continuation

Date : 10th June, 2009 (Wednesday)

Time: Between 5.30 PM and 7.00 PM

Venue : Business Computing Network Solutions Pvt Ltd
, #18 & 19, G.V.Towers, I Floor, Reserve Line, New Natham Road, Madurai 625014, Mobile: 9994223190, Phone: 4348800 (30 lines)

Friends, I am sending this mail only to the list of contacts I have. Please forward this mail and also make personal calls  to all of your friends who are involved in IT Software & Services business. It will be good to have as many as possible for an initiative like this.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr.Radhakrisnan, Director of BCNeS for hosting this 
meeting and supporting the regional organizations in a positive way.

Please make sure you are taking part in this important 
meeting and your contribution is very vital. 

I have enclosed the minutes of the last 
meeting for your reference.

Look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.

With warm regards,

Jt.Managing Director & CEO 
Winways Systems Private Limited, 
Phone: +91-452-4394466/4392230/
2580754 Fax: +91-452-4394488 
Hand Phone: -9840944410


Date: 30.4.09
Venue : Honeywell

I would like to express my sincere thanks to each of  you for positively responding to my invitation for the second meeting on 30th Aprill at Honeywell. My special thanks to Mr.Senthil, Unit Director of Honeywell for his detailed presentation about Honeywell's Madurai operations and sponsoring the venue with tea and snacks. The minutes are as follows:

1). The name of the proposed ICT companies association was finalized as South Tamilnadu IT Industries Association (STITIA).

2). It is decided to include only Software and Services businesses as unit members and every others as associate members.

3). A very brief but feasible objectives framed: 1). Skill development programs, 2).Business Development support for member companies, 3). Coordinating with Governments and other bodies.


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