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Friday, October 26, 2012

Marketing Advertising for restaurants - Maayaa Marketing Services - Mobile, Internet, Outdoor, Inperson, Posters etc., - Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore

We, Maayaa Marketing Services provide marketing solutions to various companies and under various categories.

For the benefit of this article, we are dealing with Marketing for Restaurants. In today's world, it is not just enough to do local marketing and we need to reach out to lot of consumers and customers to make them visit our restaurant using technology. With any of our customer, who wants to market their product or service, we first sit with them and understand the requirement, their product, their service and their business. For FREE, we do this discussion.

Once we understand, we provide a detailed marketing strategy and what are the tools to use for reaching out to targeted audience.

Here are some tips for marketing of restaurants in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy and any city in Tamil Nadu or India.

1) Social Media Marketing - We help in creation of a profile and pooling in fans and providing ideas for reaching out to more visitors, via viral marketing.

2) Mobile based Marketing -
(a) Bulk SMS by sending SMS to huge set of local audience. All normal phone users locally.
(b) Mobile App development for having a home of the restaurant in the mobile world.
(c) Mobile SEO for many visitors to reach out your restaurant's fame.
d) Advertisement in mobile world.

3) Web Based and Internet Marketing -
We have many successful, well-proven technology and ideas to reach out to thousands of web users via internet, not just limiting to website development. If you go to normal marketer, he/she will do only website, but we do much more than that. Search Engine Optimization for our restaurant Website.

4) Propose more deals in Internet and Mobile world and offer more, so that discount coupons can be produced when the customer visits the restaurant.

5) Communication on deals should reach all the targeted customers at the same time via ALL the channels identified to make it louder.

6) Make targeted marketing by identifying which group of audience we are focusing on.

7) Local Marketing like Outdoor marketing techniques. Paper (Bit notice, posters), Flex, News, Cable TV etc.,

8) In person marketing. We have a team who can be used for your purpose and we will accomplish the marketing.

9) Any green technology or health based marketing will catch up a lot with restaurant marketing very well.

10) We use blogs, forums, raters, press release sites, social media like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc.,

One big advantage is - you don't have to worry about anything above and we will take care of the above completely.

Our way of marketing is totally different and it is not like the usual way. But we do not ignore the usual ways of marketing, but we do lot of more than that.

If interested to talk and use our services with a first totally FREE discussion and no obligation discussion on Marketing strategy for your business/product/service, please contact -


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