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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why is a BANDH needed, when there is no use but LOSS only?

It is a pain of all small business owners, who are suffering with the politicians and their policies.

Who is asking for a BANDH? What is the use of it? This BANDH is arranged by all the opposition parties against the ruling government. All shops get closed. Buses do not run as usual.

Because of this situation, shall I explain the situation of all small business owners?

We don't have all the employees to work for the left out 3 hours power cut in the day for them to work.
Because of this productivity gets disturbed and we don't get the expected output.

There is no safety for woman folks coming to office. There is no proper security for marketing executives who work in field. There is no proper hotels or food for employees, since the shops and hotels are closed.

What will happen to the small shops and businesses who believe in daily income? Because of this bandh, they don't get the usual income and how will they pay their bills? how will they give salary to their employees?

You, stupid government is leading us to job losses and business closures.
 Then, why won't people migrate out of the country for better jobs outside? Then why won't our people invent and invest outside India?

Stop making stupid policies and start doing proper planning. Do not leave the people suffer!!

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