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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Maayaa Marketing Services - Best Real Estate Internet Marketing for Properties in Madurai, Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore

Maayaa Marketing Services - Best Real Estate Internet Marketing for Properties in Madurai, Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore

We reach out to huge number of website visitors base via internet. Our web platform works very hard for marketing your properties and will do our best to make your projects successfully SOLD OUT!!

Summary: You (Any Real Estate Properties) will be placed under featured agents, featured listings, Home page banner and much more submission to other channels as a part of Internet Marketing for your properties.

What you get?
Out of our proprietary Web Marketing Platform, you get continuous interested leads (Name and Phone Number) as soon as we receive it.

Primary Services we provide are - 

1) Post your property details in OruAcre.com and reach out to thousands of online visitors spread across the world USA, UK, Other parts of Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and UAE, Australia etc.,. Also, for all the local internet users looking for properties.
2) Post and promote Builders/Agents/Promoters/Constructions in (Internet) OruAcre.com under Featured Builders.
3) Post
 Property Listings in OruAcre.com under Featured Builders section.
4) Promote
 your properties in the Internet, even if you don't have any knowledge on Internet! We will help you feeding the data into the Internet.
5) Add Viswa Builders image to the Banner, which will appear in all the pages of OruAcre.com for a limited period.
6) You get continuous interested leads from us, based on the interest in internet on your properties. You can follow up those and make deals. We DO NOT charge commission %'s on your property to you (Builders) and look for commission. L
ast great advantage is that for a very minimal fees of Rs.5000 per three months. Bank details below - please let us know via email or phone, once deposited or by cash or by cheque...

Check out all the above in http://www.OruAcre.com
Other extra FREE services (comes with the Primary Services) are - 

1) Blogging about your properties and constant updates of your project in 
OruAcre.com Blog.
2) Social Media Marketing of Real Estate Providers via Facebook, Blogs and Forums.
3) Submission to other paid channels in Internet for much wider reach.
4) Post your property information to our paid partner sites.
5) We will strive to spread your property information as much as possible in all possible ways.
6) We distribute your properties information to various free and paid channels in Internet, to help reach out.

Other separately PAID services, if you are interested for your perusal (not included in your package) - 
1) Micro sites for Real Estate Providers in OruAcre.com
2) Exclusive Internet Marketing for Real Estate Providers.
3) Exclusive Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Providers.
4) Separate Website design and development Only for Real Estate Providers

If interested, please contact maayaamarketing@gmail.com OR +91-9629557866.

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