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Monday, June 27, 2011

Madurai Slaughter/Butcher House polluting Vaigai River in Madurai

It is in full swing suit initiated by bunch of activists working legally against some slaughter houses in Nelpattai spoiling and polluting Vaigai River for quite some time in past and current.

Even though Madurai district administration has provided a modern facility for Butcher's and Slaughter houses in Madurai Anuppanadi - 5 kms from this location, the slaughter house owners are refusing to use these new modern butcher house facilities and mentioning some religious reasons for the same.

Everyday around 1000 goats are butchered and served to the public commercially, and because of this Vaigai river has been polluted heavily and currently also being polluted. Even the ground water in this area has changed because of this.

Will government look into moving the slaughter house owners work from the new modern facility for butchering in Madurai? Due to not-moving for past 8 months and the new facility is kept idle, and even the District Administration is loosing around Rs.5 Lakhs because of this.

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