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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mobile App Marketing - Bulk SMS services - Internet Marketing - Website - Chennai - Coimbatore - Madurai - Trichy - Total Marketing Solution - Maayaa Marketing

We, at Maayaa Marketing provide total marketing solution to our customers.

First we sit with the customer who comes for enquiry for his/her company's Marketing needs. This first sitting is a no obligation meeting (FREE consultation meeting), where we understand the requirements and market of the customer.

We take sometime and come up with the marketing strategy and explain how to reach the customers, whatever it might be B2B or B2C.

Once the marketing strategy is decided, we provide the list of the services to the customer with all the services we provide (as a part of our Total Marketing Solution), you can take all of the services or make use of part of the services, based on the customer's budget.

You can check out our list of marketing services we provide, in general anytime (Maayaa Marketing)

To give a high level list -
1) Mobile Based Marketing - (i) Bulk SMS and we have already huge set of phone number databases with categories. (ii) Smart Phone application Development - Android, iPhone, iPad etc., (iii) Mobile SEO
2) Internet Marketing - Website, Specialized Internet Marketing (very powerful - proprietary techniques)
3) Any kind of writing services - like Brochures, Blogs etc.,
4) In person Marketing - we have a team who can work for your product/services.
5) Outdoor Marketing - we do this via our partner.

We have lot of success for reaching out to targeted customers and we can generate very valid enquiries and leads for your business.

Contact us at +91-9500968704 or
email maayaamarketing@gmail.com or access

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