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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Core strength of our marketing - Marketing Services - Internet, Mobile, business promotion

Our core strength is MARKETING.

We can reach out to thousands of people, who are you potential customers. Given the requirement and defined marketing strategy, we can make your cell phones ring within 10 days(its a promise) and make your business, your product or your service very popular via various medias/channels we use.

We use Internet Marketing, Mobile based marketing - SMS (for normal phones) and also Mobile APP (for Smart phones) based marketing, Designing and Writing Marketing Content, Print Media, Video Media, Social Media, Outdoor marketing.

We focus on any kind of exports and any kind of company. The company could be having any kind of product, service or business promotion. We can build a brand for the customer and build up a good image in the market for the company.

We do a clear planning on the marketing strategy and identify what works and what does not work for the business's marketing.

In today's stiff competition, if your product has to reach the targeted people it has to be well marketed to the right and targeted audience.

Be it consumer goods, real estate, lifestyle goods or an offer for admission to educational institutions or any kind of new or existing food product or any service you provide to the consumers/business, an effective marketing strategy determines the volume of sales of a product.

If you want help in Marketing of your product or service or your business, please contact Maayaa Marketing Services.

Call: +91-9500968704
Email: maayaamarketing@gmail.com
Web: http://www.oruacre.com/maayaa

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