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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why brokers are treated badly in Chennai? Cheating too and not paying the agreed amount to Brokers!

Brokers are always not bad. We run a professionally run services company for intermediary services.

This applies to mostly our Property Services division in Chennai and Madurai. When our consultants are in field, the customers treat them badly.

We as a property consultant, provide you the information about the property. Work with the owners to negotiate on the price of Rental or Buy/Sell price or Advance amount etc., Also, if there is any work pending on the owners side will be helped before the tenant moves in. From the beginning enquiry stage to the agreement stage, the property consultant and the back office team helps the concerned tenant.

But the treatment from most of the tenants are very bad to the property consultants. Why is this behaviour? We are a professionally run company and our consultants are professional. Why do the tenants have a bad behaviour of behaving badly to the property consultants or brokers or mediators - whatever name you want to call.

All said and done, this is most important - at last when it comes to payment, the tenant does not pay the agreed commission charges properly. When you have agreed to the terms of payment in the beginning, after your rental agreement, the tenant feels why should I pay this person.

We are running a company with employees, who needs to be paid for the work they are doing. If the customers don't pay properly, how can we do this service at all? If again and again you cheat us, how can we run a legitimate business with proper values?

Tenants - don't do these kind of injustice and hesitating to pay the amount agreed. When you are able to pay an advance of Rs.4.5 lakhs to the owner, you are not ready to pay Rs.10,000 as commission to the property consultant? Shame on you...You are starting a business and you do this kind of cheating, how will you prosper?

Some of the people who cheated us this October month 2012 are -
Ranjith - 9884446622 - who contacted us and made an agreement with an owner for opening his textile showroom in Thiruvanmayur for Rs.20,000 rent.

Saravanan - 9941647777 - who contacted us and made an agreement with the owner for opening his departmental store called Pazhamudir cholai in Thiruvanmayur for Rs.90,000 rent.

Shame on you folks! God is there and he is watching all these!!  Beware on dealing with the above two  Ranjith, Thiruvanmaiyur and Saravanan, Thiruvanmayur Chennai for any of the business dealings.

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  • Dear moderator,
    You cannot stop these cheaters.
    But you can set up some process, that before registration they need to pay you the agreed amount.
    Or one representative be present while registration, so that, the person is in hold.
    You may have other options too, as you are experienced.

    By Anonymous Madurai Mani, at 5:53 AM  

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