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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

129 TNSTC Madurai buses damaged last 5 months reported

In the aftermath of the Paramakudi police firing, 73 buses of TNSTC Madurai and Karaikudi divisions were damaged in stone pelting while four buses of Madurai division were damaged during Thevar Jayanthi on October 30. On January 10, 52 buses of the Madurai, Tirunelveli and Karaikudi divisions were attacked after dalit leader Pasupathi Pandian's murder. This apart, several private buses were also damaged in these incidents.

Those who damage buses do not realise that the buses were in fact their own property. Very poor situation. The people who are damaging do not pay income tax, and do not realize the government and other department organization workings. This is mainly the people who are jobless and crimes or backbones of certain political parties.

In most cases, these damages are triggered by the political parties in a way - what to do when etc.,

Atlast the damage goes to the pockets of the public and common people. How pity right?
Today, if you see the rate/price hike for the bus rides...you can imagine, from where part of the the problems are coming...

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