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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What basic questions to ask a builder at an introductory level before buying apartment or home? Chennai

I would like to know the type of questions to ask builders who are building new projects and are expected to be completed between 2013-2015. This checklist or a series of FAQ might help other people who are attending the FAIRPRO fair to compare and verify and validate the builders claims and where they stand.

1. Expected date of completion and area of project?
2. Current price per sqft ?
3. Is it CMDA approved?
4. Is it within Chennai Corporation limit?
5. Any dump yards/graveyards nearby the property?
6. Road infrastructure and if roads are wide (to check personally) .
7.what is the UDS?

8. Slums nearby.
9. Width of the approach roads
10. Neighborhood development
11. Nearest transport point

12. Drinking & ground water status & possibly reports
13. If its not a well known builder, you may want them to share details of their previous projects (for self inspection)

14.Carpet Area and Plinth Area details
15.STPI location

collected and sourced from i r e f forums postings.



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