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Made in Madurai                

Monday, June 27, 2011

Export of statues, metals, sculptures from India, Tamil Nadu, Madurai, vessels

Sana Antiques has collaboration with couple of manufacturers in India, Tamil Nadu, Madurai who make sculptures, statues, vessels from metals like Bronze, Brass, Aimpon, Panchalogam, Gun Metal, Antiques, Gold covering, Silver covering etc.,

The manufacturers sell only locally, but Sana Antiques can help you see the product or receive the order from you with specific requirement. If you are based in Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Europe etc., and you are wishing to buy these products reliably, please contact sanabronze@gmail.com or call +91-9629557866.

We can export custom made statues, metals and sculptures etc., based on your order or just wait for SanaAntiques.com which will be LIVE on or before July 15th 2011.

Thank you
Tamil Selvan,
Sana Antiques.

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