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Monday, July 31, 2006

Apartment Move - Related Change of Address

I am planning on moving to a new apartment and I had to do so much before and after I leave the apartment. I can't believe I have this long ToDo just for change of address....

* Move Related request for OFF in office
* Truck appointment and pickup
* Internet Cancellation
* New Cable and Internet
* apartment cleaning
* first inspection
* second inspection
* apartment document completion
* our goods packaging
* Collecting New Apartment keys
* post office/old address to new one forwarding...
* Cell phone - address change
* Hospital Change - formalities
* Auto insurance - change of address
* Road side assistance - change of address
* License - DMV - change of address
* Bank Savings Account - change of address
* Bank Credit Card Account - change of address
* Secondary Credit Card Account - change of address
* VoIP phone - change of address!
* printed maps for all directions from new location
* Discount Grocery Store - change of address
* Local Grocery Store - change of address
* Health Insurance - change of address
* Library - change of address
* Office - change of address - specifically any formalities
* Dental Insurance
* Music and Spices - Indian Grocery Store - account closing
* 401K Plan - change of address
* Electricity
* Water - any other utilities with Old Apartments
* International Calling Card - change of address

And the list goes on....Specific and actual Vendor names are removed from the list. All generic terms are used above in the ToDo.

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Google/Yahoo/MapQuest Maps???!!!!

When it comes to usage of maps for all driving directions, I use Yahoo Maps.

Previously, I used to use Google maps, but I noticed there were many flaws. We got lost in the middle of our trips using google maps.

I did not realize till I noticed yahoo maps beta version. I am impressed with it.

BTW, if I have to avoid any highways or avoid local roads or shortest distance or shortest time etc., then I open MapQuest also in addition to my yahoo map.

I hope this is helpful! But, atlast it boils down to which one you are comfortable with. It is up to you!!

Happy Mapping and Happy Driving!!:-)


List of Travel agents for cheap tickets booking from US to India and India to USA

List of travel agents in US for travelling to India and vice versa:



Saturday, July 29, 2006

Company Name Publicity and Also community participation - corporate social consciousness

I was asked a question - what would we do if we have to get the company name out and at the same time do some good work like Community Help or Social Service... Here was my answer -

(i) We can donate money (like Rs.100 per head per month from a company) to any recognized Non-Profit organization as charity. If we just give money to them, our second purpose of getting our name popular is not done very effectively. Please read other three points, which I think it is good.

(ii) We could do a rally on a Saturday or Sunday for two hours for a social cause (ex: Donate Eyes or AIDS) with – (i) the company T-shirt ON and have a banner which states the cause and at the same time have the mentioned in the banners. Also, we need to have a Press (Notice) Release for this event. This will be effective for getting both our needs fulfilled.

(iii) We could arrange for a small medical camp or any public activity (which many people on road will see) in the city, while our banners are up. Also most importantly, we should have a quick press (notice) release for this event. This will be very effective as well.

(iv) Last one – we could have a small kiosk – anywhere near any "Hi-Tech City" or "Tidel Park" kind of a place – having our banners on – for collecting funds for a particular cause – sometime on a Sunday(in case of theatres) OR early evenings on a weekday(in case of IT Tech City Parks).

Do you agree?!

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World eBook Fair

I am not sure if I already published this to everyone or not - but here you go -


Check out for free books!!


Some of the pain points for a customer

Some of the pain points for a customer -

* Duplicate, partial and semi-overlapping customer records
* Untimely communication with customers
* Insufficient awareness of critical sales situations
* Lack of knowledge regarding critical service or support issues
* Confusion over line of business activity for a particular customer
* Inaccurate billing

These points might become business for you - if you are well versed in solving any or all of the above!!


Information about H4 visa person getting a driver's license

The information and documents you need for H-4 visa person getting a driver's license in the USA -

1) Person valid passport

2) Person H-4 valid form – I-797 etc

3) Proof of address in US – you can get this by the medical insurance company bills, her insurance card etc, bank accounts (if she has one)
Bank account is preferably a right choice.

4) Apart from all the above, I recommend to have the Tax ID. Since this is anyway needed by you for next year tax filing.

For temporary license, you need all of the above.

Good luck.


Gist of Bhagavad Gita!

Gist of Bhagavad-Gita:

* Why do you uselessly worry? Of whom are you needlessly afraid? Who can kill you? The Atma is neither born nor does it die.
* Whatever happened in the past is for your good. Whatever is happening now is also good and whatever happens in the future is, that too, will be good. Do not have regrets about the past. Do not worry about the future. The presence is flowing effortlessly.
* What have you lost that makes you weep? What did you bring into this life that you have lost? What did you nurture that has been destroyed. You brought nothing into this life and nothing you take while you are here can you take with you when you depart. Whatever you took or gave, you did so only here and only from Bhagavan. You came into the world empty-handed, and will leave empty-handed. What is yours today was another persons yesterday and the day after tomorrow is will belong to someone else. You think all this is yours because you are identified with this existence. Alas, is it this materialistic attachment that is the cause of your unhappiness.
* Change is the law of the Universe. What you think of as death is actually real life. In a moment you become rich. The next moment you are poor. Yours and mine, small and large, ours and theirs: banish these petty thoughts from your mind! Here everything is yours and you belong to everyone else.
* Neither is the body yours, nor do you belong to this body. This body is made of the five elements: earth, air, water, fire and space, and someday is will return from whence it came. But the atma is firm and immoral. What then are you?
* Surrender yourself to the Lord. He will be your greatest help and comfort. The person who knows this is unafraid, does not worry and is free from sorrow.
* Whatever you do, surrender it at the feet of the Lord. When you do this you will know the bliss of one who is free from the cycle of births and deaths.

Please check out: http://www.asitis.com/



Friday, July 28, 2006

H4 Visa women are vulnerable?

I was really worried, surprised and shocked to read this story/article...

LIFE for Ritu will never be the same again. Ever since coming to the United States to join her husband, a software engineer, she has been abused by the man, his mother and his brother; a cycle of physical, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse. She is not allowed to leave their one-bedroom apartment in New York without a family member in tow. Most days are spent cooking, cleaning, and wondering whether her husband will give her money to buy a course of antibiotics for their eight-month-old son. "I do not ask for anything for myself, not even a pair of chappals," she told me when I met her in connection with a survey of women on the H-4 visa. "But this is our baby, his baby. I need only $7 for Sarthik, for ear medicine."

For the past nine days Sarthik has been crying incessantly. The most surprising element of her story is that Ritu is a doctor.

Check out more here...


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bomb threats in Madurai??! Why?!

There are bomb threats in Madurai's important places like temples, airports, railway stations etc.,!??

Not sure why?!!


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How to find a notary public in your area - USA?

How to find a Notary public person:

1) One of the bank employees will be authorized for notary. Call the bank and talk to the customer service rep. Schedule an appointment sometime on Saturday for your convenience.

2) If not at bank, if you have AAA card, then contact AAA. One of the agents over their will be authorized for notary.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CII seeking 25 clusters in TN

CII seeks 25 clusters in Tamil Nadu...

please read in Chennai Online...


Throw away your mind blocks!

There are various mind blocks, which are blocking your progress in your thinking and your life!

They are -
1. inhibitions
2. fear
3. negative thoughts - cannot do
4. greed
5. lust
6. anger


How to get rid of strange anonymous phone calls?

I am going through this problem and I thought I would share with all of you about how to get rid of this problem...

I am getting this call over the weekends - sometimes the number is displayed as a caller id or sometimes it is restricted/unavailable number. He calls me in strange hours and starts scolding me with bad words!!! not sure who is he - sounds spanish accent!

Anyway - here are the things I have done and planned to do...
Step 1: Call the Cell phone company and convey the phone number you see as caller id. Tell them that you don't know this person and request them to block this number.

Step 2: If the call continues - when you get the restricted number call - then just call the cell phone company immediately and tell them to block the number you got just now.

Step 3: If the call continues - then just call the police to report this problem!

It is upto you to jump to Step 3 anytime during this process. Don't get worried or harrassed!!


If you love your work - no problem at all!

If you love your work, there won't be any problem at all.

Most of your day is spent on the work and if you concentrate properly, everybody is going to be impressed by your work. They will all appreciate you for your work. You are going to be very much satisfied due to your work.

Since you are happy at work - your personal life (married or unmarried) will be great! Your character is refined, once you are disciplined in work.

You achieve in your life to the most!!

This thought came up, when I was watching the Sivaji Ganesan's statue opening ceremony. I was thinking why he was admired most! I mean the cause - It was because he was concentrating on his job and loved his job the most! He achieved what he wanted and more than that!!


Just kidding?!

Some people say something which could hurt somebody!
They wanted to convey something, which might not be very desirable and once they deliver those words to the other party - they realize that the other party is hurt.

Once they realize, they back off saying - "I was just kidding". That is not fair.

We should have realized that before delivering those hurting words.

Do not hurt others, when you know that they won't like it!!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

2006 Budget favours in TN industries!

The Madurai District Tiny and Small-scale Industries Association (MADITSSIA) has described the Tamil Nadu budget as being "well focused on industrial development".

Read more in ChennaiOnline.com


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Highlights of the Tamil Nadu TN Budget 2006

1) 2 acres of land for poor farmers
2) Free Color TV will be issued from September 15th
3) No new taxes introduced
4) Tamil language will be a compulsary subject till 10th standard
5) Farmer's loans will be reduced with 7% interest rate.
6) Tamil Software will not have tax
7) Tamil Movies with Tamil names will get discount on the entertainment tax


Few lessons and thoughts I had in my mind...

(1) No praying of priests/saints - instead pray gods!

(2) Never quit or don't loose your heart - keep trying and you will hit the success point!

(3)Marketing message - Say about the problem/solution and about the customers. what you can solve for the customer or what is the value addition by your solution - but not about what you do and what are good at! Realized this...


Waiting for Google Spreadsheets...

I read a news few months back that Google is working on online spreadsheets. I have lot of use out of it. I am curiously waiting for that product of google to be released. Even BETA release is fine for me.

I have to send the excel sheets everytime to everybody. Everytime it gets updated, I have to send or upload it again.

So, Google Spreadsheets will be help me in this...So waiting......


Couple of tips on personal finance!!

Couple of tips on personal finance:

(i) If you are buying a property - Make sure that you have taken Mortgage for not more than 30% of your salary.

(ii) If you are planning to invest in stocks - use this calculation for a percentage of investment: Subtract your age from the 100. The remaining is the percentage you should use.

(iii) Do not invest more than 10% of your stock in your employer's company!

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Web based Calendar Magic - Google and Microsoft work very nice on this

I was scheduling a meeting using my MSN mail id and I sent a meeting request to couple of my colleagues. I sent one to myself as well to a gmail account.

I was amazed to see the mail I received in gmail.

Google Mail showed me like - as if there is a meeting scheduled using Gmail only. Looks like the format sent by the MSN mail was understood by the Gmail! Isn't that wonderful??!! I never expected this to happen.

In fact, I was able to accept the meeting request from Gmail and the request came back to MSN mail.

FYI - you can work on www.google.com/calendar to make yourself effective by scheduling and having a Calendar for ToDo. Most important thing is - anywhere in the world you can open - if you have the internet access!!


Different players in the CRM market...


Big market:
Oracle - JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft

Mid Market:

On Demand - Smaller:

Now SalesForce.com is trying to reach a bigger market as well!!


Venture Capitalists (VCs) look for these parameters...

When you come up with an idea and you want to build the company or upgrade to a new level, then you need some one to help you with the funds...

You contact either the Bank or Angel investors or Venture Capitalists.

When you contact venture capitalists - here are the things they look for -

Market Size

in teh same order...

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Madurai IT Park News and Updates

Madurai IT Park (Information Technology) News:

280 acres on MKU campus and 55 acres near Mattuthavani bus stand identified.

Please


Friday, July 21, 2006

Successful 300th article in Madurai Times Publication - Made In Madurai

Thank You for all of your tremendous support!!
Your readership gives us more motivation to write more and constantly publish and serve the public with Madurai news and other relevant information, which we have mentioned in our 200th article - about the contents and scope of Madurai Times.

VANAKKAM Again - please do constantly support us the same way, as always!! BTW, we have got some ranking in Google too!!


SurveyMAC Product Brochure

please let us know your comments...
Check out more details in www.customersatisfied.com


What do we do in Customer Satisfied Technologies?

Customer Satisfied Technologies offer managed solutions and hosted web based products for small and medium businesses. We are a unique company in that we offer our customers value for money solutions, which are completely web based and readily accessible from anywhere in the world. Our mission is to design solutions which make life easier for small and medium businesses, so that they can concentrate on running their day to day businesses. Our customers trust us for our quality products, excellent support and remarkable customer service.

More about CST in forthcoming articles..

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Comparing Google User Interface with a lady's face!

This article is about user interface management by various applications in this world for various needs. Many applications and products have their user interface flashy with lot of flash displays, gifs, images etc., They have their own glamour, but google has its own glamour, due to simplicity, but functionally great!

Let us come to a decent looking lady's face! If you have seen any girl, who is decent looking and comes out without lot of make up - but if she appears neat and simple, she will look good.

That is what happenning with Google's user interface. Google's UI has simplicity, neatness, non-clumsiness! That is why Google's UI is beautiful and at the sametime she is functionally great!

When I said - SHE it is about Google's UI!!:-)


Various modules of an Enterprise Suite from Customer Satisfied Technologies

Enterprise Suite of Customer Satisfied Technologies:

Service and Support
Accounts - Billing, Finance

Contact and

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Various Tabs of SalesForce.com

Various Tabs of SalesForce.com



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tons of information about - Immigration to USA

Official Lawyer sites:




Private Non-Lawyer site:



The Perfect Vision of Dr.V

At the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India, 82-year-old Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy has solved the mystery of leadership: He brings eyesight to the blind and light to the soul.

Read More in full length about Dr. Govindappa Venkatasamy - Dr.V here...



Did you know google.ae looks different than our usual versions of Google?
I think it appears in arabic. Starts from right to left! Scroll bar appears in the left!

I like this google.ae in fact, for its look!

check it out - http://www.google.ae


List of Small Business Accounting Softwares

Simply Accounting
Jumsoft Money
Elliott Business Software
MYOB - Mind your own business

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Madhucon bags a project worth 8.2 billion from Madurai to Tuticorin

Madhucon Projects has signed a concession agreement with National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for a Rs 8.2-billion build-operate-and-transfer (BOT) project in the Madurai-Tuticorin region.

Please

Business Standard


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Complete Information about India

There is a new website up and running for complete information about India...
When I mean complete - it is almost complete!!

Check it out yourself - HERE

This link is not related to our organization!


What skills are employers seeking now in USA?

What skills are employers seeking now in USA?

"Nationwide, Microsoft .Net is in big demand, as are Oracle and Java developers. We're also seeing openings for portal developers and people with BizTalk and e-commerce experience, along with certain packages like PeopleSoft, Oracle financials, and SAP. And of course certifications like the MCSE [Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer] are always big. The supply of people who have these skills and credentials is not keeping up with demand.

Source: CNN Money


Very Motivating

I was very thrilled by this sentence, when I read this in
Fortune Small Business - http://money.cnn.com.

Thought, I would share it with you all -

Microsoft, for example, was just another garage startup until IBM outsourced its first PC operating system to a young programmer named Bill Gates.


Quotable Quotes Part II

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)

"The truth is more important than the facts."
- Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."
- Werner Von Braun (1912-1977)

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

In life, what you resist persists.
- Werner Erhard

Big risks, big life. Small risks, small life.
- Robin Sharma in "Discover Your Destiny."


Positive Changes in the company after a first Customer

Positive Changes in the company after a first Customer

(1) You will be very busy managing this customer and having them satisfied.
(2) If you are able to satisfy 100% all the first few customers, you don't need to do lot of marketing after that
(3) You will be able to move on with your business and survive in the market.
(4) You will see some money with your first few customers, which will be a very good survival point
(5) Gives motivation and happiness that you can do it and you can make more than this in order to become a success.

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Are you on the way to reaching $1 Billion shortly?

Are you on the way to reaching $1 Billion shortly?

(1) Fast Growing Customer Base
(2) Productive Alliance Partner
(3) High Revenue potential on the market
(4) Cash flow positive and 50% or greater revenue at annual rate
(5) Leadership as Dynamic duo - focussed clients and another working on the operations
(6) Board or network of advisors have atleast one big entrepreuner


Starting your own business?

1) No Vacation
2) Do it yourself
3) Should not be the case: Unhappy with current job - so starting
4) Enough Funds for three years without any bankruptcy
5) Selling skill is must
6) Bounce back smoothly from tough times
7) Business Networking is very important
8) Discuss with your family and well-wishers about your business
9) Hire a good accountand for tax issues
10) Survival first and then Success


New Rules of Business

New Rules for Business

Fortune writes about the new rules (and contrasts them with the old rules set by Jack Welch):

1 Agile is best; being big can bite you.
OLD: Big dogs own the street.

2 Find a niche, create something new.
OLD: Be No. 1 or No. 2 in your market.

3 The customer is king.
OLD: Shareholders rule.

4 Look out, not in.
OLD: Be lean and mean.

5 Hire passionate people.
OLD: Rank your players; go with the A's.

6 Hire a courageous CEO.
OLD: Hire a charismatic CEO.

7 Admire my soul.
OLD: Admire my might


Monday, July 17, 2006

IT job fair in Madurai University on July 29, 30

The Madurai Kamaraj University has taken the initiative for an IT and ITeS fair in Madurai, along with Salem-based Ascon (Associate Consultants) that is engaged in placement consultancy and other services.

Read More in The Hindu


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bomb hoax in Madurai

There are many proactive things to do - but our makkal does some crazy things...

After the news of Mumbai series bombs, there was a phone call in Madurai Prison saying that there is a bomb in Madurai Prison. After that - there was an inspection and it got clarified that there is no explosive in the campus.

Read more...in Zee News


Education University soon in Madurai

Chief Minister Mr.M.Karunanidhi had released a news about opening an educational university in Madurai very soon. We have university for every subject in various places, but not for education.

This was released in a news of 104th birthday of Kamarajar.

Read more in Dinamani(in tamil)


Thursday, July 13, 2006

DRS in Madurai

Hyderabad-based logistic major, DRS group of companies, announced the acquisition of Dilip Road Lines(DRL) based in Chennai.

This acquisition is to expand the reach in India - because they already have reach in northern, western and eastern india and a bit of south india. So they are trying to reach further more down south.

With the foray into Tamilnadu, Ramesh Agarwall(Joint Managing Directory) said, the company would be setting up 5 branches in Madurai, Salem, Trichy, Tuticorin and Karur.

Read More in NewsTodayNet


Awake Cardiac Surgery only in Madurai

A rare "awake cardiac surgery", in which the patient remains awake throughout the procedure, has been performed by a private hospital Madurai Meenakshi Mission Hospital here on a 53-year-old bus conductor.

This procedure avoids the anaesthetic tube for the patient and patient can talk and be awake while the surgery is happenning.

This seems to be the first time in Tamil Nadu - first in Madurai...

very interesting isn't it?



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tight Security in Madurai

After the series of bomb blasts in Bombay (Mumbai), police force have beefed up tight security and patrol everywhere in Madurai.

Madurai Temples, Madurai Airport, Madurai Railway stations and other important places in Madurai.

Read more..

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Passport office in Madurai

The Union Minister for IT and Communications Dayanidhi Maran today requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to establish passport offices at Coimbatore and Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Read More..


Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai - world famous!!

Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai city, India, says that the largest group of foreigners registered at the hospital in 2004 was Maldivians.

“During the year 2004, a total of 891 foreigners came to Aravind and underwent treatment for eye problems. They include Bangladesh-19, Canada-3, England-1, Kenya-8, Madagaskar-1, Malaysia-26, Maldives -637, Nepal-1, Oman-29, Saudi Arabia - 3, Singapore-6, Sri Lanka - 89, Sudan - 2, United Arab Emirates - 6, USA - 10, Tanzania – 2” said Aravind’s website.



Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Various Book Categories in New Madurai Foundation FREE LIBRARY

We have Various Categories of Books in New Madurai Foundation FREE LIBRARY. Here is the recent high level category noted down:

Computer science
Competitive Exams eg:IAS, IES
Aptitude and Puzzles
Accountancy and Commerce
Motivational and Inspirational
General Knowledge
Short stories and Moral stories


Madurai Property and Real Estate

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

There is a new site into the WWW about Madurai for Madurai Real Estate, Lands, Proerty, Buildings etc.,. Though the website has not grown full-fledged and professional - this seems to be an effort from some one called Mr.Sundaram and hope this will come out good.

Please check out this website to know a bit about Madurai Real Estate. I think this is first of its kind in web for Madurai, though there are some big shots doing real estate business for whole india or chennai or for any major city.

All the very best for Madurai Property Web Site.

Check out the website

Note: we have no relationship with MaduraiProperty.com. This article is just for information share with other maduraiites online. Logo posted above belongs to maduraiproperty.com

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Communication is key when you are a distributed team

If you are working from different places and you have a task or project at hand - communication is the key for success of that project.

Everything has to be communicated across to everyone to have everyone in the team to be in the same page.

First of all, Requirements of the project has to shared. Everyone has to understand. Project plan has to be deviced and everyone has to agree to the plan and everyone should feel comfortable about accomplishing in this timeframe.

Secondly, Assignment of the tasks from the project. Timely and periodical status of the project has to be shared top to bottom and left to right in the hierarchy.
Every day, or atleast every week or every month.

Thirdly, if any issues, based up on the priority and severity of the issues, it has to be escalated and discussed, talked, brainstormed to kill that issue/bug.

Either by instant messenger or email or postal mail or phone or web/video conference - whatever it may be - the information has to be shared and communicated, if we have to collectively achieve something together as a team.



You should know internet browsing to get a job in SAP Labs

Job Recruitment in SAP Labs with minimal skills

Purpose and Objective of the job - Provide information research support (incl. Information collection, aggregation and basic analysis) required for Market and Competitive intelligence projects undertaken by CMI

Expectations of the Job
1. Carry out information collection and aggregation from the Internet, Industry Analysts, Competitor Web sites, news sources and from other market influential bodies. Deliver aggregated information as a service to internal stake holders within the corporation.

2. Provide research support (incl. Information Search and Presentation of data) to CMI Analysts working on Business Intelligence projects

Required Skill set -
1. Good familiarity with World Wide Web (Internet) and Info Search skills on the net
2. MS Office (esp. MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, MS Power Point)
3. Good communication and interpersonal skills

Desired Skills
1. Basic Understanding of Software Industry and Enterprise Business Applications
2. Previous experience or exposure to Business Analysis would be an advantage

About SAP CMI team -
Competitive Market Intelligence - India group is a part of the global CMI team and focuses on creating Market Insights (incl. Market Analysis, Competition Analysis) relevant for SAP's current and future competitiveness

If you are interested, please send a mail to newmadurai@gmail.com


US Pizza in Madurai soon - "Vennai Rotti"

The pizza chain - "US Pizza" has its presence across 26 cities, and has plans to expand at a rapid pace across the country with a target of 100 by the end of this financial year.

For the Indian market, US Pizza has evolved as a unique business model, which is an advantage in expanding to smaller cities like Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, and Salem.

Please


Madurai - Fourth position in AIDS!

I was shocked to hear this news that Madurai stands at fourth position in AIDS - that is high HIV prevalence.

Madurai follows - three other places. They are -

If you closely notice - there is not much distance between these places.
Madurai, Tirunelveli and Theni are nearby - with Madurai as centre!

Why is this case with Madurai? Is it because there is no proper entertainment than the cinema theatres? Is it because of the climate of Madurai? Is it because of the attitude and brought-up of children? Is it because of the illetracy or unemployment?

This leads to lot of other social issues we have in Madurai. Anyway, we hope government will take and is taking appropriate measures to correct this and we hope Collector or government official will read about this article sometime or other...

More importantly, people should work towards this, while government takes and plans some actions.


Monday, July 10, 2006

AJAX in Customer Satisfied Technologies

We have decided to use AJAX for implementing the user interfaces of all of our products in Customer Satisfied Technologies, except SurveyMAC.

AJAX, shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a Web development technique for creating interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes, so that the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. This is meant to increase the web page's interactivity, speed, and usability.

AJAX is currently a popular talked about user interface technology/framework and used by almost all of the Web 2.0 companies.

Please have your fingers crossed for our products to be released with cool looks!!

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Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India

Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - A recent flurry of private institutes has helped improve the scene, especially in south India



Sunday, July 09, 2006

Traffic congestion poses continuous problem in the Temple City Madurai

Narrow roads, encroachments and increasing number of automobiles are posing heavy traffic congestion in Madurai city. This problem becomes worse when police block roads during VIP visits.

Whenever a VIP convoy passes through, all roads in the VIP route are blocked. Diversions are made, forcing the vehicle users to take circuitous routes. School vehicles, public carriers and even ambulances get stuck, during VIP visits.

A senior police official said that blocking traffic cannot be done as a matter of rule in any case, other than the visits of the President, Prime Minister and those covered under Special Protection Group (SPG) and 'Z-Plus' category of security cover. He said that even in such cases traffic should be allowed along one way (in the opposite direction) if there is a median. He added that though there is no specific guideline on blocking traffic, they are usually clearing the road for the convoy, considering the threat perceptions and intelligence inputs.

Courtesy: The Hindu


Saturday, July 08, 2006

How do you want to divide your Salary?

How do you spend and save from whatever you get as your take-home salary? Here are our thoughts...

Say for example your salary is $100.

Ideal scenario, I could think of -

60% for your operating expenses,
10% for your loan payments like house, car, bike, giving back any pending study loan, any property etc.,
20% for your savings and just savings,
6% for any accidental expenses - anytime it might come up,
2% of your salary should go for buying books,
2% for helping someone, charity and donation.

This is a very comfortable life scenario...What do you say?


Giving something extra in business

When we buy a product or commodity in a super market, if the vendor or shop owner gives you something extra or chocolates free - psychologically we tend to go to the same shop to buy in the same shop. Same thing applies to every business.

If you are running a business, give something extra and free to the customer, whenever he drops by - that makes the customer loyal to you and he/she will just come to your shop and nowhere.


Customer Interaction in a funny way

Customer Interaction in a funny way


Enterprise Rental Car Company Customer Treatment

I took a rental car from Enterprise Rental Car company and I was very happy with one of their gesture.

I called up this company's customer service and they said they will pick us up from our home and even drop us back to our home from the rental car place. Isn't that a wonderful feature or service they provide to the customers.

In fact, I was very happy about that feature - When someone is taking a rental car - 80% of the reason would be that the customer does not have a car, but he/she is licensed to drive and want to go places. So, considering this it perfectly makes perfect sense to have this service and I am sure many people will like this service.

If any other rental car company does not provide this service, please take this up. It is worth trying. BTW, I will go only to Enteprise, since they have pleased me!!:-)

This is my opinion - not of any organization.


Aravind Eye Hospital Dr.V - Dr.Govindappa Venkataswamy passed away

Dr.V - Govindappa Venkataswamy, born on October 1, 1918 at Vadamalapuram in Tuticorin district, had a vision - was providing world-class eye care at affordable cost to people in the hinterland. He achieved this with the evolution of the `Aravind Eye Care System,' now followed in many developed and developing nations, from the Aravind Eye Hospital founded by him. He was a legend in the community of ophthalmologists and a pioneer in conducting mass free eye camps since the early 1970s.

The legend has passed away!!

Read more news in the hindu


What are the reasons for the name Customer Satisfied Technologies?

What are the reasons for the name Customer Satisfied Technologies(under construction)?

Customer Satisfied is kind of an unique term, which is not termed for any organization or institution or enterprise or a company.

All of our products are going to be customer centric. Whatever we produce will be for getting our client's customer satisfied.

Hence the name CustomerSatisfied!

Why haven't we kept the name - "of one word" like Oracle or Sun?

It does not matter for us - Take an example of SalesForce.com or MicroSoft- which is not one word name - it has two words and they are generic terms and these individual terms (sales and force) are very well widely used in the business language. We are also in the same lines. As long as our name is unique and we are identified by the quality of our products and value-added services, we are fine.

Last reason?
The domain name was available, with a name Customer on it. We could not leave that go.

Check out www.customersatisfied.in

Please note that we are working on the top header links - so those links won't work. The site is still under construction....

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Salary Calculation - Your value in the market

If you want to calculate your hike on your salary OR if you want to check if your salary is upto the mark Or basically check what is your value in the market....

Check out PayScale


Various Kinds of Hot Software Applications On Demand Part I

Accounting Software
Anti-Virus Software
Asset Management Software
Backup Software
Business Management Software
Business Process Management (BPM) Software
Business-intelligence Software
Call Center Software
Church Management Software
Collaboration / Knowledge Software
Color Control and Color Management Software
Computer Aided Engineering Software
Computer Hardware/Software
Construction Management Software
Construction Project Control Software
Content Management Software
Cruise-Booking Software
Customer Loyalty and Incentive Software
Data Management Software
Database Software
Desktop Publishing Software
Distributed Client-Server Software
E-Commerce Software / Solutions
Educational Software
Electronic Document Management (EDM) Software
Engineering Software
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software
Enterprise Information Retrieval Software
Enterprise Software Services
Entertainment or Game Software
ERP Software
Evidence Management Software
File Transfer Software
Financial Services Software
Flight Test Software and Simulators
Fundaising Software
Genomics Software
Health Care Management Software
Healthcare Software - Patient Safety
Industrial Automation Software
International Freight / Logistics Software
Internet Application Software
Software Services
Telecommunications Software

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Karuvaadu (karuvadu) - dried fish from Madurai!

Nitham nitham nelluchchoru
nei manakkum kathirikkaa
Nethu vachcha meen kulambu
ingu manakkudhayyaaa...

Yesterday my wife made Karuvaadu varuvall - Dried Fish Fry!!
She did for first time and it was great...
It is highly mouth watering and I enjoyed it to the core....

Whenever I think of karuvadu, I think of my mom, who used to cook in Madurai for me - just for me.

If you are in USA, you can get dried fish in any Vietnamese grocery store. I guess, that should apply in any country.


Madurai Collector Udayachandran in news more often

Madurai Collector Udayachandran in news more often than that of previous collector...
Is this Madurai Collector different than the ones before??

News Link 1

News Link 2

News Link 3

News Link 4

Keep watching - will update you with more news about Madurai Collector. We are going to closely watch and track the collector and we will provide the news to you as and when it happens!!


Tamil Nadu at a glance

I glanced throught the tamil nadu website, after the new administration has taken over...I remember Captain Vijayakanth delivering dialogue in tamil movie - "Ramana" - a quick statistics on tamil nadu.

Tamil Nadu at a glance...


ABCD for a drunkard!!

I got this article as a forward.
Thought some would like this article ---

V VAT 69


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hate Pets as wild animals

It is a good habit to have pets and shower love on the pet animals.
But I am not able to digest a fact about people rearing wild animals as pet animals.

No Offence to people who have pets. I am not against having pet animals, but the wild animals as pets is not acceptable.

I was going for a walk this morning, but I had to encounter with an animal again and again. I was afraid, if it would bite me!

I can sue them, if it bites me, but it affects my health and I need to go to doctor right?!

Please have pets, which looks lovable, but not like wild animals.

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Madurai Bus System

I recently read an interesting article in a forum site called - indiamike.com.

For most people, irrespective of their nationality, Madurai is quite
unfathomable when it comes to its bus transport network. Madurai,
being what it is, is more like a sprawling neighbourhood, albeit badly
planned. More likely, designed in parts, by drunken draftsmen. The
only place where one can intuitively figure out the layout is the
Temple complex and the surrounding streets of Chitrai, Maistry/Masi, Avani
and Veli which are arranged in concentric squares and labelled
according to the compass directions. So, North Veli Street is exactly
that, the outermost street from the Temple North Tower.

But this is about the bus network. I shall outline the ways you can
reach Madurai from other cities and the means to shuttle from one
bus-stand to the other.

In their infinite wisdom, the present day town planners have decreed
thus; since Madurai city cannot handle an ever increasing number of
vehicles, there shall be bus-stands in different points of the compass
to handle the incoming traffic. So we have[1]

a) Palanganatham bus-stand to handle south bound traffic
b) Arapalayam bus-stand to handle west & north-west bound traffic
c) Mattu Thavani[2] bus-stand to handle East and North-east bound traffic
d) Anna bus-stand to handle city traffic
e) Periyar bus-stand to handle city as well as private service buses

Please read more here in indiamike.com...

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Bharat Uday Mission Organization

More English soldiers had by then reached the place, and, without warning, started firing into the crowd in which there were women and children. When those in front fell, those behind came forward to expose themselves to the firing. Soon there were heaps of dead and wounded. The firing continued from eleven in the morning till five in the evening, but not one broke ranks or fled. When the bodies were collected, it was found that not a single demonstrator had bullets in the back ...."

This is the true incident of the Civil Disobedience Movement, 1930. Thousands of such brave sacrifices were made to free our country. And how we have honored the great sacrifices of our martyrs : the present India is one of the most corrupt nations of the world, housing 1/3rd of the poor of the world; the educated class remains mostly neutral to the plight of their country, unable to extend their love and service beyond their spouses and children; and the whole society is groping in the darkness of corruption, poverty, casteism and illiteracy. The great sacrifices of our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and other revolutionaries are betrayed shamelessly in present-day India. Who will light the lamp of nationalism in this darkness of sheer selfishness of the intelligentsia and the wretched poverty of the masses? Who will redeem the Indian Nation?

When I read this paragraph, I get little disturbed. This is the text from the website of the organization - Bharat Uday Mission. I have been following this organization's activities for quite a while and I have wondered how these guys are able to do. Most of the members are from IIT and looks like this is a new age revolution. Please take a look and if interested participate....

Check out the website of this organization...


Stupid Top Stories - Shilpa Shetty, Reema Sen, Kannada Actress Jayamala and Tamil Actress Meera Jasmine!!???

You know what are the top stories in tamil nadu?

1. Actress Meera Jasmine went into a Hindu Temple and she has to pay fine!
2. Kannada Actress Jayamala went to Sabarimala.
3. Actress Shilpa Shetty and Reema Sen are fighting with a case in Madurai for obscenity.

Really ashamed of these things...

There are lot of things to talk about and lot of constructive issues happenning and that can be brought to light! But the above news is on lime light or similar kind of news is on the limelight.

If you see from the Publication perspective, he goes with what people read and like to read.
But if you see from people perspective, they keep reading what publication publishes.

Overall, I think it is NewsPapers responsibility to drive these things to a constructive side of things. Newspapers, please note this...click here to read more...


You want to understand your character?

If you want to understand your character - here is a question you might want to ask yourself.

What do you do when you are alone? That is your character. It differs from person to person.
So you could image what would you do, when you are alone?!

You might be reading a book and if that is the case - check out what is the type of the book you read. If you read philosophical book, that determines your character.

I think you can try out yourself from here...


Are you sincere at work?

If you want to realize this factor - whether you are sincere at work or not?! Here is one question you might want to answer -

When your boss is not there - what will you do at work? Ask yourself.
The answer to your first question depends on your first question.


Struggling with your personal finance!?

If you are having troubles with your finances OR if you are spending more than what you earn OR if you are not able to save money for your future OR you need help in budgetting for your personal needs, please let us know and we can help you for FREE and at NO COST!! We can provide solutions and action items to solve your problems on finance. We can provide you with a free excel sheet template for your budget as well.

Send a mail to newmadurai@gmail.com and we can chat in yahoo messenger "IM:machan_madurai" to settle the problem. We can provided suggestions to rectify your finance problems. Please let us know and this is not done for commercial purposes, but just as a friendly help.

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New Madurai - Future Projects

New Madurai Future Projects:
One of our main current projects is – Free Library Network project in and around Madurai. This is a huge project and we have launched our first library in January 2006.

All of our projects fall under two categories. One is Helping Under-privileged Madurai and another is helping average Madurai to excel. Please find our current and future projects listed below.

Literate Madurai Project:
I believe one person is considered as literate, if he/she is able to read/write Tamil. In addition to this if he/she is able to read/write English too, that is great. We will work towards only the first point. Madurai current literacy rate is 79%. While moving towards perfection, we will have to make it 100% literacy. More awareness we have, more we can achieve. As it is universally known, Knowledge is Power. Whenever we think of improving a city, I think first thing we should do is increase the literacy rate. As a next step, increase the number of successful entrepreneurs. That apart, in order to work out 100% literacy rate, we will have to identify, whom we will have to target. The target segments of people for beneficiary are children, youth, men women, senior citizens.

I personally know one of my relatives, who have sent two sons to work, terminating their school studies, while they were performing well in studies.

I would start thinking from why would a parent not send a child to school or why a child would not be interested in coming to school.1) Ignorance - Many parents are not aware of the importance of education for children and a reading habit of a child.2) Less Motivation - Due to the ignorance, they feel “what is the use of the education?!”. Parents and children are less motivated about education.3) Poverty - Since there is not much to feed all of the family members, it is a compulsion to create more earning hands to feed all the mouths. So children are sent to work.There might be much more, but let us restrict with these points for our focus.
In addition to the children and youth, we will have to educate the adults too, for more awareness, so that we can move forward together.

Educating Women is the most important part in this project. For every society, every woman’s education is very important. If we educate a woman, we educate a family.

Clean and Green Madurai Project:
Though there are lot of measures by the corporation for cleanliness, we can still see places in Madurai as not neat. In order for us to make, Madurai as a best tourist destination, first of all it has to be neat. It also gives a good feel for us to live in the neat place. Singapore was not a great country until an initiative was taken.
This project is getting student power and youth to clean up.

Healthy Madurai Project:
For every person, health is the prime thing anybody should take care of. There are lot of people in Madurai, who are inaccessible to even basic medical facilities. This project is to give at least the basic facility. Though, there is “Rajaji government hospital” and other primary health centers, there is a need for more hospitals like Aravind Hospital – Free hospital section. It is amazing that somebody gives free medical care and surgery. As a project under “Made in Madurai”, we would like to open couple of hospitals in and around Madurai, for free section of these private hospitals. In addition to the free private hospital sections, there will be health camps in all the schools, colleges and villages in and around Madurai.

Industrial Madurai Project:
You could see more details in http://www.madeinmadurai.com/. More and more entrepreneurs have to be created and appreciated for Madurai. As a project under – “Made in Madurai”, couple of Entrepreneurial development centers has to be opened to help the people of Madurai for jobs and business consultancy.

Calling Madurai Project:
This project is basically similar to “Pravasi Divas” of our India. Basically bringing many NRIs and other NRMs to Madurai for investment and improving Madurai. New Madurai will be a liason between the administrative officers who could do presentation about Madurai to the NRIs for any investment they could think of. Basically we need to arrange and organize a meeting and high tea between these two parties for interests in Madurai. We need to contact MADITSSIA(Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association), CII(Confederation of Indian Industry) and all registered clubs like Rotract etc., for this to frucitify. This is just a gist, but lot of things to do on this. We need to have newmadurai.org to be really popular among the online community, so that it reaches the appropriate persons. For now we can do some ground works like - bringing together an online community in newmadurai.org.

E-Governance Project:
All the governance, administrative and people services has to be made e-enabled. Everything should be accessible from web and anywhere from the world for ease of people. Take for example, Chandrababu Naidu from Hyderabad, he had outsourced his government’s web administrative and people services – “eSeva” in web, to couple of private software organizations. Say – Electricity bills, tax services, phone bill services etc.,

Zero-Corruption Project:
The details of the project will be documented in the requirements and project plan document.

100% Employed Madurai Project:
As a part of “Made in Madurai”, we will be opening job consultancies in and around Madurai for helping students, job-seekers for getting jobs. This effort is for connecting the employers and potential employees in Madurai.

Population Controlled Madurai Project:
Population reduction campaigns will be created as an effort for this project.

Organized Traffic Madurai Project:
Better road design and strict traffic/parking measures and rules have to be initiated and controlled accordingly.

NO to AIDS Madurai Project:
AIDS campaign and adult education is necessary in Madurai. This project will deal with the same.

NO to Hunger Project:
This is part of helping under-privileged Madurai of New Madurai. Every man and woman should get 3 times food and this is towards poverty alleviation.

Tourist Destination Madurai Project:
Various marketing and tourism coordination efforts have to be initiated. As a part of “Made in Madurai” project, there will be a tourism agent opened in Madurai for attracting more tourists.

Zero Crime Madurai Project:
This will be one of the efforts to help the police department of Madurai for reducing crime rate. More and more rowdies are cropping up in Madurai, which has to be reduced. Better explanation can be found in the requirements and project plan documents of this project.

Righteous Path Madurai Project:
There are various balances, every man has to be make – mental, physical, career-personal life and at last spiritual balance. Nobles ideas and thoughts has to be sowed in youth and children’s mind.

International Infrastructure Madurai Project:
For many businesses to smoothly function, international infrastructure has to be built.

Helping Under-privileged Madurai Project:
This project is for helping the destitute and very poor – below poverty people of Madurai for upliftment.

We believe these are the core problems Madurai has and we are dreaming and planning to correct the same. We have thought through this much only right now. If we get more thoughts, we will add up projects as and when needed.
If you have any more thoughts or if you want to advice or comment something, please feel free to send a mail to newmadurai@gmail.com.

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Picture Gallery of Madurai - Photos/Images



Frequently Asked Questions about New Madurai Foundation

What is New Madurai?

New Madurai is a non-profit organization formed for bringing together good hearts and well-wishers from all over the world online for the improvement of Madurai and its people in various dimensions and in all possible ways. We are a registered organization - New Madurai Foundation.

Why is New Madurai needed?
There is always some scope for improvement in any place in the world, even if it is New York. But there is lot to do in any place in India. Especially Madurai has lot of potential and it is not being tapped and it is not improved for various reasons. We have started to think globally and trying to act locally. That is why we have chosen Madurai. So in order to improve Madurai, we have found New Madurai Foundation, which will help for the smooth transition of Madurai into New Madurai.

Why the name New Madurai?
We wanted to make the existing Madurai into New Madurai. To an international well-wisher, it makes more sense as New Madurai, rather than Pudhiya Madurai. Also we want to make Madurai like a significant place in the world like New York. So we found New Madurai apt enough for our foundation and also for our mission.

Why are we newmadurai.org, instead of newmadurai.com?
Since we are a Non-Profit organization (NPO), Non-governmental organization(NGO), and not a commercial organization, we thought www.newmadurai.org is the right URL and not www.newmadurai.com. Even this conveys the purpose of our organization. http://www.newmadurai.in

Why should I join New Madurai mission?
We clearly understand that facilitating the transition from Madurai to New Madurai is definitely not a single man's job, so we need everybody's help, even in advisory way. We want to share the efforts and in turn share the fruits too. We wish you join our mission by clicking - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newmadurai/join

How can I join New Madurai?
You can join New Madurai by clicking http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newmadurai/join

Who are all there in New Madurai?
You can click on Who are we? and Volunteers link in the left menu.

What difference has New Madurai made till now?
You can click on Current Projects OR Library link in the left menu OR check the current activities from the messages in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newmadurai.

How can I help New Madurai?
You can
(i) Help us in discussion, identify the issues and possible solutions, action items.
(ii) Suggest any comments/guidelines or give any kind of feedback.
(iii) Become a volunteer online and take a project in New Madurai from Pipeline Future Projects. Or you could suggest a project for yourself and become a project leader and start working. A project does not mean that it has to be a huge one, it can be a small documentation task also, which might involve small research. You can spend 1 hour in a week (at the least) from wherever you are and whatever you are doing and help us server better.
(iv) Spread the word by forwarding our URL as New Madurai - www.newmadurai.org to your friends and whomever you know and whoever would be interested.

Since we are a 100% voluntary and 100% professional organization, we would like you to take up tasks yourself and help Madurai to become New Madurai.

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Fixing Madurai Roads

I recently read in Dinamalar that there are some new and innovative measures from the corporation for rectifying the roads in Madurai.

If you notice any holes or breakages in roads, you can give a complaint to corporation and the action will be taken by the appropriate engineer within 48 hours time frame.

If any action is not taken, you can complain to a senior officer and you will get a reward of Rs.100.

This seems to be an innovative idea and will work out. Also heard that this is a bangalore model of cleaning up things.

Long Live Madurai!!!


Do not take new born child in flight/aeroplane for 6 months

We have heard from doctor that the new born baby for 2 months can be carried in the flight, but I heard a horror story from one of our friends and that was really shocking.

She said - one of her friend carried the baby for a 5 hour flight and the baby didn't make any movements when reached the destination and they noticed that the baby had some blood in the ears.

So, never ever fly when the baby is less than 6 months. Consult your doctor anyway on this and then do accordingly.


Join a startup company - you will have lot of benefits!

Instead of joining a big company and being a drop in a ocean, join a startup or a small growing company. You will have n-number of benefits if you are just starting your career. But later, you will automatically move up in your career and also in a bigger company, if you like.

The benefits I could think of -
1) Technically you can become stronger and basics will become stronger for you. You will have to do most of the things yourself and no assistance would be there, which will improve your knowledge.

2) You will have a flat hierarchy and you can feel free to talk to the CEO and he will have time for you.

3) Moving up in the career ladder will be faster, but if you shift companies every 6 months, you might not have a good career statistically. You can even reach to the level of Vice President, if you might have stayed and worked hard consistently.

4) If the company is doing well, you will get monetary benefits as well. Who knows - the company might go for IPO and you might become a millionaire...

5) You can get varied knowledge on various subjects and departments, while you work for a smaller company. If you work for a big company, you might be writing a small part of the code, which will be a limited responsibility and you might have more capability than that.

There are more to specify, for now that's it...click...


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Real Estate in Madurai, because of IT park news!

Sponsored by OruAcre.com

Real Estate and property values must be starting to raise...

If you have money, go and invest in Madurai - this is the right time to buy property and lands in Madurai. You will get hell of a return....

I wish I had more money to buy lands:-) near MKU, Nagamalai Pudukkottai and overall in north-west part of Madurai!!

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IT park located in Madurai - two sites near MKU

The district administration has identified two sites on several acres of land, one near the Madurai Kamaraj University at Nagamalai Pudukottai and the other on the city outskirts, for setting up the much-awaited IT Park.

Read More in The Hindu, India's Leading National Daily

READ MORE HERE in Made in Madurai

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