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Thursday, September 20, 2012

People are used to the troubles

Constant power is expected, but we get always constant power cuts. Awesome.

When will this change? What are all the ruling government and politicians doing? What are the opposition party politicians doing? They don't even have time to manage their own wealth and make their wealth safe. How will they have time to think about common people.

It is again People's mistake. People are used to the power cuts. People learn to live in the dark. People buy inverters, who can afford. People who do not have inverters, how will they work? Even inverters is not the solution.

Even the electricity rates are increased. Why is that there is nobody revolting against all these? Are people happy with the situation?

Politicians blame each other and at last people are making the losses and people are suffering.

People are learning to live in dark. Get up people and revolt against the government or vote better people who can think about you.

A minister who lives with all the facilities will not know the pain of small business owners or the common people who are suffering. Go and catch like the way you did EMU owners. When you are directly affected with money, you go and catch the responsible right?

You are not knowing that you are indirectly affected with your salary and money you are supposed to get and the facilities you are supposed to get. You are making loss every minute because of no proper power and we are losing the rights because of this.

Again, people are used to the troubles and they are learning to live appropriately.



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